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Sean said, "Hey Randy why don't you lay on the floor and put Flower on your stomach. I heard the shower go off so they will be down soon. I want to see what Steve says when he sees a skunk on you."

"Good idea Sean, come here Flower. He made a kissing sound and Flower came right over. She had been trained that a kissing sound meant food. He picked her up and gave her a piece of celery he had been chewing on with peanut butter in it. She sat on his stomach eating it.

Just then Steve and Carl entered the living room. Oh my God Carl, is that a skunk?"

"Yes Steve that is Flower our pet skunk. Don't worry she was deodorized as a baby."

"Oh she's so cute. Can anyone touch her."

"Sure shes tame to anyone. But let her finish eating that piece of celery first. No animal likes to be bothered when they are eating."

Steve sat on the floor as close as he could to Randy waiting for her to finish. When she did he said, "Can I pick her up now?"

Randy said, "Sure but she doesn't like to be just held so sit down and put her on your lap to make her feel secure."

Steve picked her up like she might break, and sat down on the couch with her and let her loose on his lap. Then he petted her back. "She isn't very soft is she. I always thought skunks would be real soft."

Carl said, "No skunk have course hair kinda like a horses tail but not quite that course."

"God dad she is so adorable. I don't think I have ever seen anything so cute."

"Well Steve you should enjoy the business we are going into then. We have a live shipment of skunks coming today probably and a kennel we just built out back to keep them in. Some of them are pregnant and will be having babies real soon."

"Really. Will the babies stink?"

"Yes Steve that is part of the skunks defense system in the wild so we will have to operate and descent them when they are about 5 weeks old."

"Wow! Do you know how to do that?"

"Yes Steve, I worked on a skunk farm once and had to help the man when he operated so I know exactly how."

"That is way cool. Can I help you when you do it?"

"Sure Steve, I imagine all of you will be involved in one way or another."

"Oh I can hardly wait."

"Let's have some lunch." said Carl. He spread out lunch meat with bread and mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup and let everyone make his own. Then he poured them each a glass of milk. No pop with meals.

"While they were eating the phone rang."

Sean said, "Suppose that is another brother?"

"No I doubt that Sean, I hope it is the call we have been waiting for that our live shipment has arrived."

"Hello. Yes this is Carl Waters."

"Mr. Waters this is the post office calling. We just got in a bunch of cages in a live shipment. They should be picked up as soon as possible."

"Just what we have been waiting for I'll be there in half an hour."

"Thanks Mr. Waters I am sure what ever is in those cages will want to get out as soon as possible. See you when you get here. Good bye."

Well boys we have skunks. So finish up your lunch and we will take the van in to get them. Everyone ate fast and gulped down their milk as this is what everyone had been waiting for.

Soon they were putting down the back seats in the van for cargo space and they all piled in, two in front and two in back on the bed. Sean turned on the TV to show Steve. "Hey man, that is so cool."

"Yea Steve we sure all like it. We just got this van a few days ago."

"I thought it smelled new. It is beautiful."

When they got to the post office Carl parked by the back door expecting that is where they would be. Then he went inside and he couldn't believe it he was 2nd in line. It only took a minute for the lady to get stamps and he was called to the window. "Yes my name is Carl Waters and you called and said my live shipment was here."

"OH yes why don't you pull your vehicle around back and we will get someone to help you load the boxes they are in."

"I am already parked there."

"Well why don't you come on through. Max will you help this man with that live shipment that came in? Just go right on back and he will help you." The boys waited outside so when the door slid open they were ready and willing to help. Max the postal worker said "It is all these boxes that are making noise."

"Yes it is a live shipment of skunks. We are starting a skunk farm here in Blackfoot."

"OH Then these can't smell anymore."

"No they have been descented but many of them are very pregnant so we must handle the boxes with care."

"Here they don't weigh more than about 35lbs so I will hand them out to you and you can load them."

So one by one they took a box and loaded it in the van. By the time they finished they had pretty well filled the bed in the back of the van. It just left enough room for Sean and Steve to sit back there with them. Because Randy was the oldest and a little bigger he got the shotgun position by Carl. Carl thanked Max and off they went to home. Carl pulled right up to the kennels. He had the one key that opened all the gates. So he handed it to Randy and told him to unlock the gates. Randy went down the line doing just that.

Then Carl looked at the first box and it said open here. There was a half driven nail holding the box gate shut so he sent Randy to get his claw hammer. When he got the hammer he took the box and had the boys close the gate behind him so he was also in the cage and there could not be an accidental escape. He pulled the nail and the box fell open. The skunk waddled out and walked toward the nest box. Boy was this one pregnant. She had to waddle her way back. Then the boys let Carl out along with the now empty box and they locked the gate with the lock. They continued this for over a half hour until all the skunks were out and running up and down the kennels. It was quite a site to behold. Carl was so happy he was beside himself and so were the boys. It surprised Carl that Steve took such an interest. He was playing with one through the fence. "Be careful Steve we don't know which ones might bite and which ones won't. We have gloves to handle them inside the storage shed. "Oh OK Carl I wouldn't want to get bit."

They stood there watching and one by one they found their nest boxes which had been lined with straw about 4 inches deep for comfort.

Carl said, "Boys I bought a box of Kleenex for each of them to make a nest with. So here is the key to the storage shed Sean will you go and get the Kleenex boxes and bring them out here." Steve was so excited he went with him to help.

When they brought them out Carl told them to open each box and pull the first Kleenex out so it was barely hanging on. When the skunk took it another would pop out until the box was empty if they wanted that many. So they put a box inside each gated runway so as not to disturb the skunks and then went and piled the boxes around behind the shed so they could use them to ship skunks at a later time.

Carl moved the van around front and then came back to watch with the boys. Everyone stood way back so they could see what would happen. The skunk that was very pregnant came out sniffing around and found the Kleenex box. She pulled the first Kleenex out and another popped up. She took it and put it in the next box and came back for another. This caught on because most of the pregnant females started following suit.

Carl took the boys and they went in to the shed and put a cup of food in each of the ten pet bowls. Then they all took two at a time and went out to put them in the cages. Then they took the water bottles and filled them and hooked them to the gate to the runway on the inside for easy re-filling. Boy was there excitement in the air. The boys were hardly touching the ground they were so excited.

Carl decided to go back to the store that is saving vegetables that can no longer be sold and bring some home. When he gets there the manager said, "Yes we have some. I didn't expect you so soon. I will be sure to have a batch ready for you every 2 days. Say could you use an old refrigerator to store them in other wise they will spoil real fast."

"Yes that would be great. Where can we pick one up."

"Well it just so happens we have one in our store room that I have been wanting to get rid of. Why don't I bring it by for you say tomorrow."

"Gosh you are all ready doing so much to help. Are you sure Mr. ahhh."

"Just call me John. John Redding is my full name."

"Well thank you John do you need instructions on how to get to my farm?"

"No I know the place well. I was a friend of your fathers before you were even thought of."

"Wow, I didn't realize that. Thank you so much John. See you tomorrow then?"

"You bet it will probably be early afternoon."

"OK I'll be watching for you. Thanks."

"Gee dad that was really nice of him. He is really a friend." said Sean.

"Yes Sean I guess so."

When they got back to the farm the sign was hanging SKUNK HEAVEN. You could see it from a half mile away.

"Well it looks like we are officially in business."

When they got home they saved some vegetables for Flower and gave the others to each skunk in divided amounts. As they walked toward the house they saw some of the skunks already nibbling on them.

"Well boys its been quite a day. What you say we order a pizza for dinner. This is as far as they will deliver."

Everyone said "Yea." all at once. So that was settled.

Carl called in the order then sat down on the couch to watch the news which would be coming on soon. The boys lay on the floor with their faces buried in the hawk books. Steve not knowing anything about the hawks thought they were just readers so he sat down next to Carl. Carl put his arm around him and gave him a hug. He was returned a huge smile. Some of these kids hadn't been hugged in years. Carl then scooted over until he was almost in Carl's lap. Since he had shorts on and that beautiful toe head skin Carl couldn't help but put his hand on his leg. Carl sighed when he did. So he rubbed up and down on his leg from his knee to his shorts. It was obvious from outward signs and sighs that Steve was loving this. Pretty soon Carl noticed Steve was getting a real hard on. So since he had already been sexual with him he laid his hand on his hard on and squeezed. Steve looked up and smiled real big. Carl squeezed and let go at intervals until he started leaking. So Carl reached up to his six pack and rubbed back and forth on it. Steve sucked in his stomach and so Carl knew what he wanted and went under his briefs and cupped his dick and balls and squeezed more. This made Steve scoot down a little and really sigh. With the TV on the boys with their noses in their books didn't pay any attention to what was going on.

Steve closed his eyes for a few minutes enjoying this immensely. Then he opened his eyes and saw Carl had a boner too. So he reached over and put his hand on Carl's stomach and rubbed. Carl sucked his stomach in and Steve slid his hand down and took hold of Carl's tool. Steve started masturbating him slowly and gobs of precum started leaking out. So he took his thumb and moved the precum all over the head and then started rubbing it on the spot under the dick head. This brought on more and more precum as he did it. Carl also felt a burning sensation from it. "Steve would you like to show me that thing in your bedroom you mentioned."

"Yea have you got time now?"

They both got up unbeknown to the other two as they were too into their books and started upstairs. They went into Steve's room and shut the door. Both of them took their pants down below the knees and layed 69 and started sucking like mad. Carl was going crazy. This guy had had some real experience at this. So Carl started giving the best head he could too. All of a sudden Carl felt a wet finger go up his ass right for the prostate. He knew he wouldn't hold out long with that going on so he wet his finger and pushed it clear up into Steve's colon. Steve moaned and then Carl moved back and stated a prostate attack too. Both of them came almost at the exact same time filling each others mouth full of cum. Carl thought it was the best tasting cum he had ever had and he thought Sean's was good. This toe head had no salt taste at all yet just pure sweet fluid. Steve swallowed and then came up and kissed Carl and they soon were tongue wrestling. Carl had a feeling he was going to like this kid a lot.

They both pulled up their pants and went back to the couch satisfied. The news was just starting. So Carl started watching it with his arm around Carl's shoulders. After a bit Steve got curious as to what could hold the boys interest so long so he got up and went down and picked up one of the falconry books. It wasn't long before he was buried in one. So Carl watched the news by himself. As the news ended the doorbell rang and it was the man delivering the pizza. Carl paid him and took it into the kitchen. He put out a pop for each of them and took a beer for himself. "Hey boys soups on."

"They heard that and all came running. Today took a lot of energy and so they were really hungry."

"Dad do you think by looking you can tell which of the skunks might have her litter first." said Randy.

"I kinda doubt it son. But the tell tale sign will be which one works on her nest the longest to get it ready. They know when they will need it and believe me they will have it ready. So just watch the nest boxes for the signs."

"Yea that makes sense." said Randy.

They kept eating without anymore conversation until they started filling up. As they filled up they asked to be excused and went back to their books.

Carl cleaned up the little mess himself and was wiping the table down when Sean came in to the kitchen. "Dad can I ask you a question."

"Sean you can always ask me anything you know that."

"Well dad because we are being nice and letting Steve stay here does that mean we can't do sex stuff anymore?"

"Well Sean I doubt you have to worry about that as almost all 12 year olds are as horny as a horny toad. I think things will work out just fine. If he didn't want to join us he has his own bedroom so don't worry about it OK?"

"Gee dad you have an answer for everything."

"Well maybe not everything Sean but a lot of things. I'll bet you know a lot about hawks and falcons that I don't know."

"Yea, but that is because we are reading about it. You should look at a few of the books yourself dad they are really interesting."

"Yea, I suppose you are right son. With three sons all interested Dad better get involved or feel stupid huh."

"Well you never would be stupid dad but you just might not know as much as we do about falcons."

"Well let's go back into the living room and you give me one of the books and I'll look it over OK?"

"OK dad. Gee you sure do know how to make a fellow happy."

They went into the living room and before long you could hear a pin drop as everyone had their nose in a book.

Carl looked up and time had flown. It is funny how fast time flys when one is reading a book they are interested in. It was 10pm. And for boys and him it meant bedtime.

"Boys do you know what time it is?"

Randy said, "Wow, how time flys. It is bedtime."

"Yes why don't all of you brush your teeth and then come back here."

Carl washed his teeth and then went back to the living room. Sean came in first so he asked him, "Sean can I have your permission to mention that we all like to mess around. With our rules I must have your permission first."

"Sure dad I don't care if it's only us in the house."

Randy walked in and got asked the same question. He answered almost Vera batim the same way.

Then Steve came in and Carl asked him to come into the kitchen. "Steve you know the rule we have about telling anyone anything discussed between us. Would you have any objection to me saying that you like to mess around once in a while."

"No dad but why?"

"You will find out in a minute."

Carl and Steve went back into the living room. Carl said, "Boys I have an announcement to make." They were all ears. "Well I just asked each of you for permission to say this or I wouldn't, and you know that. But I can tell you that all three of you like to mess around and so it doesn't have to be a secret in this house anymore."

"Really dad how cool." said Sean followed by the others.

"Steve now there is something else I need to tell you and this is on a keep it secret rule. OK?"

"Sure shoot."

"Well the boys have been sharing my king size bed since they have been here and we have messed around a lot. Now you have the option of going to your own room to sleep or coming in and joining us."

"Oh man I was hoping I wouldn't have to sleep up there all by myself. It's not that I'm scared or anything. But, I would love to be with all of you guys more."

"OK then let's head for the bedroom then." said Carl.

Three excited boys followed Carl into the bedroom. "Now Steve we usually sleep in the nude but if you would rather keep on your briefs that is fine."

"No I love sleeping naked. I just haven't been allowed to most of my life."

With that they all undressed folding their clothes and putting them on chairs. There they stood one Adonis and two good looking boys all naked as jay birds. Carl was now naked too. One thing they all shared in common was a real stiffy. "Wow, look we all have woodys." said Steve.

Carl said "Why don't we have some fun together. Each of you lay where you can reach another boys ass hole. That makes a nice circle of which I am part of. Now here is a small tube of Vaseline for each of you. Now put some on your fingers and start lubricating the guy you are behind." It wasn't long before the sounds of finger fucking and moans were inundating the room. They all knew the one, two, three finger thing so that is what was happening.

When everyone was well lubed Carl said, "OK now jack off and get your dick full of Vaseline. They did this quickly and loved the feeling. OK now the guy ahead of you will be the one you corn hole. So get On your hands and knees and starting with Sean go ahead and go into Randy." Randy looked back and saw Sean's smiling face. He loved him like a brother that was for sure. Then Sean told him to push out and As soon as he did Sean was all the way to the hilt. Randy moaned real loud as even thought Sean wasn't all that big he got in there pretty fast. And now he was getting fucked and boy could Sean fuck. "OK now Randy you mount Steve." So he did he got up with a dick in his ass and put his in Steve all in one giant push. "Ouch God I haven't done this much take it easy OK at least for a minute." So Randy went slow at first but soon had to keep up with Sean to stay in. "Now Steve go into me." Steve was hurting but the hurt kinda went away when he got that 7 inches up Carl's butt. He started fucking right along with the chain. Then Carl said, Now so we can stay in a straight fuck lineup I will stay out of it and just get fucked. And boy was Steve fucking him.

It was like loco motion everyone had to move with each other. The sounds coming from that room were indescribable. Every possible sound a guy can make both in pain and pleasure was coming out of the group. This went on for about 15 minutes and Soon Sean had his dry cum. This sent Randy off and he filled up the next guy and it kept going on down the line until the last sounds of ahhhhhhhhh" and ohhhhhhhhh's and oh God's were heard. They all collapsed into a pile. Each hugging the guy he just fucked. They lay there trying to catch their breaths for about 5 minutes. And then Carl said, "Is everyone OK?"

Everyone answered in unison. And it was all good. They had had a great time. They loved it after the hurt quit at first. They all straightened around and put their heads on the pillows it seemed like everyone was kissing someone. Soon they all became still and silent. Carl looked and one by one they were loosing consciousness as they fell asleep. So he covered them all and crawled in and was asleep himself very soon.


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