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The next morning came too fast. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep. But I got up for the morning routine. I made coffee and turned on the early news. Randy stumbled in about an hour later. Yawning. "Hey!"

"Hey! did you sleep good."

"Yea after that shower you gave me who wouldn't."

"It was fun for me too. Oh, I hear the truck coming in. Let's go out and welcome Mike and see how far he got yesterday."

"OK, let me slip on a shirt first it is probably chilly still."

"Yea good idea Randy."

As we walked out Mike met us with a smile. I looked at the building and it was almost all up. The wire fencing and the nest boxes looked like all there was to finish. "Say Mike when you build the nest boxes could you make the door that the skunk goes in and out of where I can close it from inside the structure. That way when I need to operate on the babies she can be forced to stay out of the way."

"Sure I will just add a panel that will slide down over the hole and also you can pull it back up when you are ready."

"Good that will work fine."

"As you can see Carl the basic structure is up. We will work on the nest boxes next and then put up the chain link fence runways. There will also be a gate you can get into the runways though to clean the runways. You can use the nest box door to block the skunk inside while you are cleaning if you want."

"Yea good idea. Say Mike do you think it would be safe to order the animals yet?"

"Yea we should be finished late tomorrow. That even gives you an extra day or two to get feed in and what ever else you need to prepare."

"Great then I'll order them this morning."

We went back in the house and I got to looking through all the sports magazines where the adds are and found one that would send pregnant females for $175. Regular ones were $100 and so were the males. So I decided to order 5 pregnant ones to get us started faster. Then make sure the others were all adult breeders. "Listen to this article Randy."

Striped skunks breed from mid-February until mid-March. The mother carries the babies for 59 to 77 days. From 1 to 10 helpless young are born. They are blind, deaf, and hairless but are capable of spraying skunk must as early as 8 days old. Their eyes open at 24 days old and their ears open soon after that. They are cared for in the den by their mother for two months, after which they are weaned. Young may stay with their mother for up to a year after reaching their adult size.

"Gosh Carl then it isn't like a woman who has a baby in 9 months. These babies can come any where from 59 days to 77 days. That ought to drive us crazy waiting."

"Yes we will have to check the nest boxes daily to see what has developed. I know I operate on them when they are one month old. The man that taught me said we can't use any anesthesia on babies that young as many of them will die from it. So I have to cut them while they are awake. That way they have a lot better chance to live."

"Gosh wouldn't that hurt a lot. I mean it sounds cruel."

"Well think of it this way you were circumcised as a baby and that is cutting all the skin that your born with off your dick. Do you remember them doing that?"

"No I guess I felt it when they did it though."

"Yes you undoubtedly did but you have no memory of it. It says the skunks are weaning age at two months and of course that is when it is best to sell them as they are still adorable."

"Yea as cute as Flower is I'll bet they are."

Just then the phone interrupted their conversation. Carl answered it and it was Mrs. Long. "Hi Carl how is Randy doing?"

"Oh just fine Mrs. Long. Would you like to talk to him?"

"Not right now Carl I have a problem I am hoping you can help me with."

"Sure if I can, what's up."

"Well I have a 10 year old boy who was just kicked out of his house by his father. His mother is deceased. There are no willing relatives to take the boy. I was wondering with all those bedrooms if you could use another hand."

"Wow! You really hit me with that one. Why doesn't his father want him may I ask?"

"Sure but this is on a need to know and should go no farther Carl. The boy was caught giving oral sex to another boy who lives down the street. His father blew up and said that no fag was ever going to live in his house and you can guess the rest."

"Gosh, the poor kid. Can you let me talk to Randy and get back to you say in 5 minutes."

"Sure I can understand your feelings about him."

"Good Bye for now I will call right back."

Randy had wandered off into the living room so Carl went in and asked him to come over he needed to talk to him. "Turn off the TV for a minute Randy this is serious. Randy have you ever wanted a brother or a sister?"

"Yea I always wanted a brother but not a sister."

"Well what do you say to us taking in a 10 year old boy. Mrs. Long has no where to put him but here."

"You mean it Carl. I could have a real brother. Your not kidding me."

"Then it sounds like you are all for it."

"Oh yea, when do we get him?"

"Well I will know that when I call Mrs. Long back. I told her I had to talk to you first. Because your feelings come first with me."

"Call her back and tell her we want him OK?"

"OK." So I called Mrs. Long and told her that Randy was really excited about having a brother and had always wanted one. "When would we have him Mrs. Long?"

"Well he is here with me in my office and I thought I would run him out on my way home around 5:30 if that is OK. He won't have eaten or anything. I have to go over and pick up all his belongings and may need a police escort to get them."

"OK then we will see you when you get here."

"Fine Carl, somehow I just knew this would work out. You are doing so well with Randy."

"What is the boy's name?"

"His name is Sean Mathfield."

"Fine then we will see you and Sean when you get here. And I will order a pizza delivery around 6 so we can all eat good."

"Fine Carl see you then."

Randy was beside himself. He was running around the house shouting I got a brother, I got a brother. "What's his name Carl?"

"His name is Sean Mathfield, Randy."

"Wow! My brother Sean. That is so cool."

I then got on the phone and called the order to the place back in Michigan for the skunks. I gave them my credit card number to pay for them in advance and they would be shipped air express freight and should arrive in three days. I was all excited. Skunks arriving and a new boy. I wondered what he would look like. Of course knowing 10 year old boys are almost always cute. I sat and watched a movie with Randy and he was in my lap most of the time. And of course he was squeezing my dick and so I went under his briefs and rubbed his hard on and balls. We just did that through the whole movie. Not going any farther with it.

At 4pm Mike came to the back door and knocked. When I answered he said he wanted to show me what he had done today. I told him about the skunks being ordered etc.

I followed him out and they had completed 5 of the nest boxes and they were perfect. He showed me how the lid could be opened from inside the structure and how the slide could be pushed down to block entry. It was perfect. "I will finish up with the rest of the nest boxes in the morning and then have have the chain link fence up by tomorrow night. I should finish by noon the day after tomorrow."

"That is perfect Mike as the skunks will be here in three days."

"Sounds good. See you in the morning then."

"Yea, Good night Mike."

I went back into the house and was so excited I had to use the restroom and take a crap. When I finished I wanted to join Randy in the war hoops he had let out earlier. But I had to be the man in the family so I held it in. Randy was in the living room watching cartoons when I went in. He had Flower and was cuddling with her. "Randy before 5pm would you put Flower in her cage upstairs. I don't want to cause any more excitement than there already will be when Sean arrives.

"Sure I will put her up there as soon as this show is over. And I'll check to see that she has food and water."

"Good, You are a responsible dude ya know it."

"Gosh, Thanks."


It was time for the arrival and I was a nervous wreck. I thought about telling Randy about his brother being gay but then I thought maybe I should get Sean's permission before I did that. Then looking out the window I could see dust at the end of the long driveway so I told Randy there was a car coming in.

Randy and I were both watching out the window when Mrs. Long pulled up. She couldn't see us as it was darker in the house than it was outside. She came to the door and knocked. I didn't get a good look at Sean yet as he walked on her other side and almost behind her.

I went to the door and opened it. "Well hello Carl. You saved my skin once again. I sure appreciate it."

"Well to be honest with you you made Randy one happy boy. He has always wanted a brother." Just then Sean peaked out around her when I said that. He was cute. He had sandy blond hair and the bluest eyes. He was thin like a boy his age usually is. He was wearing shorts and tank top showing off his beautiful soft skin. I almost got hard just looking at him.

"Well come on in Sean I want you to meet your new brother. He has sure been wanting to meet you. Sean this is Randy. He is 13. And Mrs. Long told me you are ten. Is that right?"

"Yea and I am going into the 5th grade."

"Wow! you really are growing up. Come on in to the living room. Randy why don't you and Sean watch TV while I talk to Mrs. Long?"

"Mrs Long why don't we go into the kitchen where we can talk."

We went in and had a seat at the table in the breakfast nook. "Well were you able to get any of his belongings."

"Yes I took a cop with me so I wouldn't have any trouble. His father was really something else. He said there's his room take what you want and then he left us without helping us at all. Luckily I had brought a suitcase and some garbage sacks with me or we would have had to leave a lot and come back. I didn't want to go back around that kind of attitude again so we got it all. It is in the trunk maybe we could get the boys to help us bring it all in."

"Sure, how is the boy accepting all this?"

"Well naturally he is mad at his father but when he found out about Randy and that he would have a brother he was fairly happy."

"Good I am glad to hear that. Shall we go and bring in his stuff or is there more you wanted to tell me?"

"No I think I have filled you in on everything important. If I think of anything else I will call you OK?

"That's fine let's go and get the boys and get your car unloaded."

"Randy will you and Sean come with us to get his stuff out of the car. Let's put it in the 2nd bedroom upstairs."

Randy knowing Flower was in the first bedroom understood. So they all went out and with about three trips had everything upstairs and Mrs. Long left.

"Sean let me help you unload all this and put it away." said Randy.

"I'll let you boys do that while I order a pizza as I imagine you are both pretty hungry by now."

They both said yes they were and so I went to order the Pizza which will take at least half an hour since we live 8 miles out.

I had decided that for right now I wasn't going to say anything about Sean's sexuality. Hoping he would tell me which I think would be better.

The pizza was delivered about the time the boys finished upstairs so we went to the table and started in on it. The boys helped themselves to the pop at Randy's direction and I got a beer out for myself. It was good pizza and we did get full. I had to cover some of the left over and put it in the refrigerator.

After dinner the boys settled down watching TV and I called Randy to help me with something. I took him outside where we were out of earshot and told him that since Sean was so new I would be paying a lot of attention to him to make him feel at home. I asked that he give up my lap for a day or two until Sean felt at home. Randy was so understanding I was glad. I really didn't need jealousy in the house. So we went back in the living room where I sat in my chair. I noticed Sean kept glancing over his shoulder at me and smiling. I think it was a nervous smile as he really didn't know what he had gotten himself into. So I said, "Sean why don't you come and sit with me so I can get to know you better." Like a shot he was off the floor and in my lap. I gave him a hug of approval around the middle and he seemed to relax when I did. I smelled his hair and it was obvious he hadn't had a shampoo in a while so I put it in my mind to make sure the boys showered tonight.

"I hope you will like it hear Sean. We love having you."

"Oh I already feel better getting away from my dad. He wasn't easy to be around."

He started watching TV and I wrapped my arms around him which gave him a feeling of security. Then I put my hand down on his leg and rubbed it. He had those balloon type leg shorts on so I rubbed him from his knee to his shorts for a while. "Do you like that Sean?"

"Oh yea my dad never touched me. That feels so good."

So I changed legs and continued. I was going a little higher with each stroke when I got back to his shorts and I noticed he had a hard on sticking straight up. So I went ahead and kept rubbing his leg and when I got to his briefs I found them to be about three sizes too big. So the leg openings were practically not even touching his legs. It is funny how parents will buy clothes with the idea the kid will grow into them even thought they look like hell now. When I went up his right leg I felt his balls as they had fallen loose and out of the loose briefs. So I rubbed over them seeing what if any reaction I would get. Sean let out quite a moan. I didn't want to go any farther yet as I wanted him to be comfortable with me. So I reached up and went under his tank top and rubbed his stomach. This brought out another pleasure moan. I kept rubbing up onto his tits and got them good and hard then went back down slowly looking at his dick which seemed to have gotten harder now. I rubbed his belly button and he giggled so I went below it and rubbed sideways along the top of his briefs. He was really pleasure moaning now. Pretty soon he sucked his stomach in to his backbone. He was trying to get me to go under. I was so hard myself I was loosing self control. So I reached under the waist band and rubbed back and forth. "Do you like me rubbing here Sean?"

"Gosh yes. I have never had anyone rub me like this please keep going. Could you go down farther."

I thought wow, so I kept slowly rubbing back and forth until I touched his woody. "Oh I'm sorry that is kinda personal Sean?"

"It feels good though and I don't care. Please keep rubbing me there."

So with that I went on down and within a minute or so I had his dick and balls cupped in my hand and was gently squeezing them.

"Oh that feels so good Carl, or can I call you dad like Carl does?"

"You can call me anything you want Sean."

"OK then I prefer dad. You are so neat. No one ever paid attention to me before."

I started jacking off his dick for a while and he was really moaning. "You like that?"

"Oh yea."

So I speeded up to see if I could bring him to a dry orgasm. After about 5 minutes his body went into convulsions and I knew it was happening.

When it finally finished he said, "What happened to me. That was the best thing I have ever felt in my whole life. Can you do it again?"

"Well yes but it is best to rest a half hour or so to rebuild and relax."

"Oh OK."

"I'll show you something else you might like."

"OK I'm game."

I wet my middle finger and went back under and passed his balls and started rubbing his perineum. His dick shot up again. Then I re wet my finger and found his anus. I pushed on it and rubbed it at the same time. "How does that feel."

"Oh awesome, keep doing it."

So I reached in my pocket and got my tube of KY and put it on my middle finger. Then I went right back to his anus and rubbed over it getting it real slick and then I told him to push out like he had to fart. When he did I stuck my finger all the way into his colon. It was hot and wet. I was actually reaching beyond the first turn since he was so small. "How does that feel Sean?"

"It kinda hurt at first but now it feels really good. I mean really good."

So I started finger fucking him and he came unglued. He was all over my lap. His hand accidentally touched my hard on and he took hold of it and squeezed it. "Boy you got a big one."

"So will you Sean when you get older."

"I wish I could put my finger in you like you are me."

"Well what you say I let you after we go to bed. Would that be alright.?"

"Oh Yea. I have a friend who lets me do that to him."

"Really. Have you done other things with your friend?"

"Yea but it is kinda embarrassing to tell you."

"Sean you can tell me anything and it will stay between you and me and whoever else you tell. I won't ever repeat it."

"Well we have played with each others dicks and then we have sucked on them."

"Did you like doing that?"

"Oh Yea. You mean you don't care?"

"No that is part of growing up. A lot of boys do that to each other."

"Gosh really. I thought he and I were the only ones. That is when my dad walked in on us and kicked my friend out. Then he told me he wasn't going to have any fag living in his house and the next thing I knew I was with Mrs. Long and now you."

"Well you certainly don't have to worry about sex around me. I have done the same thing since I was your age."


"Yes Sean so don't worry about it."

"Wow! I think I have found heaven."

I didn't say anymore but continued finger fucking him for about 10 minutes. He was squirming and squeezing my dick the whole time. This boy was really a sexual child.

"Is your butt getting sore Sean?"

"No, can you push harder."

So I did. I added some KY to my second finger and went up in him with both and pushed hard like he asked. "How's that feel?"

"Tighter but really good."

So I kept at it. And at the same time I took my other hand and started stoking his now really hard on. I knew he could have an orgasm every half hour easily since he wasn't coming yet. So I slid his shorts and briefs down past his butt knowing that if Randy saw he wouldn't say anything. Then I started jacking him off again. He was really squeezing me now too and I was hoping not to cum in my pants. After a few minutes I took my two fingers and did and all out attack on his prostate gland pulling my fingers almost out and then plunging down on the prostate over and over. He was sweating now like mad and breathing really hard when he went into spasms again. While he was dry cumming I continued working on his prostate until he finished. Then I withdrew my fingers.

"Wow, that was even better than the first time with your fingers in there like that."

"Well I am glad you enjoyed it. Now what you say you and Randy take a shower."


"If you want to."

"I want to."

"Randy would you take your new brother and take a shower with him. You can make it fun by soaping each other up."

"Yea dad I would like that a lot."

So the boys took off for the bathroom and it wasn't long before I heard the shower start. I want in on the fun so I went to the bathroom as I had yet to see Sean in the nude. When I saw him he was letter perfect. What a beautiful specimen of a 10 year old boy. And his ass was fine. I am sure if I knew what I was finger fucking I would have cum all over my self. I picked up the shampoo and started on Randy so there wouldn't be any jealousy. And after finishing him I told Sean to come over and I would do his hair for him. He moaned and groaned when I did it. I really gave him a scalp massage.

"Gosh I don't remember anyone ever helping me shampoo my hair. It feels so good."

"Now boys take turns and wash every part of each others body. And Sean don't worry you can touch Randy everywhere he won't care will you Randy."

"No actually I like it."

Sean picked up the bar of soap and had the happiest look on his face that I had seen yet.

(To Be continured)

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