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We all piled in the van and boy if it didn't look like a family now. I decided to go to the clothing store first and get Kyle some clothes. So we went in and I had him take a cart and find 3 packages of briefs, and three packages of T Shirts. Then I told him to pick out 6 shirts with long sleeves and 6 with short sleeves. Next came pants. I had him get a nice pair of slacks for good wear and 5 pairs of blue jeans. Next came socks and I had him get 7 pairs of socks that were dark colored and a package of 6 white socks. I made sure he got a belt he liked and then a new pair of shoes and a pair of work boots. So he was pretty well fixed. We checked out and everyone helped carry the sacks out to the van and put them in back.

Next I went to the hardware store and bought enough rabbit wire for the mouse traps. I bought 6 mouse traps and a roll of wire. That should do it so we checked out and headed home. When we got home I pulled out by the workbench so they could put the traps together. I did one so they could see how and told them to do the others. We still had two pregnant females so I went to see if they were using their Kleenex yet. Sure enough both of them had used it all up. SO I put some more in their runways. These were in runways 5 and 6. So I had babies coming in all the runways from 3 to 7. I decided to look in 5 and 6 and see if anything was happening. When I opened 5 she was turning circles and one was coming out of her so I quickly closed the lid. Then I looked in 6 and she was still building her nest. So she wasn't ready yet. I would check on 5 a little later.

I went back in the house and made notes of the date of the new arrivals in runway 5 but as yet couldn't put down the number of young.

It was getting along toward dinner so I put some meat out to thaw and waited to fix it for a while.

Then I called Kyle in and asked him if he wanted me to put lotion on his red bottom.

"Yea daddy you can do that anytime, it feels good."

"Well let's go up to your room and get it done as we have to feed the hawk at 4:30. We got up there and he pulled his pants clear off and raised his shirt clear up. He lay down on his stomach and for the first time I noticed how shiny his black hair had become after the washing. He was so attractive. He turned to look at me with a big smile on his face and I noticed his blue green eyes. They were perfect with that black shiny hair. I got the Vaseline intensive care and sat on the bed so I could easily reach him. I rubbed his back for a minute with just my hands and he loved it. So then I put some lotion on my hand and started in on his butt. It wasn't near as red as it had been yesterday and I hated to see it getting well to quickly as I loved doing this to him. I spread his ass real tight and went down and stuck my nose almost to his ass hole to smell him. God if that wasn't heaven. I then took the lotion and started spreading it all around and rubbing it in.

"Daddy could you put it up inside me too like you did?"

"Sure Kyle."

I put some on three of my fingers and put the middle one into his colon in one push.

"Ohhhhh God I like that. Push hard daddy."

I pushed real hard when he said that then I added the 2nd finger and he just moaned. I pushed it hard all the way into the colon almost around the first turn. It was so hot and wet up there since I had given him that cleaning out with the enema. It really felt good. SO I thought I would try the third finger. I pushed it in about half way and asked, "How does that feel Kyle?"

"Tighter but even better push hard daddy."

So I pushed all three fingers all the way in hard. He moaned a pleasure moan that I am sure you could hear in the downstairs if any one were in there. I started finger fucking him and then turned him on his side to give him an orgasm. I took his hard on in my mouth and started giving him really good head and his dick got harder and harder. I was bobbing really fast as I finger fucked just as fast. Then I started hitting on his prostate and that did it.

"Ohhhhhhh... ....having of ....those things...Ahhhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....God..........ahhhhhhhhh.

He finally quit and collapsed. Boy he really has quite a dry orgasm. "Did that feel good Kyle."

"Oh yea better than ever."

I pulled out my fingers and smelled them and they smelled so good with his slight musk smell. I finished rubbing in the lotion and told him to get dressed we had to feed the hawk.

"Oh good I like it when you feed him daddy."

We went back down stairs and I got the liver ready, fur and all, and out we went. The boys were just finishing up the tin can traps and showed me how they worked by setting them off. This startled the hawk as those cans make quite a bang when they close on the rabbit wire. I checked to make sure there were no holes around the edge of the cans and they had made them all tight. "Boys it is time to feed the hawk. You know you are going to have to come up with a name for him."

I went over to the hawk with the liver strips and he leaned toward me a good sign. I gave him a piece and he took hold of it with his talons and had it eaten pretty fast. So I gave him another. After about 5 pieces I decided that was enough as I didn't want him to fatten up. Sooner or later we would have to get him sharp set.

We then went in and fixed dinner and the boys got on the cartoons.


Well the hawk was eating really well now. And he was flapping his wings hard for exercise so I figured it was time to start formal training. The boys had named him Glide. I had bought a roll of fishing line and attached the end of it to a clip. So I clipped it to his jess and let him free from the perch. Of course he didn't know that. I took One of the mice that we had caught and chopped it into three pieces. The boys turned their heads when I killed the mouse. Then I fed Glide the first little piece to give him a taste of real game. He was all excited when he finished that. So I stepped back where for him to get another piece he would have to jump to my hand. I held my gauntlet out and waited. He leaned forward seeing the piece of mouse in my hand and finally after a minute or so he jumped to the gauntlet and I immediately gave him the piece of mouse. He swallowed it almost whole. Then I put him back on the perch and stepped back another two steps. It would take more than a jump now he would have to fly for the first time in his life. He leaned and then let loose and flapped his wings and flew the short distance to the gauntlet. I gave him the other piece of mouse. I was as excited as were the boys. They all cheered when he took to the air for the first time. I put him back on the perch and hooked his jess back to the perch and took the fishing line off of him. We all went in the house to have dinner.

When I called the boys to dinner Glide was all they could talk about. "Dad how long before he will really fly to you?"

"Well from what I have read he took the big step today. He should be flying all the way across the field to me by the end of the week."

"Wow! they were all so excited."

We watched a movie and when bedtime came they all wanted to sleep with me. I thought it might be crowded but OK they could.

"Oh good daddy. That makes me so happy." said Kyle.

We turned off the TV and went into my bedroom where they all got nude as did I and we all crawled in bed. "Dad could we mess around with you?" Randy said.

"If that is what you want." Kyles eyes almost popped out of his head when Carl said that. He was so happy.

"Tell you what let's all get in a 69 circle and give each other head to start with." So they all took the guy next to them in their mouth and it ended up in a five man circle suck. The sounds that were coming out of them were sounds of pure joy. After about 5 minutes before any one could cum, Carl said, "Would anyone want to fuck anyone?"

"They all did except Kyle."

"Daddy wouldn't that hurt me a lot?" Kyle asked.

"No more than my three fingers did when I was putting lotion on you."

"Yea that felt really good. Is that what it feels like?"

"Yes Kyle that is the way it feels only better."

Carl said, "Just stay in the same circle and here is the tubes of KY start fingering 1, 2, 3 to get each other ready."

Moans came again from all over the room. Steve was fingering Kyle with his big fingers and Kyle was loving it. Kyle was fingering Sean and being smaller it was easy on Sean. They all kept busy for the next 5 minutes then every one was finger fucking someone with three fingers.

"OK since you all want to get fucked take turns fucking the guy you fingered. Just two at a time this time. Be sure to put plenty of KY on your dick by jacking off with it."

So Steve went up in Kyle and Kyle moaned pleasure. He loved it. Steve got really with it and They went at it for quite a while before Kyle let loose with a dry orgasm and it squeezed Steve so hard that he gave it up too. He pushed his dick all the way up into Kyles guts and let loose with about 6 or 7 hot loads of cum. Kyle loved it and didn't want it to end.

Next Randy fucked Carl. Carl loved Randy like he was his own son. So it felt great to him. They kept at it for at least 15 minutes when both of them came at the same time. What a feeling cumming while being filled with a hot load too.

This continued until all the boys had been fucked by someone and they all lay back catching their breath. Some who had caught their breath were playing tongues. But finally the night came to an end and they turned out the lights and were all asleep within 5 minutes.

In the morning Carl woke first as usual, and found boys wrapped around boys hugging and tangled. So he was able to escape and went down to take a shower and have his coffee. It was a good half hour later before Kyle stumbled in. "Oh Daddy last night was so much fun. It felt so good when Steve was in me. He is almost as big as you. Would you do that to me sometime?"

"Sure Kyle sometime when we are alone OK?"

"Yea I can hardly wait."

Carl got up and started some bacon and eggs. He told Kyle to go shower and then wake his brothers to do the same.

Carl was so happy how things were panning out. Runway 6 had 9 babies and runway 5 had 11. That made a total of 52 babies. It wouldn't be too long until he would be operating again.

The boys all came down showered and ready for the bacon and eggs. Carl had made toast galore too. So they all ended up full.

"After breakfast Carl told the boys to go check the neighbors barn for mice in their traps. They had a paper sack to bring them home in and dump them in the fish tank out in the storage shed.

The boys liked doing this as it was so new to them. They had never even thought you could catch a mouse alive. When they got to the barn they started checking where they had put the cans and all of them were closed, a good sign. Sean looked into the first can and jumped as the mouse was being anything but still try his best to escape. So he picked up the can and Randy opened the large grocery sack and they put the can inside and opened the rabbit wire door covering the entrance. The mouse was instantly in the bag so they grabbed the can out and closed the bag. Then they went one by one and did the same thing until they had 6 mice and had re-set 6 traps. This was so exciting to them as it was a little scary like those mice could jump out and bite them or something. They took the sack home and dumped all the mice into the big fish tank. It now had 16 mice in it. A couple mice they just put in fought with other mice for a minute and then they settled down. Then the boys went in to tell Carl what had happened. Carl was delighted as they would have no trouble with plenty of live mice to cut up and feed. Later he planed on letting the mouse run for it but not just yet.

They did the normal chores feeding and cleaning the kitty boxes as Carl wanted the place to A number one clean at all times. It had been 4 weeks since the first ones were born so next week he would have to start operations. He was a little nervous as it is so easy to cut them proud or kill them. It is a major operation.

When it came time to feed Glide Carl decided he looked thiner than usual so one mouse a day wasn't enough so he decided to use two mice. He had Randy go get two mice and swing them against a post and kill them then he had Steve cut them in three pieces each. Steve almost threw up. His face even got white. But it was something all the boys had to learn to do. Steve gave him one piece of a mouse. They hooked the line to the jess and released it from the perch. Then Carl had bought a horn to sound that would become the sound of food to Glide. So he blew the horn and gave Glide the piece of mouse without having to do anything for it. He gobbled it right down. SO he sounded the horn again after stepping back three steps. And after about 5 seconds Glide flew to his gauntlet and was rewarded with another piece of mouse. He put him back on the perch. Then he gave Kyle a gauntlet to put on and told him he would be putting Glide back on the perch. Kyle looked a little scared but didn't say anything. Steve gave Carl another piece of mouse. This was the last of the first mouse. Carl walked away about 10 feet. Then he blew the horn. Glide took right off and landed on his gauntlet and ate his reward. The boys were all excited now seeing him really fly like that. Kyle came over and Carl told him to push on Glides chest until he was forced to step on his Gauntlet. He did what he was told and Glide stepped on his gauntlet. Kyle walked kinda unsteady as he looked afraid and put Glide back on the perch. Steve gave Carl the next piece and Carl walked about 20 paces away turned and blew the horn. Glide had to really fly this time. He was beautiful in flight with his red tail and reddish wing feathers. He landed on the gauntlet and took his tidbit. They continued this until for the last piece of mouse Carl had walked about 25 feet away when he blew the horn. Glide took to the air and flew all the way without hesitating. He was fed and Kyle took him back and fastened him to the perch and released the fishing line.

Talk about talk around the table. The boys were really excited about what they had seen Glide doing. Carl was too. They were all proud of him and so glad they studied hawks and got the license to have him.


Since in real life I had a skunk named Flower while in college. She had a litter of 12. Since the man I bought her from really had let me watch as he operated on several, I was sure I could do it. I had operated on 12 babies at 4 weeks old and not lost one. And I didn't cut any proud. Meaning leaving enough cord that connects to the rectum so that skunk odor could form. Even though they couldn't spray they could stink.

When everyone finished their breakfast Carl got his operating kit out. He explained everything in it to the boys. "Now this is iodine and I use this to wash the area to kill all germs before I use the scalpel. This is the scalpel. These tweezers are to pull the sack out of the hole I make and stretch it until just the cord is showing still attached to the rectum. It is very important that I cut this cord right at the rectum without cutting the rectum itself. Leaving some of the cord inside will allow the skunk to seep skunk fumes which certainly no one wants in their house. So lets go out to the operating table. But first everyone is to wash their hand for 20 seconds in disinfectant soap. The dish washing liquid is anti bacterial soap so use it. The shake your hands to dry them and touch nothing after that. I will wash first and leave the door open so you don't have to touch it. I will open it before I wash. So they all got busy with the washing.

Carl could touch some things as he was going to put on sterile rubber gloves for the actual operation. So he went in to the #3 box and luckily the mother was out in the runway so he pushed the trap door down preventing her entry. That was a good idea Mike had when he built the boxes. He put on the sterile gloves and picked up the first baby, knowing it could spray just a little if startled. He handled it carefully and took it to the operating table which had a clean sheet draped over it. The boys were all eyes. He layed the skunk baby on its back and spread its legs wide open. Then holding them that way with one hand he told Kyle to get the swab with the iodine and wash his anus and all around it with iodine. This wouldn't burn as no cut had been made. So Kyle did it and painted the anal area and to the legs with iodine. Carl waited until the iodine dried. The skunk was making all kinds of faces as it didn't like being held like this. Carl took the scalpel and made and incision about a quarter in long on one side of the anus. He then took the tweezers and after using the scalpel to keep cutting deeper he found the pure white sack he had to remove. He grabbed it with the tweezers very gently because if it broke the whole area would smell very strongly of skunk smell. He pulled it up and the tube from it to the rectum appeared. He pulled until it was stretched and the took the scalpel and cut it off right at the rectum. "Perfect", Carl said. "I got it all." Then he took the sack and put it in a garbage sack. Next he had to make an incision on the other side of the anus and hunt with the scalpel cutting deeper until the white sack appeared among the reddish flesh. He made the hole big enough to pull the bag out and did so with the tweezers. He stretched the tube as much as he could and cut the tube right at this side of the rectum. Again a perfect cut. He got both sides clean. So this skunk would never be able to make any scent. Then he had Kyle put iodine on the whole operation again. This was very painful to the baby and you could see it in his face. Carl then wrapped him in a sterile piece of cloth and took him back to the nest. Only 8 more to go.

It took quite a while to cut all eight but he was finally finished. Randy wiped his brow during the entire operation as he was sweating from nervousness. He took the last baby wrapped in a sterile cloth and put it in the nest box. Then he lifted the trap door so the mother could enter and boy she was right in there. The babies all started nursing off her and that was a good sign. So Carl closed the nest box and would open it only once a day to see if there were any dead babies that didn't survive the surgery. Rarely does this happen but every now and then for some unknown reason one would die.

They cleaned every thing up and sterilized the instruments. He would boil the scalpel and tweezers for 15 minutes or more before the next operation which he would have to do he thought in two days. He checked his record and he really should do box #4 tomorrow but he would rest a day. It is quite a strain on a person to do that many operations in one day.

They all went into the house and Randy fixed some sandwiches for everyone as he felt Carl needed a rest. Carl had gone to his room and lay down. He was exhausted. Kyle lay right next to him hugging him and asking his daddy if he was all right.

"Yes son just exhausted that's all. There is a lot more strain on a person operating than you might think. One slip and you have killed a patient. It is a life and death matter."

"Yea I see what you mean daddy." All my stories are now listed in the authors section under Joe Gardner.

I hope I keep getting a few more towns and cities. So far you have been doing great. You sure have kept me writing. I am on chapter 9 of "Secret in my Closet" now. Hope to finish it in a week or so.

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