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I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been on an all day running event yesterday. I was still tired. I mean really tired almost to the point of being sick. I decided that I wasn't going to do anything I didn't have to today. I got up without disturbing anyone and went and made coffee. I was sitting there drinking my coffee and listening to the national news on a turned down TV when they started straggling in one by one. I told them as they arrived to fix their own cereal that I wasn't feeling well. So they all did. They looked worried about me.

"Daddy do you need to go to a doctor?" Kyle asked.

"No son I just overdid it yesterday. Operating is quite a stressful job. I am going to go out and make sure my patients made it through the night and then just lay on the couch most of the day. I have another big day with 11 skunks to do tomorrow."

Randy asked, "Dad how old were you when you used to help that man with the skunk farm?"

"Oh I suppose I was around 12. He even let me do a few that is how I learned and they all lived too."

"Well then Dad why couldn't you teach Steve or me to do it?"

"You know I never thought of that. It might just be a big help."

Steve said, "I'd be willing to learn just like Randy."

I thought for a minute. There wasn't any reason why I couldn't teach them. That would help me immensely. "You know boys you got a great idea there. Let's go into town and get two more surgical kits and I will teach you tomorrow."

"Daddy Sean and I could do the iodine and hand the tweezers to you if that would help?"

"Yes Kyle I think you guys stumbled on something that will work. So finish your breakfast while I go out and check my patients and we will go into town and get the kits."

I forgot I was sick. Now I was excited because I knew they could do it. So I went out to the storage shed and went in quietly and opened the lid on box 3. The adult skunk was fairly tame now that the boys had handled her so much so she didn't make a fuss at all. I put on a glove just in case and reached in and lifted her off the babies. I could see movement on all 9. None of them looked infected or sick. I put her down and then closed the lid happier than a lark.

"Boys they are all alive and kicking so I think they will make it."

Everyone cheered. Then we all got ready and got in the van and headed for Blackfoot. I went into the drugstore and bought two more surgical kits checking to be sure they had all the necessary equipment in them. They did. I bought some more cotton sticks to put on the iodine with and even got another bottle of iodine. The druggist asked me what I was going to use all of it for. I told him we were de-scenting baby skunks and he asked all kinds of questions. He wanted to come out to the farm and see them when they were weaning age. He said his son would probably love to have one. So I paid him and headed home.

When we got home I got the boys around the table and with a piece of paper I drew a baby skunk with its legs spread open ready for surgery. "Now I want you to pay close attention to this. First when you make the incision it can't be any longer than it has to be to see the white bag full of skunk mustard. If you hit the leg bone right here you could cripple the skunk for life. This is very important. As soon as you have very gently gotten a hole big enough then take the tweezers and pull very gently on the white sack for if it breaks a substance that looks like mustard with spay out in a small explosion as it is in there under pressure. Immediately there will be a smell more like strong horse radish than skunk smell. The smell you smell when a car has hit a skunk happened quite a while ago and the horse radish smell that actually tears your eyes, turns to the smell you associate with a skunk after several hours. If you break a sack you must continue pull the broken sack on out even though you will be tearing and gagging and clip the tube at the rectum just like you would if it hadn't broken. Believe me I have broken a sack operating on full grown skunk put under ether and it is not at all pleasant. But I had to keep going. Even opening the other side of the anus and pulling that sack out and cutting the tube at the rectum. Once you start you must finish. If a sack has broken pour a little iodine in the hole after you have clipped the tube to try and keep it from getting infected. Try and wash the mustard colored substance out with the iodine. Is this plain to you?"

"Yea dad, I guess the best thing is be careful and not break a sack right?" said Randy.

"You got it Randy. It is very unpleasant if you do. And with all the skunks we will be operating on it could happen. This is why I am explaining it so thoroughly."

"Any more questions? Of course I will operate on the first one so you can watch me real close. Then I will watch you one at a time do your first skunk to be sure you understand and can ask me questions if you want."

Steve said, "Boy I'm glad you will be right there for us."

"Why don't you boys go and empty the mouse traps and put them in the fish bowl. Better bring some more peanut butter to bait the traps again."

"OK dad we will all go so you can rest."

I lay down on the couch and napped until they returned. They were all happy as all 6 traps had caught a mouse. They had already put them in the fish bowl. I told them to go out and clean the pens and hand feed any skunks that would eat out of their hands some apple. It is real important that they all get even tamer.

Off they went and I went back to sleep.

After about an hour I guess I heard the door close. I opened my eyes and it was Kyle.

"Oh I'm sorry did I wake you up?"

"No son, and besides I can't think of anyone I would rather be woke up by, come here." I took him in my arms and pulled him down on top of me and gave him the biggest hug. He needed all the loving I could give and I had a lot of it.

"Are you feeling any better daddy after your naps?"

"Yes, I feel a lot better. I was a little worried about having to do 11 skunks tomorrow but you guys came through and now I only have to do a few."

"Yea, daddy I'm sure glad we can help you. Daddy would you rub my back and butt while I lay here?"

I thought what a stupid question. Would I rub a beautiful boys back and butt. Any day of the week and twice on Sunday. "Sure son I will be glad to."

So I reached up under his shirt and started rubbing his upper back. It was so soft I started getting hard. I kept rubbing until I got to his waist and found he was wearing elastic waist shorts. So I went under them and found his crack. He put his butt up some so his ass stuck out for me. I knew what he was after. I wet my finger and started circling his anus and he sighed. "You like that don't you son?"

"Oh Yea. I like it when you put your fingers in me too."

I already had a wet finger so I slipped it into his colon and stayed there for 10 seconds or so. Now I was really hard. I loved the heat and the wetness and smoothness of young asses. I wet my three fingers and put two in.

"Oh daddy I really like that. But...there is something...I would like even better."

"What's that son?"

"Daddy, remember you promised me you would put your thing up in me sometime. Well everyone is outside and busy. How about now?"

"Are you sure you want that? It would hurt some."

"Daddy I have thought of nothing but that since you said it. Yes I'm sure."

"Well to be more private let's go up to my bedroom OK?"

"Oh yea."

When I got to the bedroom he had already taken off his shoes, socks, and shirt. He was pulling down his shorts and briefs so he was sure anxious. When I saw that It didn't take me long to undress too. I thought even though all the boys have had sex with me I would lock my door so no one walked in and ruined the moment for him. He saw me lock the door and layed down on the bed bent over the edge with his legs spread wide open. I could see his anus the way he was laying. I went into the bathroom and got the KY and the big dildo.

"Now son after I spread you with two and three fingers I am going to put this in you to make it easier when I use my dick OK?"

"Yea daddy I can hardly wait."

I two fingered him right away as I had been that far in the living room. I stretched him as much as I could with the two fingers and then I put in the third. He didn't even make a sound of it hurting him. He had done this before. SO after 5 minutes of fucking him with three fingers I told him to push out real hard as I put KY on the dildo.


When I heard his grunting I pushed real hard to get the blunt ended dildo started quickly and pushed it all the way as far as it would go. "You OK Kyle?"

"Yes daddy but it really hurt when you first pushed it in me. It is getting better now though."

I started slowly fucking him with it and speeded up and kept this up for another 5 minutes. Then I pulled it out and his hole stayed partly opened. Just like I want it. I put KY on my dick and put it on the hole and said, "OK push like you are pushing out the biggest turd you ever had."

"OK uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

I was half way in before he took a breath. Hearing no complaint I went on into the colon and past the first turn I'm sure. "You OK son?"

"Yea daddy it hurts really bad but it is you so I will take it. I have wanted this for so long. Could you wait a minute and let me get use to it?"

"Sure just say when?"

After about a minute and a half he said, "WHEN."

I started short stroking him real slow and listened to the sounds he made. "Umph...umph...umph...umph...Umph...umph...umph...umph..."

He was enjoying it. I could tell. "Do you want me to speed up yet?"

"Yea daddy it is feeling so good now. I love you daddy so much."

"Well I love you to Kyle that is why I am being so careful with you." I speeded up and started long stroking him. He was making all the good sounds now. So I sped up and really started fucking. Soon I was rabbit fucking him and he was making pleasure sounds like you can't imagine. Then since it had been about 15 minutes I was dripping sweat like a horse after a race. So I started hitting on his prostate every other time.

"Oh daddy that feels like a shock when you hit that. I might have an orgasm."

"That's fine son go with it." I kept hitting his prostate almost every time now and all of a sudden he let go.

"Oh daddy it is happening....ohhhhhhhh.....God........ahhhhhhhhhhh... I love my God...."

His orgasm made me feel like he was going to squeeze my dick off my body so it really set me off. I came and came and came. Then I fell over on top of him and hugged him like I never wanted to take it out.

"Daddy that was the most awesome orgasm I have ever had. And when your cum started filling me I felt every hot shot of it. It was wonderful."

"Well I thought you would like it Kyle but I had to be sure you were ready."

"Boy am I ready. You can do that all day."

"Well a man can only do this a few times a day as he has to recharge his sperm in his balls and get rested. This is really aerobic exercise."

"Son go in my bathroom and sit on the toilet and push out the cum otherwise you will be leaking from your ass hole all day."

He got up and did as told and I could hear the cum hit the water. I had really had a giant orgasm and I knew I had let a lot of cum go.

When he came back in the room he saw me dressing and took the hint and started getting dressed himself.

"I can't believe it...I just can't believe anything could feel that good daddy."

"Yes son you are no longer a virgin."

"That's right you like...took my cherry...isn't that what they call it."

"Yes son I took your cherry."

"Boy that was so great daddy."

"Well let's go out and see what the boys are doing." We went outside and I was so surprised each boy had a skunk sitting in his lap eating pieces of apple. The boys were petting the skunks as they ate. Talk about taming them down. This was great.

"Well I see you boys have been busy."

Randy said, "Yea dad this isn't work it is really fun. I don't have to use gloves with this one anymore."

"Well why don't you call it quits and come in and make some sandwiches then."

"OK dad we'll be right in." said Randy.

Kyle and I went in and started putting things on the table to make sandwiches with. Then I just sat down and started making myself one. Kyle was so nice he brought me a glass of milk and got one for himself. Soon the boys were all in and eating. Kyle was the milk boy for everyone. He seemed so happy after our little bedroom play.

"I'm going to lay back down boys just do what ever you want. Wake me at 4 if I am still asleep as we have to feed Glide."

"OK dad we will." said Steve.

I lay down and after the fucking I fell fast asleep. They had to shake me at 4 to get me up.

I asked Steve if he would get the mice out for the feeding. But cut one up and leave the other one alive I want to try something new.

Steve didn't look to happy about the job of killing and cutting up a mouse but went out to the storage shed and got busy. When we got out there he had one mouse in three pieces and the other live one in a small sack.

We all went out to the mew and this time I had Sean be the carry back person. So I gave him a gauntlet and boy did he smile. I connected the safety line and released Glide from the perch. I walked out about 20 feet and blew the horn. He was airborne almost instantly and what a feeling having a big hawk coming at you especially when you know he is going to land on you. He landed on the gauntlet and I fed him his piece of mouse. Sean took him off my arm by forcing him to step to his gauntlet and then took hold of the jess for safety. He walked him back to the perch while I walked another 5 feet or so away. I blew the horn and he was coming again. He had to flap his wings once or twice now to glide to my gauntlet. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. When he landed I gave him the second piece of mouse. Sean returned him to the perch and I took another 8 steps or so away. I blew the horn and he was on his way again. I just couldn't get enough of this. It had gotten in my blood. I was so glad to be a falconer. I gave him the last piece of mouse and When Sean returned him I reached in the bag and got hold of the live mouse by the tail. Know I had read that a hawk can read a news paper headlines from a half mile away. He could probably see the mouse was moving. So I blew the horn. While he was \ on his way I threw the mouse in the air and he hit the ground running like mad to get away from the hawk. Glide spotted him and veered off and nailed him on the ground. While he was killing the mouse and started eating it, I walked over and took hold of the jess and had him step up on the gauntlet where he finished off the mouse. This was a real thrill for the boys they were all cheering. Sean came and got him when he finished eating and took him back to the perch and secured him to the perch and released the safety line.

Sean said, "Gee dad that was so awesome. That is the first time I have ever seen a hawk actually kill something."

"Yes Sean I was very pleased to. Remember I am new at this too."

After feeding the skunks and giving them some vegetables I had picked up after getting the surgical kits, we all went in the house and I started dinner. I made an easy casserole as I still didn't have a lot of excess energy. After dinner we all watched the news and then they picked a movie they wanted to see. "Where the Red Fern Grows" was playing and I had seen it and almost cried during it. So I knew they would enjoy it. It was the story of a boy who wanted coon hounds and saved every penny he got for trapping fur animals until he sent off for them himself without even telling his parents. It is quite a story.

After the movie ended I saw a lot of tears coming from the boys. It was so sad at the end.

"Dad that was the best movie I have ever seen." said Steve.

"Yes I read the book by Wilson Wralls when I was in 6th grade. There is another one he wrote called 'Summer of the Monkeys' that is also very good."

"Maybe we could get it at the library huh dad?" said Sean.

"Remind me the next time we are in town and we will see if they have it."

Not wanting the boys to get paired up sexually as it can create problems for everyone when jealousy comes around, I put every ones name on a slip of paper. Then I started with Kyle and let him draw. He drew Steve. Then Sean drew me. Then Randy had no one to draw so I told him to take Sean. I had had enough sex for one day. But I didn't let on to them as that was between Kyle and me. I just told them I was tired and needed a good nights sleep as tomorrow we had 11 skunks to de-deodorize. I told them to go with the person they drew or were drawn by to their own rooms and play sexually if they wanted to. And of course they all wanted to.

Kyle went with Steve to his room. He had never been alone with Steve before in a sexual situation so he waited for Steve to make the first move. "Why don't we get nude first Kyle."

So they both stripped completely. Then Steve said, "Why don't we start by 69 each other. So they lay on the bed end to end and started sucking. All you could hear was a sucking wet sound. They were both in heaven as the loved this. Steve wet his finger and plunged it all the way to Kyle's colon and then kept sucking. It didn't take long before Kyles finger was buried in Steve. Steve moaned when he stuck it in. So now they were finger fucking and sucking at the same time.

Randy took Sean to his room. "What do you want to do Sean?"

"I don't care I like everything. What is your favorite."

"Let's take turns playing with butts."

"OK You go first then." said Sean.

Randy was drooling as he went to get the KY tube he had in his dresser. He put some on his finger and pushed it all the way in Sean past the first turn as Sean was small. He felt around up there loving every minute of it. Sean was moaning pleasure. Then he used two fingers and again got a moan of approval from Sean. Randy was so horny now he finger fucked him really fast. Then he thought he better give Sean his turn. So Sean took the KY and had his finger as far as it would reach up Randy's ass. He finger fucked him for a while and then went to two fingers. He kept really going for about 5 minutes. Randy felt like he was going to cum and didn't want to yet so he said, "Sean do you like to fuck?"

"Oh Yea and I like being fucked too."

"OK Sean lay over the bed and put your ass out." Randy got himself lubricated really well and put his dick right on the hole. "You ready?"

"Oh yea, I'm pushing now. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Randy knew how small he was so he went slowly but it wasn't long before he was all the way up in Sean.

"Oh God Randy that feels good. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I love it."

Well that was all Randy had to hear he turned into a fucking machine. He kept at it for at least 15 minutes. Sean was trying not to cum because he knew his turn was next. But, Randy had reached climax and let loose with about 8 rounds of hot sperm all the way it felt like into Sean's stomach. He collapsed on top of Sean and hugged him. He couldn't get over how soft Sean's skin was so he hugged and rubbed Sean to get all the feel of him he could while he was still inside him. But his dick finally fell out and he said, "OK Sean it is your turn."

Just what Sean had been waiting for. He lubricated his dick which was as hard a rock all 5 inches of it. Then he told Randy to push out.

"OK Sean here I go. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Sean was all the way in him in a flash. God this felt so good. Randy was really hot inside after having fucked him. And oh so smooth. He went ape shit. He fucked harder than he ever had. He was almost a blur for about 10 minutes. Then he deliberately started hitting on Randy's prostate every push and soon Randy said, "God I can't believe it.....I' cum...again....ahhhhhhhh.....shit.....God.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....."

That set Sean off big time. He never had such a fuck and he started cumming and cumming. He didn't think it would ever stop. But all good things come to an end and he lay on Randy's back and hugged him. His dick didn't take long to fall out and so he reached up and stuck his tongue on Randy's lips. Randy had his tongue like a frog gets his fly. He started sucking it and it turned into the best French kiss either of them had had in a long time. I was so good it lasted about 10 minutes. Then they both collapsed in each others arms.

"Oh Sean that was so good. Would you like to sleep in here with me tonight?"

"Oh yea and Sean hugged Randy again.

(to be continued)

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