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When I woke up in the morning I was face to face with Sean. He had already woken up and was smiling at me. I said, "Good morning my little Sean."

"Good morning dad. Dad can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure what is it?"

"Well since I still feel stretched from last night would you do me this morning. I don't think I could wait until tonight."

"Well it isn't usually a morning thing but I will let you be my morning boy OK?"

"Oh dad that is so special."

"What's going on?" Randy asked waking up.

"Well Randy I don't want to wait until tonight for dad to do me so he said he would do me this morning. Isn't that super?"

"Yea and I get to watch." Randy said.

"OK, Randy would you reach the KY for me?"

"Here dad." "I know you still feel stretched from last night but I am a bit bigger than Randy so I am going to lubricate you first."

"Oh good, I like that part too."

Carl took the KY and put some on all three fingers. He started with his middle finger and pushed it into his colon and then some. Boy could he feel the juices. Nothing unhealthy about this boy. He finger fucked him for a few minutes and then started in with two fingers. All Sean did was pleasure moans. This kid loved having things up his ass. If he turned out gay he would surely be a bottom. Carl then went to three fingers and heard Sean take a deep breath and then let it out. He knew this got to most anyone. So he twisted and turned his fingers until he was sure he was as ready as he could get him. He then lubricated his dick really well, as he didn't want to hurt Sean any more than he knew he would. "OK Sean to make it easy on you put a pillow under your middle right under your dick, which will raise your butt up a little."

Randy was up on his knees now and got in a position to best see the entry.

"OK Sean you know what to do."


Carl started slowly with Sean as he didn't want any tearing of the anus. He slowly popped in past the sphincter and just stayed there a minute. "How ya doing son?"

"I'm great dad. I been wanting you to do this for a long time. It hurt a little at first but not at all now."

Hearing that Carl continued on the long journey. He finally hit bottom when his pubic hair was against Sean's ass. "Still OK son?"

"Better than OK dad. I love it. It feels so good and I feel so full of someone I love so much."

This kinda brought tears to Carl's eyes. But he started slow short fucking him for about a minute or so and then speeded up.

"Could you use your whole dick dad. Like take it almost out and then shove it in hard. I love that."

Carl was having a hard time believing what he was hearing. So he pulled back to the sphincter and then pushing directly into the prostate got a real moan out of him and then he went on into the colon. He repeated this and speeded up until he was almost rabbit fucking the little guy.

"Oh dad that feels so good. Especially when you hit that spot behind where my dick must end."

So Carl decided to pull back to the sphincter and just fuck him pounding on the prostate on every stroke for about 5 minutes. All of a sudden..."Oh dad I'm having an orgasm...ahhhhhhhh....Oooooooooo... it ....good....ahhhhhhh.

The spasms this caused almost cut Carl's dick in half but it forced him to cum. And cum he did. He must have shot at least 8 hard thrust all the way up into the colon. Then he was so out of breath he fell sideways so as not to hit Sean on the back with all his weight. Then he hugged him so hard. Sean was trying to catch his breath so he released his squeeze on him. Then he kissed Sean and they were sucking tongues as much as their breathing would allow. After about 5 minutes they were sucking like mad as they had caught their breath. This went on for at least another 5 minutes and then they broke.

"Dad that was the most awesome thing I have ever been though. Now I know why Randy likes it so much."

Randy was like in a spell he had a giant hard on just from watching. He couldn't believe how much fun it was to just watch.

Carl finally got up and went in to make the coffee. He could hear Sean getting it again from Randy. Randy had gotten so hard and horny he couldn't resist a willing participant. They finally finished and came stumbling into the table. Sean wasn't walking quite right. Kinda like he just came in from horse back riding. They came over and sat down to talk with Carl. Sean sat down very gingerly. "Well dad what do we do today?"

Randy spoke up and said, "I don't know about you Sean but I am going to study the hawk books every minute I can."

"Yea Randy I will study with you. That would be so neat to have a hawk."

"Well you have about two weeks to pass inspection if you plan on getting one of those birds at the lake." Carl said.

"Let's get busy Sean." Randy said. Then they disappeared into the living room to start reading.

Carl never saw two boys so interested in anything.

Then the phone rang. "Hello Carl."

"Yes Mrs. Long. I recognize your voice."

"Well how are the two boys doing?"

"Just fine. They can hardly wait for the skunks to get here. They should be here late today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow."

"Well Carl this isn't just a social call. As usual when I call you I am in a jam."

"What kinda jam this time Mrs. Long?"

"Well I have an twelve year old boy who is down as we speak at the police station. They are holding him for shop lifting. It seems he has been on the street for a while and just got caught steeling food. I looked into the matter and found his father had been killed in an accident about 6 months ago and the mother has been seeing a different man every night. She is also taking large amounts of drugs they provide her along with alcohol. I have no alternative but to send him to the state detention home, where he really doesn't belong or ask you to help him out. What do you think. I am almost afraid to ask."

"Well I won't see him go to the state detention home. But as usual I have to talk to the boys first before I make a decision. You understand?"

"Oh yes, I know your boys come first. Can you ask them and get back to me?"

"Yes I will do it right now and be back to you within the next 10 minutes."

"Oh thank you so much Carl. I don't know what I would do without you at times like this."

"Well Thank you I will be right back to you. Bye now."

Carl went into the living room and found two boys buried in hawk books. They didn't even notice him as he came in. "Boys I have to talk to you."

"Yes dad." they both chanted.

"Well this is your decision entirely. Mrs. Long has a boy down at the police station who was caught steeling food to survive. He has no home to go to so she will be forced to send him to the state detention home, unless we are willing to help her out and let him stay here."

Randy said, "How old is he dad."

"He is 12 years old."

Randy looked at Sean and then asked Sean to go into the other room so they could talk in private. I just sat down and waited for them to come back.

When they came back Randy said, "Dad Sean and I were both in bad shape when you accepted us and we feel that it would be bad if we turned this kid over to a detention home. So we will accept another brother if you will."

"I am glad you feel that way boys as I didn't want to have to send him to the detention home either. I will call her back and accept him."

The boys talked for a few minutes and then they were back in their books.

Carl picked up the phone and dialed. "Hello Mrs Long. The boys have come to a decision. They want me to accept him since they were in bad shape when they came here, and they don't want him going to a detention home either."

"Whew! You don't know how happy you make me. I have been a nervous wreck waiting for your call. Would it be OK if I go and get him from the police and bring him out this evening?"

"That would be fine Mrs. Long since they could call and say my shipment has arrived today. That was all I was worried about. Since it is a live shipment I have to go and get it immediately."

"I understand Carl. I will even leave right now so as to hasten things for you even more. See you in about 45 minutes OK?"

"That will be fine Mrs. Long. Bye now."

"Good bye Carl and may God Bless you all."

That made Carl feel really good. He wondered what type of kid he had just brought into his household. He would know shortly.

Carl went over and read over Randy's shoulder checking out the hawk book. I just got interested in what a mew was ( a structure for keeping hawks ) when I heard a car starting up the long driveway. I got up to check and sure enough it was Mrs. Long's car. When they got out of the car I got a look at him right away. He was a stroke of luck. He was blond, apparently blue eyed, and had the smoothest skin I could imagine. I started getting hard. The only bad thing is he was dressed like a street kid dirty and all. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

"Well hello Mrs. Long. Welcome. Won't you come in."

She introduced the boy as Steve Markan. "Well welcome to my home Steve."

"Yea hi."

"Steve is 12 and going into 7th grade this year. You can have his old school transfer his paperwork. Well Steve you are mighty lucky to have Carl as a foster father he has done wonders for the two boys that stay here with him now. Well I really have to get back to the office now so let me know if anything comes up won't you Carl?"

"Sure Mrs. Long I'm glad we can help Steve out."

With that she was gone. Steve had two bags so I told him to follow me and I would show him his bedroom. Without a word he followed me to the room that wasn't Flowers. "Here is your chest of drawers and your closet is here. The bathroom is attached to this room and the next one but no one is in the next bedroom right now so it is really yours."

"Man I am so glad to get away from those fagots and lesbians at that police station. I am glad to be here."

"I think we better have a little talk Steve. Here sit on your bed. First of all you are using 7th grade words and your not even in the 7th grade yet. Here in this house no one will ever be called a fagot or a lesbian or any other derogatory word like nigger etc. Those words were made up to make someone feel less than. To make people feel hated and looked down upon. If a gay boy ever moves in here he will be treated just like you are. Of course no one can sexually touch you in any way you don't chose. It is common for boys 10 to 15 or so to mess around. This does not mean they are fagots or gay. It just means they like experimenting. Now tell me the truth have you never experimented or are you just one of the squares."

"Well now that you mentioned it. This is just between you and me right?"

"Yes anything said to anyone in this house is secret to the outside world. Now go ahead and tell me what you want to get off your chest."

"Well I have messed around with a few guys. But no one is suppose to ever know about it."

"Well does that make you feel like a fag."

"No we just liked messing around, that's all."

"What type of messing around did you do. And remember I won't tell anyone what you say."

"Well with some we would jack each other off. Some would suck my dick and I would suck them. I had one buddy who corn holed me twice and let me do it to him too."

"So see how bad those words are. If anyone in the 7th grade found out about it they would label you a fag and ruin your reputation, when they themselves probably do the same thing."

"Yea I see what you mean Carl, or can I call you dad."

"You decide as I will answer to either."

"OK dad, my real dad was killed."

Carl put his arm around him and gave him a big hug and said, "That will be fine son. I see this sex talk has gotten you a little hard. That is another thing you don't have to worry about in this house we all get hard and we don't say anything about others getting hard. So spring all the hard ons you want dude."

"You are so cool dad. You look a little hard yourself."

"That is just common when two guys start talking about sexual matters."

"Can I ask you how big yours gets dad."

"Sure it is about 7 inches hard and approaching that now. What about you since your asking."

"I am about 6 inches hard but it is still kinda skinny." He squeezed it through his pants to show it's size to Carl.

"Well you have something there to be proud of at your age."

"Would it bother you if I touched yours to see how big it is?"

"No it is just between you and me. Go over and shut the door first."

Steve got up excitedly and went and shut the door. Then he came back rock hard and reached down and took hold of Carl's dick and squeezed. Now it was hard. Steve kept squeezing so Carl reached over and squeezed his. He let out a loud moan. They both continued to play with each other until Steve unzipped Carl and reached in and found the hole in his boxers and pulled it out. So Carl did the same unzipping Steve and pulling down his briefs to get a glimpse of his hard on. Carl noticed his pubic hair was almost white. This really set Carl off. So he started masturbating him which set off Steve doing the same. "Steve let me show you something I think you will like OK?"

"Sure go ahead."

"Here let me pull these out of the way, taking down Steve's pants and briefs." What a beautiful boy. "Now lay over on your stomach Steve." When he turned over Carl wet his middle finger and started rubbing the perineum getting sighs and moans.

"Oh God that feels good."

Carl kept re-wetting his finger and going on down to his ass hole and rubbing his wet finger across it. He kept re-wetting his finger and rubbing his anus. Steve was coming unglued he liked this so much. Carl smelled his finger and it was strong with musk as Steve hadn't bathed today. Carl loved this smell. Carl wet his finger again and told Steve to push out like he had to shit. When he did Carl sank his wet finger all the way into Steve's colon.

"Oh God that feels so good."

Carl decided to make him cum. So he came back to the area under his dick and attacked the prostate. He rubbed and pushed on it for under a minute when Steve said, "Oh shit I'm cumming dad." And he came and came squeezing Carl's finger as the spasms hit.

"God that was awesome. What was that thing you kept hitting that made me feel it through my whole body."

"That was your prostate Steve. It is responsible for furnishing the seminal fluid that carries your sperm out when you cum."

"Wow! I am really learning things here."

"Yes and if you like this kind of play you will have a lot of fun here in this house."

"Do the other boys do things too?"

"Well let's just say, just like I wouldn't tell them what just happened here I won't tell their secrets either."

"I understand. But I sure hope they do. Here let me finish you off."

He got up covered with white sperm so Carl took a finger full and tasted it. It was just like manna from heaven. He needed more of that. "Here Steve lay on your back and let me clean you off." When he lay back Carl started sucking the rest out of his dick and then started licking all the rest all the way up to just beyond his belly button. Then Carl layed on his back and Pulled his pants and briefs down so Steve had an easy reach.

Steve decided he could safely go down on him so he did. He sucked and used his tongue like a pro. He wet his finger and while he was sucking he went looking for that spot up inside Carl. As soon as his finger hit the prostate twice Carl let go. "Ahhhhhhhhh Steve.... I'm ....cumming...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....shit.....God.....that feels...good.."

Steve stayed right on his dick and swallowed it all. He loved this. Even after he quit cumming Steve kept squeezing his dick and sucking trying to get more. "That was awesome Carl."

"You can say that again. You have done that once or twice before. It felt absolutely wonderful."

"I love the taste of your cum Carl."

"Well since your already undressed and so am I lets take a shower. Would you like that?"

"You mean together. I've never done that before."

"Would you like to."

"Oh Yea."

So they both got in the shower and took turns washing each other. Carl washed his hair twice and the water was almost as dirty the second time. But is left almost a tow head when he was finished. There wasn't a hair on his body except the white hair above his dick. This kid was a regular Adonis. When he got to his anus he pushed his soapy finger up his ass to his colon. He finger fucked him several time getting him real clean and also giving himself another hard on. But he noticed Steve had one too. Then Steve did the same things to him. He washed his hair only once though as it wasn't that dirty. Then he washed his way down to the ass hole and finger fucked Carl just as Carl had him. He had a hard on supreme now and notice Carl did too. "Steve put it in me."

"You mean fuck you?"

"Only if you want to."

"Want to. You bet I do."

So Carl leaned on the shower wall and spread his legs and pushed his butt back and pushed out. Steve was in 7th heaven. He had only done this twice before and it was several years ago when his dick was small. So he pushed it up into Carl and Carl moaned as boy he could feel all six inches up in there.

"OK now play like your a rabbit and fuck me like a rabbit fast and hard."

Steve went ape shit when he said that and he was fucking harder than he ever imagined. Carl was feeling it too. This kid was going faster than anyone ever had before and it felt so good. It wasn't 5 minutes until Steve gave it up..."Ahhhhhhhhh.....OHhhhhhhhhhh... God......"

Carl could actually feel the sperm go up in him. Boy had he been fucked. He was sweating up a storm and so was Steve.

"Did you like that Steve?"

"Oh Man that was the greatest feeling I have ever had. Will you do me now?"

"Only if that is what you want."

"I want...I want."

Carl had deliberately not cum so if he needed it he would have it. So he had Steve spread his legs and put his butt back. "Now push out like you were trying to fart."


Carl was in him about two inches above the sphincter. "How is that Steve am I hurting you?"

"Yea it hurts but it is you. I can take it go ahead."

Carl slowly went on into the colon and around the first curve. Then stopped and repeated. "How ya doing son?"

"Fine the hurting has just about stopped. Try some of that rabbit stuff with me now."

Carl thought, you asked for it kid. He started rabbit fucking slow at first but soon was going as fast as he could. Steve was making every sound in the books most of them pleasure sounds. After about 10 minutes Carl did a prostate attack and started pounding his prostate as fast and furious as he could. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh...I can't....believe... it...I'm cum again....Ahhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhh...God..."

He came all over the shower wall. Carl knelled down and took his dick in his mouth and got the rest he could out of his dick. God did that feel good.

"Well dude I think we should rinse off, get dried and get into some clean clothes and go down to your brothers. They probably wonder what happened to us. Of course you were just taking a shower and talking with me right."

"Right what a talk we had."

(to be continued)

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