Sky Delivered



This story is total fiction, but the lad in it is not, I don't know his last name, but wish I did. This whole story about him is a figment of my imagination.

This is a one off story, I hope you like it.

The door bell rang and as I was in the kitchen doing a late breakfast after having a lie in I was not best pleased, my name is John, I am 62 and gay, oh and a lover of teenage boys, late teens that is.

I opened the door in my dressing gown and saw the most gorgeous creature that walked the earth and lad about 17/18 and dressed in a white shirt with a blue tie and dark blue trousers with a notable package, why do I know this, well I was staring at him!

He had on a badge that said SKY, not his name the satellite television provider, on the other side of his shirt a badge said Thomas, he launched into his spiel about SKY and I stopped him right there "sorry son I can't have and don't want SKY satellite, this is a rented house and the landlord won't allow dishes" I said

"Well you could try them again, maybe they would change their minds" Thomas replied not seemingly giving up, right now I was really wishing I could have it now as I wanted to get the lad inside my house.

He said he was sorry he couldn't persuade me and bade me good day and was on his way, I closed the door and went back to my breakfast and rued the missed opportunity. I switched on my laptop that sits on the breakfast bar and navigated to Nifty and read a sexy story as I munched on my toast.

After a couple of hours I decided to shower and dress, in the shower my mind went back to Thomas and his lovely package that showed well in his trousers, I rubbed my hard cut cock and decided I would use the image in my mind of him to wank off, I started slow and imagined Thomas naked and erect as only 18 year olds can get, I wanted it so bad and soon I was spurting my hot cum up the shower wall, I was annoyed with myself for beating off so fast as I really wanted it to last longer. Finishing my shower I dried off and shaved and dressed made my way back downstairs to sort out my day.

I again opened up the Nifty site and selected another sexy boy story, I was getting into it when the doorbell went again and I growled and went and answered it, it was Thomas gain and for a few seconds I stood at the door speechless, then said "hey you have already been here Thomas" "have I?" he replied looking at me quizzically.

"Yes I am the one who can't have a dish, remember?" I answered "oh yeah I remember now, I didn't mark you off my list sorry" Thomas said "you look hot and bothered Thomas?" I stated

"I am" he sighed "been at this now for 4 hours solid and I'm tired" Thomas went on "would you like a cool drink and a sit down?" I asked and hoped he would say yes "could I?" Thomas asked and looked hopeful

"Sure, come on inside" I said and opened the door wider to let him in, he came inside and stood waiting for me to lock the door and show him to where he could sit, I bade him to an armchair and asked him what he would like to drink and offered him a beer or fruit juice, he picked the cold orange juice.

I went to get him one and came back to see him relaxing in the armchair and his tight trousers accentuated his cock and I could see the outline and thought some girl will be very happy to feel that inside her, I just wished he would put it in me, if he was that way inclined.

We chatted about his job and he told me he had only been doing it two weeks and was fed up of door to door selling, the phone rang and I got up to answer it, he had drained his drink and I motioned if he wanted some more, he nodded and I indicated that the container was on the breakfast bar and to go and get a refill, he went into the kitchen and I carried on with my call, the call ended after about 5 minutes and he hadn't come back so I went to see where he was, he was staring at the screen of my laptop and I looked in horror as I had left it still on the Nifty site and was in the middle of a particular sexy story where a teenage boy was getting hard fucked by and adult.

He saw me staring and went all red "oohh sorry, I couldn't help"Éhis voice trailed off, I was red faced myself and hit the shutdown button sharply "ermm are you gay?" Thomas asked and looked at me quizzically again "yeah I am, been gay or homosexual as it was known in my day since my teens" I answered and was visibly sweating "and you like stories of boys getting shagged so you like younger guys?" he went on

I really didn't know what to say and just sort of hung my head and mumbled "yes I suppose I do, but I will deny it if you tell the police" "who said anything about going to the police" Thomas said looking surprised, I hung my head again as he reached over and squeezed my hand.

"Look what goes on in a guys home is his own business and anyway I check out Nifty from time to time" Thomas said "so fire up your laptop again and lets look at what's on offer today" he went on. This was so weird I thought as I switched on the laptop again and waited for it to load up "your gay then as well?" I sort of mumbled, he laughed a little stifled laugh "well I am bisexual actually, I had a girlfriend when I was in school and we carried on afterwards, but she dump me a year back now and I now have a 16 year old boyfriend I met in an online chat room" Thomas said

The Nifty page loaded and he surfed through the sections and settled on a gay high school story, "I like these type of stories, my Phil is still at school and he likes them as well" Thomas stated; I felt a little shocked at his forwardness and watched him closely, he at times adjusted his crotch as he read a particular story and I knew he was turned on by it.

"Seems like you are really enjoying that story Thomas" I said "call me Tom please" he replied without looking up from the screen "yeah I really like this one it gets me going" he went on and briefly looked over at me and grinned and saw my track pants were tented "looks like your excited too" he said

I decided to take the bull by the horns and replied "well its not often I get a sexy lad like you in my kitchen" Tom grinned at me and said "well what you going to do about it then?"

I came closer to him and reached out and stroked his erection through his dark trousers, he moaned softly as I caressed his throbbing teen cock, I undid his trouser belt and looked into his eyes and he gave me that approving look so I undid the top button of his trousers and unzipped him and pulled down his trousers and exposed his white loose fitting cotton boxers, his cock in the confines of them was now tenting them obscenely, I took hold of the cotton waistband and slid them down and he groaned as the cotton brushed over his cock head.

His hard teen cock sprung up and pointed to the ceiling, a lovely throbbing cock of around 6 inches, with a reddening knob peaking through a foreskin, I grabbed his throbbing shaft and pulled back on his foreskin and exposed the shiny red bulbous knob, it was leaking precum and that turned the swollen head a shiny red colour.

"Oohh yeah ohh wank me please" Tom moaned, I rubbed his foreskin up and down and with my other hand I felt at his teenage balls, I was throbbing in my trousers and so wanted to have him fuck me, it had been a few years now since I had had a cock inside me and I really wanted to feel a young cock throb inside me.

"Shall we go upstairs Tom?" I asked hopefully "okay lets do that" Tom replied and kicked off his shoes and undid his tie and shirt and took them off and exposed his muscular bare chest, he dropped his trousers and underpants and stepped out of them, he removed his socks and now stood totally naked in front of me, I quickly stripped naked in the kitchen and he looked me over, I am roughly 5 foot 6 inches and stocky for my 62 years, my cock is around 5 inches erect and tightly circumcised, he reached out and cupped my balls and grinned, I cupped his and together we felt at each others sacs, we climbed the stairs and into the bedroom and I lay on the bed with my cock sticking up, Tom climbed on after me and lay on top of me and we rubbed our hard cocks together.

"Ohh yeah, ohh fuck that feels good," I moaned as Tom rubbed his foreskin-covered cock over my cut one, "Mmmm oh yeah that does feel good as he thrust up and down on me, our juices mingled and I so wanted hi to move it down around my hole and thrust inside me "will you fuck me Tom?" I asked "I will if you want me to, but have to use a condom, I only bareback my boyfriend Phil" Tom replied and climbed off me.

I reached into the bedside cabinet and extracted a condom and a tube of lube, I handed him the condom and he opened it and rolled it on his hard teen cock, I then gave him the lube and lay back down and lifted my legs up and exposed my bum hole, he spread some on his fingers and fingered the lube into my hole "arghh ohh hmmm" I moaned as the cool lube was fingered inside me, he spent several minutes fingering my hole and then seemed satisfied I was open enough.

He rubbed lube over his cock and then climbed on top of me and I pulled my legs back further and gave him more access to my bum hole, he kissed me and we twirled our tongues together as I felt his cock head penetrate me, I winced slightly as I felt him slide into me and then I held my breath and pushed back and the whole of his six inch teen cock entered me "ohh fuck yeah, your tight" Tom moaned as he thrust into me.

He went faster and faster and rammed right up me and hit my prostate time after time and I felt so good and full of his cock, my cock was so hard now as he thrust inside me and I felt I was about to cum, I felt him expand in me and he moaned "arghh ohh yeah ohh fuck yeah, I'm Cumming", his cock head expanded and he thrust into me harder an harder and hit my prostate and I groaned and moaned "ohh fuck, yeah ohh I'm Cumming too" and shot 4 good spurts of my thick sperm between us and coated both our heaving bare chests.

We both panted and Tom rolled off me and lay at my side, I rolled the condom off his cock and licked his cock head clean of his teen sperm, he tried to push my mouth off his sensitive cock, but I held it firmly and sucked for all I was worth.

Having cleaned off his cock at lay back and we grinned and kissed, I stroked his firm young body and fondled his young balls, then I sucked on his soft cock and it got hard again quickly as only teenage boys can, I lavished love on his hard cock and had him squirming and groaning.

"Arghh ohh Mmmm" Tom moaned as I sucked him, I deep throated his hard cock and soon he was jerking up and down fucking my mouth, I was soon rewarded by him thrusting hard into my throat and spurting his hot teen sperm down my gullet "ohh fuck yeah, that was good" he gasped as he came down from my sucking of his cock and it slipped out of my mouth, I lifted him up slightly and licked around his sweet bum hole entrance, depositing his own sperm into his hole and he moaned again.

My cock was hard again and I so wanted to fuck him now, I reached and got a condom and spread it on my cut cock and fingered lube into his boy hole as he squirmed under me, I pushed my cock head into he entrance of his bum hole and he winced slightly as the head went inside and I gently pushed in and found resistance "relax Tom" I whispered and I felt him relax and push back and my hard cock slipped inside him, "arghh ohh fuck, urggh ohh Mmmm" he moaned as I penetrated him deeply, I couldn't last long in his tight teen hole and I decided to go for it and ram right in and fuck him hard and fast.

I thrust in deep and must have been hitting his teen prostate as he started to shudder with each thrust and screamed "ohh fuck, I'm Cumming again" and shot another load onto his bare chest as I unloaded into the condom, getting my breath back after our coupling I pulled my soft cock out and lay at the side of him, he reached over and pulled off the full condom and leaned in and licked my bare knob clean, I watched as he lavished his tongue all over it and cleaned it off.

We decided we had had enough now and just lay chatting, "can I bring my Phil here? We have no place to be private and intimate together, he lives with his parents and so do I" Tom asked and looked over at me.

I thought for a moment or two "well I reckon it will be alright, as long as you don't tell anyone else what you do here" I replied

"We won't tell a soul, it will be just me and him and maybe you can join us after we have had some time on our own, I will leave that up to Phil though" Tom said and smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me "thank you for everything, but I must go now, I meet Phil out of school" Tom said.

I told him to have a quick shower and then we both went downstairs naked and as I followed him I marvelled at his sexy teen bottom and so wanted to have it again sometime, and perhaps a lovely 16 year old lad on the side as well, we swapped mobile phone numbers and he also had my house phone number and then he dressed and was on his way, I went and showered and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt on this unusually warm spring day and sat downstairs thinking about what had gone on and hoped Tom would be back and Phil with him maybe.

It was several weeks later when I got a call from Tom, he told me that him and Phil had split up, Phil and him had been caught naked in Phil's bed by his mother one Saturday night, they were supposed to have been at a party, but she had been taken ill and they came home early.

An almighty argument ensued and Tom was told to leave and never see Phil again, Phil was soon to leave his school and his dad sent him to his uncles in the USA to work for him and he reckoned he would never see Phil again, he told me that his dad had found gay porn on their computer, some young boy pictures and pictures of Phil naked and had thrown him out and he had been sleeping of friends couches.

I told him there was a spare room here if he wanted it and he thanked me and said he would take it, two days later he moved in and he ended up in my bed every night, on his 21st birthday we became legal partners, Tom never did contact his parents again and he never ever heard of Phil again and now lives with me, we were offered the house to buy when the landlord decided to sell up and Tom got a mortgage and we live happily in our own home, and oh yes, we have a Sky dish now, curtsey of Tom being an area manager for Sky Television .

I hope you like my little story, please feel free to comment, good or bad.