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When I woke up I was entangled with three boys. They all had at least part of themselves touching me. I very carefully wiggled my way out and took care of my morning bathroom run. Then on to make coffee. I always enjoy that first cup the most. Then I turned on the morning news where I could barely hear it so as not to wake them. But one by one they stumbled into the dinette and sat down. I told them to take whatever cereal they wanted and go ahead and make their own breakfast. After all I wasn't helping them by doing everything for them.

When they finished they all went in and watched cartoons for a while as the news had ended. I went ahead and got three cups of coffee down and then went to take my shower. I dressed in work clothes for now we really were a farm. When the cartoons ended I told the boys to take a quick shower and get dressed in old clothes too.

When they came back dressed I told them that today I wanted them to spend half an hour in each runway and try to get acquainted with the new skunks. I also told them until they were sure a skunk wasn't going to bite to use the leather gloves. I wanted to tame them down as it is so much easier to work around tame animals. The boys all liked this idea and grabbed their gloves and headed out. Randy had the key around his neck to the runways and storage room. I told them to take pieces of apple to coax the skunks to come to them.

When I went out there all three of them were in runways. One had a skunk eating out of his hand. The other two were still coaxing. But after a while they all had those three skunks where they were accepted without fear. I looked and saw one Kleenex box empty so I put in another. Then I took the key from Randy and went into the store room and went to the nest to see what the female had done with all that Kleenex. She had built a beautiful little nest and just looked up at me as if to say I'm close. I put the lid back down and left her alone. This skunk was in runway 3 and I decided to really watch that nest box for this was probably going to be the first born.

I told the boys they could do three more skunks this afternoon and we went back into the house. I decided if they were going to go after the hawk thing I better start studying all I could learn about falconry. So we spent the rest of the morning reading. You could have heard a pin drop in there.

When lunch time came I opened several cans of tomato soup and made grill cheese sandwiches for everyone. Boy can boys eat. The swallow every thing whole it seems as they were through and back to their books pretty fast.

Three mornings later

After my coffee I made the rounds to check the nest boxes. More and more Kleenex was disappearing so Things were going to start happening. I lifted the nest box in runway three and she had given birth during the night. I knew better than to try and handle her right now so I tried counting as the mother moved around. She had one coming out of her so she wasn't through. I could count 6 and the one she was birthing made 7. I hoped she kept going. Flower had 12 in her only litter. I decided to come back and check on her later.

I went into the house and told the boys and talk about excited. They were beside themselves. I told them to leave her alone today and that I would check to see how many she had in a few hours. We went back to the books and read for another hour or two. Randy said, "Dad we are going to have to build a mew for out hawk. And we have to do that before taking any test and having the game warden check that we were ready. So I helped them build a perch on a doweling that put the bird about the boys chest height. Then we put the rings on it to hook the Jesse too. (The thing that goes around the leg of the hawk and keeps it from being able to fly away. Jesse's are made of strong leather.) We put up a piece of plywood to protect the bird from inclement weather. The over hang on the shed would serve as a roof. So we put the mew on the side of the storage shed about 5 feet from the work bench which was to be our operating table. It looked perfect even to me. I had the boys paint the plywood on the end the same color as the shed. When they finished I thought for sure it would pass inspection.

Three days later

Two of the skunks had given birth. I finally got a count on runway 3 while she was out in the runway eating. There were 9 healthy looking babies there. Then I checked runway 4 as it was the other nest box with babies in it. The skunk was also out eating so I counted, without touching, 11 babies. Wow! We now had 20 babies.

The boys were hand feeding three more skunks in runways 5, 6, and 7. They worked every day with them so they were getting semi tame. I was glad to see this because a skunk can give a pretty bad bite.

The game warden was coming out sometime this afternoon so we went in and kept studying.

I saw the dust at the end of the driveway indicating an arrival. It was a state truck thus I knew we had a game warden coming. I told the boys to be on their best behavior. When he came to the door he was real friendly, as most cops are if your on the right side of the law. I invited him in and we all sat in the living room. He asked who the one that wanted to be certified was. Randy said, "I am the oldest so I would like to be certified."

"How old are you Randy?"

"13 almost 14."

"Well Idaho law says you must be 14 to be certified."

Carl spoke up and said "Then certify me as I will be the one over all in charge of the hawk anyway."

"OK Carl here is a written exam. It is multiple choice would you take it for me. It has 20 questions on it."

Carl took the clipboard and started in. After about 10 minutes he nervously handed it back to the Game Warden.

He checked it and told Carl he had gotten 100%. "So now all I have to do is inspect your mew."

Carl led him out to the kennel. He saw all the skunks and commented on how cute they were. "Yes sir, we are in the skunk raising business."

"What kind of pets do they make, they sure are cute."

"Well I have Flower in the house and she is completely kitty box trained and likes to sit in my lap part of the evening while I watch TV. She is very tame, as will all these babies that are being born will be."

"How mush do you ask for one?"

"Well we under price the market by $25 and sell them for $100 each."

"My son and daughter would really like one of those. Put me down on your list of sales. How long will it be before you have one that is ready to wean."

"About 2 months. I DE-scent them at 5 weeks old. And I like for them to be fully healed before letting them go."

"Good, here is my card call me when you have one ready to wean and I will take one. I would like a male if possible."

"Sure I will be sure and call you before we advertise them so you can take your pick of the males."

"Great! Now show me your mew."

They walked around the side of the storage shed and there it was. The Game Warden looked it over carefully and said, "You did a good job. It is protected from the weather pretty well and everything is new. I will pass it and now you are a registered Falconer. You can have up to two hawks or falcons with this permit." He signed it and put Carl's name on it. "What is your last name Carl?"

"Waters sir."

"OK here is your permit. Keep it on the premises at all times to prove you are legal."

"OK I sure will."

With that the Warden said goodbye and got in his truck and drove off.

The boys were ecstatic they were so excited. "Well boys I guess we better make a trip back up to the lake. It has been a couple weeks and they grow fast. So tomorrow morning after chores we will head for the lake."

Carl never saw such a bunch of excited kids. "Remind me to stop at the feed store and get a couple burlap sacks. We will have to put the hawk in one to keep him from being scared to death."

"Don't worry Dad we will remind you." Sean piped up.

Off to the lake

We picked up a couple of burlap sacks and headed once again over the rugged mountain to the almost unknown lake. Randy said, "Dad wasn't it up on that cliff?"

"Yes son we can just about go up the same path. Now you understand that we might not find them ready or they could have already taken off."

"Yea Dad, Let's just cross our fingers and hope they are ready."

"Now we can't all go up. Someone has to down here to capture the hawk that we throw down. So Randy take a burlap sack and your leather gloves and wait on that end. Steve you do the same thing on that end. The water will cover that area. Now don't forget the thing they fight with being hawks, not falcons, is their talons. They won't try to bite you. So get control of those talons first OK."

"Yea dad we understand. I'm kinda scared dad."

"Yea me too." said Steve.

"Well that is only natural but remember they are just babies and haven't learned to fear man yet. But just be careful."

So they started the climb. The mother bird was circling so they got to a point as close as they dare and sat still waiting for her to go off on a hunt. It seemed like forever. She even landed on the nest once. This was a good indication that the babies were still there. Then all at once she took off and disappeared. Sean waited while Carl climbed the last part to the nest. The babies had their flight feathers and could definitely fly. Carl was hoping they would only be able to fly downward and land on the ground. So he took the healthiest looking bird by the wings and threw him toward the lake. The bird took to wing and definitely was going down but not hard enough to hurt him when he landed. Carl went back to Sean and they started down to help the boys.

The hawk landed closest to Randy so Randy approached it slowly so as not to scare it and it started running toward Steve. Steve grabbed it and got hold of it's legs and stuffed it into the bag. As soon as it was in the bag it quit squawking and got still.

"Good job Steve," said Randy.

Carl and Sean finally made it down to where they were holding the sack with the bird in it. "Good job boys. You see why it took two of you as he could have run either way and perhaps escaped."

Steve proudly said, "But he didn't get away I grabbed him when he ran from Randy."

"Yes Steve you did a good job alright. Now put the sack in the van and lets get out of here before the mother comes back and attacks us."

So they got in the van and headed home. They had brought sandwiches so they stopped to eat them when they got where they could watch the sheep herder and his dogs at work. It was so cool watching those dogs work the sheep. The man really didn't have to do much at all. He glanced at us but being a hermit didn't approach us, nor us him. When we finished eating We headed home. I pulled right up to the mew and the workbench. I had prepared the Jesse before we started. I even attached the bell to it. It was like one of those little round Christmas bells. That way if he ever got lost we could hear him. I put on the leather gauntlets I had bought and reached in and took hold of one foot. I kept the rest of him in the sack until I attached the Jesse. Then I took sack and all and attached the Jesse to the clip on the perch. Then using the sack to find his wings I held him and let his other foot come out. I sat him on the perch and removed the bag after having all the boys get way back. He sat on the perch looking around but then he abated and found himself hanging upside down by the jess. I took the gauntlets and gently sat him back on the perch. He sat there for about 30 seconds and then abated again. So I put him back on the perch. This time he had learned his lesson and stayed there.

I told the boys that we would leave one boy at a time watching him in case he abated again as I didn't want him hanging upside down and hurting himself. So Randy took the first shift. The rest of us went into the house. I had bought some liver at the market, and a fur from the hardware store so I stripped little pieces of liver and pulled some fur out of the fur skin of a rabbit and got the liver covered with the fur. Hawks must be able to throw up a ball of fur daily to stay in good health. (called casting)

We all went back out to see if he was hungry enough to eat some of the liver. This will be the first step in training getting him to take food from us. When we got out there I held out the piece of fur covered liver and he started to take it then turned his head. I tried again to no avail. So I thought well bird you will eat or die when you get hungry enough. I would try in a couple hours again. I told Sean to take the first turn at cleaning the litter boxes with the strainer and even though he wasn't happy with it he did it anyway. I told Randy to continue for another 50 minutes and Steve would relieve him. He asked if we would watch while he went and got one of the hawk books. I told him to go ahead. He returned shortly and Steve and I went into the house. We sat on the couch and I asked him if he had ever used the computer to look at porn when I wasn't around. He said he had. I asked him what type of sites he looked at when he did it. He said, "Well I look at all of them but I kinda look at the guys first, especially if they have nice asses."

"I told him that is what I looked for too. You know Steve you have a really nice ass yourself."

"Well yours isn't so bad either. I love sticking my finger up in you."

"Do I see a hard on coming up."

"Yea I always get them when the sex topic comes up."

I reached over and squeezed it until it was good and hard. He moaned and said, "Gosh that feels good."

"We have time if you want to go in the bedroom for a while."

"Let's go then."

Steve was taking off his shirt on the way. And then started loosening his belt.

This was really turning me on. As I was really horny. I went and got the big dildo and the KY before going to the bed to the now naked Steve. "Roll over on your stomach Steve." He rolled right over.

I took the KY on my three fingers and pushed my middle finger all the way with one push into his colon. I held it there as I loved the feeling of the heat and the wetness. I started finger fucking him and he moaned some real pleasure moans. I took two fingers and went all the way in with them. Then a few minutes later I went in with three finger. I pumped my fingers in and out and he just moaned. "You like that don't you Steve."

"Oh yea!"

I put some KY on the big dildo and told him to push out. When he did I pushed real hard to get it through the sphincter and he uttered, "Ouch" I told him it only hurt when it first went in. And I pushed it all the way as far as it would go. Only about an inch of it was sticking out his hole. I thought I would have some fun with him as I really wanted to taste his cum. So I told him to roll over on his side. I turned on the vibrator and started fucking him like mad with the dildo. Then I took his hard on in my mouth and literally swallowed it. I gave him the best head I knew how and kept him in my throat about half the time. I asked him, "How ya doing sport?"

"Fine don't stop."

So I fucked faster with the dildo and really started sucking on his dick and he was making every pleasure sound that man can make. I took him in my throat again and swallowed squeezing his dick several times and then I knew he was getting ready as his balls were coming up so I came up and took him in my mouth and started on the under part of his dick and that did it.

"Oh....Ahhhhhhhh.....God......I'm.....coming......ahhhhhhhhhhh....shit ....Oh God....."

He must have pumped 8 loads in my mouth and I loved every drop of it. I kept as much in my mouth as I could as I loved the taste of his cum and then when we were both breathing again I French Kissed him with it still in my mouth. He got hard again when he tasted his fruit. I kept up tongue sucking with him for about 10 minutes and then we were both needing to breath some so we broke.

"God I love it when you do that Carl. You give the best head and with that dildo clear up my ass it felt even better."

I saw he was hard again so I said lubricate me now. So he took the KY and did all three fingers in me. He took his time smelling his fingers every now and then as he was like me he loved the smell of musk that we got from each others ass. Then I told him to put KY on his dick as I wanted to be fucked. He jacked off with KY for a bit and then rolled me on my back and looked me right in the eyes as he raised my legs with his shoulders and put his dick at my hole. I grunted to let him know I was pushing out and he was in like a horny teen. He went all the way into my colon and then some I think. I know it felt like he was in my stomach. Then he waited a few seconds feeling the heat and smoothness of my ass and colon and then he started fucking. I told him not to hold back I wanted to see how fast he could go. I shouldn't have said that as he turned into a blur. And since he had just unloaded in my mouth he kept it up forever. He was dripping wet and drop of his sweat were falling on my chest. But I was wringing wet too so it didn't matter. After about 20 minutes he let out with. "Ohhh God.....Here .... I ....GO.....again....ahhhhhhhh....onhhhhhhhhh...."

When I felt the first hot cum hit me it set me off too and I started shooting cum all over me and him. I don't know when I came so hard. God it felt good. I never wanted it to end. But all good things must come to an end and he finally collapsed on my chest in my cum and hugged me hard. I of course hugged back equally hard. I really loved this boy. He was a good piece of ass, I knew that.

Finally he got up and got a towel and after licking a lot of the cum off me he dried us both with the towel. "You know Carl I have to take my turn with the hawk soon."

"Yea we better get dressed and get out there I guess."

"Thanks Carl that was one good time."

"Well Steve you certainly participated. I should be thanking you."

He just chuckled and we finished dressing and went out to the Mew. Randy was glad to see his relief coming. I brought a piece of the liver with me and offered him the liver once again. This time he took it from me and started eating it holding it with his talon. He downed it pretty fast so I went back in a got some more and brought it out. I let him eat until he was full for we certainly weren't going to fly him soon. He couldn't even fly level yet. We didn't want to fatten him up too much though as when it came time to train him we would have to find his sharp set weight before we could ever release him. (That is the weight where the bird is hungry enough that he won't fly off. All he can think of is getting to the person who has the food.)

Steve stayed with him. I told him if he didn't abate this time during this hour we would just check him periodically until dark when we knew he wouldn't abate. Sean had finished the poop detail. So he was ready to go inside with Randy and I too.

When we got in I started getting things prepared for dinner and the boys lay on the floor and allowed themselves to watch cartoons for the first time in a while. I was glad to see that as they had been studying about hawks so much it was time for a change.

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