Small Acts

Act Four

Ever since Ed retired a few years ago, he'd been enjoying having more time with his long-time wife, and doing things around the house. He particularly likes working in his vegetable garden and having fresh home-grown vegetables to eat. For two days every week, Ed's son drops off his grandson, Timmy, to spend the day with his grandparents. Timmy likes to work in the garden with Grandpa.

Ed and Shirley raised one son, and his family is all that has ever been important to Ed. He did a lot of things with his son during those years, but he never once had any sexual thoughts towards him. Then along came this angel, Timmy, and Ed can't help that his cock gets rock hard and his heartbeat picks up speed when he sees the boy smiling in the sunshine, dirt covering his face and clothes. For a long time Ed tried to ignore these feelings, but they only became stronger. It doesn't help that Timmy is a cuddler and loves to sit in Ed's lap, arms around the man, professing his love, as he dozes off into a nap.

Today Ed has brought Timmy to town to run some errands.

As they walk, hand-in-hand, down the empty, dirty street and turn into the small unmarked door, Ed's palms are sweating and his heartbeat's pounding.

The dim room is filled with men and boys. They find a small table in a dark corner, with a good view of the stage. Ed sits back against the wall and Timmy climbs onto his lap. He turns so that he is leaning back against Ed and they can both see the stage. Ed kisses Timmy's cheek and caresses his arms and legs through his clothing as they wait for the show to begin.

On the stage is a large wooden rocking chair, with a padded seat. After a while, a man with thick gray hair wearing a bathrobe and slippers comes onto the stage, holding the hand of a small boy in pajamas. They sit in the chair much the same way Timmy and Ed are sitting - the boy faces the audience and leans back against the old man. The man begins gently caressing the boy through his pajamas, as he rocks the chair slowly with his foot. The boy appears to be very content lying back on the man, enjoying the touches.

Timmy turns his head and says "Look, Grandpa!" and points to the stage.

Ed whispers in his hear "Yes, let's watch."

The audience quietly watches as the man, ever so slowly, begins to unbutton the boy's pajama top. He runs his hands over the boy's exposed chest. He finally removes the top altogether, dropping it on the floor.

During this time, Ed was gently, slowly, running his hands further up under Timmy's shirt. Pushing it up and feeling the smooth skin beneath. When the boy on the stage had his shirt removed, Ed removed the shirt from Timmy and put it on the table. Timmy leaned back comfortably against Ed, and Ed ran his hands all over the boy's now exposed upper body. Arms, neck, chest. When he tweaked the boy's nipples, he felt a single shiver go through the boy. Ed nuzzled the boy's sweet neck as he felt his cock growing hard beneath the boy's behind.

Around the room, men were doing similar things with their boys. The men without boys were watching, some rubbing their cocks through their clothing.

After several minutes of the gentle caressing, the boy on stage stood up for a moment while the man pushed down his pajama bottoms, revealing a perfect round ass to the audience. The boy stepped out of his pants. He reached to the belt of the man's robe and untied it. He pushed it open, revealing a hairy naked body underneath, with a half-hard cock also on display. The boy briefly ran his hands over the man's hairy chest and abdomen before kneeling down and taking the man's cock into his mouth. The man gasped and grabbed the boy's head, resisting the urge to push it down. Instead, he only held it as the boy found his own rhythm. No matter how often it happened, it was like the first time for him - a sweet young boy sucking his big man cock, and in front of an audience. An angel bowing down to service his cock, for all the world to see. Could anything be better?

Ed lifted Timmy off his lap and removed the boy's pants, leaving him there nude except for his shoes and socks. Then he unfastened his own pants and pushed them down to his ankles. He took Timmy's hand and wrapped it around his hard cock and showed him how to stroke. He helped Timmy stroke for a short time, then let the boy do it himself. He sighed as he leaned back to watch the perfect beautiful naked little angel smiling and stroking his cock. He knew what he hoped would happen when he came to the club today, but he never let himself really believe it would. But it is. He hoped it would never end.

Ed watched as Timmy looked around at the other boys doing various things to their men, and having seen the boy on stage sucking the man's cock, Timmy leaned down, watching Ed's eyes the whole time, and carefully stuck his tongue out and touched the head of Ed's cock. Oh God, Ed thought he was going to come right then. He reached out with trembling arms and grabbed the boy, putting him back on his lap. He put his cock up between Timmy's thighs and resumed his caressing of the smooth creamy skin as the boy smiled and relaxed back against him. He gently rocked his hips, moving his cock up and down between the boy's thighs, hitting the back of Timmy's little boy balls each time. He reached and stroked Timmy's little cock and he felt it grow hard beneath his fingers. He nuzzled and sucked on the boy's neck and told him how beautiful he was and how much he loved him.

Feeling extremely contented, Ed looked around the room to find that on the stage the boy was now sitting on the man's lap, facing the audience, sitting up straight with the man's hands at his hips holding him steady while the man's cock was clearly pushing into and out of his tight little ass. The boy's head was slightly back, his eyes closed, his cock hard.

Around the room were men and boys in various sexual activities. Some boys were kneeling and sucking their man's cock. Some were nude, lying back being caressed, much like Timmy. One was getting a spanking and obviously rubbing his cock against the man's thigh with each swat, the man's lust filled eyes watching the reddening of the firm little ass with evident hunger. In one case a naked boy lay back comfortably on a man while a second man kneeled and sucked the little boy cock and stroked his own. At another table a boy was nude and facing his man, possibly getting fucked but Ed couldn't see for sure, while a second man thrust his big hard cock into the boy's mouth and talked dirty to him. At least a couple of men had their boys bent over tables as they licked and prodded the little boy puckers. Various single men were stroking and coming to a symphony of moans and grunts as they looked around the small room, enjoying the view.

Finally Ed was ready. He took Timmy's hand and wrapped it around the exposed head of his penis and wrapping his own hand around on top, stroked himself to an unbelievable orgasm, his face stuck in Timmy's neck, smelling and kissing the boy, grunting and groaning. Holy shit, when was the last time he felt like this?

After he stopped trembling and could think a little bit again he smeared his thick cum on Timmy's little cock and stroked the boy to his first orgasm. He felt the boy's shuddering body and held him tightly in his arm while telling him how much his Grandpa loved him and how special he was. Afterwards, he closed his eyes and held the boy, kissing his face and neck and hair, running his hands all over the exposed creamy soft skin. They were both tired, leaning back comfortably together.

Eventually Ed's breathing and heartbeat returned to normal. He saw the stage was now empty. Timmy was asleep. He gently woke the boy and got him dressed. He got himself dressed and they walked out of the little club hand-in-hand. All of Ed's hopes had been met and surpassed. They'll have to run errands together more often now.