(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd!)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 1

© 2002 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.
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At 6:30am the alarm clock rang. Justin hit the alarm off. It was another cold day in a strange place. Justin had just moved to the midwest with his mom, and he did not like it very much. He was used to living in the nice warm Southern California weather, and not the freezing temps in the heartland. That night it had snowed alot and Justin wasnt looking forward to walking to school in the freezing cold. At breakfast he got a break and heard on the radio that all schools were cancelled. Things were looking up!, he could stay home in the nice warm house. As he was waving goodbye to his mother as she left for work, one of the neighbor kids threw a snowball at him. Justin joined his new friends and had a snowball battle. That was truly the best fun he had. Ya, it was cold, and sure his hands froze making the snowballs, butt he enjoyed doing snowballs and having fun with his new friends. After playing in the snow awhile, he told his friends that he had some chores to do, and would see them later. After playing in the cold snow, Justin was freezing from the tip of his nose to the bottom of his feet. He wanted to get warm, and he knew the right place to go. The best thing about moving to the midwest was that he already had a friend there, his internet boyfriend, BobO.

And the super-best thing was that BobO didnt live that far from Justin. Justin had visited BobO a few times already, and now the only thing Justin was thinking of was the nice steamroom BobO had in his backyard. Justin phoned BobO, since BobO often worked at home on his mac computer, doing graphics. There was a good chance he was home. Phone in hand, Justin heard the phone ring several times, "oh shit, he’s not there." Then, as he was about to hang up, he hears BobO say “Hello”. "Bob,.... it’s Justin, some snow storm huh, BobO?" Yeah, a real blizard. How u doing?" Justin: "Well, they cancelled school today, and i'm freezing my butt off!" Bobo: "Well butty, u should bring ur pretty little butt here, and let me thaw it out for u!" Justin says: "Well, I thought since it was a cold day, that I could use your steam room" And Bobo says "Yea, butty, in fact, I‘m just got in here when u called, come on over, its nice and steamy!"

Justin: " And will get a lot steamier whenI get there!"

Justin quickly hung up and went to BobO's house. He let himself in, stripped his clothes off, and walked into the steamroom. BobO was sitting in a corner of the small room. "Hey, butty, come on in!" As Justin was walking toward BobO, he looked at his young friend’s small, naked, and skinny body, and watched, as the boy, swinging his beautiful dick, walked towards him. Looking at Justin, "Hey butty, can u get that water, and pour some on me to cool off." Justin says: " You betcha’!" Justin then got the sponge and poured some water down BobO’s chest.

Justin liked looking at BobO’s body, as he was big and muscular, and very hairy. Justin wndered if he would ever be as hairy as BobO was. He hoped so. He poured water down BobO's arms and stomach, and his cock. Then, Justin turned around, and sat down on top of BobO, with BobO's massive cock in between his legs. Bobo put his arms around Justin, giving him a great bear hug. They stayed there for a while. This was Justin's favorite position with BobO. With Justin’s cock above BobO’s, Justin would take his hand and start feeling BobO’s cock. Justin loved feeling BobO’s cock, and touching BobO’s thick bush of hair around it! He had so little hair around his own cock. Justin admired BobO’s massive big cock, and as it grew bigger, it was a meat pole of 8 inches. Justin would compare his own, smaller 7” cock, to BobO’s. Fully erect, Justin would press his hard cock against BobO's, moving it side to side, massaging his head and BobO's at the same time. One hand gripping his cock and BobO’s, while his other hand would move up and down, massaging both their penis heads.

As he did this, BobO would kiss the back of his neck, face, ears, and massaged Justin's legs and nipples. Soon, Justin started to move his body up and down, as me massaged their cocks. Bobo moaned "Haaaaa!, Justin, thats my baby, Haaaaa Yeaaaaaaa!" Then, as Justin felt himself cumming, he thought about something that he read on the internet that morning, all about sucking and cumming. "Hey Bobo, snowball me." BobO, surprised, says: "You are such a perv!" BobO then laid Justin down, and gave the boy the best blow job he ever had. And Justin shot three loads of sweet, hot cum into BobO’s mouth. Then, BobO gave Justin a big cum kiss, and let the boy’s cum in his mouth go into Justin’s own mouth . Justin pulled away for a few seconds and returned the kiss, spitting his cum into BobO’s mouth. Then, moving his white and sticky cum-tounge around BobO's cum-filled tounge. They continue kissing, and instead of swapping spit, swapped cum! After a while, they managed to swallow or spill most of the cum. Justin then grabbed BobO’s cock, "Looks like another storm cumming," and sucked on BobO’s big cock until BobO squirted load after load of his hot gooey cum into Justin’s hot and busy mouth. Once refilled, Justin continued his passionate snowball kissing with BobO. Ya, the best thing about the midwest was the snow and “snowballs!”

Justin really enjoyed doing ”snowballs” and having fun with his friend!

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