Small Acts

Five nude boys scamper off stage left to the sound of dying applause. It's a small half-rounded stage in a small smoky room behind a small non-descript door off a small unimportant street. The room is half filled with men who should probably be home with their wives sitting beside small round tables covered with beer bottles and ash trays. The light is dim.

From the right side of the stage emerges a small boy carrying a wooden straight backed chair almost as big as he is. He places the chair in the center of the stage and sits down, hands between his knees. He's wearing blue jeans without shirt, shoes, or socks. His hair is light brown, straight, and too long. It gets in his eyes and he has to keep pushing it away. He favors the audience with a radiant smile.

Now emerges from stage right a good looking man, dressed like the boy. He stops beside the boy in the chair and smiles down at him. The boy knows what to do. As the audience watches, the boy reaches out and unbuttons and unzips the man's jeans. He gently pulls them down over the man's thighs, to below his knees. He reaches up and gently pulls the man's white underwear down to the jeans. The boy keeps pushing down as the man steps out of his pants, holding on to the chair back for support.

As the man takes a step closer to the boy, the boy reaches out and strokes the man's balls. He reaches his head out and licks the tip of the man's penis. The man strokes the boy's hair. The boy sucks gently on the head of the man's penis while stroking his balls, and the penis begins to come alive. The man sways his hips gently, pushing his hardening cock into the young boy's loving mouth. As the cock is exposed the audience can see that it is growing large and rigid, then it is hidden again inside the boy's small pink mouth.

The man gently removes his erect penis from the boy's mouth, and the boy looks up at the man with wide attentive eyes. The smiling man motions for the boy to get up and the man sits on the chair in his place.

Now the man reaches out to unbutton and unzip the boy's jeans. He gently pushes the jeans and white underwear down to the floor. The clothing remains around the boy's ankles as he bends himself over the man's lap, ass in the air.

The men in the audience have stopped drinking and talking, enraptured by the display in front of them. Anticipating what's to come. They readjust the erections growing in their pants as they watch. The room is nearly silent, except for shuffling noises here and there.

The man looks down at the boy's pure white ass and runs his hand around the perfect mounds, enjoying their firm softness. He runs his finger down the divide to find the hidden pucker and lightly rubs it. The boy squirms. The man's heart beats faster.

Then, shattering the silence, comes the first slap. A bright pink hand print is clearly visible on the beautiful white skin. The man runs his hand over it. Then he raises his muscular arm and brings it down again. SLAP! The boy jumps just slightly, kicking up his bound ankles. The man begins the spanking in full now, slapping the ass again and again as the audience sneaks their hands down to rub at their straining erections. The only sound is the repeating WHACK! WHACK! of man hand meeting little boy ass.

The spanking goes on and on. The man spanks one side, then the other, top, bottom, covering the entirety of the ass before him. His cock becomes harder as he spanks the boy, it pokes into the boy's abdomen, smearing it's juice there. His breathing increases. The reddening and warming of the white flesh, the jerking of the boy, the act of spanking and his awareness that he is being watched excites him, and he knows that it excites the boy too. The man can feel the little erect penis rubbing his leg as he spanks. He can feel the boy's breathing becoming irregular, then breaking into quiet sobs. He becomes more excited. He keeps spanking.

The boy's ass is stinging, and his cock is tingling. He loves the feeling of the big strong hand slapping his ass, the shivers it gives him through his whole body. He loves the strong thighs and hand holding him in place, the man's hard wet cock poking him, the man's enthusiasm for his task. He likes the other men watching and being aroused by his spanking. He peeks sideways through his long hair and tears to see the wide eyed men unable to look away from his spanked ass. His dick becomes harder, the spanking becomes more intense. Now he is sobbing from the pain and thrilled with the pleasure. He is completely out of control of himself, he is mad with the physical pleasure torture the man so lovingly gives to him.

The man knows the boy is ready. He gently rubs the boy's warm, red ass, transfixed with it's beauty. He finds the boy's pucker and inserts his finger. The boy pushes his ass up, fucking himself onto the finger, and feeling his hard little cock rub the thigh beneath. In and out the finger gently goes, up and down the little red ass goes. Periodically, the boy shivers. After a few minutes, the man removes his finger, and slaps the ass. The boy is jolted by the shock.

The man gently helps the boy stand, his ankles are bound with his jeans and underwear. He shuffles around to stand between the man's spread legs. Man and boy kiss a soft but passionate kiss. The man whispers "I love you" in the boy's ear. The boy shuffles closer and his erect little cock is mashed against the man's large stiff maleness. The boy reaches his head over and sucks in one of the man's nipples. He thrusts his hips in rhythm, rubbing the cocks together as he greedily nurses on the man, smelling his scent, eyes closed, his breath still hitching from his sobbing. The boy is content. He feels the man's hands grasping his ass as they grind together. The boy moans and shivers, he is lost. The man is nearly so as he glances around at the jealous men in the audience rubbing their cocks.

The man has plans for those red hot mounds before they cool down, so he gently pushes the boy away and stands up, hard cock pointing out, bobbing as he moves. He turns the chair sideways so that the audience will still have a good view as the boy leans his arms against the back of chair and sticks his red ass out for the man's pleasure. The man comes up behind the boy, big hot cock in hand. He places his wet cock tip on the boy's pucker. He holds the boy's hip with one hand as he uses the other to guide his cock into the boy. The boy moans and pushes his ass out further. The man moans and pushes his cock into the hot little boy. He adores the sight of his cock disappearing in between those small warm red ass cheeks. He adores the sound of the boy's moans of pleasure. He is so aroused, he has to relax a moment so he doesn't shoot his load immediately. He wants these sensations to last, and he knows the men in the audience want to see more.

The man gently thrusts his hips forward, sliding fully into the boy. He moves slowly in and out. He reaches down and grasps the boy's hard cock and strokes it as he thrusts into him. Oh my God, he thinks, I am the luckiest man in the world. The boy is so tight and his dick is so hard and he is so vulnerable and eager to please. The man knows the boy loves these moments on stage best of all. The boy loves to show the world how much he loves his man. This knowledge increases the man's excitement, as he glances around the room at the aroused and envious observers. He begins thrusting harder and faster into the boy, rubbing the boy's nipple with one hand and stroking his cock with the other.

The boy is moving in rhythm with the man, lost in the pleasure. He's forgotten about the audience. He feels the tingling all over his body. He is in heaven with that hard dick moving in his ass, the man brushing against his sore ass cheeks with each thrust. He feels the man's arousal, feels the man losing control and becoming an animal with his sexual pleasure and it excites the boy greatly. He is so proud to be the one the man is receiving his pleasure from. He is so proud that he is the one the man chooses to give this incredible pleasure to. The man stimulating his nipples and cock and ass are too much for him and he feels his orgasm building and building. He looks up and sees through hazy smoke aroused men staring intently at him and stroking their cocks. He barely recalls that he is on stage as his orgasm hits him and his body shakes and tingles all over. He lets out a yell, it's too much joy to keep inside.

As the boy's orgasm subsides, the man allows his to build. He thrusts into the boy savagely, grasping the small hips to steady them. Looking down he sees that red warm ass and he pumps harder. He begins to grunt with each thrust. "uh! uh! uh! uh!" His orgasm builds and builds and finally explodes inside the small boy's incredible ass, but he quickly pulls out and shoots on the reddened globes instead. He moans with his release, his body trembling with pleasure as he watches his cum slide down the red mounds. He strokes until he is drained dry.

His breathing slows down slightly and he leans down over the boy, hugging him and whispering into his ear "I love you so much baby." He kisses him on the cheek.

The boy whispers back "I love you too Daddy."

The man reaches down and pulls up the boy's pants, the boy fixes them in place. The man grabs his clothing from the floor, the boy grabs the chair that's nearly as big as he is, and together they exit stage left. The crowd applauds.