(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 4

Edited by BobO © 2002 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.
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After an exciting afternoon of BobO’s reaming Justin’s tight little asshole with his pulsating, but now depleted cock, Justin is STILL horny, like the young teen he is, and wants even MORE sex! Bob is dozing, sated from having the multiple orgsms in Justin’s hot and squirming butt. Justin places his hand on Bob’s hairy stomach, and starts rubbing, in sloow sexy circles, and says: “Whatta’ ya’ think, Big Boy, do ya’ wanta’ do it again?” As Justin pulls Bob on his side, he rubs his hand up and down bob’s inviting ass crack. “Again?” says Bob, pulling Justin to his face with a big hug, “I’d think your butt was sore enough by now!” “No-no- no,” says Justin, returning Bob’s hug and giving him a big probing tongue-kiss.

“I want to Fuck your sexy ass for a change!” “Wow!”, says Bob, “You’re kidding! I’m beat, and satisfied, but, if you want it, you got it!, Lube it up, and sex-me-up!”

Justin is so excited that he jumps up, leaping around the room, bouncing off the walls, and yells: “I’m ready! BobO, turn on your stomach and spread ‘em, cuz’ I’m reeeaaady to pork your butt with my big meat! Wow!”, grinning from ear-to-ear.
Bob lays on his stomach and Justin runs his sensitive fingers up his ass crack, slowing briefly on his rosebud asshole, Justin licks his finger, and pushes it in a little bit, and then a little more, in and out, up and down Bob’s inviting asscrack.

Then, Justin starts running his hot and probing tongue up down Bob’s sexxxy butt crack, and slowing, but not touching, his tongue to Bob’s hot little roebud treasure. Bob is getting more and more excited, as Justin is ready to get his nut, his cock ready to explode with desire and excitement! Bob is getting really real excited, too, maybe even out-squirming the boy!

Justin starts rubbing his fat dick over and over Bob’s waiting love-hole, and Bob
says: “Wet it up’ first, ya’ little Dickhead!, Justin shoves his face back into Bob’s ass, and starts licking it, hard and juicily, giving ole’ Bob’s cheeks little bites and nips as he really gets into it, apparently enjoying it so much, he forgets that he’s
supposed to use his cock to get get them both off!
Suddenly, Justin leaps up on Bob’s back, licking and biting his right ear, then instantly, urgently slides his engorged prick up Bob’s wet and juicy asscrack to his ready and willing hole, rubbing it around, trying to line it up for maximum speed of entry! “Easy, easy, Babe, ease it in, we have the rest of the day to enjoy
your first piece-of-ass”, laughs Bob. “OK!, OK!, butt, I can’t WAIT TO FUCK YOUR
SEXY ASS!”, he he pushes his fat cock in a bit, and stops for a second, sighing with pleasure, and rams it all the way in!

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Yes!, Yes!, they both shout!, as the horny boy moves in and out like a sex-machine, pounding away at Bob’s ass as if it was his first fuck,
which it was! Justin can feel Bob’s insides reacting to his cock swelling even more, and his cock growing even larger, swollen to the bursting point! Justin pulls waaaaaay out, and swiftly shoves it forcefully in, all the way to he hilt, and
screams “I’mmm Cuuuuuuuuuuuummmmiiing!” Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”, they both scream as Bob cums as he feels spurt after spurt of Justin’s hot cum filling him to the brim! “OoooooohhhhhhH!” Justin says, as he rolls off of Bob’s butt, and hugs Bob, giving him a huge tongue kiss, saying: “ That’s the BEST sex, the best ANYTHING I’ve ever done! I love you, BobO!” and Bob replies, “Babe, that’s the BEST sex I’ve ever had, too! You’re just TOO good! I love you, Justin!” “Oh, shit!” exclaims Justin, “It’s almost 8 o’clock! I gotta’ get home, later, BobO!”, as he pulls on his clothes, gives Bob a hug and a smile, and is out the door...

It’s the next day, after first period PE, and Justin was beat. He slowly walked to the shower head and turned on the hot water, aaaah, it felt good! He just leaned against the tile and let the water run down his body. He had just spent the last hour working his little ass off. As he lets the water hit his face and wash off his sweaty body, he hears wet footsteps aproach the shower. "Haaaa! Yaa’, move ur big ass, fag....", Justin looks up, and sees one of his classmates, Jack, talking to another guy. "Ya’, You wish! " Jack , grabs his cock, "Ya’!.. and you can suck this!" They both laugh.

It’s early in the morning, and Justin just completed a rough work out of indoor basketball in his gym class. It was the start of the second semester in his high school, and Justin wasn't looking forward to this day. The first few days of a new semester were always hectic, runing back and forth, looking for class, and when you find them, not knowing what to expect. School here was very different than in California, where usually the first few days of school were pretty lax and easy, but here, many of the teachers start the first day of class with assignments and home work.

As Justin started to soap up his skinny hairless body, Bobby walked over to the shower head next him. "Perty good work out'', Justin, looking and smiling, says "Ya’..the coach sure had us work our fucking asses off." Justin couldn't believe it! Bobby, one of the most hottest guys in school, was showering next to him! The best thing about having gym for first period, was watching Bobby, wearing his cut-off shirt, and showing his six pack stomach, as he worked his hot ass during gym. Like Justin, Bobby was also from California, and had moved here a year earlier. As Justin washed himself, he would sneak little look at Bobby. Although they were both freshmen, Bobby was a year older than Justin, and was a little taller than Justin, about 5' 11", and his body had more muscular definition. By looking at his mop of unruly hair, Justin could see that Bobby was a natural dirty blond. Bobby didn't have a pretty face, but had a handsome face, with deep grey eyes, and a few whiskers of hair growing out of his chin! What made Bobby cool was that he wasn't like the other boys at school. Bobby had a rough bad-boy coolness about him.

Unlike Justin, who had lived in the suburban Southern California, Bobby came from the rough, tough working-class Oakland. nieghbor- hood. And Justin could see what looked like knife scars on Bobby’s body. Justin even saw a little devil tatoo on Bobby’s waist...Bobby often wore a leather jacket with various different bike patches, rock group pins, and some Vietnam Metals his father had earned.

Although Bobby hung around a different crowd at school, he would sometimes be friendly with Justin, cuz they were both from California. But they weren’t really close friends. Bobby hung out more with the smokers and dopers crowd, often times going to the park, after school or during lunch, smoking some weed. Justin wasn't into smoking weed, except when he was with Bobo. Bobby also got into a lot of fights at school....

Justin couldn't help taking quick looks at Bobby's big cock and hot butt! Justin then started to feel his cock geting hard, and quickly turned up the cold water... that’s ONE thing he didn't want Bobby to see: his erect cock, and get the beating of his life. He finished showering and went back to his locker to change..

Justin then went to his 2nd period class, Spanish, and then to his third, Science Class. As he entered the room he was suprised to see Bobby in his class. He then quietly took a seat next to him. As the teacher talked about the class, and their assignments, he told them to pair up with a lab partner for the semester. "Hay, Justin, want be to lab partners?" Bobby asked.’Fuckin’ A, ya’, I’d like us to be lab partners, and experiement with each other!, Justin thought, but said, "Ya’, sure, OK." The next serveral weeks Bobby and Justin worked together on various lab assignments, and Justin was in heaven, being so close to Bobby. And then the Science Teacher gave the class assignment for the students to submit their own science project. Bobby and Justin agreed to meet at Bobby’s house on the next weekend to figure out what to do.

That next Saturday, Justin, bundled up in many layers of clothes, standing in the snow in cold air, knocks at Bobbys door, and suprised when Bobby opens the door, shirtless, with a sweating, buffed body! "Hya’, Justin, come in , I'm almost finished doing my wieght lifting exercises."

"Hay!, it’s cool, take your time," Justin tells Bobby as they walk to his room. The bedroom is somewhat small, the bed is unmade, and the walls are covered with images of muscular wieght-lifting celeberties, images of Arnold S. and other pro sports athletes. There are also an assortment of muscle magazines around the cluttered room, and a weight lifting bench and weights in a corner of the room. As Justin enters the room, he sits down on the unmade bed, and thinks to himself: "Wow!, he slept here! Shit, would I looove to smell the sheets! --Control

ur self”, as Bobby continues doing his curl reps. Looking around the room, Justin notices that there are no images of girls, no Briteny Spears, or Madonna, or of Jeniffer Lopez, not even Marilyn Monroe, like pictures he often sees in his other friend’s rooms. Looking at Bobby working out, Justin says, "Hay, u know that old wieght lifting joke?,..This real muscle-bound guy,....I mean, real huge, monster of muscles, talking to this older man, and the old man says: “Wow, .u must get a lot of pussy with those moster muscles! And the guy looks at the old man kinda’ funny.. and says “Hay, Man, who’s got time for girls? I'm too busy working out!"

"Haaaa-haa!, very funny, Justin!," replies Bobby. "I guess that the one thing you can’t work out on and make your dick!'" Justin tells Bobby. "You can get a good work out jacking off!, Hey, look under the bed!" Justin then reaches under the matress and pulls out a couple of Playboy and Hustler magazines.

"Wow!, Perty hot!...Hay, you know my friend I was telling you about, Bobo? Well, he has a shit-load of porn! I mean a real, whole collection! He has magzines, and pictures, and videos. He even has videos of porn from the sixties. Real kewl stuff.

Bobby "Ya’?... what kinds of stuff does he have? " "All sorts of stuff, even weird shit, like chicks doing it to animals, bondage stuff.. and even guys ..fucking each other." Bobby touches his breast, and rubs his nipple.." Ya!’ I never seen that shit before,....I wouldn't mind seeing it."

"Ya, his place is real cool, he a big screen and a real nice hot tub,...the best thing in this cold weather." "Hay!, if you want, I can call him, and ask if we can come over, and look at his porn....b-but ...h-he ...s-sort of... l-likes watching ..g-guys!”
As Bobby wipes off the sweat from his body, Justin sees that Bobby is starting to get a hard-on! "Ya’, it’s cool! Call him up...The phone is in the kitchen."

As Justin gets up, he hands Bobby his shorts from the bed "So I tell him we are coming" Bobby, looking into Justin's eyes, "Ya’, NOW sounds good"
Justin leaves the room to make his call.

To be Continued...more to cummm...