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Sean took the soap but then decided to let Randy go first. So Randy shampooed his hair first. Then rinsed it. Then he started down his back next and when he got to the butt did the crack real well. When he got to the ass hole he pushed his finger all the way up into the colon and got a real moan out of Sean. He finger fucked him several times and then started in on the perineum to get him hard. When he was hard he went right on down his legs and then had him turn around. When he did, since he was in a kneeling position from doing the legs, the hard dick was in his face so he took it in his mouth and kept at it until the Sean had an orgasm. He held him up as he got real weak. He then soaped his front good. He especially did his nipples to get them hard too. Then he rinsed him off and said, "OK now it is your turn."

Sean took the soap and now knew what to do. So he shampooed Randy's hair first and rinsed it and continued the same sequence Randy had used enjoying the finger fucking a lot. Then he didn't know why but he rubbed him between the legs for a while, (Which of course got Randy hard) and went on down his legs. When Randy turned around he was faced with a hard on at mouth level. Well this was too good to pass up so he took it in his mouth, tasting the precum, and started giving him head. After 4 or 5 minutes Randy let loose and filled his mouth to the point that Sean was forced to swallow. Sean kept going until it ended and he had a mouth full of cum. He liked the taste of Randy's cum so he delayed swallowing it for a minute or so. Then he did the rest of Randy's body and rinsed him. Randy was all smiles and so was Sean. Randy finally had a brother and wow what a brother. He knew there was a lot of fun ahead. They got out and dried each other and then went naked into the bedroom and got into Carl's big bed. Carl came in, took a quick shower, and then crawled in with them. They wanted to be one on each side of him and of course that is exactly what Carl wanted. So they all cuddled taking hold of each others dicks. Sean had Carl's dick so Randy finger fucked Carl instead. Carl started squeezing Randy's dick and Sean's dick at the same time. After a while they both came again. A little bit longer and Carl let loose with cum that hit all over him and even splattered onto the boys a little. He got a towel and dried them and himself and then they all cuddled and went to sleep.

In the morning Carl got up first and was drinking his coffee when they came in yawning. "Good morning boys, how did you sleep?"

They both answered fine. Carl got up to make them some breakfast and this morning gave them cornflakes and milk. He told Randy to go up and release Flower to see what a reaction he would get from Sean. Randy came back and it wasn't long before Flower ambled in. Sean jumped up on his chair and yelled "SKUNK." This sent both Carl and Randy into a fit of laughter. And then they told him that Flower was a pet and had been de-scented. So Sean got down and said, "Will she let someone touch her." With that Randy reached down and picked her up and let Sean pet her. Sean fell in love with Flower right away, but who wouldn't she was really adorable.

"Well Sean I guess we can tell you we are starting a skunk farm. Our first skunks should arrive tomorrow or the next day. That is why we have been building the kennels out back.

"Wow! Can I see them."

"Sure just as soon as you finish your breakfast."

Randy ate almost all of his and put the rest down for Flower to finish and she did. She looked so cute eating the rest of the cereal and milk. So Sean gave her a little too. After she finished Sean said, "Can we go out and see the kennels now?"

"Sure Sean." Carl said knowing he wasn't going to be able to delay him any longer. So they all got up and put on a light jacket and went out back. Carl was just as interested as he hadn't seen them in the finished state either. Mike was out there hooking on a lock on each outside runway gate.

"I put these locks on to avoid someone from being funny and letting all the skunks out some night. All these locks use the same key so it will be easy for you to get into any runway when you want to clean it."

"I never thought of vandalism, but it could happen."

"Yes it sure could. Now this key will let you into the kennel storage room and the back of all the nest boxes. So you see there is no way anyone unauthorized can access any part of the kennel."

"Gosh you thought of everything. Are you all though now?"

"Yes except for a little sawdust cleanup which my helper will do this morning so the kennel is now ready for use."

"Good that makes me happy. I would be in a real pickle if 10 skunks arrived and I didn't have a place to put them."

"Well you will now Carl. So your worries are over. You know this is the time of the year skunks have their babies so those pregnant ones should really be pregnant and almost ready to give birth."

"Yea I never really thought about that. I may be in business before you know it. And like I promised you, you can have pick of the litter or litters Mike if you still want one."

"Oh you bet I do. The little ones should really be cute."

"Oh they are. Remember I used to help out on a skunk farm. You should see them at weaning age. They all follow their mother single file around as she walks. It is really cute to watch."

"For a while boys we will have to wear heavy leather gloves when we handle the adults as they won't be as tame as Flower. So we don't want to get bit."

"Mike I got to thinking. When I helped the guy with operating on the skunks he had a table that looked like a workbench at about elbow height so it made it real easy for him to work on them. Would you have time to build a 6ft long workbench like that before you are through and out of here."

"Sure Carl where would you want it."

"How about up against the storage room wall on the side. That way it will be out of the weather a little and we can cover it with plastic to keep it clean."

"OK I think I can knock that out this afternoon for you."

"Well thanks again Mike come in when your finished and give me your bill and I will write you a check paid in full."

"Thanks Carl I appreciate that. Well I better get busy."

The boys and I went inside. We were all higher than a kite. The boys couldn't stop talking about the business.

"We need to go into town today and pick up some food and I want to have a sign Skunk Heaven painted so we can hang in over the drive way.

"Oh that will be so cool Carl." said Randy since he came up with the name.

"So why don't you boys put on what you want to wear into Blackfoot and I'll get ready too."

They all went right away to get ready for town. When they were all ready Carl told them to get in the car and they headed for Blackfoot.

Carl surprised the boys by pulling into the Ford agency. "Boys a farm like ours needs a van not a car. Would you like to look at vans?"

"Wow! You bet." Randy said.

They started looking at all the vans and of course a salesman was out there immediately. "Can I help you find what your looking for sir."

"Well I want a van that can be used as a family vehicle and also where the back seats will let down to haul things like feed etc."

"Well we have two or three like that. Here let me show you which ones." He took them to a two tone Yellow one. It not only had seats that let down but it also had a TV one could hook up a play station to if they wanted. It had a VCR attached too. The boys were coming unglued when they saw that feature. They looked at two more a blue one and a red one that had similar features but the boys asked Carl if they couldn't get the yellow one they liked the color better. It was yellow and a darker yellow with brownish tint to it down the side. "Well if that is what you have your heart set on wrap it up."

The salesman took them inside so they could negotiate a trade. After a half hour or so of bargaining Carl wrote out a check and made a cash deal with them. They were surprised at that because they didn't get cash deals very often in Blackfoot. So the man handed the keys to Carl and they all transferred everything from the car trunk and glove compartment into the van. As soon as all the transferring was done they drove out in their new van which smelled so new. Carl loved the smell of a new car it had been a while since he let himself buy anything more than groceries and the skunk kennel.

"Well boys lets go get that sign made next." So Carl knew of a shop that specialized in signs and parked in front of it. When he explained to the owner what he wanted they agreed on size and price and a pole the right height to hang it on and Carl paid him. The deal was he would make the sign and go out and install it as it would take a hole driver to put up the pole.

After that they went to the feed store and asked them what they recommended for feeding skunks. The man said well to be honest with you let me let you read this pamphlet. It will tell you what you need better than I can.

A sample diet for an ADULT skunk is about 4 pieces of dog food, (NO cat food, it causes liver problems) such as PURINA O.N.E., 1/2 cup veggies, such as broccoli, book coy, zucchini, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, Jalapeno, bell peppers, or what ever you have, a small piece of apple, or 2 or 3 grapes, a handful of high fiber cereal, half slice of bread, and all the fresh water the skunk can handle. Easy? Skunks on this type of diet live longer with fewer health problems. My Cleo was 22 years old when she died. For those of you who don't know me, I will stroke my own ego. The average age of my skunks is from 17 to 22 years old.

"Gee that is interesting. I have a pet skunk that I feed mainly dog food to. I see I need to expand on that." How about the Purina O.N.E. do you have that."

"Yes it comes in 10 lbs, 25lbs, 50 lbs sacks."

"Well we are just starting a skunk farm and so we better get a 50lb sack and see how long it last 10 skunks plus Flower our pet skunk. I will also have to get a grocery store to sell me all their unsellable vegetables that get old on them before they sell them."

"Yes and if you run into a mouse or two they love those too. They eat a lot of them in the wild."

"Oh that is something I wasn't aware of. I am glad we came here."

"Well I am glad you came here too. And I hope you will continue buying here."

"After all the help you have given us we sure will."

We loaded the 50lb sack in the back of the van without having to move the seats. Then we headed for the supermarket to ask about the old vegetables. After talking to the manager he said we could just have them as he just threw them away anyway. But he would start saving them if we would pick them up every other day or so. I told him I sure would and that took care of that.

Well we had everything we had come to town for and so I started home. "Carl do you think you could stop at the library for a few minutes and let me see if they have any falconry books?"

"Sure Randy, I thought you had forgotten that."

"What's a falcon?" Sean asked him.

"Well it is a bird that you can train to hunt for you. Like a hawk or a falcon which is a long winged hawk."

"Gosh Randy that sound awesome." said Sean.

I could see that I wasn't going to be able to ignore hawks with two boys now involved in that interest. So I stopped at the library and we came out with 4 books on the subject. One of the books had a lot of pictures of different types of hawks.

Then I remembered the gloves. We would need three pair. I also had forgotten water dispensers so we went to the pet store to get 10 of them. They would hook to the fence real easy. I also got 10 middle size dog food dishes to feed with. I stopped at the drug store and got a surgical kit. It had a scalpel and several tweezers along with some other things. I might be operating as soon as this next week.

We headed home with both boys buried in those books in back. I thought this will keep their interest up anyway.

I pulled up to the storage area at the kennel. Mike was just finishing the operating table workbench. I put the bag of food in the storage shed, along with all the other things I bought, and then went to talk with Mike.

"Well I see you are coming along quite well with the workbench."

"Yes Carl a few minutes more and I'll be finished."

"Well when you finish come in and let me pay you."

"Sure thing Carl it won't be long."

The rest of us parked the van in front of the house and went into the house of course with the books in hand.

It wasn't half an hour when Carl came to get paid. He told me the total and it was less than I expected so I gladly wrote the check and thanked him.

"Say Carl did you get a new van?"

"Yes I thought it would be better around a farm than the car was."

"Well it sure is a butte. I love the color too."

"Yes the boys picked it out because they liked the color plus it has a TV with VCR in back they can hook up their games to."

"Well it sounds like you made a good choice. I will be leaving now. Let me know if you need to build on later as It will be easy to expand the kennel part."

"I sure will Mike. And thank you for a splendid job. I am very happy with your work."

"Well thanks. Good bye now." And he was gone.

The boys went to the TV room and started reading the hawk books. I made a pot of coffee as I was really getting sleepy tired. After drinking a couple cups of coffee I felt like I could keep going.

I took a pot roast out and thawed it in the microwave and then put it in the over on 350 for an hour. I would check it every 15 minutes or so to make sure I didn't burn it. Then I cheated and got the instant mashed potatoes ready but waited to mix them. I always like peas with mashed potatoes as the potatoes pick them up so easily. So I opened a can of peas too. Then went into the living room to see how the boys were doing. Randy had to show me a picture of the red tail hawk like we saw when up at the lake. He was so excited about the whole thing. I sat between them and started rubbing Sean's back. He liked that so he leaned up so I could reach better. When I got down to the waist band of his briefs he said, "Down." So I went under and he unsnapped his pants to give me easy access. I felt him lean over toward me so I could reach his ass as he loved being fingered. So I wet my middle finger and pushed it up into his colon. It was so warm and smooth up there I didn't want to move. I also loved the feeling of the colon juices. I finger fucked him and he moaned. Randy looked over and saw what was happening and smiled. After about 10 minutes of this heaven I had to go back to the kitchen and check the roast. So I got up and headed that way. The roast was doing fine. I stuck the meat thermometer in it and it registered 200. I knew it was only about half through. I washed my hands in antibacterial soap after smelling my finger several times. Randy surprised me by coming into the kitchen alone. "Dad...I was know how you put your dick in me that night? Well I would like to do that to Sean. Could you lead us into it tonight. And then maybe do it to me again?"

"Sure Randy, that is if Sean will go for it."

"Oh Dad he likes anything up his ass and you know it."

"Yea you are right there. Sure I will see to it you get to fuck him."

"Gee thank you dad. You are really a special dad."

"Well I try to please if I can. You know that."

Randy put on his biggest smile and then went back into the living room to read some more in his hawk book.

It wasn't long before the meat reached within a few degrees of being done so I started the mashed potatoes. I also put the peas in a bowl and put them in the microwave so they would be ready for a two and a half minute zap when the time came.

Finally dinner was ready so I asked Randy to set the table for me. And so as not to let Sean out I asked him to get the silverware out for dinner. We all sat down to a great dinner. I even had made some gravy from the meat juices. We ate until we were ready to burst. Then the boys volunteered to put everything away. I reminded them to cover left overs well in refrigerator containers. Then I went into the living room to watch the news which was just starting.

After the news we watched a half hour sit com on the WB channel. They always have things that interest the whole family. I noticed Randy was getting ansie and adjusting his dick periodically so I knew what he was thinking about. "Say boys would you like to go into the bedroom and mess around a little?"

Of course I got an instant yes from both. So I got up and headed in that direction followed by two always horny boys. I decided to undress too so they would feel comfortable. When they saw me getting nude they couldn't get off their clothes fast enough. I told them to lay on their stomachs with their butt over the edge of the bed to make it easy for me to lubricate them. I got the KY and started in with both at the same time. I had KY on both hands and was up in Randy on my left and Sean on my right. They were both moaning. I finger fucked them both for a minute or two and then added the second finger. This brought on a louder moan. I twisted and turned my fingers to loosen them up good. I kept finger fucking for about 5 minutes then I added the third finger. Randy didn't say much but Sean said, "Ouch, That is really tight dad."

"It will ease up in a few seconds Sean I won't move any more until you tell me OK?"

"OK Dad. Dad I think you can go ahead now."

I went on in with three fingers and really twisted and turned loosing them both up really good. I had a plan and was hoping it would work the way I wanted it too. "OK Sean now my three fingers are as big as my dick and much bigger than Randy's. How would you like it if Randy corn holed you?"

"You mean stick his dick up my ass dad?"

"Yes Sean it is also called fucking."

"Yea dad I been wanting for him to offer to try that so sure."

Randy got the biggest grin on his face. So I told him to get up and go over to Sean. I put KY on his dick to make it slippery and told him to put his dick on Sean's ass. "Now Sean I want you to push out like you had to get rid of a big turd and keep pushing until you have to take a breath."


Upon hearing that Randy was pushing and it went right in all the way.

"Oh Randy that feels so good. It is like we were hooked together brothers."

Then my surprise came. I put KY on my dick and got behind Randy. I placed my hands on his butt and spread him wide open. Oh how I loved to look at his ass hole. "OK Randy now it is your turn to push out the turd."

Randy looked over his shoulder at me with a shocked look on his face and then he, "Ummmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhh>"

I pushed it all the way home. Randy made a real grunting sound and then a big moan and then he was back to fucking Sean. I tried to get our fucking motion coordinated so I was pushing as he was coming out of Sean. We kept this up all enjoying ourselves by all the pleasure sounds we could hear. The whole room was sounds some I hadn't even heard before. But one thing was obvious we were all enjoying ourselves.

After about 20 minutes we were all wringing wet from sweat and Randy let loose and came. Boy did he cum. He was squeezing my dick so hard it set me off and I let loose of about 8 ropes as deep up in him as I could go. I noticed he was up against Sean the same way putting it up in Sean as far as it would go. Finally I pulled out which was a signal for Randy to pull out and Sean just lay there panting. We all lay side by side with our arms around each other for about 4 or 5 minutes before anyone had the strength to say anything. Then Sean said, "Oh God that was the best feeling of my entire life. Dad will you do me now?"

"No Sean I'm afraid I'm spent. A man can only cum about once every hour or two but most only once or twice a day. You young guys can cum once every half hour if you want to. But I promise you I will do you the next time we mess around OK?"

"OK dad I understand. But that was so awesome. I just gotta have more of it."

"Don't worry Sean I love you and Randy so much I will give it to you as often as I can. And Sean maybe later tonight when we go to bed you can put yours up in Randy, even though you can't make sperm yet you can get the feeling."

"Oh dad that would be Awesome."

"It sure would Sean." Randy answered.

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