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Carl was up early and drinking coffee. He wasn't at all looking forward to doing 11 skunks today. But, he thought how much easier it would be if the boys learned how so they could help him from now on.

"Good morning Carl." said Randy. "I am looking forward to learning how to de-scent today."

"Well I'm glad you are. Fix yourself some breakfast. But, before you do go and wake the others as we have to get cracking."

Randy did as asked and soon the kitchen filled up with sleepy eyed boys making breakfast for themselves.

"Well dad today is the big day. I am really anxious." said Steve.

"I am too Steve. I sure can use the help. I don't think I could do 11 without your help."

"Yea and don't forget Sean and I we will be right there too with the iodine and tweezers." said Kyle.

"Yes I think this will work out fine boys."

When everybody had finished their breakfast and washed their dishes we all went out to the storage shed. I asked which boy had worked with #4 the most as I wanted him to get the mother out in the runway so I could block her re-entry to the nest box with the trap door.

"Well I have worked with her a lot." Sean said.

"OK then go get some apple pieces and lure her out."

Sean was back in a couple minutes with a hand full of apple pieces. So Carl let him in the runway and closed the gate. It wasn't a minute before she went running out to him as she must have smelled the apple. I went right in and closed off the nest box. I took the first baby out with sterile gloves on and took it to the operating bench. The boys all gathered around. "OK now we will use my surgical kit for this one and I want you to watch real close to what I do. First I spread the legs and hold them open like this. Kyle spread the iodine now. Now see the leg bones I told you about. You don't ever want to cut close to them. About a quarter inch out from each side of the anus you make an incision. Watch as I do it. You notice I am not making it any longer than I have to. I keep cutting down, as this is a major operation, until I see the white bag, about the size of a pea. See there it is just showing. But It still couldn't be pulled trough that tiny hole as it would break for sure. So watch as I keep cutting a little longer on both sides of the white bags until I have uncovered it pretty well. Now Sean tweezers please. Now I take hold of the white bag and wiggle it gently back and forth to see if it will start out. If it won't I would have to cut more. There it is starting out. Now see the tube attached to it. The other end is attached to the rectum. I will pull it way out until the tube is stretched and then watch as I cut it off with the scapula right at the rectum without cutting into the rectum. That is very important because that would cause feces to leak out and for sure the skunk would get an infection and probably die. There see how I cut it."

"Yea dad I got a good look." said Steve.

Randy made the same comment that he had also seen it all.

OK now Watch as I do the same thing on the other side of the anus. Carl kept going until he had removed the sack and both sacks were in the garbage bag. "Now Kyle pour a little iodine in each hole. This is a real clean one. Good now I put this sterile cloth under it and put it back in the nest and get the next one."

Carl brought out another one and asked who wanted to go first. Both boys were scared to death so they flipped a coin and Randy lost so he had to do it first.

"OK Randy put on your sterile gloves. Now iodine Kyle. Now take your scapula, remember it is as sharp as a razor blade so be careful. Now to help you out I have a black marker I am going to make a tiny dot at each end of the incision area so you stay out of dangerous territory. There I did both sides of the anus. Now do like I did cutting slowly and carefully and when you see the white sack don't cut into it or we will all be gagging. Go ahead now."

Randy was sweating up a storm. He now knew why Carl had been so tired this was really wearing on a persons nerves. One slip and...

He made a beautiful incision just the right length but no white sack.

"Fine Randy you are doing great. Now keep going over that cut until it is deep enough to see the white sack and then work both sides of it to make the hole big enough to pull it out."

Randy kept cutting deeper and then said, "There it is dad. Now I just cut each side of it and make it bigger."

"That's right Randy you are doing great."

When he could fully see the sack he asked, "Is it time for the tweezers dad?"

"Yes son I think it will work its way out but do it real gently or the sack will break."

Randy took the tweezers and started pulling back and forth on it to get it to loosen and then he had it. He pulled it out and saw where the tube was attached to he rectum. So he carefully cut the tube right at the rectum and pulled the whole thing out and put it in the garbage and then sighed. "Whew!"

"Good job Randy I couldn't have done it better myself. Now do the other side." Sean reached up and mopped his sweating forehead.

Randy carefully did the other side the same way and then threw the sack in the garbage. Kyle poured iodine in the wounds and put the baby on the sterile cloth. Randy took his work of art back to the nest and got another baby out.

"OK Steve here is yours." Steve looked white as a sheet he was so scared. But he put on his gloves and waited for the iodine. Then Carl made the dots. And Steve made the incision letter perfect. He started digging deeper and deeper until the white sack showed. He worked both sides of it with the scapula and got the whole sack uncovered. Sean handed him the tweezers and he started rocking it back and forth until it let loose and then he cut the tube right at the rectum. He was so proud of himself. He put he sack in the garbage and waited a minute before starting on the other side. Kyle mopped his forehead and he started in again. He did another perfect job so Carl congratulated him. Steve just beamed with pride and happiness. He had done it.

"OK boys you are now surgeons. So we will have all three of us working at the same time. That means we only have three a piece and we will be through since we already did three. Actually one of us will only have to do two."

"Let's take five and have a pop OK?"

Everyone raced for the refrigerator and were all collapsed on the couch and chairs in the living room. Carl walked in and told them how proud he was of them.

"Gosh dad that is the hardest job. Any little wrong move and...Wow!" Randy said.

"Now do you see why I was almost sick yesterday."

"Oh yea." came from all of them.

When they finished their pop and had rested they all washed their hands again in antibacterial soap and air dried them. Carl had left the door open so they wouldn't have to touch anything.

When they got back out there Carl went to the nest box and got three babies at once after putting on his sterile gloves. He put one in front of Randy and one in front of Steve and then put the other one on down in front of himself. They all started in. The boys were right there with the iodine etc. Everything went smooth all afternoon not one sack was broken and in about two hours they were through. Then they all went in the house and collapsed exhausted.

"Well tomorrow morning will tell. Let's hope they all survive. This is really a major trauma to their system and all of them will have some shock from it. So let's keep our fingers crossed."

After a long rest it was time to clean pens and feed the skunks. They all helped so as to get it over with. Then at 4:30 it was time to feed Glide. So Carl asked Randy to get two live mice this time and they all headed out to watch. This never gets old once it is in your blood.

Carl said, "Well this is the real test. Today no safety line. He will be on his own."

The boys all looked at each other and they could tell they were all nervous about this. They didn't want to loose Glide so they were all a little scared.

Carl took the sack and went out about 30 feet. Then Randy released the jess. Carl blew the horn and Glide was airborne. When he was about half way Carl through the live mouse up in the air and it came down running. It was really something watching Glide alter his flight to go after the mouse. But he was deadly and had the mouse fast with his talons. He started eating it when Carl walked over slowly and took hold of the jess. The boys all heaved a sigh of relief. Glide had soloed.

Sean walked him back to the perch and kept hold of the jess until Carl now about 40 feet out blew the horn. Glide once again took to the air. I a person hasn't seen this in action they don't know what their missing. It is such a magnificent sight to see a bird of the wild under their control. Again Carl threw the mouse and With a swooping turn in mid air Glide honed in on the mouse running and nailed him good. Carl again went and got control of the jess while Glide ate the mouse. Sean was right there to take him back to the perch. "Gosh dad that was so super. He could have just flown away."

"Yes Sean but our only control of him is to keep him sharp set (hungry) so that the food means more to him than the freedom."

"Yea dad it is really something."

They hooked Glide to the perch and all went in for a relaxed evening. The phone was ringing as they went in and Sean answered it. "Hello Mrs. Long. I want to thank you for giving me Carl as a dad. He is super."

"Well I am glad you are getting along so well. Can I speak to your dad."

"Yes Mame I will get him. Nice talking to you."

He put the phone down and came and told me Mrs. Long was on the phone. I thought Oh God, what now.

"Hello Carl, How are things going?"

"Fine we just finished operating on the second litter."

"Well one of these days I am going to have to call you when I'm not desperate. But to be honest with you Carl it's the police again. They picked up a 12 year old trying to sell himself in the department store bathroom. He just happened to ask an off duty officer. So now he is in jail. He two choices you or the detention home until he turns 18. Could you possible handle another boy?"

"Well if it were just up to me you know I would always say yes. But, again I will have to take a vote. Can I call you in 5?"

"Yes that is what I expected Carl. You are so good to those boys. I wish I had 10 of you."

"Yes sometimes I wished you did too for the boys sake. I'll be right back to you OK?"

"Yes Carl. Good Bye for now."

"Boys can I see you all in the living room again. Get a pen and a small piece of paper. When they were all ready Carl told them the story, leaving out why the cops had him, and asked them to write yes or no to whether they wanted to help another boy in trouble."

They all put their papers in the bag and I pulled them out one by one and got 100% yes'. "Boys I am really proud of you. Giving another boy a chance at a normal life."

I dialed Mrs. Long and told her the written vote results and ask her when she wanted him to come out here."

"Well it is almost time for me to get off so why don't I swing by the police station and pick him up and bring him out to you."

"That will be fine. I am just going to order more pizza for tonight after he gets here."

"I'll have him out there in half an hour Carl. And Carl thank you again."

"That's all right Mrs. Long I am a long way from being lonely now."

"Boy your right there." and she laughed. "Good Bye now see you soon."

Carl said Good Bye and hung up and went to watch the news. Kyle was on one side of him and Sean the other both leaning into him. So he put his arms around them as he watched the news. Right as the news ended he heard a car pulling up and looking out the window saw a fairly slim, tall for his age, boy. He had brown hair and his face was fairly good looking although it wouldn't stop a clock. The doorbell rang.

Carl answered, "Well hello that didn't take long. Won't you come in?"

"Well thank you. Let me introduce all of you to Gary Suffield. He is 12 years old and just like all of you needs a place to call home."

"Well Gary you certainly are welcome. Come on in."

"You know me Carl I have to be going as usual. Thanks again."

Carl closed the door and asked Gary if he liked pizza. "You bet I love it."

"Good Gary I'll order enough for all of us to be delivered. Randy why don't you and Steve show him around. Also he will have to share a bedroom with one of you. Any takers?"

"Sure Carl he can stay in my room." said Steve.

"Fine Steve. Did you bring any clothes with you Gary?"

"No someone stole by back pack a couple days ago so this is all I have. Is that OK?"

"Sure Gary we will take you into town tomorrow and buy you some clothes. For now maybe you could give him one set Steve."

"Sure I can loan him everything he needs for a change."

"Great, so for now Gary I will turn you over to Randy and Steve to show you around the farm and let you know what we are all about."

While the boys took him out to the kennels I called in the pizza order. I had to order 3 large for all this crowd.

About the time the pizza came so did the boys from the tour of the skunk farm. Carl put the pizza in the boxes on the table and gave each boy a Pepsi. He had a beer for himself. "Well how did the tour go Gary?"

"Oh it was awesome. I especially liked the hawk, Glide. When will he fly again?"

"Glide flies at 4:30 every day. That way when school starts we can keep him on schedule as you will all be home from school."

"He sure is beautiful. And the skunks that were out in the runway eating were so cute. Do they really make good pets?"

About that time Flower ambled in the room and went over and started sniffing Gary since he was a new smell.

"Well there as you can see for yourself is Flower. She is out house skunk. She had 12 babies in her first litter and we will probably breed her again this spring."

"Oh she's so cute. Does she let you touch her?"

"Yes Gary she loves to sit in your lap while your watching TV but she has a mind of her own. When she wants she will just jump down and go do whatever she wants. She doesn't like to be picked up in mid air though, so after you pick her up put her down on your lap or a place she will feel secure." said Clay.

Gary scooted his chair back and reached down and picked her up and sat her in his lap. Then he stroked her head and her back. "Her hair is course not soft like a cat."

"Yes, they look soft but are really course like you say." said Carl.

Gary put her back down and then washed his hands so he could continue eating. Clay saw him wash his hands and was pleased he had some sense of cleanliness. When they were all through the boys went in to watch cartoons for a while. Carl said, "Gary I always talk to new boys for a bit to tell them the rules etc. Now is as good a time as any. Let's go up to your room, OK?"

"What ever you say Carl."

They went to Gary's room which he would share with Steve and shut the door. Then Clay went over and sat down on the bed. Gary took the hint and sat down beside him.

"Well Gary first I want to welcome you to our home. We are just one big happy family and we want you to become part of that. One rule we have is that if a room door is shut you must knock and wait for someone to come and answer it."

"Wow! I like that rule it give some privacy."

"That is exactly what it is for. Now Gary I don't know a lot about you except why you were picked up by the police. I didn't tell the boys anything about it so unless you tell them no one will ever know."

"Oh, thanks I was worried about that."

"How long have you been doing tricks Gary?"

"Quite a while as it was the only way I could get money for food and other things."

"Tell me a little about what you did?"

"Well I would wait either inside or just outside a bathroom and wait until someone approached me. It usually didn't take long. Then when some one would ask me if I messed around or turned tricks or a number of other things that I knew what they meant, I would say depends on if you pay me. They would ask me what I charged and I told them $20 for head, or $25 if they did me."

"Did you get many customers?"

"Oh yea some days I would make over $50."

"Did you enjoy doing this Gary?"

"Yea I guess I did. Is it OK to tell you something private?"

"Gary you can always tell me anything and it will never go out of my mouth to another person. Yes feel free to talk about anything."

"Well I have been messing around since I was about 10. My Uncle taught me a lot of things and I would do them with him. But he moved back east so I started just messing around with anyone who would at school or anywhere. God I get hard just talking about it."

"I see you are hard now and hearing you talk that way kinda got me up a little too. Here lay back and let me rub your stomach. If you like it."

"I like just about anything sexual Clay."

Clay was thinking to himself this boy is going to be some fun with the others too. So Carl pushed his shirt up and started rubbing his nipples and they became instantly hard. Then he went on down his long stomach, which was as smooth as a baby's ass. He made circles on his stomach and listened to the boy moan. "You like that huh?"

"Yea I love it. You can go on down if you want."

Carl went on down to his elastic on his briefs and rubbed under the elastic back and forth. He saw that Gary had a full erection now. So he went a little deeper until he touched the tip of his dick. Gary moaned real loud when he did. This was getting to Clay too he was now hard as a rock himself. So he unsnapped the boys pants and pushed down the zipper. Then to his surprise Gary lifted his bum and pulled his pants down to his thigh. Clay went ahead and rubbed his dick and balls and said, "Does this feel good. DO you want me to stop."

"Oh it feels so good please don't stop. I love sex."

Clay started masturbating his penis and he moaned real loud. "Gary can you cum yet?"

"Well when I rub it for a while I have to stop and go pee so that is all I do."

"Turn over on your stomach Gary."

When he did he showed a beautiful ass as tall boys usually do. Clay started rubbing up and down on his perineum to build up his seminal fluid as he wanted to try and make him cum. He reached under and rubbed his dick at the same time.

"Oh that feels better than anything. No one has ever rubbed me like that before."

"Has anyone ever put their finger in you and rubbed you prostate gland?"

"No I told my tricks no ass play cause I was scared."

"OK I am going to do it for you. It may feel a little uncomfortable for a minute but then it will feel real good. Carl wet his middle finger and pushed it in he went right on up into the colon his favorite place. "Does that hurt Gary?"

"Kinda at first but it has quit hurting now. It feels kinda good. Can you push harder?"

Carl started pushing real hard but could go no further so he pulled back and pushed in and started finger fucking him fairly fast.

"Oh I like that. No one ever did that before."

Carl didn't want to go for the prostate yet as he knew he was building up his seminal fluid. He even rubbed on his seminal vessel which really has no great feeling of its own but sure builds up the fluid. "Now Gary I want you to lay on your side facing me." When he did Carl took his almost 5 inches all the way in his mouth. He tasted precum so this boy could cum and didn't know it. So he started giving him the best head he knew how and Gary was moaning a lot now. So Carl knew it was time for the prostate attack. So he pulled his finger almost out and then went straight in to where the back of his penis was and found the lump that was the prostate. He started massaging it.

"Oh that is making me feel good all over. What are you doing that feels so good?"

"I am massaging your prostate which makes the fluid that comes out of you when you come." He kept pushing on it and giving head to beat the band.

"Oh Clay, God....I am good...Ahhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhhh.....Man........I am turning inside out.....ahhhhhh......Ohhhhhhh.....I"

Clay had a mouth full of a first cum. It had no salt at all just good flavor.

"Oh Clay is that what cumming is?"

"Yes you came for the first time. Stick out your tongue Gary." When he did Clay started sucking it and that triggered Gary to do the same. He was getting to taste his own cum now for the first time. They kept French kissing for about 3 or 4 minutes and then broke.

"Did you taste your own cum Gary?"

"Yea was that sweet stuff my cum?"

"Yes Gary it was did you like cumming."

"LIKE isn't even close to the word it was awesome. I never felt that good in my whole life." Then Gary felt like he wanted to feel of Clays dick so he did. Clay moaned real loud. An experienced prostitute he undid Clays pants and pulled them down. Then started giving Clay the best blow job he had experienced in a long time.

"Oh Gary that feels so good. You are really good at giving head."

"I have never felt a prostate before though can I touch yours?"

"Yea wait a minute and let me get this tube of KY out of my pocket. Here use this to make it easier."

Gary took it and put some on his middle finger and started finger fucking Clay like mad. "Oh it is so hot in here. And smooth gosh it feels almost like velvet. Where is your prostate Gary?"

"Pull your finger almost out. Now go straight to the bottom of where my dick is and you will feel a walnut size lump. That is the magic spot called the prostate."

Gary did and he felt it so he went back to giving head and started pushing on Clay's prostate. Clay knew he wasn't long for this world and warned Gary he was about to cum if he kept that up. Gary didn't pay any attention to him he just gave better head and really started pulling his finger almost out and hitting the prostate again and again. Carl said, "Oh Gary I'm going to cum."

Gary went even faster when he said that and soon Gary was swallowing cum as fast as he could. Carl was so built up he came and came. He must have put 8 ropes out before he was finally through. But Gary kept sucking.

"I'm through Gary and now it just tickles so pull off OK?"

Gary pulled off and started another French kiss. He really liked that. This went on for at least 5 minutes when he pulled off and said, That was the best sex I have ever had Clay. Thank you so much."

Clay said as he sat up, "Well welcome to the club. All the boys here like to mess around. You should have some fun here. But remember only do what they want, never force anyone to do anything."

"Oh I wouldn't Clay. I respect their feelings and wouldn't want them not want to get with me again."

"Good. Now you know the rules. You will be working right along with the boys on the few chores. Like going to the neighbors barn and emptying the mouse traps so Glide has food and you can even help on the operations when we descent a batch of babies."

"Wow! It all sounds so exciting. Clay can we get together like this once in a while I never enjoyed anything this much."

"Yes there are other things I can teach you too."

"Oh awesome that sounds great to me."

(to be continued one more chapter)

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