The Skin Trade  


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                                               story codes: (mb, oral, anal) 



"you take me in 
no questions asked 
you strip away the ugliness 
that surrounds me 
are you an angel 
am I already that gone 
I only hope 
that I won't disappoint you 
when I'm down here 
on my knees

Sweet surrender
Is all that I have to give" S.M.


   I sit on the edge of the bed and open my thighs. My cock
stands proudly from a nest of bristly hair, hard, the bulbous
circumcised head looking like a football helmet. The naked 
boy scoots closer on his knees, smiles and nibbles along the 
underside. Oh Frankie, my little slut. Ten-years-old. Just a
baby. An enigma. What have I done to deserve this? I am just 
another man.

"Why are you here?" I ask him. "Why do you come back?"

He doesn't respond, puts his sticky hands on top of my thighs
and wraps his lips around my prick. I exhale loudly. His greedy
mouth takes me in, suckles, and goes down onto the throbbing
flesh. My eyes scan down his back to the cleft of his perky 
ass. Anger simmers in my stomach. I am weak again. The ruthless
shark of the stock market reduced to putty once more.

My hands on his blond head, I push his mouth on my cock, urge
him to absorb it all, all eight inches, even if he has to use
his throat to pleasure me. Yes, I admit that I flirted with
the boy when he moved in with his mother in the apartment upstairs.
I let him into my home, cuddled him and touched him. But I 
never thought it would go this far.

He gags on the mass, a brief instant of panic has him gasping
for air. Then he continues to suck my immense cock. Always
showing me his good side. His little tongue out, he licks the
contour of the head. It glistens with his saliva. Oh Frankie,
my precious lamb.

How I craved his presence in the beginning. Sullen boy, brave
boy, hungry for the physical attention. The top of his head
barely reached my nipples. Yet, I wanted him, yearned for the
pure enchantment of his innocence. Our every meeting more 
forbidden, more dangerous. It had to stop. Soon enough, he
would learn from society how vile and condemnable my behaviour 

He came back again and again, banging on my door. In a momentary,
lapse of lucidity, I screamed at him, "Go away! Goddammit! Go 
back upstairs!" But he ignored me, sat coyly on the couch until 
my admiration for his persistence got the best of me and the 
bonfire of my guilt faded to that of the flicker of a candle. 
Oh Frankie, naive little creature. Don't you know what lurks 
in the minds of men?

"Suck it better." I tell him. "Put your hands on it and SUCK
that big cock." 

He grips the base of the shaft and laps up the length of my
phallus, collecting the dripping juices without a grimace now
that I've taught him to swallow everything that comes out of
it. His cheeks bulge, his slimy lips stretch obscenely around
the diameter. I take my prick out of his mouth and slap his 
face with it. He hunches back on his heels and opens his mouth
wide, waiting for the return of my erection. 

"Am I doing it right?" He peeps.

"Yes, Frankie."

I stand up and feed him my meat. Why do you submit to this,
Frankie? Why aren't you upstairs watching TV? I glance down at 
his hairless genitals, so small, so pink. He fondles his baby 
boner and groans as I thrust into his throat. I have to shut
my eyelids tight to forget about the silly pale boy willingly
accepting my huge cock, otherwise I will erupt, shoot my wad
straight down to his tummy.

"Come over here." I command, dragging him by the wrist to
the centre of the bed.

We embrace, roll together. My hard-on rubs wonderfully against 
his flat belly. His warm little body feels so good on my hairy
chest. I squeeze him, run my hands on his downy back all the 
way to his firm bottom. He looks away again, disapproving of 
my penetrable stare into his eyes. Always showing me his good 
side. I trap his skinny legs between mine and cradle him.

"I wanna sleep here with you, tonight." He says.

Oh Frankie, sweet boy. "You can't. You know your mommy would
have a fit!"

"She doesn't give a shit about me!" He barks. "Nobody cares
about me!"

I caress the nape of his neck and draw his golden head next to
mine. "You know what comes next, Frankie." I whisper, "I want 
to fuck your butt again. Now, would be a good time to leave, 
put your clothes on and go back upstairs..."

The little boy turns his back to me, rests on his elbow. Always
showing me his good side. I fish out a bottle of baby oil from 
the drawer of the nightstand and lube my cock. "Frankie, this
is it. I'm gonna fuck your butt very hard..." I speak louder. 
"You should really leave."

He doesn't budge, prevails as he has done so many times in the 
past to stay one more minute in my company. I raised his short 
leg, supporting it under the knee joint. The head of my cock 
finds the small funnel leading to his puckered anus. Oh Frankie, 
foolish foolish child. I apply a gentle pressure, distend the 
valiant ring of flesh. A single yelp escapes his lips, like 
a cry for help, "UGGGHHNGHHH!"

He scrunches his forehead, denies the pain. I slip my dickhead
pass the clutching sphincter and pursue with the rest of my
engorged pole. The raw intrusion has his dainty muscles all
tensed up. I raised his leg higher, separating his white buns,
to see, to believe that I am cramming my huge cock into his
tight shithole again.

There are no tears in his eyes. Only the determination of a
crazy kid. The skin of his anus shines bright red, stretched 
around my cock. Once I perceive he has loosened up, I start 
to pump his ass, with restrained strokes, adjusting him so that
my steely pipe enters straight into his rectum. "Is this what
you want, Frankie? You love my big penis in your butt, uh?
Tell me?"

His blond head remains on the pillow. He whimpers then emits 
a feeble 'Yesss'. I move my hips, sliding my cock faster in
and out of his asshole. "You better be liking it, Frankie. Cuz'
I'm gonna do a number on yer bottom!"

With that warning, I hoist his waist off the mattress and drive
my fuckstick in earnest. His buttocks clench on my cock, but
it is too oiled up to impede my long lunges inside him. "UGH!
UGH! UGH!" He grunts every time I plunge inside him. "Yeah,
Frankie! That's a good boy! Take my big cock in yer butt! Ohh
yeahhhh!" I shout.

"Yessss! UGHHHHHH! Yesss."

I grasp both his frail ankles and swing his legs around to bend
him in two. On his back, twisted like this, he is so small
and vulnerable as I sink into him deeper. The springs of the
mattress squeak. His upturned ass is spread open. I slam into
it hard and steady. Frankie stares into the empty space between
the bed and the wall. "Look at me when I'm fucking you!" I

"Nooooo," he mumbles, "I'm ugly."

I grab his jaw and turn his head the other way to inspect what
he's been hiding from me, what we never talk about. The angry 
red blotch spans from his mouth to his ear, as if his lips had 
bled out on the side of his face. Indeed, a major skin imperfection.
Three times the size as Gorbachev's blemish on his bald noggin.

"It's just a port-wine stain, Frankie." I say.

"I hate it. They all laugh at me. They call me names." He 
replies promptly, raises his chin, looking up into my eyes to
seek a glint of compassion.

"If it wasn't there, they would taunt you with something
else." I say. "Besides, you don't wanna be friends with people
who can't see pass it." I add, kissing the large birthmark all

"It can be removed with laser!" He livens up.

"Forget it, Frankie." I stomp on his enthusiasm. "It's too
expensive. Your mommy can't afford it. Some months, she can 
barely even make the rent."

His blond head falls back on the pillow. He stares out blankly.
Always showing me his good side. I pull out of him and tell
him to flip over. He obeys and leans over the pillow, remembering
the other times when I fucked him doggie-style, assuming the
position. Knees apart, shoulders low, so that his butt is high
enough. In the valley of his buttocks, his gaping asshole gleams.
I slip my cock into the hot aperture and dip my torso to get some
leverage, my hands on to the brass bar of the headboard.

His little fist clutch the bed sheets when I start fucking him
again. "Here we go, Frankie. This is gonna be a good hard fuck!"
I rave, ramming my cock into his ass repeatedly. Within minutes
of unvarying frantic fuck strokes, I am ball deep in his dilated
asshole. "Ohhh fuck! Yeahhh ohhhh yeah Frankie, you got all of
my big hard cock in yer butt! Yeahhh"

His buttocks quiver like gelatin every time my pelvis collides
with them. Like a drug addict, I shiver, savouring each second
of majestic pleasure derived from sodomizing a ten-year-old boy.
He whines, hammers my buttocks with the heels of his feet. His
anus sucks on my cock like a milking machine. "Ohhhhh FUCK,
you got such a great little ass, Frankie! YEAAHHH YEAHH" I
rave some more, pounding away into him.

Times flies. I ride him, holding on to his slim waist. Since 
I cannot see the defective patch of skin, he is more vigorous.
He squirms, undulates to the rhythm of the copulation and 
cries out, "OOouuuh my butthole tingles good!"

I hook my arm over his thigh and tug on his stiff cocklet. "Cum,
Frankie. Yes, cum with my big cock in yer butt." I say. He
tilts his blond head back and pants. I pull on his penis faster,
at the same time, jabbing my huge prick in and out. His little
bone twitches, his whole body shudders. "Ooorrrghhh!" I burst
out, letting the pleasure submerge me. My ejaculation is
grandiose. A river of boiling semen gushes out of my cock, 
filling his bowels.

Once I am through draining my balls, I collapse at his side and 
bring him with me, keeping my dick into his guts while we bask 
in the glow of our mutual orgasms. A minute of silence or two 
later, he chimes hesitantly, "Will you go the doctor with me, 
and and pay to make my face like normal people..."

I kiss the top of his head. So this is what you wanted all 
along. Oh Frankie, and I thought you loved me. 

"Yes, we'll go tomorrow..." I whisper and kiss the top of 
his head one last time, knowing that without his flaw, he will
never be back again. Perhaps, I will see him, playing with the
other kids in front of the house. Oh Frankie, my sad little 

You were always beautiful to me.

The END.

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