(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd

Chapter 2

© 2002 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.
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At 6:30 am the alarm clock went RRrrrriiiiiinnnnnng,interrupting Justin’s very erotic dream. He slammed his hand on it to turn it off. It was so warm and toasty in his bed that he didn’t want to get up, so he grabbed his swollen cock and gave it a few strokes. Justin had been dreaming about his afternoon fun, showing his friend BobO his new “Snowball” trick. Just thinking about it with a few quick strokes were enough to cover his cute belly with hot and sticky sperm. Wow!

Justin then jumped to the window, peering out at, you guessed it, another foot of snow! He was thinking “No School!” He was still horny, and wondered if he should go over to BobO’s house for more fun and games. He didn’t want to freeze his ass off again today!

Justin ran bare-butt to the shower to wash off his sticky and sweaty body. The hot shower felt so good. While drying off, he closely examined his skinny, naked, almost hairless body, wishing it was more like Bob’s body. Bob was a few years older than Justin, but acted more Justin’s age, and liked to act like a kid when he wasn’t busy, designing artistic things on his computer for businesses and people so he could afford his “Bachelor Pad” with the spa and sauna and stereo, and the fancy 300ZX Car, etc. He had some “bomb” websites and great xxx movies , too!

Justin just doesn’t realize what a “Hottie” he is. Do the cutest, sexiest, audacious, and precosious little hunks ever realize how just how appealing they really are? Bob is enamoured with Justin, and would do just anything for him. Bob respects and loves him as much as Justin seems to admire and love him. It seemed like a perfect friendship!

Justin pulled on his sexiest red bikini underwear, tight jeans and a tight-fitting fleece shirt, dashed downstairs, inhaled the french toast and sausage that his Mom had made him for breakfast, said, “Bye Mom!” And started trudging the few blocks to BobO’s Place, still thinking about yesterday, wondering if Bob was out of bed yet, thinking that he would give him a wake-up to remember!

On the way, Justin made some snowballs and stuck them in his pocket, and used the key Bob had given him to let himself in, and headed for the bedroom since Bob was nowhere to be seen. Sure enough, Bob was still in bed, wearing his sexy red bikinis, with a big morning boner. Probly dreaming about yesterdays fun, thought Justin! Justin quickly strips off his clothes, getting the cold, melting snowballs out of his jacket, and proceeds to pummel Bob’s naked body with them Bob yells, “What the FUUUUCK is going on?” as Justin then leaps on Bob’s snow-covered body, laughing his ass off, saying: “ Morning, BobO, you seemed to enjoy the “Snowballs” I gave you yesterday ha-ha-he-he”, as he giggles and rubs his sexy body all over Bob. “You little FUCKER”, says Bob, laughing, as he hugs his butty, Justin. Justin repeated yesterdays fondling, squeezing, and playing with both of their cocks and asses as they continued to hug and kiss and kiss.

“So, BobO, do ya’ wanna’ give me a snowball BJ today? I really liked it!” “Uuum,” says Bob, “How about a little variation, sit on my face first, so I can lube you up.”

“Huh?, says Justin, with a big grin. He’s suuuch a little Perv! So, Justin gets on his hands and knees, straddling Bob’s head, and rubs his swinging dick all over Bob’s face, really getting into it! Bob licks his fat little balls, running his tounge back to Justin’s throbbing tight little rosebud butthole, Justin getting more and more excited, as Bob’s tounge licks his butt, yelling, “Yes. yes, kiss my hot virgin butt, YES! uuuunnnnhhh!, “ as he pushes it down further and further onto Bob’s hot tounge swirling round and round in Justin’s squirming, moving butt, as Bob is grabbing his firm bubble-butt cheeks, trying to hold still so he can give him the best tounge fuck of his young life! Justin was trying to suck on Bob’s big and hard cock, but was too excited to get Bob off!

Justin yells “OOoooooohhhhh! I’m cummming!” So Bob pushes his head up to get Justin’s massive load with his hot juicy mouth. “Uuuuuuummmm, goooood,” says Bob, as he sucks the sweet nectar from Justin’s spasming prick, swallowing every drop! “Oh, BobO!, that was the best sex I’ve EVER had, it’s the most I’ve EVER cum! YOU’RE the best, Bob! “No, Justin, YOU’RE the did it! But I loved it! Buuuuutt, BUTTY!, I didn’t get off, cuz you were having suuuuuch a good time ejaculating your ass off!”

Justin, looking contrite, says “ Wwwhaaat do you want mmmeee to do to make it up to you?” “Oh, nuthin’ much, just turn over and relax, and I’ll take care of it!” “You sure?” “Sure!” So Justin turns over, with his lovable, cute little perfect butt in the air! Wow! Bob lays beside him, giving him a biiig kiss, rubs that fantastic ass, puts his leg over Justin’s legs, spreads Justin’s legs, as he’s lying there in ecstasy, gets on top and starts rubbing his massive hardon up and down Justin’s butt crack, Justin is wiggling his butt for all he’s worth, as Bob starts to slide the head of his cock against Justin’s throbbing asshole. Bob says, “How does it feel?” Sexy!”, replies Justin, “Push it in a little more!” Bob pushes back and forth, each time a little deeper. Suddenly Justin cries, “EEEooooo0owww!” and so Bob pushes the whole 8 inches of his hard dick into the squirming boy’s asshole, who then cries, “Yes, yes, harder, faster, uuuuuuuunnnnnhhhh, “ and starts bouncing and squirming with wild abandon. Bob gets excited, since Justin seems to like his first butt-fuck soooo much, he just keeps cumming, shooting load after load into Justin’s willing little butt. Justin looks over his shoulder as Bob is pulling his tired cock out, and says “Wow! that’s the most fun I’ve EVER had!” Bob says, “Maybe I can give us a little more fun, if you’re UP to it!” “OK!”, says Justin. Bob says, “Just prop that cute little butt up again”, and proceeds to lick Justin’s hot and juicy cum-filled little ass, and giving Justin big kisses and mouthful after mouthful of Bob’s hot and tangy nectar.

Both Justin and Bob are overwhelmed with their daring sexual exploits of the afternoon, and lay back on the bed, embracing each other....until Justin says, “Is the hot tub turned on?” Bob mumbles, “Un-huh.”, Justin says “I’ll race you to the hot tub!” And they both race down the hallway, playing “grabb-ass” on the way to more adventures.

More to cum....