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We headed toward my bedroom and he was taking off his shirt on the way. So I started taking mine off. When I got there he was removing his pants and so I did too. Then off came the briefs so I took off my boxers too. Socks next and we were nude.

"How do you want me Carl?"

"Well let's start with you on your stomach first." So he lay on his stomach with his head on the pillow. Then I wet my finger and did the perineum thing and it only took 10 seconds or so to have him hard as a rock. I reached under him to make sure his dick was in a comfortable position and it was up on his stomach almost to his belly button and hard as a rock. It also had precum on it already.

"Now Randy I am going to do some things to build up your seminal fluid."

"What's that Carl?"

"That is the fluid that makes precum and it also brings out the sperm from your balls when you cum. The more seminal fluid that is built up the harder you cum."

"That makes sense."

"First roll over on your back for a few minutes." When he rolled over I took my thumb and wet it with my mouth and started rubbing on his special spot under the head on his dick. I kept this up for a minute or so and the precum started flowing. So I used his precum to continue rubbing around on his head especially on the special spot to keep the precum coming.

"Gosh Carl that kinda burns and it makes me feel really horny."

"That's the whole idea Randy." Then I went down on his chest and started licking and sucking on his tits. This brought on some moans. I kept doing that until I had done both tits and bit on each one bringing on a little pain.

"Oh man that kinda hurts Carl."

"Yea but it also makes you feel horny doesn't it?"

"Oh yea!"

Then I went up and started sucking and kissing on his neck under his ears. I sucked hard but not hard enough to give him some unexplainable hickeys. He was really getting turned on now. Then I kissed him and stuck my tongue in his mouth and he started sucking on it. I French Kissed him for 5 minutes or so and he was really breathing hard and so was I. Then I told him to roll back over on his stomach. When he did I got down and spread his cheeks. I stuck my tongue on his hole and started licking it. Then pushing with my tongue. He remembered to push out so I was getting in him pretty good. Know he like foreign objects up his ass I reached in my drawer and got the small dildo out. I didn't want KY taste on his hole yet so I just wet the dildo with my mouth real good. Then I pushed it up in him as far as it would go.

"What's that Carl?"

"That is a small dildo, kinda like the fat crayon you use to use on your self."

"Oh, I like that."

It had a small vibrator on it so I turned it on. And boy did the sounds come out of him when I did. Moans and groans. I wanted the dildo to stretch his hole so I could get my tongue way up inside him. So after about 5 minutes I pulled it out and stuck my tongue in the hole before it could completely close. He pushed out when he felt that and so I was able to get up in him with my tongue farther than ever before. I kept it up in there and started fucking him with my tongue not letting it come out at all. He was coming unglued at this. Talk about one excited young lad. Randy was one now. Then I put KY on my three fingers and put the middle finger up into his colon. This brought on a real loud moan. He loved it. I finger fucked him really fast staying away from the prostate as I didn't want to set him off. I got on his seminal vessel area and rubbed that quite a bit. While it doesn't have the great feeling the prostate has it really builds up the seminal fluid. Duh. Why else would they call it the seminal vessel. He was moaning all this time really taking it in. I reached over for the drawer and got the big dildo out and covered it with KY. I got it ready to insert but I wanted my mouth on his dick first. This sometimes makes a new guy cum as it pressures the prostate just from it sheer size. I rolled him up to where I could reach his raving hard on and got on it. I started sucking and he came unglued. He made every pleasure sound in the books. Then without any prior warning I pushed the big dildo all the way home.

"Oh shit! What the heck is that. That hurts some."

"That is the next size crayon dude called a dildo also." I turned on the really strong vibrator in the dildo and kept sucking now sucking him down past my gag point as he was so hard. I bobbed a couple times and fucked him with the big dildo at the same time and he gave it up.

"Ahhhhhhhh, Shit...I'm....cumming....Ohhhhhhhh...ahhhhhhhhh...oh God.. God... ahhhhhhhhh...oooooooo....."

Boy did he let loose of a lot of cum for a barely 13 year old. I loved every drop of it and kept as much as I could in my mouth for a few minutes. He rolled onto his back so I pulled out the dildo. I swallowed his cum so I could talk and said, "How was that dude?"

"Oh Carl that was so awesome. I felt like I came more than ever before. Is that because of all that build up you did?"

"Yes Randy that is why I did it. Did you like it better?"

"Oh yea. My turn."

He had me lay on my back so he could kiss me first. We French Kissed for at least 5 to 8 minutes as he loved it as much as I did. I was getting blue balls from all this activity. Then he went down on my neck and started sucking and kissing me there just like I had him.

"Be sure you don't suck too hard Randy as that would leave a hickey which might be hard to explain to some people."

"Oh is that how people get those?"

"That is exactly how so be careful."

This got his to move to my tits and he licked, sucked and bit on them and it did pinch a bit. Man did I need to get relief.

He wet his thumb and started on my special spot and it did burn and I was about to explode. He used the puddles of precum to rub all over the head driving me absolutely nuts. Then he told me to turn over. When I did he got KY on his fingers and pushed them in one, then two, then three all in about 5 minutes or so. I wasn't sure I was going to hold out.

"Where's that big crayon. he he."

Here it is. Rinse it off real good in the bathroom first. It only took him a minute or so so I am sure it didn't get cleaned very good but I wasn't worried about us passing any diseases to each other so I let him go ahead without saying anything. He put KY on it and got it ready to push in. "Randy if you put that in it might make me cum. Do you want me to cum on the bed?"

"Oh no, roll on your side and let me get it in my mouth OK?"

"Sure dude."

He got right on my dick and just about swallowed hit and then I felt him start pushing on the dildo. It is harder than you might think to push that big blunt ended thing up into some one so he had to really take a deep breath and push really hard to launch it. When it broke though it went right on in all he way. He started fucking me with it. I told him I was about to cum and then all hell broke loose. I came and came and came. It felt so good with that big dildo in my ass. I litterally filled his mouth and he had to swallow fast to keep up with my massive load. "Wow Randy, that was great. You are really good."

With that he pulled it out and rolled me on my back and it was French Kiss time again. I was having a hard time getting my breath so I had to gasp for air when I could. Finally we could both breath again and kept right on kissing for about 10 minutes. When he broke he said, Carl that was so awesome. I am the luckiest guy in the world to get sent to Skunk Heaven.

"Hey, you know what Randy? You just gave our farm a name, "SKUNK HEAVEN". I will get a big sign to put out over the driveway and it will say that.

"Well it is true Carl. I can't think of anything else I would call it I love it here with you so much."

"Well thank you dude. I love you being here too. I forgot what lonely is since you came."

"Let's get some sleep Randy. Tomorrow is another day. Hmmm Skunk Heaven what a name. I love it.

When morning came he was still sound asleep so I got up real quietly and went to the bathroom. I couldn't stop thinking about last night. And tonight I think I can take his cherry. He is ready for it after that big dildo. I went to the kitchen and put on the coffee. I turned up the heat and turned on the news channel real low. Just as the news ended and I finished my second cup of coffee, Randy came stumbling in.

"Good morning Carl."

"Hey! Good morning dude. Do you want some coffee or are you ready for breakfast?"

"I think I will go for the breakfast Carl if you don't mind."

"How about pancakes."

"That sounds great."

So I got up and started heating the skillet while I mixed the instant batter. I through in a couple pieces of bacon to cook as the skillet warmed up. When the bacon was though I started the pancakes. It wasn't long before he was eating and I poured him a glass of Orange juice.

"Gosh this is a good breakfast Carl. Thank You."

"I'm just happy to have someone to fix it for."

Just then they heard the truck pull in and knew the contractor was coming in. So when Randy finished his breakfast we both went out to talk to him. "Good morning Mike."

"Oh Good Morning Carl. We sure got a good start yesterday."

"Yea I noticed. That is what I came to talk to you about. It says it will take 3 to 5 days for live delivery to bring us the first skunks and I wanted to ask you to let me know when you are three days from finishing."

"Well actually the way things are going I think we will be through in 3 days. Give me one more day though in case some think unforeseen comes up. You can safely order them tomorrow."

"Oh good. Boy am I glad to hear that."

"Well I see my helper driving in so I better get started."

"Yea we will get out of your hair. Thanks for the information."

Randy an I went back into the house and I decided to take him up to the lake above Blackfoot. It is a gravel road most of the way but only takes 30 or 40 minutes to get to. Talk about being in the middle of nowhere this lake really was. So we packed a big lunch. Put it in the basket I use for picnics and then took the ice chest to get ice and drinks and headed out. We stopped at the little store about two miles down the road and got the ice and drinks. We also filled up with gas as there sure isn't any gas up there. Then we were off.

Right at the top of the hill before letting down into the lake basin there was a sheep herder and a flock of sheep. He had a sheep herders shack on wheels that I guess he pulled by horse when he moved it. There was quite a number of sheep, probably a hundred or more. He had two dogs that were keeping the sheep in line. This really made us feel like we were in the middle of nowhere. We let on down to the lake and could see it for a few miles before getting to it.

"Gosh this is really a big lake. Look at those cliffs on that side."

"Yes Randy I can remember my first trip here with my dad. It was quite a day."

We parked by the lake and got out to go exploring. Randy wanted to look over the cliffs so we climbed up onto one. It seemed like we could see the whole world from up here. Then we saw a red tailed hawk circling and watched to see where it landed as there was probably a nest there. It landed about 50 feet from where we were. I explained to Carl the some people get hawks to do falconry. He thought that was awesome. So we waited for the mother bird to take off hunting again. Then we worked our way over to where we thought the nest might be.

We found it. It was well hidden and if we hadn't seen the mother come to feed them we would have never seen it. It had three babies inside not fully feathered yet and ugly as far as I was concerned.

"Oh Carl can we take one and teach it to do falconry?"

"No, 1st of all they are way too young to be taken from their mother and it takes a lot of knowledge to become a falconer. One has to study books and then take a test and get a license to even have one in this state. The state Game Warden issues the permits."

"Wow! I didn't know all that. Where would I find books to study about it?"

"Oh I suppose at the library in Blackfoot. For sure the library in Pocatello would have a number of them too."

Randy just sat there silently thinking. Boy if you could see the wheels turning in his head he would look like the inside of a clock.

"Would you take me to the library so I could look."

"Sure if you are really that interested."

"Oh I am. I think that would be awesome to learn about."

"OK I'll try and get you over to the library some time this week."

"Oh thank you Carl. You are the neatest guy in the world."

"Well thank you Randy. Now what you say we try and get down off these cliffs before that mother comes back. I don't think she would take very kindly to us being this close to her family." So we started down slowly. It always takes longer to get down than climbing up so by the time we reached the valley floor we were both starving. "Now make a mental note as to where that nest is as they come back to the same nest year after year." So Randy really worked on land marks etc. to remember that exact place.

We got back to the car and took the blanket I brought and spread it out by the lake to eat. I got the basket out and was glad I had made a big lunch. I also got us both a can of pop. After we finished lunch we put everything in the car and took a walk the other way along the lake. We went about a mile and decided we were getting tired after all the climbing and walking and started back to the car. When we reached the car we were both ready to head home. I don't like driving on that primitive road after dark so we got started. We reached home about dusk and I stopped at a pizza place to have something to eat as it was dinner time. We enjoyed our pizza and then went home.

"Why don't you see what is on TV Randy it is too early to turn in yet." Randy channel hopped and found a movie that was just starting. It was a western and he like those. So I just settled back in my chair to watch it with him. He went into the bedroom and came back in just his briefs. And of course he landed in my lap. He scooted around on my dick and I was sure he was trying to get me hard and it was working. So I put my hand down on his smooth leg and rubbed it up and down. God it was so soft. I loved this kid so much. I noticed he had tented his briefs so he was thinking of the same thing. I put my hand on his tent and squeezed it and he moaned and looked up at me and smiled a great big smile. So I went under his briefs and cupped his dick and balls and rubbed them. It wasn't long until he had slid his briefs out from under him and I had a naked Randy in my lap. I got to thinking tonight is cherry night so I decided to start preparing him. I wet my finger and he lifted his leg as soon as he knew I was after his ass hole. I slid my finger all the way into the colon and just left it there and moved it a little to stay in that colon area which is my favorite. He turned over to face me on his knees and started hugging me. He turned his head so he could still see his western. I finger fucked him for quite a while with my middle finger and took it out and smelled it. God I wish that smell stayed with me. I wet two fingers and pushed them all the way in and got a louder moan. He pushed his butt out to force my finger in deeper. I finger fucked him with the two fingers until a commercial came on and then changed to three fingers. He felt my fingers touch is ass hole and reared back pushing them in with the force of his butt moving back. I was all the way up in him again. I just stayed there as this was three fingers and I knew it was tight for him. But he just moaned after taking a deep breath. He started working my fingers by moving his butt out and in and in essence was fucking himself. But I twisted and turned my fingers to help him loosen up. Then I thought I would try the fourth finger which I had never done before but if I was going to take his cherry I wanted him good and ready. I put the fingers back to his ass hole and he reared back again but got the shock of his life when he was rearing back on four fingers.

"Oh God did you add another finger?"

"Yes can you take it?"

"Ohhhhhh we better go slow it hurts some."

"Well you do the pushing as you feel you can take more."

Randy took about 5 minutes of pushing back to get all four fingers into the colon. Then he just stayed still a while. After a couple minutes he started moving again and started fucking himself with all four fingers. He moved slow at first but speeded up shortly. Soon he was taking them all at a pretty good speed. I pulled him to me and told him to rest and just leave them in there so he got used to them. So we watched the rest of the movie with my four fingers buried in his ass. He moved out and in once in a while but basically stayed still. When the movie ended he said, "Are you ready to go to bed now?"

"Sure dude we have had a long day." So he picked up his briefs and carried them to the bedroom and through them on the chair and climbed into bed. I got undressed and my dick was so hard I had to work to get off my underware. I grabbed the big dildo and the KY while he wasn't looking and climbed into bed with him.

"What are you going to show me tonight Carl?"

"Well we have done most everything and I think you are ready to take my dick up your butt. It is called corn holing."

"Do you think I can Carl?"

"I am sure of it as my dick is about the same as the big dildo you took last night. Here I will put it in you again so you can get used to it." I put KY on the dildo and launched it hard all the way in as far as it would go and turned on the vibrator.

"Oh shit that thing is big. But the hurt isn't much I guess it remembers last night huh?"

"Yes Randy each time it gets easier."

I fucked him for about 5 minutes with the dildo and when I saw no more signs of pain I asked him, "How is that now dude?"

"It's OK it actually feels a little good now."

"OK then you are ready for the real thing. This is called taking your cherry."

"Yea I have heard that talked about at school but never knew what they were talking about."

"Well usually boys are talking about taking a girls cherry as she has a membrane that breaks the first time a dick goes in her and it even bleeds a little. That is where the taking the cherry comes from. But boys have no membrane and unless a boy is raped before he is old enough he won't usually bleed either."

"Gosh I am learning a lot from you Carl."

"OK now I am taking out the dildo and I have put KY on my dick already so I am going to go right in before your hole closes and start going up in you. Think your ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Out came the dildo and in the next second my dick was half way up his ass I kept pushing slow until I was in his colon. Then I stopped.

"Oh Carl I can feel that. But it is just a feeling of having to shit. It really doesn't hurt much at all. I guess all the preparing me paid off."

"Yes that is normal Randy but that feeling of being full will start going away as I move back and forth. Push out as I do it and it will make it easier for you."

So I started short stoking him and listened to him grunt.


Then I gradually went into long stoking him after 15 minutes or so and hit on his prostate almost every time. That really made him let out a moan. After about 3 minutes of this he said, "Oh....Carl...I am going to....cum.....ahhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhh...shit....God....."

His spasms set me off and I started filling him up. I pushed my dick as far up in him as I could and got my sperm clear up in his colon. I don't know when I have cum that hard, if ever. I was so out of breath that I just layed on top of him a little to the side so he could breath and we layed there panting for about 5 minutes. Then he went into a French Kiss with me that lasted another 5 minutes or so. When we finally broke off he said, "Carl that was so awesome. I have never felt anything so good. I could let you do that to me all day long and not get tired. Although my butt hole is sore right now."

"Well I will have to admit that was the most awesome cum I can remember ever having. I guess it is because I love you so much."

"Oh I'm sure that had a lot to do with me feeling so good too."

"Well I am too tired to do any more. What you say we shower together and then hit the hay."

"Yea Carl, I like that can I soap your butt."

"Yea if I get to soap yours. ha ha."

(to be continued)

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