(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 6

Edited by BobO © 2002 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.
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Burrrrrrr. Justin rubs his hands together, and then grabs a handfull of snow and makes some finishing touchs to his snowman in front of Bobo's house. Bobo Is in his garage, taking his Christmas lawn decorations out. It is the week before Christmas and Justin is helping his boyfriend decorate his home for the holiday season. He runs and helps Bobo set up the gaily painted plywood decorations of Christmas cartoons, Angels, elves, and deer. Many of them have festive lights & mechanical moving parts! Fun times at Bobo's house!

As they set up the displays, Bobby comes swaggering up to the house. "Ho Ho Ho, you fags! any excuse to decorate!". Justin grabs a handfull of snow,  " Shut the fuk up!," and throws it at Bobby. Bobby then makes some snowballs of his own, and returns, throwing snowball after snowball! Justin and Bobby then have a heated snow ball fight, throwing countless snowballs at each other! Bobo smiles at the boys fun: "Come on, U guys, help me with the decorations!" 

Bored, with noone to antagonize, Bobby stops, and walks over to look at the snowman. Justin then returns to the garage to get the wire deer, and plastic Santa Clauses. Looking at the snowman, Bobby says: "Man, you guys surely do make ugly snowmen! It needs some improvement!" He looks around and sees what he wants...Bobo has gotten the ladder, and starts setting it up against the house. "Hay, Justin! Could U please get the lights from the house? I left them in the family room, in a box next to the Christmas tree." Justin yells back " Sure thing, Bobo!" And Bobby yells, to Justin, “Hay, wait up!”, and walks with him.

The inside of the house is full of decorations, lights, wreaths, little displays of Christmas villages, and Santa Clauses all around. Christmas music is playing.
In the family room there is a huge ten-foot tree, covered in decorations and lights. "Man, god damn! This looks like a real Christmas fairy-land!"

Outside, as Bobo works on the decorations, a couple of twelve year old boys walk past the house and laugh..."Hay, mister, you sure got a slammin’ snow man!"
Bob turns around, puzzled, and yells back: "Thanks guys!, Merry Christmas!"  "Ya’, Merry Christmas to you too!." They walk a way laughing and giggling! 

Justin, cheezin’, "Well, U should know!" "Shut the Fuk up! I ain’t not no old man’s tool!," Bobby retorts. Justin looks at Bobby : "Well, U sure didn't fight much when we were kickin’ it, and, who was it, telling me not to stop!"  Bobby's face changes to anger: "U think you’re HOTSHIT, don't you?" Justin: "Ur damn right! At least I’m not frontin’!" and turns his back on Bobby, and walks toward the box full of lights.

As Bobo ties down his inflatable Santa Claus, he sees a car slowly pass by, and the woman and little girl look at him, with their mouths wide open!, as the car goes on by. Bobo thinks "That’s funny! I'm not nearly finished, and people are already commenting on my decorations"
 "U think you know how to FUK? Well, I’ll show U what it means to FUK." Bobby then grabs Justin, and pulls him around, pushing him against the back of the couch. Justin yells: "What the Fuk! are u doing?' "You want a FUK? I’LL FUK U REALLY HARD!"  Bobby then pushes Justin’s body down on the coach back, and pulls off his pants. Bobby feels Justins butt "You think this ass is raw?" he slaps Justin in the ass, hard!  This only excites Justin! "Hay...hayaa’.. have I been a bad boy, daddy?” This gets Bobby angrier, and then he unstraps his belt. "Oh ! Like...see if U like this, you fag!," and whips Justin’s ass real hard with the belt! WAK!, WAK!  WAK!. Justin yells: "THAT FUKING HURTS!"

Now, Bobby has a huge, engorged cock. He pulls down his pants and grabs his big meat sausage, and spreads Justin’s red butt! Bobby's cock is dripping cum as he pushs the head of his cock into Justin's soft, tight, butt opening! Justin jumps and jerks around, but Bobby pushs a little harder, and then he shoves his meat torpedo into Justin's ass...all the way in! Justin moans, really lound now, and  turns  his head from side to side. Bobby shouts: "U think you are a hot fuk!...take this!... graaaaaa!" As he pumps his cock into Justin, pumping in and out, and in and out, of Justin's fresh little butt hole.

"Where the fuk are those boys with the lights?" As Bobo walks towards the back french doors, and sees Bobby kickin’ it with Justin.  Smiling" Oh..horny...youth!" 

ARRREEEEEEEEENNNNNGG!!!!!! sound of a siren! "What the fuk is that?."  Bobo goes round to the front of the house, and sees a POLICE TROOPER car in front of his house! "Fuk!, What now?..."

Bobby is wildly slamming and pumping his rockhard cock into Justin’s sore ass, while Justin’s face grimaces and flinches in expressions of pain! Bobby pushes his thick cock in and out of Justin! "U LIKE THAT, FUKER...SAY U LIKE IT!"   Justin yells " Ohh!..Ohh!...Slow down!.....STOP!...STOOOOWP!...Ur hurting mee!"
"What’s the problem, officer?" Bobo says, as he walks towards the cop, who was
scratching his head. "Well, Sir, I’ve got some complaints about your Snowman, and I don't think it very funny, now that I see it for myself!"

Justin couldn't believe it! Bobby was REALLY giving it to him! He never felt so much pain and pleasure!"Yaaa!, OK!, Fuk me! Fuk me harder.!..aaaaah!" Bobby continued shoving his pulsating meat-tool into Justin’s now-willing butthole! Ya’, Bobo was bigger than Bobby, butt, he NEVER had a hot-pumping like this before! Shit! Bobby was weapons grade!!!!

Staring at the Cop: "What do you mean, Officer?" "Well!, Sir, it’s about ur snow man." Bobo, who was standing behind Frosty, walks around in front of it, and sees that Frosty has two pine cone balls, and a twelve inch erection!  coming out of him! "Shit!, I'm sorry officer, I had some kids helping me and I guess they thought this was funny." He then quickly spayyeds the poor ice mans jewels.

"FUK ME HARDER!  BOBBY, FUK ME HARDER! GIV IT TO ME !.." Justin yells! Bobby then grabs Justin’s hair, bends over to him, and pulls his head "U AIN’T FUKING WORKING WITH ME! COME ON, U FUKING QUEEN! U KNOW WHAT I WANT! "Bobby does this without missing a beat!, as he continues to push in his meat, in and out, in and out  into Justin’s sore, but, HOTT BUTT!. "OK! , OK! OK!” Justin then starts to push his burning ass into Bobby, as he pushes into Justin, and pulls his ass, as Bobby pulls his cock out. Soon, they start to get the rhythm of the fuk! Still grabbing into Justin’s hair, "WHO'S UR FAKING OWNS U NOW ? JUSTIN?!!!!!!"  "U, BOBBY, I’M UR TOOL NOW! AAAHLAAAAAA......" Justin's heart is beating a thousand times a minute!, his loaded cock is rockhard, no it’s petrified-hard!. He can't stop moaning..."Haaaaaaaaaaahhhh...aaaaaahhhh!"

"Well, U better talk to those kids, U know it’s not very funny, especially this time of year! I'm not going to give U a fine, but if it happens again, and if I do have to come back, there will be hell to pay!"
"Yes, Sir, I'm sorry sir, It will not happen again!" Bobo tells the officer. "Well it better not.......Cuz...." The officer then stops and turns his head, listening...Bobo’s heart stops for a moment, and he thinks: "Can he hear the Boys?.....FUK!,  I don't need this!....."The officer continues; "Because I  don't want to come back...U hear? I got more important things to do then this nonsense" "Yes, sir!,..." Bobo Replies.

"OOHHHHHH GOD!, " Bobby body starts to heat up, and he pulls off his shirt, and pulls Justin’s shirt over his head. He is really getting into his Fuking Justin! Slamming his cock up Justin’s ass and having their balls slam into each other only makes Bobby want to do it faster and harder. Justin’s entire body tingles, and he feels as if his whole body is being taken over by Bobby. Bobby leans on down on Justin asking, "U FUKING LIKE THAT, U BITCH?,. I OWN YOU!.." He lowers his body and rests on Justin’s back, his  arms around Justin, pushing his cock in and out, in and out! Bobby starts to give Justin little nips and bites on Justin's back, in and out, in and out! IT FEELS SO FUKING GOOD! Bobby is an animal! -Fuking Justin, and  then he bites down hard! on Justin’s shoulder "Ahhhhhhh! God damn!, Bobby!" Bobby pays no attention to Justin’s yells. He continues pushing his massive meaty cock into Justin’s now five inch wide ass hole. With this pulsating dick in him Justin can't stand it any more! "Hooaaaaa!" and shoots a load of jissum on Bob’s furniture. His body becomes weak and limp! Justin almost faints. His body is like a rag doll. This only makes Bobby’s cock even harder, now that Justin is his “tool”, to do what he wants, and he starts to fuck Justin harder and faster! He pumps faster, and faster, and faster, into this weak, sissy, fag-boy. 

He jams his cock into Justin's ass as deep as it can go, and then Bobby’s entire body explodes in a wave of pleasure and contentment, and he starts to squirt his milky juice up into Jusitn's sweet ass. Bobby feels spinning in his head from the high, and he shoots and shoots and shoots, a huge mega-load of white and warm cum away, way up into Justin's boy butt hole. He finally finishes squirting all of  his ball-load into Justin's ass. Bobby pulls his big, long, hard cock slowly out of Justin's stretched but swollen butthole, and some of his burning cream comes out with his cock, and it drips down the side of Justin's crack and down his leg .

"THAT’S HOW U FUK AN ASS!!" Bobby then pulls up his pants and walks around to the couch. A quiet Justin pulls his pants up over his scummy wet ass, and he slowly and bow-leggedly walks to the bathroom, desperately needing to shit. At the toilet, he easily shits a mess-load of blood-red crap and cum.  On the couch, a coasting Bobby, cheezin’, takes a joint out of his pocket, and fires it up and tokes on it...Bobo enters the house and looks at Bobby with anger..............

more 2 cum....

think i’ll take it easy for a while & enjoy the holidays...hope u have a good xmas!