(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 7

Edited by BobO © 2003 by Justin Smith

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THE FOLLOWING STORY is a story, a work of fiction, a conceit of my imagination. It bears no connection whatsoever with any persons, places,or events in the 'real' world. Any similarities are coincidental.

This STORY (it's not real.. I made it up...I really did..) comprises a chronicle of some major events occuring in the protagonist's life that, due to their convergence and timing, have a seminal and beneficial effect upon his life and the lives of those he will touch, for the rest of his days. In this fictional, not-real story, some characters are depicted as adolescents, & some scenes contain descriptions of the expressions of their sexuality at the time in their lives in which this made-up story is placed.

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Thank you, truly! to those who have written to me; your comments and feelings have influenced the Current Work. The theme is: Love is Good, no matter what. Love helps, always, in the long run. Love is not interested in artificial morality, bigotry, or in misguided legislation. Love is sometimes rare, sometimes difficult, sometimes painful, but it always makes people better, if it's the real thing. If you love, care, or know of, a person who might (coincidentally) have similar feelings or characteristics to those of the the beings depicted in this story... assure them that they are not alone! Assure them that there is someone for all of us out there... The world is Big and their life has unique meaning and frequently unexpected value.

Finally! (about time!) this tale of the sexploits of our sexy young heros continues:

BobO, not in the best of moods, after his work of putting up the Christmas lights and decorations, putting up with Bobby’s not-so-funny-jokes, being “busted” by the cops for having a Snowman with a boner!, and then hearing Justin screaming his ass off, Bob raced into the house, ready to kick some ass!

Bobby was sitting on the couch, laid-back, smoking a big fat joint, with his usual snide sneer of satisfaction on his face. ”Hay!, you little cocksucking motherfucker! What the FUK do you think yer doin’? W hat were those screams?” shouts Bob.

“I din’t do nuthin’, whimpers Bobby, “ Justin and I were just foolin’ around, ‘n’ he got carried away!” Justin stumbles shakily out of the bathroom, saying, “Ya’, ya’ didn’t do nuthin’, ya’ asshole, ya’ just RAPED my ass, and tore up my guts, is all!”

Bob turns total jihad and yells: "FUK!, Bobby, get your scummy ass out of here, NOW!, and don't come back until you can act like a REAL kid! I'm tired of putting up with your fuk’n BULLSHIT -NOW!"

Bob throws Bobby’s shirt at him. He grabs Bobby by the arm, Bobby pulls away and swings at Bob. Bob blocks the blow and grabs Bobby’s arm, and pushes against his back. He forcibly drags Bobby to the porch, and kicks his ass into a big-ass snowdrift, and the incorridgible boy keeps yelling, "What did I do?, I wuz just playing around, ‘n’ having fun I didn't mean to do anything wrong, I'M SORRY!"

“Too little, too late, Cocksucker -you just leave before I call the Cops to take you to the ”County Hotel!”, Bob retorts, angrily. Then, back inside, “Justin, baby, are you OK?”

"Yeah, I just have a sore butt, is all...I wasn't ready for him to just pull out his big cock and dry-fuk me like that, I'll be OK  with you, Luverboy!" As Bob puts his arms around the shaken boy, and gives him a big squeeze of affection, Justin hugs him back, with a feeling of relief. "I just want to go home!" Justin tells Bobo. Bobo drives Justin to his house.

Inside, Justin kicks off his shoes and jacket. All he wants to do is take a nice hot bubble bath and soak in the water. He runs the hot water in the tub and pours sum of his mom’s bubble soap. As he starts to take off his clothes, the door bell rings. " Shit!, who can that be? "  As he opens the door he sees that it is Adam, his neighbor from across the street. Adam is 11yrs old, and is always bugging Justin. Cuz they both didn't have fathers around, Justin figured that Adam saw him as a big brother. Adam wasn’t a bad kid..he was aways helping Justin do house chores, like shoving snow, and stuff, and they played together a lot. Adam had showed Justin how to ice skate , and how to play hockey. The past summer Justin liked pitching the ball to Adam and playing one-on-one in basketball. In warmer weather Adam liked to play without a shirt, and Justin often liked seeing his little body sweat. Adam was a real cutie of a kid.. he had  the deepest, bluest, eyes, surrounded by dark black long eyelashes, and eyebrows that drew ur attention to his eyes. His unruly hair was black and wavy.

"Hay, Justin! Whasssss Upppp! U wanta’ play sum hocky?"

"Not now, I’m tired, " Adam walks inside the house, looking dissapointed. Looking at the boy's sad face, Justin tells him, "But u can play on my x-box!" "Slamming!" Adam says. Justin takes Adam to his room, and sets up his new Extreme Ski Boarding video game. He gets sum snacks and Coke, and tells Adam to stay there, while he goes to the bathroom and jumps into the tub. Justin figures that the game should keep Adam busy for at least half an hour.

Justin soaks in nice hot water, soaking away the day’s activities. About 15 minutes later, Adam comes into the bath room. "Whatchu’ doin’? Don’t u wanta’ play with the game too? “ Suddenly, he says: “Can I join u?" Justin, surprised, watches Adam take off his clothes!, "U dont mind taking a bath with a guy?" "Nah, me and Preston take them all the time." Preston was Bobby's younger brother. Butt naked, Adam enters the tub and sits at Justins feet. The boys just sit and relax. Justin can’t believe this is happening.  He takes Adam’s leg and tickles the boy. Adam laughs. Justin messages Adam’s leg. Feeling Adam’s leg gets Justin hard. He slowly moves the boys foot to his erect cock and lets the foot rub against him. Feeling Adam’s little toes move and rub against him really turns Justin on! Adam then gets real nervous and  pulls away ...

"I.... think I got to go now."  Justin, afraid, now that the boy is going home, probably to tell his mother about perv....Justin! As Adam gets out, Justin notices that Adam has a boyish 3'' boner. Knowing how he was at that age, Justin lets the boy go.

A few  days later, Justin is at Bobo's house helping clean his sauna and hottub. There is a knock at the door, and it is Bobby, with his younger brother, Preston, and Adam. Bobby’s stuck with baby sitting his younger brother, and droped by to apologize, and promises to change his ways, and to behave like "a real kid!" Bobo accepts the boy’s apology. Justin asks Bobby and the boys to stay. Bobby offers to help Justin with his cleaning. Bobo then makes sum sandwiches for the younger boys, and lets them watch the cartoon network on his cable tv. The older boys  start  working away, with not much goofing off! While Bobo is busy on his emac computer, as usual! The young boys become bored with TV, and want to hang round Bobby and Justin, who tell them to "Get Lost!", as they were too busy to play "kid games" with them.

Both of the younger boys are REALLY cuties! Preston, like his brother, had beautiful grey eyes, his hair was longer, straighter and more blonder than Bobby’s. His hair was parted in the middle, and his hair-cut bangs touched the top of his ears. Adam was Preston’s exact opposite in looks, with his deep blue eyes and black tousled hair. By the looks of it, both of the boys will surely be real hunks in a few years.

Since Justin and Bobby kicked them out, Adam and Preston figure on seeing what Bobo was up to. They kinda like Bobo cuz he seemed like a cool guy who had a lot of neato stuff around. And Bob had a lot of stuff, games, videos, DvDs, CDs, cool graphic pics,  nicknakes, sum anitque toys, weights, They  looked at everything, and often saying, "Kewel!, Wow!, What's this for?” They asked Bob: "Whacha' doin?, BobO?, Why?"  Bob, patiently, tells the boys " Guys, I'm tryyyying to work!" The two Boys say: "But, Bob, we jus' wanna' hangout with Justin and Bobby!"  Bobo tells them, "But guys, they’re too busy!"

Snooping around Bobo's room, Preston finds sum straps, he’s playing with them, and walks up to Bob, and asks "What’re these for? Could you show us how these strappy-thinggys work?" Holding up some velcro restraint straps that Bob and Justin some- times use for "kinky adventures!" "Well, Oooooh-Kaaaay," answers Bob, thinking that maybe tying them up would solve the problem! Adam says: "I know how to use those! We learned about that kinda' stuff in Cub Scouts! " "Oh, suuure you do, Kiddo!" says Bob, wondering just WHAT they're teaching kids in Cub Scouts now-a-days! "Yes, I do!, let me show you guys how they work!",  says Adam.

Adam shows Preston some moves with the restraints, and soon has him all boundup, and unable to get loose! Laughing, Preston tries to break free from the restraints. He twists and turns, and jumps around the room. Finally, he relents, and Adam unties Preston, who then tells Adam it’s his turn to be tied up. He restrains Adam, who can't get loose, either! After Preston releases Adam, he looks at Adam and motions him to move Adam hesitant then walks over to the other side of Bob . Preston looks at Bob and he says, mischieviously, "Let us try to tie you up  with 'em, BobO!  "Oh, sure!", says Bob, sarcastically,  then suddenly  both of the Boys quickly  strap him up to his chair and he can't  move! "OK!, OK,! let me loose, you guys! I give!" "Not just yet, BobO," says Adam."Let's tickle him,"  says Preston. Adam eagerly agrees, "Yes!, Yes! Let's tickle BobO!"  "GUYS!, Let me LOOSE!", yells Bob.

The Boys  ignore Bob's plea, and, laughing and giggling, proceed to tickle him with all of their  pentup energy, appearing to be having the time of their lives! They rub thier little fingers all over Bob's athletic body, they tickle his chest, his under arms, his belly, Preston even puts his entire hand inside Bob's shirt, tickling his hairy chest, getting Bob all excited& horny, too! Laughing, Adam notices the big bulge between Bobo’s legs. "Look, Preston, Bobo gots a boner!... Bobo’s got a big boner!...."Laughing, and giggling, Preston start to grab and rub it. He tells Adam to do so too. As they take turns rubbing Bob's big cock thru his cutoffs, they continue chanting "Big boner...Big Boner", as Bobo squirms around the chair his balls fall out of his side of his legholes,  laughing harder, Preston says "Hairy sacks, Hairy sacks", and tries to grab his balls thru the legholes, Bob's boner, of course, gets even bigger, and harder! They ‘re really getting into teasing Bob, and wonder how far they should go, when Justin and Bobby  come in to take a soda-break. They  notice Bob's predicament, and start  laughing and giggling. "Way to go!, BobO!", says Justin,who thinks: "Damn! I should have not let Adam go the other day!, Now Bobo is getting the fun I should have gotten.", "I KNEW you liked younger guys, BobO, but these guys are just "Babies!", snickered Bobby. 

Encouraging his younger brother, Bobby says " Hay, Bro, here's your chance for some grown-up  cock! Pull his shorts down and give him a real thrill. Give him a handjob!" Preston looks at Adam, smiles, and looks at Bobo's crotch and at his brother. "Do it, guys, don't be "Chicken!" Preston looks at Adam with big grin. "Do-ya' t-t-think we s-s -should?"  Adam, starting to feel his own cock swell up, is getting excited. The only cock he has seen has beenPreston when they took baths together and jack off.  He sort of saw and felt Justin a few days ago, but got scard, but with his bud, Preston here, he felt he could do anything. Justin told the boys  "YES!, Do it!, BobO'll LOVE it!"

He wanted so much to get the young boys turned on to sex " Ya' he's a real Perv!, he'll love it!"  Preston then unzips Bob's shorts, and his big hard boner just POPS up, Both of the young boys eyes widen as they never have seen such a huge cock!. , Bob says, "C'mon, Guys!, Unloosen, me, I'm just not ready for this!." "Yeah!, We can tell!, So tell us what's the big HARD-ON for, BobO?" asks Bobby.

The boys stand there a few seconds, just looking the the massive member. Preston’s small hand moves towards Bob’s cock and gently touches it."It’s sooo soft and warm! Touch it Adam!" Adam does so, and smiles, as he caress’s the Bob's meat saugage. And so, in spite of Bob's weak protests, the emboldened young boys are thrilled to play  with Bob's massive meat, both boys have thier hands wrapped around Bobo's cock, massaging it! Adam massages Bob's shaft, while Preston rubs his hand around Bob's massive lollipop head, jerking him off! Adam then grabs Bob's balls and plays with them.

Bob was getting VERY excited, in spite of his protests, at the thought of the two boys doing whatever they wanted to his helpless body. The Boys were even more excited!, and getting hornier, as Adam started to unzip his own pants and stared to rub his own 3" pink erect penis. Preston became even bolder and put his head in Bob's crotch, inhaling the musky man-scent, wanting to lick and taste that big piece of  sex meat. Bobby encouraged him, yelling: "Go for it bro, u know what to do!" Justin become pissed, "Don't suck on that dick, ya' little Faggy Fukhead, that's MY cock!" Bobby tells Preston,"Do it! Do it!" Justin was becoming a little irritated at Bobby! THIS from a guy who claimed NOT to be gay!, yet his little brother sure acted like he knew what he was doing! Sumthing was happening between these two brothers. Preston closes his eyes and tentatively runs his tongue up Bob's cock,  making Bob  moan with ecstasy...  "Oooooooaaaaaaahhhh!"

Watching the boys, Justin couldnt help it any more, and just had to see their little peckers. He pulls down Adam’s pants and underwear, allowing the boy room to jack him off.  Not wanting to miss the actiion, Bobby unzips Preston's pants. Preston stops blowing Bob, and lets his brother lovingly take off his pants. Bobby  grabs Preston’s purple woodie and plays with it, as he continues suking Bob. They're such little horny Pervs!  Preston takes the engorged head of Bob's cock (finally!)  in his willing mouth, feeling wet preteen lips around his cock, and his balls being squeezed and caressed by another young boy is too much for  Bob as he gets even closer to cumming, so he tells Preston, "Run your tongue 'round and 'round, like licking a lollypop!" As Preston does, Bob starts spurting his hot, salty-sweet jism into Preston's waiting mouth, Preston, not able to swallow such a massive ejaculation, lets half of it run down all over Bob's Cock!  "Oooooooooaaaaaah!, moans Bob and Preston.Sum of the Bob's cum runs down on Adams hands. "Wheeee......." "Wowie! That was great!, LICK it off his dick, Adam, "Hay-dog it raw!!!!!"It tastes sooo GOOD!," says the young Boy, Adam, who then takes the cum from his  hand and sticks his tongue out, taking a little taste of the pearl jam and smiles. Adam tentatively starts licking Bob's juicy , cum-covered cock and balls, saying; "Wow! you're right!, its bitching!"

"Thats FUKING ENOUGH!!!"  An errect Justin, a little jealous of the Boys' attack on BobO, decides to unloosen him, and pulls Bob to the couch, snuggling up to him. And Bobby, who is ALWAYS ready for sex, scoots next to Justin, rubbing his leg, and seeing no objection from a distracted Justin, rubs his boner, unzips him and proceeds to jack him off. Justin holds and squeezes Bob, as he gives him reeeaaaly  looooong kisses, which Bob returns with passion.

The still-horny  and pantsless Adam and Preston jump up, to squeeze in on the couch beside Bobby, and they can't resist playing with Bobby's big hard dick, which is making an enormous bulge in his jeans...of course, Bobby doesn't  object!  Bobby goes down on Justin and starts to suk him off, and gives Justin the blowjob of his young life! Watching his brother suk Justin, Preston turns to Adam, and gives him a kiss... saying "Let’s suk each other’s cock!," Adam smiles, "I'm not sure I can do it that good." "It’s OK, just do what I do!" They get into the 69, and Preston puts Adam’s Peter into his mouth, and Adam eagerly does the same with Preston’s bigger Dick, and Preston, remembering what he did to Bobo, starts to work his wonders on Adam!

Bob is enjoying being hugged by  Justin, and getting off on thinking about his recent ravishment by the two young Boys. "Wow!" thinks Bob, that was just incredible, and hard to believe that it would be soooooo greeeeaaaaat, having two such precocious, so perfect, sexy, cute, and sooooo young boys want him so much! "Wow! I may have to try  it with them again!", thinks a more-than-satisfied BobO!

More to cummm....