Small Acts, Act Two

In the center of the stage, all the way towards the back, stands a tall, colorfully decorated Christmas tree. The hazy smoke filled air in the small room gives the tree a magical glow. Towards the front of the stage is a small well-padded sofa. Beside it is a small table with a glass of milk and a small plate of Christmas cookies.

The noise in the room quiets momentarily as a small boy wearing long one-piece underwear scampers out on stage, carrying a teddy bear in one hand. The underwear are made of a thin red cloth, and have white buttons from the boy's neck down to his groin. The boy climbs onto the sofa and lays down, snuggling his teddy bear in his arms, closing his eyes.

A few of the men in the audience notice that one of the boy's eyes is slightly open as he surreptitiously looks around the room, his other eye is squinched closed. He is not quite succeeding in keeping the smile from his small pink lips.

From stage right comes a big man dressed in a Santa Claus suit including hat, fake hair and beard, red jacket with white fur trim, and shiny black boots. Santa tip-toes to the Christmas tree and places a few prettily wrapped Christmas gifts underneath. As he does so, the boy quietly gets to his knees on the sofa and just barely peeks over the back, watching. His teddy is wrapped tightly in one arm.

The audience can now see that the boy's long red underwear includes a square drop flap in the back being held up with two white buttons in the top corners. They see his firm rounded backside and most of his trim body covered with the thin red fabric, cuffed at the wrists and ankles to expose bare hands and feet.

Santa finishes with the gifts and turns towards the sofa and says "Ho, ho, ho! Who do I see spying on me?"

Springing to his feet and raising his arms, the boy says, "It's me Santa! It's Billy!"

Santa picks Billy up, placing his hands on the boy's bottom to hold him in place. He walks around to the front of the sofa.

"I waited up for you Santa!" Billy says. "I got cookies and milk for you!"

Billy kisses Santa, legs wrapped around Santa's waist, Billy humps his little dick into the big man as he hugs him. He feels the big hands caressing his bottom through the fabric as he wiggles.

"Have you been a good boy this year Billy?" Santa asks.

Billy nods his head up and down with exaggerated motion and solemn expression.

"You want to show Santa how good you are?"

"Yes Sir!" Billy says enthusiastically.

Billy wiggles his way out of Santa's arms and down to the floor. He reaches up and unbuckles Santa's big shiny black belt. As it drops to the floor, Santa's red jacket falls open revealing the bare chest beneath. Billy reaches for Santa's red pants and pulls them down to the floor, where they remain bunched over Santa's black shiny boots. Santa's cock is already hard and pointy.

Billy gets on his knees before the big man and bends his head to gently suck and lick on the big man testicles he has just emancipated. He uses his little fingers to rub the head of the man's penis. Santa sighs loudly.

The men in the audience are now fully interested in the activities on stage. In the dim smoky light, in the pants of the patrons, cocks begin to engorge. The room is quiet enough that little boy slurping can occasionally be heard.

Little Billy loves the smell and taste of Santa's private parts. His little cock is growing bigger in his long undies. He reaches a hand down to rub himself through the cloth.

After a few minutes, Santa pulls gently away and Billy raises his head and looks up at Santa with wide eyes. Santa points his cock at Billy's mouth. Billy opens and takes the man inside. Billy thinks it feels good having a big man cock filling up his little mouth. The cock is hard, yet soft too. It's hot and smooth. It tastes yummy, and pours out warm salty juice. "Mmmmmmm" Billy moans and slurps. He closes his eyes, rubs his little cock, and his body shudders.

Santa gently sways his hips so that his cock goes slowly into and out of little Billy's mouth. As he stands there, feeling very contented, he looks around the small room. The seats are more than half filled. The men are staring intently at the little boy sucking the man cock. Some of the men are well dressed and manicured. Some of the men are more casually dressed and tended. Some are wearing old tank tops and torn up jeans and look like you might want to keep your distance due to any potential odors. Different races. Different ages. Bald and hairy, thin and fat. The one thing they all have in common is that at this moment, they all wish they were him. He smiles.

Santa turns his focus to the boy sucking his cock. He slightly increases the speed of his movements. The boy looks up at him then, looks right into his eyes. The boy has big, beautiful eyes. Santa looks at the boy's pretty little nose, his round little cheeks, his little ears under his flopping hair. He sees the naked little feet sticking out of the long red underwear, and teddy bear nearby but temporarily discarded. He sees — oh God — he sees that sweet little pink hot wet mouth, eagerly devouring his big man cock. Those eyes still looking at him. His breathing and heartbeat increase. The force of his pumping increases. "Ohhhhhh" he moans quietly.

Santa momentarily closes his eyes. When he opens them, Billy is still looking at him. He pulls his cock out of the boy's mouth and slaps the boy's fat cheeks with it a few times. Then, puts it back into the warm, wet, eager, space. Little Billy's cheeks are now shiny with wetness. Santa juice smeared on the boy's face. Santa increases his pumping action. He grabs Billy's head to steady it as he begins to pound ever harder, fucking the boy's small pink mouth. "Oh, oh, oh, oh" he grunts as he fucks. Billy's eyes are still adoringly trained on Santa's face.

Santa would love nothing more than to fuck this face for a while, then shoot a load of hot man cum — Santa cum — all over the angelic little face. Proof of his lust displayed proudly upon the object of his desire. That picture would make an interesting Christmas card, Santa thinks.

But that's not how this scene is scripted.

Reluctantly, Santa removes his engorged cock from the boy's mouth. He uses it to smear a bit more juice on the boy's face, around his mouth, on his chin. He bends down on one knee and kisses the boy passionately as he reaches down and strokes the boy's hard little cock through the fabric.

Now Santa helps Billy to lay belly down over the large padded arm of the sofa, legs dangling down. Billy grabs Teddy and wraps the bear in his arm as he lays with his face cheek down on the sofa. In this position Billy can see the men in the audience watching him. He smiles.

Santa unbuttons the two buttons holding up the back flap of Billy's underwear. The flap falls down, exposing two perfect creamy white little boy orbs.

Some of the men stroking in the audience can actually be heard moaning at the sight.

Santa steps into place behind Billy, adjusting his fake wig and red hat so they don't fall off. His pants remain bunched up around his ankles, his red jacket continues to hang open. He rubs his hands gently over the small boy's creamy white ass. He has to admit to himself, it is a beautiful sight. He enjoys caressing them and feeling their soft firmness for a moment. Then he stands up, takes aim with his cock, and pushes his way into the boy. One long shove, all the way.

Billy squirms and squeals with the sudden intrusion, but quickly settles down.

Santa Claus begins a steady, forceful rhythm. He's ready to fuck, and fuck he does. Soon he's pounding the boy roughly.

Billy likes feeling Santa's big dick pumping his ass. Billy likes the feeling of his dick rhythmically grinding against the sofa. Billy likes Santa's grunting and enthusiasm, his unrestricted lust. Billy likes watching all those men watching him. He thinks they'd all like to fuck him. Billy likes the tingly feeling all over his body that is slowly overcoming his ability to think. The feeling gets bigger and bigger until Billy is trembling and shuddering all over with his little boy orgasm.

Oh God, Santa thinks, the child is cumming from having his ass pounded. That's so fucking hot. Santa pounds harder. His rigid cock goes all the way into the little ass, and nearly all the way out over and over again. Pounding that tight little ass. He sees it disappearing each time, between the creamy mounds. The audience can see it too. In and out. In and out. He feels his orgasm building, his body is shivering all over. "Oh God!" he yells. "Fuck!" Slamming into Billy's little ass again and again. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, uhhhhhhhhhh!" He shoots his load, squirting again and again into Billy's tight, hot ass. "Oh God," he groans. Still pumping. "Ohhhhhh."

Santa pulls out with a small plop. He stands still a moment, catching his breath. There is heavy breathing coming from the audience too. As he bends down to retrieve his pants, he stops to study the little ass from which he has just gained much pleasure. He sees his cum running down the backside of the boy's very cute little balls. On impulse he reaches out a finger to scoop it up. He reaches his loaded finger around to the boy's mouth, and it is instantly sucked clean. He groans again. The boy is fucking hot.

Santa pulls up his pants, then helps Billy up and closes the buttons on the back flap. He smiles and hugs Billy, kissing him on the cheek. "You've been a very good boy Billy," he says. He means it wholeheartedly. And I've been a very naughty Santa. The thought makes him grin.

Holding hands, they turn to walk off stage together. The audience sees that only one of Billy's flap buttons held, the flap is half dangling, exposing creamy white boy flesh. Billy is holding Teddy in one hand.

Just before exiting stage left, Billy let's Santa's hand go, turns around to the audience, and waving his hand he yells out "Merry Christmas!"

Billy giggles and scampers offstage.