(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 5

Edited by BobO © 2002 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.
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Rrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg! Rrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnngggg! Bob is ”supposedly” hard at work on his Mac, composing some “hot advertising copy” for some big Hotshot Software Company in the Seattle area, but the phone blares, interupting his erotic daydreams about Justin, his young California Hottie Boyfriend, Justin, whom he hasn’t seen for a few days. “Hello!” says Bob.

“Yo, Babe!,” says Justin. “Ya’ remember that KEWEL KID I wuz telling ya’ I met up with at school? The one that I said I wuz trying to get hooked-up with? We’re doing a Science Project together! And he’s as Kewel as I thought he would be! So, we’re over at his house and he’s getting dressed...”

“GETTING DRESSED! You little Perv! You’re sure a fast worker!” interjects Bob.
“BOB! He was lifting weights! We were talking about stuff, and I told him about you, and how kewel you were, and about your hottub and pornos, and stuff, and I-I h-h-hinted that, y-ya’ know, that you were k-kinda’ g-g-gay, and h-he’s really h-hot to come over over and hang out...RIGHT NOW! I think he’d be just perfect for one of those “Menage-a-tois things!” So what do ya’ think, Babe?”

“Ooooohh! working out...muscles, huh? So, he’s a real cutie?” asks Bob. “Oh, Yea’, “Yeeeaaahh!, He’s a real Hottie, allright,...with that bad-boy look and attitude, that YOU seem to like! He’s abouit 5’ 11”, with a dirty blonde mop of hair, he’s thin, but with muscles, great six-pack, big uncut cock, and a butt to die for!,” replies Justin, “You’ll love him!, he seems reeeeaaal anxious to get to know us better!” “Okay!, Babe, bring him over, and we’ll get him naked in the hottub, and put the moves on him!” “Hay, we’ll be there in a flash, Loverboy!” says Justin,
excitedly ...

So, Bob goes back to his project on the Mac, and wonders about Justin’s newest friend, and wonders if he’ll really be as cute, horny, and “hot-to-trot”, like his “boyfriend” Justin is. What with Bob trying to think of some really hot ad-copy, and trying NOT to think about having TWO hot and horny teenaged hunks over for a bit of “menage-a-tois”, it was “hard” for him to concentrate on the “job-at-hand!” It is really warm in the house, and Bob is wearing only his old and sexy, raggedy, holey, denim cut-offs so he can work or play , be ready for anything that might come up! bob is trying to think of just the right words to use, when the door bursts open with “stromp, stomp, brang, bang,” with the irrepressible Justin, yelling, “Haaaaaay, BobO, we’re here!” as the two really hot hunks fill the room with their teenage energy.“BobO, this is Bobby, the guy I mentioned to you.” says Justin.

“Cool, guys!, Hi, Justin, Hiya’ Bobby!, Glad to meet you!”, welcomes Bob. “You dudes want a Soda or some thing?” “Howza’ bout a beer?”, Says the hot new guy, Bobby ,who really WAS a hunky guy, in a cute, tough-guy kinda’ way. “Oh, yeah, SURE!”, says Bob, sarcastically, answering Bobby, Justin’s new friend.

“Well, Justin SAID you were pretty open-minded, and stuff, so I thought I’d try for a beer, Dude!” “Sorry, Cutie,we may be open minded about some stuff, butt, sorry, no beer for minors!,” says Bob, as Justin looks back and forth, wondering if one of them is getting pissed-off. “OK, I’ll have Coke, the liquid kind!, heh, heh, heh!” says Bobby, the new kid, as he keeps staring at Bob’s nearly nude body, which is just a bit more muscular than his own trim phisique! You know how some of these hunks get all compulsive about their bodies! “Com’on, let’s go to the fridge, and we’ll get some Cokes, and I’ll show ya’ around...ya’ know, like the Porno collection, hottub, spa, and put on some cool music, and if ya’ want, we’ll soak in the hottub, if Bob has turned it on”, says Justin, anxiously to his new friend. “Ya’, give me the Grand Tour< first!,” laughs Bobby.

“Cool!, but remember!, No clothes in the hottub!, The fibers clog the jets!,” says Bob, “Oh, Yeah! Kewel!”, says Bobby, blushing, but with his left upper lip curled up in that oh-so-cute tough-guy sneer! And the boys race out to set things up for an afternoon of fun. Bob sighs, lighting up his pipe, taking a few hits and is getting mellow, listening to the excited boys checking out the stereo, with some hot & loud rap music, and oohing and ahhing at the spa and sauna and stuff.

As they come tromping back into the den, dressed just in their briefs, Justin says, “Not quite hot enough!” Bob says, smirking,”I dunno’, ya’ seem pretty HOT to me!” Both boys Blushing, Bobby going Sniff, sniff, Bobby says, “S-smells like s-sum g-good shit, t-there!” Bob says, “Take a hit if you want, Bobby!” Both boys take a few hits of the mellow, but potent herb.

Justin says, “I’m going to pick out a movie to watch, do you want a straight one, or a gay one, Bobby?”, as he winks at Bob. Bobby is also anxious to check out the movies, and follows Justin over to the video cabinet to check out the titles, they are laughing and giggling at the titles and the sexy illustrations on the covers. Bobby says, giggling, “Hay, Bob, can you do this kind of artwork? “Not usually, but if you two hot studs want to pose for me, I might get sum real inspiration!”

The Boys blush, laugh, and giggle at this idea, and start doing the typical “sexy”
and “body builder” poses, wiggling their fucking sexy little bubble butts at Bob, and excitedly moon him! Bob is really enjoying the impromtu entertainment!
The boys take a while picking out the movie they want to watch, picking out one with cute twinks showing off all they have, and doing it all to each other. The boys leap onto the couch with Bob, with Bobby squeezed in the middle, crushed between Bob and Justin, with a hand on both guys shoulders, they all rub their legs together, teasing and laughing. Bobby, especially, sits with his eyes glued to the screen, getting high, and really getting into the film.

The movie is not exciting enough to keep Justin’s attention, so he winks at Bob, and says, “I’m gonna’ check the temp on the spa, BobO.” Bobby is getting a really noticable boner watching the movie, and keeps grabbing his cock. As Justin goes out, he giggles, “So ARE you and Justin BOYFRIENDS, Bob? hee,-hee,” “And how
did you get an idea, like that, Bobby?” says Bob.

“Just the way he’s always talkin’ about you, and you guys are always touchin’ and grinnin’ at each other, and he has his own key, and the way that you guys act around each other.” As Bobby scoots and rubs his practically nude sexy body even closer to Bob! “Oh, we’re pretty close friends, allright, I guess you could say we’re ‘BOYFRIENDS!’ So are YOU gay, Bobby?” “FUCK NO!” retorts Bobby.

Still in denial, and sending very mixed signals, Bobby turns to Bob and leans his head against Bob’s, and then, thinking, Bobby whispers, “I have something here for you to play with, BobO!” as he puts Bob’s hand on his huge erection. Bob rubs
and squeezes Bobby’s cock, through his sexy, snowy white briefs, Bob runs his hand over the huge hard prick, loving every minute of it! And he rubs on up to the top of the Boy’s straining, and tight briefs, sliding his hand under the elastic to free Bobby’s big, hard, meaty cock, slowly letting his huge cock jump up, and out of his briefs, as Bob pushes Bobby’s briefs to his ankles, Bob says, “Wow!, you’ve got a really big cock, Bobby! VERY NICE!” “Yeah, it’s sure big enough to choke, ya’, BobO!” says Bobby, while rubbing and squeezing Bob’s big erection, as he unzips Bob’s cutoffs, sliding them to Bob’s ankles, saying ”Yours is pretty good, too!, It’ll give me something to hang on to while you suck me off, I’m just about ready!” With Bobby rubbing and feeling his boner, Bob is about ready to bust a nut, too!

Bobby kisses Bob, whispers “I COULD REALLY use a good BLOWJOB, though!” And Bob whispers back, “Yeah, it looks like you’re ready for a BJ, with that BONER you’ve got going!” Bobby pushes Bob’s head gently down to his stomach, and Bob licks and nips at his cute “inny” belly button, while stroking Bobby’s ever-growing boner, Bobby is getting hotter and hotter, and even more excited, and anxious to get his cock sucked by the master, as he strokes Bob’s cock and squeezes his bubble-butt ass-cheeks, and runs his fingers up and down Bob’s asscrack, touching briefly his rosebud asshole! Bob is thinking, “ So this Kid says isn’t Gay? Yeah, right!”, Bob gets closer and closer to Bobby’s hard cock, with his tongue and teeth, nipping and licking --right on past the Boner, licking and nipping the inside of his thighs, And Bobby is ready to lose it, with ever- mounting anticipation, moaning, jumping, saying, “SUCK IT!, SUCK IT!” trying to push Bob’s mouth onto his massive boner! Bob says “Calm down, I think it’s too BIG, you’re right, you’ll choke me!” As Bob laughs, teasing the boy, licking his loaded bursting balls, lifting him to run his juicy wet tongue up to his asshole
and gives it a few licks, as Bobby REALLY gets excited, saying,”I’m gonna’ CUM”

So, Bob straddles Bobby’s head and Bobby ‘s mouth swallows Bob’s ready-to-cum cock, and Bob finally takes Bobby’s cock in his mouth and runs his juicy tongue around and around the engorged, bursting cock-head! All this excitement is just too much, too good for both the Boy and theYoung Man, and they both ejaculate
numerous times, spewing load after load of sweet hot cum until it’s running out of their mouths. “OOOoooooooooohhhhH!!” they both moan with pleasure.

Bobby exclaims, “Oooooh, Dude, that’s the best sex I’ve EVER had”, keep sucking
on my cock, DON’T STOP!” Bob says, “Hey, I’m not 16 anymore, I have to REST in between sexual encounters!” And as Justin is grinning over the back of the couch, he says, “You damn Fuckers started without me!” And he leaps on Bobby, rubbing his big hard Boner on Bobby’s cock, getting his cock all gooey with the sticky cumm running down it. Bobby seems to like all this attention from Justin!

Sooo, Justin grabs Bobby’s legs and puts them over his shoulders, and runs his too-hard cock into Bobby’s ass crack, moving it up and down until he gets it just right, and just rams his swollen, cum-coated prick into Bobby’s virgin asshole, as Bobby is saying, “NO-NO, I’ve never done this before!” Justin says, “Well, NOW you’re gonna’ do it, FUCKER!”, Bobby screams, “Noooo, ooooohhH!,DON’T, don’t! Stop!, Don’t!, don’t stop, oh, ah, oh, ah, YES!, Yes!, YES!”, as Justin pounds his
throbbing, pulsing, cum-filled cock into Bobby’s excited, wriggling ass! Justin
yells, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! FUCK! I”M CUMMING! FUCK! ooooooooooohhh!”

Bobby moans louder and louder, and bounces his tender young butt up and down as Justin fills his no-longer virgin ass with his big load of sweet and sticky cum!

Justin isn’t done, and he wants even more sex, so he pulls his spent and gooey cock out of Bobby’s butthole, and gets in the 69 position, and Bobby eagerly puts Justin’s cummy dick in his mouth, as Justin liplocks Bobby’s massive prick with his practised cocksucking lips. Aaaah, the resiliancy of youth!

Bob is recouping in the recliner, has put some “Eric Clapton” on the stereo, and is thinking about hopping (or crawling) to the hot tub for an invigorating soak!
After some time goes by, Bob hears some pleasurable cries of the boys having orgasms, and soon they come racing out, laughing and giggling, and leap into the hottub, splashing water everywhere! Kids!, ya’ gotta’ love ‘em!

To be continued....More to cumm...