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It had been almost a year since my dad died. And what had I accomplished? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I guess being left rich with a huge farmhouse, with an indoor pool, wasn't the way to happiness. I looked down at Flower and thought to myself how cute she was. She was adorable. Black with her white stripes made her really beatiful. Flower was my pet skunk. I had had her for two years and she was better than a house cat. She would cuddle up in my lap in the evening sometimes for an hour and then go trotting off to see what she could get into. I had grown so close to her. Then like a lightning strike it hit me. Why not raise and sell skunks. The man that sold me Flower had taught me how to descent skunks just by helping him when he needed help. So I knew how to do it.

The next day I went out and looked at where I could put the pens and water source etc. I wanted each skunk to have her own runway and inside to get into when inclement weather hit. I could copy the way dog kennels were built. I decided to start with 10 pens. So I took some quick measurements and went inside and drew up the plans. Then I ordered the materials from the lumber yard and they would be delivered the next day. I was going to be doing something for a change. I would need help running an operation like I planned so I got to thinking, why not put in to be a foster parent and have built in help and company as well. I was a boy lover but no one really knew that and I had a clean record so I couldn't see why I couln't be approved. So I called and made an appointment with the childrens services in Blackfoot about 8 miles from the farm dad left me. I was to be there at 9 in the morning.

9 AM

I pulled into the parking lot at 8:55 and walked in and introduced myself. I thought being 25 I was plenty old enough to look after a youngster or two.

"Mr. Waters, Mrs. Long will speak with you now." I walked in and introduced myself and told her I was a lifetime resident of Blackfoot and explained the circumstances to her. "Well Mr. Waters we don't normally send boys out to a home without a father and a mother to be honest with you. But seeing that right now we are so short on foster homes if I can get you approved with a background check I will make an exception to the rule. You say you would like boys between 12 and 17?"

"Yes Mrs. Long as farm work is hard and dirty and I think it is more for boys than for girls. The boys will help me with chores on the farm. It won't amount to much of thier time. The school bus runs right by my property as I see it go by all the time."

"I see your point. Well I will submit your paper work. Will you fill in these forms out in the lobby and then give them to the receptionist. I will call you one way or the other."

"Thank you Mrs. Long, I appreciate that."

After I left the office I felt a 100 lbs lighter. I couldn't see them finding anything bad in my background. I had a good high school record and even made good grades. I played sports too. So I went on home to wait for the lumber delivery.

I followed the lumber truck in. I was just in time. 10 minutes later and they might have left. So I showed them where I wanted it unloaded and they left it. I paid the bill and they were gone.

I stood there looking at the pile of lumber and really didn't know where to start. So I decided to let a contractor build it so it would be done the way I wanted it. I went in and looked through the yellow pages and there were not too many in Blackfoot. Most were in Pocatello. So I decided to call the middle add first. No reason just hit and miss. He told me he was finishing up a job tomorrow and he could start on it the following day. I was elated. "Do you want concrete runways?" I thought sure they would have to be easily cleaned.

"Yes I want them built just like dog kennels but on a smaller scale as they were going to be for raising smaller animals."

He told me he had some plans for kennels he would show me and I could choose what I wanted. That sounded great to me. So I told him I would look forward to meeting him the day after tomorrow. That would be on a Wednesday.


The phone startled me while I was drinking my second cup of coffee. So at least I had my eyes open. "Hello."

"Hello Mr. Waters, this is Mrs. Long."

"Oh yes, good morning to you."

"Good morning, your paper work was all approved with flying colors so you are now officially on my list of foster parents. I have one 13 year old that might fit your needs. Would you be able to accept someone at this time?"

"Well I hadn't really thought about it but now is as good as next week would be. When should I pick him up and where?"

"That won't be necessary I will drop him by your place on my way home around 5:30 this evening if that is OK with you."

"Yes that will be fine. Do you want directions to my place?"

"That won't be necessary as I had known your father for some years. I know exactly where you live about 7 or 8 miles out from Blackfoot."

"You have that right I'll be waiting for you then at 5:30 or so."

"I'll see you then Mr. Waters. Good Bye."

I had just hung up when the contractor called. He asked me the directions to my place and I told him. He said he was leaving and would be here in about 15 minutes or so to look it over and show me the plan book on kennels he had so I could pick the one I wanted. I thanked him and told him I would look forward to meeting him. Then we were off the phone and I was pouring another cup. I was nervous because I was taking a lot on after over a year of doing nothing.

About 15 minutes later a big truck with ladders sticking up pulled in my long gravel driveway. I could always see someone coming in for it took about 3 minutes to negotiate my long drive. Usually it was dusty and I could also see the dust coming. He pulled up in front of the house and I went to the door to greet him. "Hello my name is Carl Waters." I said.

"Nice to meet you Carl my name is Mike Schenzer. Just call me Mike."

"Well come on in Mike, can I offer you a cup of coffee?"

"Sure that sounds great."

"We might as well sit here in the kitchen at the table. I see you brought the plan book."

"Yes! Oh MY God!"

"Please don't be startled that is just my pet Flower. I have had her for over two years and I assure you she is fully de-scented."

"Oh she sure started me. Sorry it's just you don't run into a house skunk every day."

"Well that is why I didn't tell you the type animals I am going to raise on the phone. I didn't want you to think I was crazy or something. But Flower is as tame as they come. She sits in my lap while I watch TV at night and loves to be petted."

With that said Mike reached down and carefully petted on the head and then wanted to feel her fur so he rubbed on down her back. "Her hair is kinda course."

"Yes it isn't soft like it looks like it would be. Now you see why I want to scale down the size of the kennels to fit the size of the animal. I want there to be a storage bin for food etc. on the end and an inside runway that I can walk down behind each run. That way I can check the nest boxes to be sure the animal is OK and if there is a litter in it yet."

"Well lets see, I can just cut the measurements in half. You want a nest box at the end of each runnway then?"

"Yes and they have to be roomy so that when a skunk has a litter of 12 or so, which is common, she has room to move around. I would say about 2 ft on all sides. With a lid that hinges so I can easily look in from above."

"OK then let me look through this book. Here on page 23 there is a kennel for small dogs, of course I can build the nest boxes at the end like you want. It also has an inside storage room 12x15 and I can extend it to include covering the nest boxes like you want."

I took the book and looked at it. "Yes, I think this will be fine. I had dreams of building it myself, but I am not a carpenter so that is why I called you. I had a load of lumber delivered I hope you can use."

"Oh I am sure we can use most if not all of it and may need more."

"That is fine I will pay the bill as well as your fee of course."

"How many runnways do you want to start with. We can always add on more later if needed."

"Well I thought 10 would be enough to get a good start. Skunks bring a good price and it should get me started anyway."

"Yea I can see where they would be a novelty pet. Flower is sure cute."

"Well I just finished my coffee do you want to show me where you want it."

"Sure we can use the back door." I took him out to where the lumber was and pointed to the area I had chosen.

"This looks fine. It is nice and flat. I will start today on the concrete forms. I have a helper that will be here as soon as I call him. I don't want to pay someone for just sitting around.

"Fine then I will get out of your way and let you get started. Do you need to use my phone?"

"No I have a cell phone in my pocket. But thanks for the offer."

He worked on the forms with the man that showed up all afternoon. They left about 4:30 and said they would be back in the morning.

5:30 PM

Mrs. Long got there at 5:35. I was all eyes trying to get a look at this boy that I was taking in. Gosh, I was going to be the parent of a boy only 12 years different in age. It should work out fine as I still can remember how I thought at 13. The bell rang and I went to the door and welcomed them in. He was not an Adonis but just a regular 13 year old. His face would be called cute not handsome. He had blonish brown hair. Evedentialy he had been a blond when he was younger. I looked at his arms and they were hairless just as I liked boys.

"This is Randy Young. Can I talk to you in private for a moment Mr. Waters.

"Why sure. Randy why don't you go in the living room the TV is on go ahead and change it to anything you want. The remote is on the coffee table."

After Randy left Mrs. Long told me the tragic circumstances the happened in the Young family. "Do you remember a small plane going down about two months ago over near Pocatello killing all aboard?" Well Randy's entire family died in that crash. His mother father and a sister. He was staying over the weekend with a friend or he wouldn't be here now either. There is no immediate family to be found so we have had him in a temporary placement until now. He is over the immediate shock but needs a lot of attention and TLC."

"Well you can be sure he will get that here Mrs. Long. And please just call me Carl as it is a little less formal."

"Fine Carl then I must go. Call me and tell me how he is doing in a few days as I worry about the boy and his readjustment."

"I certainly will call you Mrs. Long. Thanks for bringing him out."

"We always bring the child to the house to check out the environment. I can certainly see that he is very lucky indeed to move into a beautiful home like this one. How big is it anyway?"

"Well it is from the old era when they built big houses. It has 5 bedrooms and three baths."

"Boy that is some house to take care of and I see you do a very good job at that."

"Well up til now I really havn't had much else to do. I am very happy to get Randy I am sure we can do a lot of things together."

"Yes you are still young yourself it should work out fine. Bye now."

"Good Bye."

I was very nervous to say the least. She had left two suit cases full of, I guess clothes so I went in to the living room and said, "Well Randy I am very lucky to get a good looking boy like you to help."

"Thanks, I am a little nervous as you can imagine."

"Well to be honest with you I am too so that makes two of us. Why don't we take your things and let you choose a bedroom of your own."

There were three bedrooms upstairs and two downstair. So I showed him the one downstairs as I really didn't want him that far away. I slept in the first downstairs bedroom myself. I had a king size bed that was my fathers. "How about this room next to mine. The others are all up stairs."

"He looked around and said, "Gosh this is huge compared to what I had before...and he stopped and started tearing."

I saw it was time for that tender loving care Mrs. Long had talked about so I hugged him for about 20 seconds. He sighed and stopped tearing. Why don't we put your clothes away and then I'll serve dinner. So we spent the next 20 minutes putting his clothes in the drawers and closets. "There that should do for now. Let's go eat."

After dinner Randy helped me with the dishes without being asked. I thought that was a good sign. Then I took him and showed him the pool. I switched all the lights on and it really is beautiful. He was astounded and asked when we could use it. I told him let's wait until tomorrow and I'll go in with you. And then I told him he was never to swim alone. As that is too dangerous.

We then decided on a movie to watch after cartoons. I let him run the TV as I really didn't care. He lay on the rug in front of me as I sat in my overstuffed chair. I noticed he was wearing shorts that were wide open at the bottom and I could easily see all the way up to his underwear. I started getting kinda hard the way he was laying. When he would shift around I would get an entirely different view. His left ball was hanging out of the briefs which also had loose legs. Probably way too big for him. I had no idea what was on the screen because that is not where my attention was.

"Well Randy that's the end of the cartoons. Is a movie on next."

"Yea it is a Walt Disney film called the Ugly Daschund."

"Oh that is really a good movie you will enjoy it."

He kept glancing over his shoulder at me and smiling and then finally said, "Do you think it would be asking to much to sit with you?"

"Why no I would love to have you sit here too. But you will have to sit on my lap in this chair."

The next thing I knew I had a barely 13 year old boy sitting on my lap luckily he didn't notice or say anything about me being half hard. After the movie started I put my hand on his leg up on the thigh just where his shorts fall to. His skin was so soft I was getting harder. I rubbed my hand up and down his leg to see what response, if any I would get. He just turned around and smiled real big. "Does that feel good to you Randy?"

"Oh yea, no one ever touches me like they care about me. That feels really good."

That gave me the go ahead signal. As I came back up I pulled his shorts a little up each time. He sighed when I did it and spread his legs open more for me. That was a good sign. So I kept going up a little farther each time until I touched his underware. Then I switched legs. I did the same proceedure and he sighed and spead his legs even wider. When I reached his underware this time his ball was sticking out of the underware so I stroked it and boy did he moan. I didn't want to continue as I sure didn't want him telling anyone I touched him in personal places. So I just kept doing that and each time pushed the underware up a little too. His balls were both hanging out now and I would stroke them on each round. Each time brought another moan or sigh. He was enjoying it. I thought if I shifted him a little to the left on my lap it might help those balls and maybe his dick fall all the way out so I picked him up and scooted him to the left saying I needed to shift his weight to a different place for a while. Now his shorts had scooted up a little too. "Do you want me to keep rubbing your leg or would you rather I stopped?"

"Oh keep rubbing and maybe you could rub my back some too."

So I thought I would go for his back next but I had to get back up on that left leg and see what happened when I shifted him. So I rubbed him down and then up to his underware and sure enough his balls and dick were out. I rubbed over his package and he let out a real loud sigh. So I stroked his package several times. His dick had gotten rock hard so I knew he was enjoying it and wanted it. Then I thought I better do his back for a while as that is what he asked for. So I pulled his shirt up and started rubbing his back. He reached over his head and pulled his T shirt off leaving me with a bare boy except for his shorts. I rubbed his shoulders and then down his back massaging my way down and when I got to his elastic waste band I slipped my hand under it and rubbed the top part of his butt. This made my dick so hard he had to feel it. The next thing I knew he put his hand down on my dick and said, "Boy Carl you got a woody too. You must like this as much as I do."

"Yes Randy touching soft skin like yours always makes me hard. Does it bother you I can stop if you want?"

"No I really enjoy having someone care a little about me. Keep on rubbing and go down farther."

He wanted me to go down into his pants farther. Just what I wanted. So on the next pass down I went under further until I was rubbing the crack of his ass. "Is that what you wanted Randy?"

"Oh Yea, I love it when you rub my butt. Here let me turn on my side more for you and then you can reach farther. Boy you are sure hard too." And he squeezed my dick again. I told him that felt good too so he continued. I was afraid I might cum if he kept going like this.

Now with him on his side I rubbed his back down to the waiste and then slipped my hand under his underware and continued down like he asked for. I let my finger go into the crack and rubbed across his ass hole. He let out a real moan when I did that and said, "Oh Carl that feels so good. Push a little."

I wet my finger good before going down this time and when I hit the ass hole I said, "You mean push here?"

"Yea I really like that I do it to myself all the time."

I pushed my middle finger in past the sphincter and on up into the colon. He was so smooth and wet up there I was in heaven. He was squeesing my dick once in a while and now I had leaked enough precum that my pants were getting wet.

"Carl can I ask you, did you pee a little."

"No Randy that is precum. It happens when someone makes you feel real good. You probably are making some your self now if this finger feels good to you. Does it?"

"Oh yea and the harder you push the better it feels. Do you think I have some of that pre stuff too?"

"Well there is only one way to find out. Here let me reach down in your front." I reached the head of his dick and sure enough it was loaded with precum so I started sliding it around and rubbing it under his head on his dick. I knew this would drive him crazy. I wondered if he had ever cum. He was 13. Well barely 13.

"I feel that slipper stuff that feels cool. Is that precum?"

"Yes here let me pull my finger out and let you taste it." I put my finger up to his mouth covered with his precum and after a few seconds he licked it. Then he took my finger in his mouth.

"Yum that taste good. Sorta sweet like."

"Yes the same as mine probably."

Since both of my hands were very busy, one up his butt and the other back on his dick I told him to unzip my pants and get some off my dick and taste it and see what he thought.

He had me unzipped fast and was trying to get to the head of my dick when he found the hole in my boxers and pulled my dick out hard as a rock. He took his finger and got a gob and stuck it in his mouth. "Hmmm that taste better than mine. It even has a little salt in it." Then he started rubbing it around my head just like I was doing him. God it burned when he kept on the sensitive part. I was getting blue balls I really needed release.

"You know Randy we better quit for a while or I am going to cum all over you and me."

"What do you mean cum?"

"Don't you rub your dick until it cums Randy?"

"No I didn't know you could do that. Why would I want to cum?"

"Well Randy once you do cum you won't ask that question again. It feels so good Randy. Like your whole body is turning inside out."

"Really will you show me how?"

"Well I'll tell you what I will show you when we go to bed OK?"

"Yea, How long before we go to bed Carl?"

"Well I thought you might want to watch the rest of your movie."

"I would rather learn how to cum Carl."

He was as horny as I was. "Well if you want it is 9:30 we could go to bed now."

He pushed the TV off with the remote and said "I'm all for it Carl."

Man I never thought it would be this easy. "OK then lets go into my bedroom then."

"Can I sleep in your room tonight too. I don't like being alone."

"Sure Randy that will be fine. You know I am really getting to like you dude."

"Me too. You treat me like a person not a little kid."

(To be continued)

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