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My apologies. Somehow I turned Carl into Clay last chapter and most of this chapter. I have changed him back to Carl now. Sorry.

When it came bedtime Steve went with Gary to the room to make him a little more comfortable in a strange house. "Since all we have is a double bed which side do you like Gary?"

"Well since it is your room and your bed where do you usually sleep because I can take either side."

"Well I usually take the side closest to the bathroom is that OK with you?"

"You've got it Steve."

They started undressing and Gary looked at Steve to see what he was going to sleep in. Steve stripped and got into bed. So Gary did the same. Now two naked boys in a double bed made for lots of possibilities.

"Did Carl talk to you when you first came here Steve?"

"Yea he did. Carl is one cool guy as you will find out."

"Well he said that sometimes you guys mess around at night is that true?"

"Yea, since he told you. We never talk about it to anyone but he can with new guys."

Steve reached over and put his hand on Gary's chest and heard a sigh. So he rubbed his tits and then his 6 pack stomach but didn't go any lower as he didn't know whether he should or not.

Gary reached over and did the same thing to Steve and when he got to his stomach he went on down on his pubes. He felt Steve's dick hit the back of his hand and it was leaking precum. "Do you like it if someone gives you head Steve?"

"Oh yea."

Gary took his long dick all the way down into his throat and bobbed on it. He was good at what he did for a living. Steve was coming unglued as it felt so good to have his dick all the way down his throat. It was so warm and tight. Gary came back up and sucked the head and then started tonguing the under side of his dick. Steve almost lost it and gave out a real moan. "Hey man let me do you at the same time in a 69 OK?"

No words were needed they were end to end and sucking like crazy in nothing flat. Steve tried deep throating Gary but gagged a couple of times before he accomplished it. Then they were both going wild on each other. Steve knew if he stuck his finger into Gary's prostate it would cause him to cum so he wet his finger and pushed it straight to the prostate and started hitting on it. Gary said, "Oh shit man I'm gong to cum. that feels......good."

That also did it for Steve hearing him cum like that and having a mouth full of cum he let loose too. Ohhhhhh...God...I'm cumming..... shit......God.....ahhhhhhhh"

Then Steve got turned around and started tongue sucking and they mixed their cum in their mouths. It had a strange taste as it was two combined together. But they were both liking it.

"Oh man Steve, I think I am going to like sleeping in here."

"I know I'm going to like having you hear every night."

Then after some small talk they fell asleep.

When morning came Carl was having coffee and watching The news when the boys one by one came in and started their own breakfast. This had gotten to be a standard thing as Carl thought it taught responsibility. "Well did you guys sleep good last night?" said Carl.

"Oh yea Steve piped in."

He was backed by the rest but for another reason.

"Well after you are through with your breakfast and shower's get dressed and we will head for town to get Gary some clothes OK?

They all answered in the affirmative and slowly one by one went to shower and dress. When they had all finished Casl loaded them all in the van and headed for Blackfoot. "Man this is some cool van." said Gary.

"Yes Gary we really haven't had it that long. But it has sure served it's purpose."

They pulled into the Blackfoot department store and Gary asked if this was the only store. Carl picked up on what he was saying and this must have been where he had been arrested. So Gary went to anther store. This seemed to please Gary a lot.

It was the usual shopping for a new boy and when they checked out Gary had the boys help with all the bags and put them in the van.

Then Gary went to the hardware store and asked for a scale that would weigh in ounces up to 10 lbs. The store owner brought one out and showed it to him. Carl figures the could attach a perch to it to weigh Glide every day to make sure he was sharp set or they would stand a chance of loosing him. So Carl paid for the scales and they headed home.

"Boys while I work on getting a perch on the scales why don't you guys make the trip to the barn and empty the traps."

They all took off anxious to show Gary how the traps worked.

When the boys got to the barn Randy said, "Why don't we go to each trap one at a time so Gary can learn where we hide them. Then if he has to do it one day he will know how."

They all thought this was a good idea. So Randy picked up the first trap and showed the mouse inside to Gary. "Ooooo I don't really like mice. Do they bite?"

"Well Gary I guess he would, or let's say might if you picked him up in your hand. We just dump them in this paper sack and then take them and dump them in the fishbowl in the storage shed."

"Oh I see," said Gary.

Randy picked up the can and opened the top. Then tilted it so the mouse fell into the sack. Then he showed Gary how to reset it. And to check and see if it needed any more peanut butter. He showed him the small jar of peanut butter and where it was kept. "OK, Gary now you can do the next one. Here is the sack and the next trap is behind that bale of hay."

Gary acted a little scared or nervous but he went and found the trap and sure enough it had a mouse in it. He picked it up and opened it then dumped the mouse in the sack with a sigh of relief.

They let Gary continue this until he finished all 6 traps. Then they headed back to the storage shed. Randy had the key and so they got inside. He showed him where the fish tank was and how to drop the new mice in without letting any loose. Just then Carl walked in and said he wanted to check on the babies and make sure they were OK after the operation. He went to one next box at a time and sure enough they were all moving around. He noticed the first group were starting to heal now which made him happy. Then they all went into the house and had some time to kick back and rest before cleaning the pens etc.

They boys turned on the TV and all watched cartoons for a while.

Carl fixed some sandwiches and put them on the table as it was almost lunch time. Then he called them all to the table and poured them each a glass of milk to have with the sandwiches. After lunch the boys all did their own dish and then Carl asked them to go out and get the pens clean and feed the skunks. He also told them to give fresh water to them.

Carl went out to finish working on the scales and finally got a perch mounted on top of it. He took the gauntlet and put Glide on the perch but Glide didn't act like he really wanted to be there. But he didn't abate. Carl would weigh him at 4:30 just before flying him as that is the crucial time. If he were to weigh just 2 oz more than sharp set he would have to fly with the line as they could loose him.

Gary saw Carl go back in the house and a few minutes later followed him in without saying anything to anyone. They would just think he had to go to the bathroom or something. Everyone was busy so most didn't even see him leave.

Gary walked into the house and found Carl in the living room. "What brings you in Gary?"

"Well you know you told me you had some more things you wanted to show me. I was just wondering if you had some time now?"

"Sure Gary why don't we go up to my bedroom." Gary followed him to the bedroom and Carl told him to take off his shirt and pants and put them on the chair. Then he told him to lay on the bed face down with his legs over the edge in a kneeling position. He still had on his boxers that he had put on this morning and Carl looked at his ass and though God sure put a nice ass on him. Carl got the KY and went over and sat on the bed. Then he pulled his boxers off and they fell to the floor. "Why don't you scoot up on the bed on your stomach. Now I am going to one, two, three finger you to loosen up your ass. It may hurt a little when I got from one to two to three fingers but the pain will subside in a few seconds. OK?"

"Yea I have never done much ass stuff as you know."

"Well that is why I want to break you in easy. All the other boys have done this and I wouldn't want you to get in a position where you had to do this without being experienced. So now push out like you had to take a dump."


Carl planted his middle finger all the way up into the colon quickly. Wow! was this kid hot up there. He was so smooth that it gave Carl an instant hard on. Carl finger fucked him for about 3 minutes and then added a finger.

"Ohhh I can feel that."

"Yes I told you you would but it will get to feeling good after a bit."

Carl started finger fucking him with the two fingers and twisted and turned his fingers as he did it. "How ya doing Gary?"

"Fine it doesn't hurt any more just like you said."

Carl then added the third finger and heard a moan and a sigh. He finger fucked him slowly at first and twisted his fingers around as he did it. He did this for about 5 minutes. "Is it feeling OK now Gary?"

"Yea it's tight but it feels good now."

"OK Gary now I am going to push a regular dildo in you. This is going to hurt a little but it also will get better quickly."

"OK, Clay I trust you know what your doing."

Carl put a good amount of KY on the dildo and then put it on his hole so he could feel it. "OK now I am going to need a real good push like you were trying to get rid of a giant turd."


Carl hated doing this as there was no easy way to do it. So he pushed hard on it and it broke through and he shoved it all the way till it stopped before Gary had a chance to say anything.

"OUCH.. Oh fuck...that thing hurts worse...Ooooooo."

"I will just leave it stay like it is until your anus muscles get use to it and then it won't hurt anymore."

After about 2 minutes Gary said, "It's easing up now. But it still doesn't feel good."

Carl started moving it in and out and turned on the vibrator to help with the feeling. He kept speeding up until he was going quite fast. "How you doing Gary?"

"Oh it quit hurting and is starting to feel good with that vibrator going."

After a few minutes Carl pulled it clear out. "Are you ready now Gary to loose your virginity."

"You mean you are going to fuck me now?"

"Only if you want me too. My dick isn't any bigger than the dildo."

"OK Carl I'm as ready as I will ever be."

Carl took off his pants and got naked. Then he lubricated his dick really good. Next he put his dick on the hole and said, "OK now I need you to push out real hard again."


Carl slid slowly in and kept going all the way past the turn in the colon and then stopped and waited. "Are you OK Gary?"

"Yea it doesn't hurt it just feels real full like I could shit up a storm."

Carl started short fucking him slowly and then speeded up gradually soon he was going full steam ahead.

"umph...umph...umph...umph...umph...umph...umph...umph... It's feeling real good now Carl. Fuck me."

That was all Carl had to hear to turn into a long stoking machine. He was dripping sweat all over the kids back and noticed Gary was getting quite wet him self. Carl rolled him over and put his legs on his shoulders and got another inch deeper and really went to town. He started hitting the prostate on almost every thrust.

"Oh God....I'm cum....and I ....haven't even...touched... my dick....Ahhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhhhhh....shit......God......ahhhhh."

Of course this set off Carl with the spasms on is dick and so he pushed in as far as he could and let it fly. He must have shot 8 ropes as he loved taking a virgin. It was always so exciting. Then he left his dick in and lay on top of Gary and started French kissing him both of them having trouble breathing until they both just hugged each other and collapsed. Carl fell out as his dick had gone soft and just rolled over and lay next to Gary while they caught their breath.

"Oh Carl that was the most awesome experience of my life time. Man I love being fucked. Thanks so much for teaching me the right way."

"That's OK Gary I wanted you to know how to prepare for a fuck invasion before you let anyone go up in you. Always make them one, two, three finger you first then you can enjoy the experience."

"Yea I see what you mean now."

"Well you better take a towel and dry off and then get back out to help the boys. They may have not even missed you yet. But you can always take a restroom break you know."

When I went back out I continued helping clean and no one said anything about where had I gone. So I got away with it. When we were all through we went into the house. Carl said it was time to feed Glide and so we all went back out again. Randy got two mice out in the paper sack and we went to the mew. Carl took Glide and put him on the new scale and wrote down the date and the weight. Then he explained how critical that we never fly him when he is above that weight more than two ounces with out using the fishing line as a safety measure. He was going to use todays weight as a guide line as he knew he was sharp set by the way he was acting. Leaning toward him etc.

Carl put on the gauntlet and headed out into the field quite a way. Then he turned around, took a mouse out of the bag by the tail, and blew the horn. Glide took to the air and had to flap his wings twice as Carl was quite a ways out. Then Carl through the mouse up in the air and Glide changed course and caught the mouse on the run. Carl walked over to him and took hold of the jess. Randy was right there to take him back to the perch after he finished the mouse.

Gary said, "That was so awesome. I have never seen a hawk fly this close before. Man he really nailed that mouse."

"Yea we all love Glide. We have had him since he was in his nest. We climbed a cliff and took him out of the nest and Carl and all of us have trained him for falconry." said Sean.

Randy was back and put Glide on the perch and held onto the jess until the horn blew. Then he released him for a repeat performance. Here Gary take the gauntlet and carry Glide back.

"Really! I hope I'm brave enough."

"Don't worry he won't bite. But he uses his talons so wear the glove."

Gary walked out and Carl handed him Glide hand to hand. He acted a little scared but went ahead and carried him back. His eyes were like saucers. He put him on the perch and Randy reached over and hooked him to the perch.

"Wow, that was really something carrying a hawk like that."

"Yea, we all had our first times."

Carl came back and they all went in the house. While the boys watched cartoons, Carl made dinner. They all came to the dinner table when called and all Gary could talk about was Glide.


The next morning it was another operations day. They all washed their hands and air dried them. Gary just watched and did the same thing. About mid day Gary was watching every move. So Carl said, "You want to try doing one Gary?"

"Oh I don't know."

"Well there is no time like the present. You have been watching and know how now why don't you try it?"

"OK. But I'm nervous as hell."

Randy brought him out a baby and helped to show him how to hold him. After the iodine Randy made the dots to not go past. Then he told him to start the incision. Cut slowly down until you see the white bag about the size of a pea and then cut on either side of it until you can pull it out with the tweezers. Gary did what he had been watching all morning and took the tweezers and pulled in a rocking motion and got the bag out. The Steve showed him where to cut to be sure and get all the scent out. He cut right next to the rectum and sighed a sigh of relief. He finished the other side and was wringing wet with sweat when he finished. He said, "Boy I can see how tired you guys are at the end of a day doing this. Here Steve take back your knife and I'll watch.

Well with three operating, it wasn't long before it was all over. So they all went into the house and collapsed. "Boys you did a great job. Without your help I would still be out there for a few more hours."

Randy said, "We like to help now that we are more sure of ourselves."


Through Sports magazines and newspaper ads all the babies were finally sold. A nice bit of change $5200 and a lot of fun while they were growing to weaning age. They would follow their mothers around in single file. It was absolutely adorable. We had to have many more shipping crates and Mike, the contractor, to help out there. He was more than willing and he got the pick of the litter free. Glide was performing every afternoon and the kids still watched in awe. We even took him out cotton tail hunting and he managed to take down three of them.

School was getting ready to start so there was a lot of hum drum in the household about that. The boys were all excited about it. Some more than others.

So thus ends our story for this year anyway. Breeding won't be until next Spring and then the whole thing would start over again. I still had room for two or three boys by doubling up in bedrooms if Mrs. Long needed my help. The boys all agreed that we would keep taking new ones as long as we had room.

When the first day of school came I watched as they all got on their respective school buses and as the last one left I felt the pang of loneliness that I had lived with so long. But, I knew it was only a short time and I would have them all back after school. They had made such a monumental change in my life. I thanked God for being so good to me.


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