Small Acts

Act Three - Bradley's Lesson

Out onto the stage walks a stout middle aged man in a cheap suit. He has a wooden paddle in his hand. He is pulling with him a nude early teenage boy, with a leather collar around his neck, which is attached to a metal chain being held by the man. The boy is covering his privates with his hands, and he does not look happy. He is familiar with the small smoky room, but he's not used to being on it's stage, part of an act.

The man speaks. "Gentlemen, if I could have your attention!"

Some of the men in the audience turn to look and listen.

"Gentlemen, I have a treat for you tonight! This is my son Bradley."

He turns to look at the boy and the boy gives him a wide-eyed pleading look of fear and shakes his head no.

"Bradley wanted a new video gaming system," continued the man, "Bradley has refused to work and earn the money himself, and instead, he thought to steal the money from the club's cash box last week. Bradley is now going to earn the money to repay me for the money he stole. That's where you all come in."

More of the men in the audience are now paying attention.

"Brad is for sale today. For a fee, you can use him to achieve your satisfaction." The man pulls the chain, the boy moves closer to the front of the stage. "As you can see, Brad is a fine specimen of young male flesh." The man gestures with his hands and the boy reluctantly puts his arms out to his sides so his body is visible. The man gestures again and the boy turns around. "He is still a virgin, first up will have to pay a large sum."

There is murmuring in the crowd as men pull out their wallets to check how much cash they've brought.

"Do I have any takers?" the man asks.

After a few moments, a clean cut, well dressed man jumps up with a huge wad of cash in his hand. He hurries to the stage and gives money to an attendant there.

He moves to Bradley and begins touching the boy. The man strokes Bradley's beautiful belly, gently rubbing the dark nipples as he strokes the boy's chest. He runs his hands down Bradley's smooth, strong back and backside. "You're a beautiful boy," the man says huskily.

Bradley is mortified, stiff, and scared.

"Boys who steal need to be punished, I assume that's what the paddle is for?" he asks the proprietor.

"Yes!" says Brad's father, as he hands the paddle to the customer.

Bradley can't believe his father is going to allow this to happen. His father has never spanked or punished him before, and certainly has never forced him to have sex with anyone. Bradley is a virgin, and he likes girls. He thinks maybe his father just wants to scare him into not stealing again. He carefully watches his father for a sign that this lesson is over. He is adequately scared and won't steal again… at least not while his games are new and still entertaining.

As the customer gets ready to spank Bradley's behind, his father motions for Brad to come to him. He tells Brad to put his arms around his neck and lean over to further expose his butt to the customer. They turn sideways on the stage so the audience can see well. This position puts Bradley's face in his father's neck.

"Please daddy," he begs. "Please stop this now."

His father says to him, "Bradley you know I love you, and that's why you must learn not to steal. You are going to earn the money you stole and pay it back."

Bradley starts almost imperceptible shaking, he grabs his father harder.

His father wraps his arms around his boy's shoulders and kisses his cheek. "It's going to be ok Brad, it'll be over soon. I'll be here with you." He nods to the customer over Brad's shoulder.

The man can't resist feeling those smooth, rounded cheeks before striking. The boy's skin is so clear and smooth, firm, and perfect. He can feel his dick already growing in his pants. He runs his finger down the boy's ass crack, and the boy gasps and squirms. He thinks he has died and gone to heaven.

The men in the audience are watching this gorgeous young boy's lesson, anticipating the spanking, and the boy's reaction.

Finally the man lifts the paddle to swing. SMACK! The paddle strikes the virgin ass, leaving a large angry red mark. The man swings again and again, getting lost in his task, entranced by the perfect ass turning red beneath his blows. His dick grows and hardens. His pulse races. The only thing heard in the little room is the loud SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! of the paddle hitting the firm little ass.

Bradley's father can feel the blows and helps hold Brad steady. He also feels the boy's tears and hitching breath as he cries on his shoulder. He holds Brad tightly in his loving grip and nuzzles the boy's neck while whispering words of comfort. His dick might be growing a little thicker in his pants.

The customer's hardon is raging in his pants. He stops spanking and hands the paddle to an attendant as he loosens his trousers and they fall to the ground. Leaking hardon in hand, he steps up to the boy's very red, warm ass. Using his hard dick, he finds the boy's asshole and begins to smear his juice on the hole, making ready for entry.

The boy whimpers and his father tells him, "Relax Brad, I've got you." He strokes the boy's back gently.

The men in the room are intently interested now in watching the young boy's deflowering. They have their cash ready for their turn.

The customer shoves his dick inside, and the boy screams and squirms. He settles down as his father whispers and comforts him, and holds him steady.

The customer begins to fuck the boy. Slowly until he's fully inside, then he can move faster. In and out, all the way. He grinds himself into the boy, trying to get in even further. The boy's ass is so tight, and he is squirming and whimpering and sobbing so beautifully. His perfect round ass cheeks are bright red and warmed by the recent spanking he's received. His own father has presented him here for the customer's use! This never-been-touched sweet virgin boy. The man is so excited that he grabs the boy's hips and pounds him hard and fast until, yelling "SO FUCKING HOT!", he comes hard inside the young ass. He is shuddering as his climax recedes.

Finished, the man pulls up his pants, and walks over near the boy's father, and, softly rubbing Brad's hair, tells him it was worth every penny and that he hopes to be around next time Bradley misbehaves. He leaves the stage to the sound of quiet, scattered applause.

Now eager men are holding out their cash as they struggle to the front of the line. They each, in turn, fuck the boy's ass. When the redness on his ass lessens, they spank him to restore it.

Bradley is crying, sobbing quietly. His father's shirt is soaking wet, but the man doesn't relinquish his hold on his son. He keeps nuzzling his neck, stroking his back and neck. Whispering comforting and loving words in his ear. Kissing him softly. Every now and then, Bradley kisses his father back.

At one point, Bradley hears a voice he recognizes. He turns to look behind him and finds his scrawny music teacher, Mr. Dupre, practically drooling, coming up in line. Grinning like a fool. Brad feels something weird. His ass is not getting pounded by a hard dick or wooden paddle. Instead it's soft and wet and soothing. The men close by shout encouragements to the current customer. When Bradley looks back, there is Mr. Dupre, dick in hand, cum on his eyeglasses, sucking and slurping at Brad's sore asshole. All that cum from all those men, and Mr. Dupre is acting like it's the best thing he's ever tasted. Like a starved man finally fed. Disgusting, Bradley thinks. He shivers. He's not sure he will live through the humiliation. He thinks it can't get any worse, until he looks around the room and sees a couple of his classmates watching.

Best to keep his face snuggled into his father's neck.

He feels Mr. Dupre's cum hit the back of his ankle and run slowly down.

Inevitably, someone with a large wad of cash requests a blowjob from the virgin mouth. Bradley pleads with his father not to make him, his father says he has to. The man is offering a good bit of money.

His father positions him on his knees before the paying customer and backs slightly away, still holding the chain attached to the collar around the boy's neck. He nods in what he hopes is a comforting way to Brad when the boy looks at him with pleading eyes.

The customer says "Take it out, boy."

Brad can see the huge bulge in the man's pants. He slowly reaches his shaking hands up and unbuttons and unzips the man's pants. He pushes them down to release a big, hard, smelly, man cock, right in his face.

Brad has been crying hard for a while now. His eyes are red and swollen. His nose is red and runny. His vision is blurred by the tears. He looks to his father again thinking, Please Daddy. But his father just motions for him to continue.

Brad looks at the big cock, which the man is now poking at his face. Reluctantly he opens his mouth and licks the side. Then licks a little more. Ok, he thinks. Doesn't taste as bad as it smells.

The man grows impatient and becomes a bit more aggressive. He tells Brad to lick the head. Brad tentatively sticks out his tongue and licks the head. The man pushes it into his mouth. Brad chokes and squirms and tries to pull away but the man has his head in a tight grip. He begins slowly pushing his dick into and out of the boy's virgin mouth.

The crowd around is quietly watching.

From this position, Brad's father can see the action, and his cock is most certainly growing harder in his pants.

Brad holds onto the customer's strong thighs so he can stabilize himself as the man continues to fuck his mouth. He tries not to choke and gag because that just makes it worse. It's hard to breathe with his nose all stuffed up and his mouth filled with man cock.

The customer looks down at the young teen as he moves his cock into and out of his mouth. The boy's face is all wet and red and swollen, and the customer thinks it's perfect for fucking. His sweet young body is strong and muscular yet soft and smooth. His father is holding the boy on a chain, watching, as his own dick swells in his pants. Yes, the customer can see the father's arousal as he watches a stranger use his son for sexual pleasure. There is a crowd of men around watching him fuck this boy's virgin mouth. Him. Not anyone else. Sweet little thief's mouth getting a good fucking. Yeah.

Another customer offers money and whispers to an attendant, and is allowed to stand close to watch, stroking his dick and talking dirty. "Yeah, fuck that little virgin thief's mouth. Yeah. Fuck it good."

Bradley tries to think of a cute girl from school who wears her skirts too short.

The mouth fucker picks up his pace, as the watcher keeps stroking and talking. "Oh man, look at that big dick going in that small mouth. Shove it in man, deeper. Oh yeah, like that. Choke on it boy. Look at the bulging in the boy's face. Take that big man cock boy!" Stroking harder and harder. "Little thief. This'll teach you to steal your dad's money. Swallow that man cock boy!"

Brad is startled and jerks when the talker shoots cum on his face and on the other customer's moving dick. "Oh yeah, take my cum boy. Take my fucking cum you fucking thief," the man says as he drains his dick all over Brad's face. The other customer, the one with his dick in Brad's mouth, has a tight grip on his head and it doesn't go anywhere. Brad just tries to breathe through all the cum and keep sucking without choking.

"Do it man, do it. Give him your cum man. Give him a big load of hot nasty man cum," the talker demands of the fucker. He reaches his hand around and diddles the mouth fucker's asshole.

With that, the guy starts fucking harder and grunting and achieves a trembling orgasm, shooting a big load of hot nasty man cum into Bradley's mouth. He chokes, but the hands have him firmly held in place. Cum and tears drip all down the boy's already red and wet face.

"Suck it boy. Suck it all out. Suck all that fucking man juice out of me boy," the man demands of Brad. He grunts as he grinds his cock into the boy's face.

When the man is finally finished and removes his cock, Bradley has to work to catch his breath. His father comes to help hold him up as he slumps over. "You did great Bradley," his father tells him as he hugs and kisses him.

The required amount of money has almost been raised, which is a good thing, because all the men with a lot of cash have already had their turn. Bradley is on his knees, his father stands behind him, stroking his hair, neck, and shoulders. Men and boys with less cash (including his classmates) stand around and masturbate and shoot their loads on the boy. Soon he is covered with cum. His ass isn't hurting so much anymore, but he still has to look at these perverts stroking off and shooting their cum at him. It's almost over, he tells himself, as he kneels there wishing he never stole any money.

When the money has been raised, and most of the audience has cleared out, his father whispers instructions to two attendants, who get on either side of Bradley and hold him up in a standing position. He wonders what this is about. He thought this was over already. His father pulls a swollen man cock out of his pants and strokes it as he approaches Bradley.

"What are you doing Dad? No Dad," he says. He tries to get away but he's too exhausted.

Brad's father hugs him, rubbing his hard man cock on the boy's smooth, wet, body. "I love you Brad," he whispers in the boy's ear. "I'm proud of you, you did well tonight." He nuzzles the boy's neck as his hands wander down Brad's sides, and around back to grasp his well used ass. He moves down the boy's body with his mouth, licking off man cum, tickling armpits and nipples with his tongue.

"No Dad. What are you doing?" Brad says, as he looks around the room at the stragglers who are watching. To his great surprise and dismay, what his father is doing feels kinda good. His teen cock is starting to get hard.

"No Dad!" he says. He tries to think of that time he saw that girl bend over and show her ass covered in thin pink underwear. He hears his father mumble something about loving him.

Brad's father is being so gentle with his hands and mouth, and he's doing the most amazing things, and Brad's body is responding with shivers and his cock is hardening. His breathing is deepening. His heart rate increasing. "No Dad. Stop," he says. No Dad, he thinks.

His father is down on his knees in front of him. His mouth is close to his hard boy cock. Brad can see his father's hand stroking his man cock as he licks the cum off his son's body. Brad feels his father gently stroking his boy balls. He squirms and tries to get away but the two attendants have a good hold on him and he is so tired. God that feels good, he thinks. Noooo.

As his father's mouth closes on his hard cock, he again struggles to escape. "No Dad!" he yells. "Let me go!" His father keeps patiently stroking and sucking. Oh God it feels so good.

To his complete disgust and revulsion, he feels his orgasm building inside of him. Nobody has ever seen him cum before. Now he's on a stage with people watching his father suck his dick. No. This is not happening. He looks down and sees his cock disappear into his father's face, come into view, then disappear again.

He is involuntarily pumping his hips, fucking his father's mouth. His body is tingling and shivering, he is exhausted and emotionally drained and the hormones have taken over and his body is overwhelmed with the incredible sensations of having his cock and balls manipulated in this way. He begins fucking harder and harder, grunting as he pumps. "No. No. No." He shakes his head from side to side as he fucks. "No Daaaaad!" he yells as he shoots his teen load into the deep wet warmth of his father's eager mouth. He pumps hard, grinding his dick into his father's face. He feels the mouth sucking him dry, swallowing his load and sucking out every drop. He can feel his cock spasming in his father's warm mouth. He is completely drained.

He feels his father's cum splashing onto his foot.

Brad's father stands up, smiling at his boy. Brad is being held up by the two strong attendants, his knees weak, his head heavy. His father gets his arm around Brad, the attendant moves out of the way. His father kisses him and tells him he loves him and he's proud of him.

Together, the man supporting the boy, they exit stage left to the sound of weak, scattered applause.