(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 3

Edited by BobO © 2002 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.
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It was another cold day in the Midwest, a heavy snow was falling, an even colder wind chill was blowing. Justin, a native Californian, who had never lived in the snow country, didn't care, he was nice and warm and snugly in a hot tub with his arms round his boyfriend, Bobo. They had just had the wildest sex Justin had ever experienced. Not more than a half hour ago, Justin learned for the first time what it felt to like to have another guy... no, a man, inside him. Justin could still feel the pain from when Bobo entered him, but sitting in the hot tub with the warm swirling water made his aching ass feel much better. He had never felt soooo much pain in his young life, but, nor had he felt the greatest, unbeliveable pleasure when Bobo was fucking his virgin ass. He remembered, when Bobo was fucking him, how hard his own dick got, and how he came without ever touching his cock!

Now, Justin was sitting in the hot tub with his head laying on Bobo's huge and hairy chest. Justin loved rubbing Bobo's hairy chest. It was like rubbing a thick shaggy carpet of hair! Justin then sat up and started to caress Bobo's thick and muscular hairy arms. Justin dearly loved to feel Bobo's strong, thick, muscular shoulders. To Justin, Bobo's body looked very much like that actor hunk, Vin Deisel, from XXX, but with hair. Bobo even had a kewel goatee on his sexy face!
Justin’s body was smooth and hairless, except for a sexy patch around his cock
and balls, and in his pits. And, he had absolutely no facial hair, which he hated!

One of the best things he liked to do with Bobo was to lick and bite the hairs on Bobo's face. Sometimes, Justin would find their cum on his beard, and Justin would love licking and sucking the cum off Bobo's hairy chin. (Justin is suuuch a little perv!) Justin first licked Bobo's face, and then moved his hot little tounge to Bobo's lower lip. Bobo would then open his mouth more, and as Justin moved his tounge up and around Bob’s lips, he could feel and taste Bobo's hot and sexy breath. Bobo then put his arms around Justin and inserted his massive tongue deeper into Justins small mouth. As Bobo’s tongue came into his mouth, Justin would use his own tongue to push and slide and wigggle his tongue around Bobo's big meaty tounge. Then, Justin would close his lips and suck on Bobo's tounge slowly, pulling it out, and starting all over again. Justin would come up for air, and lick Bobo's ears, and then continue tongue kissing Bobo. As Justin continued kissing and licking, he could feel Bobo's cock getting harder under his squirming little ass. With the warm water bubbling in and around his ass hole, Justin felt that it would be much easier this time, and moved his hand towards Bobo's cock and held it, to allow himself to slide down Bobo's meat pole!“Haaaa!”

It still hurt, but not as bad as before. Justin continued pressing his body down onto Bobo's cock, as Bobo moved his hands down to his waist, holding him still. Justin: "FUCK, yea!...." the water definitly made a diffrence! He felt Bobo's warm cock go in easier, and the sliding up and down seemed better too. Justin then started to go up and down on Bobo's meat, faster and faster! Bobo: "Yaaaaaaa... Babe!...Yea!..that’s my sexy .....boy!"

Up and down, up and down, on Bobo's they fucked, Justin grabbed the hair on Bobo’s head and gave him a hot passionate kiss. ......up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder, Wow! Justin noticed the water waving wildly and splashing over and out of the tub! Up and down......It felt sooooo..... good!, feeling the hot water around him, and, an even hotter cock inside him, making him feel all tingily with waves of pleasure...Up and down, Up and down...His own hot cock was rock-hard, and pulsating, with his hot cum building up to a climax in his balls and bursting to come out. .......Up and down, Up and down, up and down.... then: "Haaaaaaa!......." Justin felt Bobo's cock swell..... even more!, and his legs shake, and then: "OHhhhhhhhhhh Haaaaaaa!”...... Justin felt his cock squirting a massive exploding load of jissum all the way to his chin!

So, Justin then slid off of Bobo, and moved to the other side of the tub, leaving a small trail of blood in the water. Sitting on the other side, legs spread out, Justin then put his feet up against Bobo's with both of the soles of their feet touching each other. Bobo's was so big compared to his, like everything else. Bobo was big. Justin layed there looking at a dozing Bobo, and thinking how funny it was. Just a few weeks ago, the most action he got was jacking off to pics of hot guys from his computer, and how last year in PE, he would have a hard time covering his erected cock when he had to take a shower with the other guys. Now, he had no problem in gym, watching guys walk around with their small cocks.But, some times he would see a hottie with a good size cock, and start to get a tingle in his own cock. That was nice about moving to the Midwest, the guys were a lot hotter than in California. They were a lot huskier and bigger. Some guys only a year or two older, already had men’s bodies. Justin thought of some of the hot guys he wished would like to join him and Bobo. Thinking about this made Justin horny again, the advantages of being 14, always ready to fuck. This time, he wanted to stick his 7'' meat into Bobo's ass! Smiling, Justin tickled Bobo's foot with his toes andwoke Bobo from his slumber...With a big grin, Justin moved towards Bobo.....

To be continued.....more to cumm for...