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The following morning I was getting ready to go and check if any of the other skunks had had their litter during the night. Just as I reached the door handle the phone rang. "Who could that be? I thought to myself. I picked up the phone and the familiar voice of Mrs. Long greeted me. I recognized her voice and asked how she was. She said things were going fine until 5 minutes ago.

"What happened 5 minutes ago Mrs. Long?"

"Well the good ole police called me again. It seems the local grocery store had caught a boy stealing food. The police said unless I could place him he had no other resource except the county detention home until the boy turned 18."

"Wow! You sure have a hard job at times don't you? May I ask how old is the boy?"

"He is 10 and will be 11 in one month. Carl I hate to ask you but I see that empty bedroom you have and know how much good you have done for the boys so I just have to give you a try."

"Well again it will take a house vote first before I can tell you any thing. You understand don't you?"

"Yes Carl I do understand and admire you for it. Will you call me as soon as you have the results of the vote?"

"Yes I will get back to you within 5 minutes or so."

"Oh thank you Carl, you don't know how much this will mean to that boy. So I will anxiously be awaiting your call then. Good Bye."

Carl hung up and thought Do I really want another boy myself. This place is getting crowded with all the boys and the skunks and now a hawk?

"Boys I need to talk to all of you for a minute." They all gathered in the living room with their eyes on Carl.

Randy said, "That was Mrs. Long wasn't it?"

"Yes Randy. She has a boy who will turn 11 next month that is at the police station right now. If we don't take him he will spend his teen years in the county detention home. But you know I never make a decision without your vote. So I will let you vote secretly. Everyone get a small piece of paper off the desk and on it write yes we will take him or No meaning we don't want him. Then give me the slips."

All of the boys went to the desk and secretly wrote on the paper. They wouldn't even let each other look at their votes. They handed them to me and I started to read them. The first one said yes. And as he continued one by one they all said yes. Well boys you have voted him in. I will call her and tell her. May I ask why you voted yes?"

"Dad you have to remember some of us were accepted on the same terms and it wouldn't be fair to turn away someone who needs our help, now would it?" said Steve.

"OK then I will call her right now." Carl called and told Mrs. Long about the secret written vote and could hear her holding her breath. The vote was a unanimous yes Mrs. Long."

"Oh Carl I am so glad. That boy really needs you. Thank you so much for accepting him. I will go right now and get him from the police and bring him right out. Are you going to be home?"

"Yes, bring him on out then."

Carl hung up and then continued out to check nest boxes. Another skunk had littered during the night. As far as he could tell their were a bunch but he couldn't count them all because they were under her. He went to the next female and she had built her nest and was going around in circles. This meant she was getting ready to litter. He was all excited. SO he went into the house and told the boys to feed number 7 as she had just had her litter. He wanted to draw her away from the nest box so he could count the babies. So Steve made up some vegetables and some food in a dish and took it to the end of her runway by her water where she always ate. Then they stood back and watched out of sight. She might not come out if she felt a threat.

Carl got over by the storage room door and opened it softly so as not to make a sound. Then waited. After about 5 minutes she stuck her head out and looked around. Then feeling secure she came out to the food. Carl went to the nest box and looked. He had to count twice since there were so many. It was another flower she had 12 babies. Carl closed the lid and went to tell the boys. He also recorded the date of birth of number 7 and littler size. He would have to keep good records as he had started with the first birth. They now had 32 babies. That came out to $3,200. Not bad for a start.

Carl decided that the feeding time for the hawk would have to be after the boys got home from school after it started in a couple months. So he would feed at 4:30 every day. He told the boys this so they could remind him. Then he told the boys how they used to catch live mice when he was a boy. So they went looking for old coffee cans. Carl had saved them as they made good storage bins for stuff. They found 6. So Carl told them how they made them but they would have to wait for the 10 year old to arrive before we could go and get the mouse traps and the rabbit wire necessary. Also a roll of regular wire to hook them to the cans with.

Lunch was approaching so Carl started making sandwiches for 4 boys and himself. The new boy would probably be hungry.

Dust on the drive way told him someone was coming probably Mrs. Long. Sure enough she pulled up in front of the house and a boy with good looking face and cold black hair got out with her. When she knocked Carl answered with a smile. "Well hello Mrs. Long. Welcome. And what have we here." looking down at the boy.

"Well Carl this is Kyle Westmoreland. He is the almost 11 year old I told you about."

"Well Kyle just to let you know you wouldn't be here except all of the boys voted yes on a slip of paper about whether they wanted another brother. SO welcome Kyle. You are wanted and we are so happy to have you."

"Gosh thanks Mister. I thought I was headed for the detention home."

"Not if we could help it." Carl said.

"Come on in the living room and I will introduce you to your brothers. This is Randy my first child Kyle. And this is Sean my second boy. Finally this is Steve and he is the last one to come here. Now you are. You may call me Mr. Waters, Pop, Dad, or what ever you choose. These boys all call me dad."

"Then it would be OK to call you dad. I have never had a dad. He left before I was born. Mom went to prison for 20 years so I have been so alone. I am sure glad you all voted yes for me."

Mrs. Long was wiping tears from her eyes this was almost too much for her. " Mrs. Long would your like to stay for lunch with us?"

"No Carl I have to get back. And may I say in leaving. God bless you and your sons."

As she drove off Carl told all the boys to go to the table as lunch was ready. After they sat down and started eating the sandwiches Carl gave them each a glass of milk to go with them. "Randy since you have been here since day 1 why don't you fill in Kyle on everything that goes on around here."

"Sure dad right after lunch."

"When he is through with you Kyle I want to show you your room and also get you cleaned up a bit. It looks like those clothes have been on you a while."

"Yes dad I have been wearing them on the street as I had nothing else to wear when they took mom away. I ran before they could stick me in some home or something. I was really scared."

"Well Kyle we have to go into town this afternoon for some things and while we are there we will get you a new wardrobe. How does that sound?"

"Wow! You mean real NEW clothes?"

"Yes Kyle real new clothes. Say Sean since you are the closest to his size would you get a set of clothes of yours for him to wear to town. It looks like what he is wearing will go in the garbage."

"Sure dad."

After lunch Randy got Kyle aside and told him all about the skunk farm and the hawk etc. Then when he finished he brought him to me and said dad I guess he all yours. I filled him in on everything I can think of right now."

"OK then Kyle follow me and I'll show you to your room. Now this room is also where we have been keeping Flower's cage and if that bothers you I can move it to the storage shed."

"Who's Flower?"

"Oh didn't Randy tell you she is our house pet skunk. Here let me let her out. We had her in the cage until after Mrs. Long came." I let Flower out and she came right over to Kyle.

"Gosh will she let me touch her?"

"Oh yes, she is very tame. She will even sit in your lap while you watch TV. But she doesn't like to be picked up and held as she feels like she has lost her freedom. You can pet her if you like."

"Oh she is so adorable." Kyle petted her head and gave her a hug. Flower accepted the attention quite well. Then Flower went on out and down the stairs to see what was going on.

"Well I found these clothes for Kyle dad." Sean came in saying.

"Fine, Thank you Sean." Sean turned and left Carl alone with Kyle.

"Now if you aren't bashful why don't you take off your clothes and I will wash your hair and get you cleaned up a bit."

"Well I am shy to be naked around strangers but now your my dad so I don't care." He started removing his clothes. He was so cute that Carl could hardly wait to touch him in the shower. He was slender like he needed some feeding. He had about a three inch dick and it was cut. When he turned Carl saw a perfect butt. It was close to a bubble butt. Maybe it would be when he fattened up some. Carl noticed he was red in the crack of his butt and asked him about it.

"Well I was sleeping when it started raining on me. When I woke up my pants and underware were soaked along with my shirt. So I tried to find shelter until morning. I had to walk around wet for so long as it was two days until he sun finally dried me. SO I got real sore back there from my underware rubbing in my crack."

"Oh that sounds terrible. You must have near froze to death. Here bend over the bed and let me have a look at you." When he bent over of course Carl took it all in. Carl spread him wide and saw that he was even red around the anus. "Kyle I am going to put some lotion on you daily or maybe twice a day until you are not sore here anymore."

"Oh I would like that. I never had anyone who cared for me before."

"Come on follow me to the bathroom and we will get your shower started that will help some." So Carl took him to the bathroom and started the shower and got the temperature of the water right. Now go ahead and step in and get wet. Would it bother you if I remove my shirt and pants so I don't get soaked washing you?"

"No I would actually like that. Do you take off your boxers too? You don't want them getting wet either."

"Sure if it doesn't bother you I will. But it will be between me and you OK?"

"Oh yea our secret."

Carl reached over and shut the door and locked it. Then took off his boxers showing a 3/4 erection. "Wow! that is the biggest dick I have ever seen. But of course I haven't seen many either."

Carl stepped in and started shampooing his coal black hair. He really gave him a scalp massage as he did it. This brought out some real pleasure moans from Kyle. "That feels so good dad."

"I'm glad you like it because I am going to do it twice. Your hair is really dirty." Carl kept massaging and finally put his head under the water and rinsed it really well. Then I put about half the shampoo on it again as it was fairly clean and should soap up good. Boy did it. He had more soap on his head than before. I started the massaging I knew he loved and kept it up for at least 5 minutes. Then I rinsed him again and boy was his hair clean. I put on some conditioner which I doubt he had ever heard of. As I massaged it in it had a different smell to it. "Wow, what is that stuff for?"

"Well Kyle it is called conditioner and it keeps your hair shiny and easier to handle. You will see when you comb it." I continued for another minute and rinsed that off. Then I started on his filthy hands I scrubbed on them for about 4 or 5 minutes and they came reasonably clean. Then I went up one arm at a time. I took a wash rag and washed his face with soap which he didn't particularly love. I told him to hold his breath and rinse his face looking up at the shower with his eyes closed. He did and boy what a really cute boy came out of that. Then I took a while on his ears inside and out and then scrubbed his neck next. I them put down the wash rag and wanted to use my hands on the rest of his smooth body. He had the softest skin I had felt in a long time. I kept on gong on down his back and then did his front to the belt line. I then used both hand and washed his dick and balls with one hand and his butt with the other. Then I turned him butt to me and spread his cheeks and washed the red area well. "Ouch daddy that is really sore."

"I know son but it had to be done. I will put lotion all over it when you get dry." I took my middle soaped finger and rubbed his anus and pushed it in a ways. "Oh, no one has ever done that before. It feels good."

"Well hang on I am going all the way in with the soap to clean your rectum and colon. I could feel feces all the way into the colon. It was tight packed. "How long has it been since you went number 2 Kyle?"

"A couple days. No one out there will let me use their bathroom."

"Well I can see another thing I will have to do for you and that is clean you out with water. It is called an enema."

"What ever you say dad." I finished the rest of him taking a while on his dirty feet. Then he was clean. I quickly rinsed myself off and then we got out and I dried him. He wanted to dry me so I let him and he spent plenty of time on my hard on. He squeezed it with the towel bringing out some precum. "What's that dad?"

I told him that was precum and that he would start making that when he was ready to ejaculate sperm in a couple years.

"Is that the stuff that makes babies?"

"Yes Kyle when a man puts his dick up inside a woman and squirts sperm into her. If it is the right time of the month and the woman has eggs in there then one of them might get fertilized and she becomes pregnant."

"Well what is this stuff for then." He took his finger and was pushing it around making even more.

"That is called precum and acts as a lubricant so the man can slide into the woman easier. You can taste it if you want. It won't hurt you."

He took a gob on his finger and slowly licked it off. "Hmmmmm that taste kinda good. Is it suppose to be a little salty?"

"Yes yours will be too. Taste all you want."

He surprised me by licking the end of my dick several times. I said, "Wow, that feels good. Almost as good as when someone puts their mouth on it."

His curiosity had to be satisfied so he put my dick in his mouth and took as much as he could. He started sucking on it and I thought I would loose it. "If you kept bobbing in and out and sucking like that I would cum, sperm, in your mouth so be careful."

Apparently that is what he wanted as he started sucking and bobbing and not knowing he was doing it he was using his tongue on the special place under my dick. "I'm going to cum son. If you don't want it in your mouth you better move."

He wasn't moving for anything he kept speeding up and I came and came and came. "Ahhhhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhhhhhh....My God.......that....feels... so.....good....."

He kept going and swallowing until I was drained. And weak kneed. He was some blow job giver. "Gosh son, that was great."

"I liked it too. Especially when you started cumming in my mouth. That is just like precum only lots more and a little more salty. I liked it."

"Well I am glad you did. Now we have another secret right."

"Oh yea. Can I do it again?"

"Not now son as it takes a man about an hour to recharge and make more sperm."

"Come on son and I will put the lotion on your butt but first let me rinse that shit out of you so you can feel better."

"Yea dad I feel full all the time."

I took the enema bag out of the cupboard under the sink and filled it with real warm water. Then I put some baby shampoo in it for a soaping action. I told him to lay over my lap after I hung the bag on the shower rod and pushed the long nozzle clear up his ass. "Hold on son this may hurt a little. If you get cramps tell me and I'll stop the flow for a minute. I started the water. He looked back but really couldn't see much so he put his head down on my leg.

"Dad it is cramping some."

I stopped the flow and told him to tell me when to start again when it quit hurting.

"OK dad it quit hurting."

I released the water again and this time opened it up fully. Sometimes the feces that cramps will allow the water to go on past before the cramping starts. I looked up a the bag and it was flat. SO I pulled the nozzle out of him and had him sit on the toilet. "Try and hold the water in for 5 minutes if you can. If you can't then go ahead and go."

I took the bag and re-filled it again with hotter water and no soap for a rinse. I hung the bag back up and left it turned off. All of a sudden like an explosion he started going and boy did he go. "Oh dad I have never shit this much in my life."

"Well just keep pushing until you empty it all out." The smell in the bathroom was really getting gross. "I guess I'm done dad no more is coming out."

"Fine then dry your self and get up." When he got up and looked down at the water he said "Gosh, all of that came out of me?"

"Yes son and more may come with the rinse. Lay over my lap again."

I pushed in the nozzle much easier this time all the way probably to his colon. Then I turned the valve on full steam ahead.

"Wow! I can really feel that water going in me dad."

"Well it shouldn't hurt at all this time as you cleaned most of the feces out the first time." The bag quickly emptied so I pulled out the Nozzle and had him sit on the toilet again. While I was washing the nozzle real good with soap and water he started going again. It sounded like a gusher this time.

"Man dad water is coming out of me fast this time." He was soon finished and wiped himself and got up and looked. There was a lot cleaner water this time but still several big turds too. "Boy I was really full of what you called feces wasn't I.?"

"Yes son you sure were. I'll bet you feel a lot better now."

"Oh yea what a relief."

I took the enema equipment and put it back under the sink. Then took the Vaseline intensive care and told him to follow me to the bedroom. "Now lay on your stomach and I will put the intensive care on your red bottom. This should feel good to you. We will do this for a few days right before you eat meals OK?"

"Sure daddy whatever you say."

I thought it was so cute for him to call me daddy. None of the others ever had. I took the lotion and started applying it and spread his cheeks wide. I looked at his anus as it stretched open and got a hard on again. I took a gob of intensive care on my middle finger and pushed it clear up into his colon.

"Oh dad that feels so good. Like I said I have never felt that before. I sure like it. I hope you will have to put lotion on me for many days."

"Well I am glad you like it and we will continue it as long as you need it. OK?"

"Yea dad push harder will you?"

Talk about hard, I was. I pushed harder into his colon and loved the feeling of the heat and wetness up in there now. I started finger fucking him to see how he would react to that.

"Oh that feels even better go faster and harder dad."

He didn't have to ask me twice I really gave it to him. I told him to lay on his side facing me. I thought well you gave me head now let's let you see what it is like. His dick was hard as a rock so I took it in my mouth and started giving him head. I finger fucked him faster at the same time. After about 5 minutes he had his first dry orgasm.

"Oh dad....Ahhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhh....I' pea....ahhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh....I feel like I'm turning inside out dad.......Ahhhhh..."

And then he finally collapsed. I pulled out my finger and told him he had just had his first dry orgasm and that when he got older it would be even better because sperm would shoot out too.

"Oh dad I feel so weak. That took a lot out of me." I rubbed his back and butt for a while until he recovered.

"OK son now put on these new clothes that Sean loaned you and let's go to town OK?"

"Yea I would like that a lot dad."

I got dressed too and then we went down stairs where cartoons were the thing of the day.

Well Boys are you ready to go to town now?"

They all jumped up and said "Yea." all at once.


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