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As we reached my bedroom I told him we might as well get ready for bed. So I started taking off my clothes and he followed suit. When I got to my boxer I am sure he expected me to stop but I took them off making myself as nude as a jay bird. He continued then and took off his and he also was naked and blushing a little. I said, "Well since you want to learn to cum I guess we can start by getting on the bed." So I sat on the bed and he came over and I told him to lay on his stomach with his head on the pillow. I decided to have a little fun building up what ever seminal fluid he could produce, if any. So I got the KY and put some on my middle finger and started in on his perineum. It was soft when I first touched it but as I rubbed it hardened rapidly. Soon it was rock hard so I knew he was too. Then I started rubbing KY across his ass hole. I didn't put any pressure on it yet as I knew this would feel really good to him. "You like that Randy?"

"Oh Yea."

So I continued working on his perineum and ass hole. Going from just below his balls to his anus and rubbing the anus a few times and back to below his balls and repeated this.

"Oh man this is making me feel so strange."

"Strange but good huh?"

"Oh yea real good."

Then I put more KY on my middle and second finger and when I got to his anus I pushed my finger up his ass into his colon.

"Oh Carl that is so awesome. I love that."

I was glad to hear that again because it allowed me to continue. Eventually I would take his cherry but not tonight. I wanted to take things easy as I wouldn't want him telling his case worker anything. I finger fucked him rubbing across his seminal vessel area and also touching his prostate. I knew I had to be careful with the prostate as that makes a horny young guy cum almost every time. I wanted him to cum from jacking off not from massaging his prostate. So I stayed up farther on the seminal vessel which while pleasurable isn't something that usually sets someone off. I did this for about 5 minutes then I put in the second finger. When I reached his colon he said...

"Oh man that is tight. But it just makes it feel better."

So with that said I started finger fucking him with two fingers trying to loosen him for the eventual cherry taking time. I stayed on the seminal vessel and avoided the prostate as two fingers on the prostate right now would surely set him off. Then I told him to roll over I was going to make him cum. He rolled over and his dick was about 5 inches hard, and it was circumcised. I looked at his perfect little balls with no hair on them and rubbed them to further build him up. He started moaning. Then I went to his sensitive part on the bottom of his dick head. I wet my thumb and started rubbing it around on that spot. I know with me that feels really weird and even burns some, but it sure brings up precum if there is any. After about 15 seconds he showed a drop of precum. This meant he was going to be able to cum and made me happy. So I showed it to him and wiped it onto my finger and put it to his lip and told him to taste what he had made. He took my finger in his mouth and said, "Hmmmm that is so sweet tasting." I said "Yes it is that way with most people. Like when you tasted mine earlier in the living room."

"Yea that was so cool what we did in the living room I liked that a lot. Especially when you put your finger in my butt."

"Yes Randy I know you like that a lot. How long have you been doing that to yourself?"

"Since about 3rd grade when I found out it felt good. I even stuck crayons with the paper removed up there and that felt good too. Then one of my friends had some of those crayons for little kids that are real thick. Well when he wasn't looking I took one of them and put it in my pocket. When I got home I took the paper off it and pushed it all the way as far as it would go. That felt so good I kept using it instead of my small crayon. So I have been messing with my butt hole for quite a while. Man I would never tell this to anyone before. I guess your different I trust you."

"Well thank you Randy I trust you too. That is what good friendships are based on."

"Yea I never thought of that."

"Now I am going to try and make you cum. It may feel like you have to pee real bad but ignore it and then it will cum. OK?"

"Oh that is where when I rub it I always stop and get up and go to the bathroom."

"Well this time you won't OK?"

"Right I won't."

I took hold of his rather nice 5 inches and using KY to lubricate it I started jacking him off. He was making all kinds of pleasure noises as I continued and speeded up. I got going real fast and squeezing harder and harder as I worked it. Finally he said, "Oh man I got to pee."

"Ignore it remember." I kept right on rubbing and about 30 seconds later all hell broke loose. He spurted cum clear to his tits.

"Oh ......happening..... ahhhhhh... I going to turn inside out........ahhhhhh...OOOooooooo...."

When he finished he could hardly talk he just lay there in absolute Ecstasy. His whole body collapsed into a relaxed state. Then after about three minutes he said, "Carl that was the best feeling I have ever had in my life. I mean there aren't words for it."

"Yes Randy that is how it always feels even to me. But the first time it happens you will never forget as long as you live. You will remember tonight forever."

"Yea I'm sure that is true. How could I ever forget it. Can we do it again?"

"Not for about a half hour as your seminal fluid and sperm have to have a chance to rebuild."

"Oh I never thought of that. Carl can I ask you something real personal."

"Sure remember the trust we have. Shoot."

"Well if I did that to yours would you cum like that too."

"Yes I will be able to for the rest of my life, and so will you."

"Could...I mean...Could...I do it to you?"

"If you want to sure. Here is the KY have at it."

"Really your gonna let me. Oh awesome. Can I put my finger inside you first too?"

"Sure I'll roll over for you."

Randy just looked at my ass with wide eyes then he spread my cheeks and looked. Then he stretched me open wider. "Wow! You got one cool butt Carl."

"Thanks so do you dude."

He put KY on his fingers and pushed in the middle one. It was long enough to just reach the edge of my colon. "Oooooo it is so hot in here. It is smooth like velvet. And it is wet way up in here. How come?"

"Well that is fluid your body makes to keep your bowels moving so you don't get constipated. That is why doctors tell you to drink 8 glasses of water every day."

"Oh I always wondered about that." He pulled his finger out and smelled it just like everyone does when they make this discovery.

"Hmmm it doesn't have a bad smell to it. As a matter of fact I kinda like it. I don't want to wash that finger tonight. Will the smell last."

"No I use to feel the same way when I played with some ones butt but it dissipates after a few hours. But you can smell it for quite a while."

"Wow! I am sure learning a lot." He pushed his finger back in along with a second finger. It was a little tighter but certainly didn't bother me with his small fingers. They might be long but they are thin. He finger fucked me and kept hitting on my prostate without knowing it and sent electric shocks Through me each time he did. So I thought I would teach him that. "Randy when you are down where you first go into my butt if you go straight in toward my dick you will feel a bump about the size of a walnut. That is my prostate gland. When you touch it it sends a chill and shock Through my whole body. You have one too but I avoided it as sometimes it makes you cum."

He came back with both fingers and then pushed straight toward my dick and found it. "Is this it Carl?"

"Oh yea and if you kept playing around with it it might make me cum and I think you want me to cum where you can see it so you better avoid it right now."

"Oh yea I want to see it. You can roll over now and I'll jack you off like you did me."

He took hold of my dick and put some KY on it and started up and down on it. I was so horny by now I didn't think I could last 5 minutes. He kept squeezing and jacking and speeded up to the point I had to give it up.

" me....ahhhhhhh....shit.....ohhhhhhh.." I shot cum clear to my forehead and then to my mouth and then progressively on down my stomach and it dripped down on his hand.

"Gosh Carl you really make a lot of sperm. Does it taste like my precum did?"

"Well kind of but it has a little salt flavor to it to. Why don't you lick your hand and see?"

He licked his hand and said, "Hmmmm I like it. It is sweet along with the slight salt taste."

"Well have at it you can lick all you want from my body."

Randy took me serious and the next thing I knew he was working his way up my stomach. Stopping only to swallow once in a while. He got to what was on my mouth and hesitated. I told him it was OK I didn't mind and I stuck my tongue out. He touched my tongue with his and then I grabbed his tongue and started sucking on it. He followed suit and soon we were in our first French kiss. Boy did I love that. After about 5 minutes he came off and continued licking the cum off my forehead. So he had gotten it all. "You really liked that stuff huh?"

"Yea especially because it came out of someone I think so much of."

"Well I think a lot of you too. Tomorrow night I'll teach you some more stuff. But I think we better shower and turn in now." So I told him to follow me to the shower and started the water and adjusted the temperature. Then I said, "Come on in and save water." He laughed at that but got right in. We washed each other every place we could reach even inside out ass holes. He like that. When it was his turn my ass hole got the best washing all the way to my colon as he loved my ass. Then he smelled his finger and said he wanted to get out while his finger still had that smell on it. So we got out and dried each others backs and then dried the rest of ourselves off and went back to the bedroom. I had him climb in first as I wanted to be on the outside as I would probably get up earlier than he would and didn't want to wake him.


I woke up around 6:30 and knowing the contractors would be here probably at 8 decided to get up. Randy was still dead to the world so I got up quietly. I went in and made coffee and while I waited for that to finish I decided to let Flower out of her cage In one of the upstairs bedrooms. She was so excited she took out ahead of me ambled down the stairs almost tumbling and headed for the kitchen. I had been feeding her in her cage but I didn't want my first evening with Randy to be him playing with Flower as I wanted to get to know him and boy did I get to know him. But it was time for him to see what this farm was all about. So I just left her free. The coffee finished and I sat down to drink it and I watched the morning news on the news channel to see how many more of our men had been killed in Iraq. I was getting pretty pissed off at this war anyway and hated to see so many older men getting killed that had wives and children left to fend for themselves. After the news I went out with another cup of coffee in my hand and wanted to see just how far the contractor had gotten yesterday. It looked to me, with my little knowledge, that the forms were ready to pour the floor. But that was only my guess. I went back in the house and poured another cup of coffee as I was finally getting awake. I had just sat down at the kitchen table when Randy came stumbling in. "Good Morning Carl."

"Well good morning sunshine. Did you sleep well."

"He said yea he never slept so good after that jacking off thing which had really drained him for the first time."

"Yes a lot of boys jack off as part of their daily routine just before going to sleep at night."


"Yes I know me and my friends always did."

"Oh my God!" He saw Flower and almost shit his pants. A skunk in the house couldn't be good.

"Don't worry that is Flower. She is fully de-scented and is my pet. I have had her for a couple of years.

"Gosh she sure is cute. Will she let you touch her."

"Sure she is just like a house cat. She loves people who are nice to her."

With that Randy reached down cautiously and let her smell his hand. When she didn't bite it he pet her on the head. Seeing she didn't pull back he went on down her back. "Gosh her fur isn't as soft as it looks. It is kinda coarse.

"Yes that is the way skunks are. But they make wonderful pets."

"Where was she last night?"

"I had her in her cage upstairs in one of the bedrooms as I wanted to get to know you better and she might draw all of your attention."

"Yea I'm glad you did that because now I really know you and know I can trust you with anything."

"You bet you need never have a secret in this house. And by the way what goes on in this house should stay here. Don't tell anyone, not even your best friend as gossip spreads fast and because you are a minor I could get in bad trouble showing you the sex stuff I did."

"Oh don't worry about that Carl that is part of what trust is all about. I wouldn't tell anyone anything ever."

"That is great Randy because I do trust you too."

"Randy I haven't told you but we are going into the skunk raising business. That is what all the building going on out back is all about. I am going to order 9 females and a male to start out with. I will do the phone order as soon as they are almost through with the kennels. Do you want to see them?"

"Yea, that sounds exciting as hell."

"Follow me out and I'll show you." As we walked out I saw a big cement truck coming in followed by the contractors vehicle. So we waited and watched back out of the way.

"Good morning Carl. We will be pouring the floor and foundation today. Then it will go up pretty fast."

"Wow I'm really excited about all this. I love skunks and this way I can sell them and bring in quite a bit of money. I hope so anyway."

"What do they sell for. I mean a small kitten."

"They will be $100 which is below everyone else. They all want $125 which I will have to pay for my breeding stock."

"Why don't you put me down as you first customer when you have some baby's ready to wean."

"I sure will I will give you pick of the litter."

"And of course it will be de-scented right?"

"Oh yes it would be hard to sell one that wasn't. I do the surgery myself as I was taught by helping the man I bought Flower from when he did it. It really isn't that hard."

"Oh good. Now I better get busy."

The contractor went over to where they were getting ready to pour to give directions to the driver. Randy and I stood and watched as it was new to us to watch cement work up close. The contractor and his man were spreading it with large squeegee type things and then they started working the concrete to smoothness with other tools. It was interesting. It only took the one truck load to fill the forms so I guess it will be completed today. Of course they would have to let it dry. We came back out later and they were starting to put together walls on the ground away from the cement. It looked like things were moving right along.

Randy and I went back in the house to be met by Flower who was always wanting attention. Randy got brave and picked her up and petted her. She wasn't too found of being held so she wiggled and he put her down. "Gosh she is cute Carl."

"Yes Randy if more people knew how good a pet they were there would be a lot of skunks in houses. But there are some states that have outlawed them as they can be rabies carriers. But no domestic ones ever have rabies it is just when they catch an occasional on out in the woods that they ever find one with rabies and that is rare."

"So there is no danger of any we get having rabies then?"

"No they have all been raised in kennels much like what I'm building and have never been exposed to rabies. Even most dogs would never get rabies but they still have them get shots to prevent it."

"Why can't they do the same with skunks. Shots I mean?"

"Well they would have to take the time to make a vaccine for them and it is easier just to say no skunks as pets."

"Gosh that doesn't seem fair."

"Well it isn't really but you know the old saying YOU CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL."

"Yea, kinda dumb if you ask me."

"Why don't we run the vacuum and pick up the house. It can get ahead of us real fast if we don't keep up with it. Do you want to dust or vacuum?"

"Oh I'll vacuum it will be easier on you."

"Well thanks Randy. It is in the hall closet next to your bedroom."

He went to get the vacuum and I got the Pledge and my dust rag and started in. It only took about 20 minutes as it really wasn't all that dirty but I thought I wanted to keep it clean in case Children's Services stopped by. I doubted they would come by very often but really didn't know. They are so busy they have a hard time keeping up with their problem cases.

"Well it looks like we are through why don't we go for a swim?"

"That's right we have a pool. Sure."

He followed me to the pool and I took off all my clothes and put them on a lawn chair. I kept the pool water at 83 as I hate cold water. So it is real easy to get use to. Randy saw me strip so he did too. After last night he could hardly be shy around me. I dove in and he followed. We had a ball playing with a volley ball making baskets in the basket I put up years back. And then we just swam laps for a while. I was getting tired so I climbed out and found an empty lawn chair and drug another over real close for him. It wasn't very long until he joined me on the lawn chair. Gosh, looking at his perfect body made me feel old. Of course I had a swimmers body too and no hair and even a six pack still with me. Looking at him made me half hard and when he saw that he got hard. So it wasn't long before he was laying on top of me belly to belly with his head on my shoulder. I loved this as he was so soft. I rubbed my hands on his now drying back and wanted to just stay like this forever. When I reached his butt he spread his legs so I knew what he wanted. I wet my finger and decided to make him cum rubbing his prostate. So I went straight in with my finger toward his dick and found it. I started rubbing it and he was really moaning. I put in a second finger and kept pushing in and out always hitting on his prostate.

"Gosh Carl I feel like I might cum if you keep that up."

"That's OK Randy that will be one for the day. You will have lots left for the rest of the evening." I continued hitting on his prostate and he was moaning louder and louder.

"Oh Carl I'm gonna cum. I can't stop it. Ahhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhh...God.. ....good.....ahhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhh...."

I could feel his ass squeeze my finger on each spasm and kept hitting and fucking him with my fingers until he quit. Then I pulled out my fingers and smelled them. Oh the smell of roses. I loved that smell and I would have it all afternoon. He was now collapsed on my stomach with his head on my shoulder. Still moaning.

"Oh God that felt good. And I didn't even touch my dick. That makes two times I have cum now huh?"

"Yea, but you will lose count after a few days. A guy your age can cum 4 to 6 times in a day if you can find the privacy. And you always have that here as you can jack off in my lap for all I care."

"Yea I guess I am pretty lucky at that."

It was lunch time and my stomach was growling so I told him to get in the hot tub and rinse off all the sticky cum and I would join him. So we did. I was careful not to get those two fingers wet as I wanted that smell on them for the rest of the afternoon. It made me so horny.

We dressed and I made sandwiches and then we went back out and watched the builders for the rest of the afternoon. It was interesting to watch how fast they got things done. Soon one wall to the storage room was up and then they were hooking on the next wall to it. It was starting to look like a building now. I was excited. I couldn't stop smelling those fingers and got half hard every time I did. When dinner time rolled around I took him and went into Blackfoot and we had pizza and I had a pitcher of beer. It was really good pizza, pepperoni and mushrooms. I let him play all the games they had for a while while I watched. He talked me into playing some with him where he fairly easily whipped my ass. Then it was getting dusk so I told him may be we should head home. When we got there both of us went to look at what they had done, and the storage shed was standing without any door yet but it looked so cool. I was going to be able to make my skunk order in a couple days. I could see that. We went into the house and I had Randy and Flower both in my lap. Flower as usual went her own way and so I was content on rubbing Randy's stomach under his T shirt. He love it. He pulled his stomach in real far indicating to go on down so I did and I cupped his hard dick and balls in my hand and massaged them. Oh what a way to watch the news. I was hard now too and when he felt it he put his hand down on it and squeezed it every few seconds. He really had me going.

When the news finished he said, "Before we watch a movie could you show me what you said last night. Something more?"

How could I say no I was really falling for this guy. "Sure, you want to go into the bedroom?"

"Oh yea."

So we headed for the bedroom and lesson 2.

(To be continued)

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