(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 8

Edited by BobO © 2002 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.

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Towards the end of the Holidays, BobO and the Boys decided to go to White  Pass Resort for sum fun in the snow, skiing and snowboarding, etc. Bob had already picked up Justin, who was all psyched to spending a week with his two best buds.

When they reached Bobby's house, Justin jumped out and ran to the door to get Bobby. Bobby's younger brother, Preston, answered the door, and yelled, in front of his parents, " Bobby, your boyfriend is here to pick u up!" Walking in, Justin wanted to beat the shit out of that little fuker. He didn't have to, as Bobby came from the hallway and grabbed his brother and knuckle-rubbed his hair! "Shut the fuk up, u little fag! Hay, Dog, I'll be out in a sec, I’m gettin’ my stuff!"  Justin nodded ok.

Bobby's Mom was in the kitchen cleaning sum dishes. Looking at her, Justin could see where the boys got their good looks from. She looked good for a woman of her age, but she had a tired, worn-out look too. She also was somewhat over weight. In the family room was Bobby's Father, watching TV. He was a big man, not in height, but in size, a short man, he was balding at the top of his head, but had long curly hair on the sides of his head. He was watching sum hockey game, and Justin could see from the empty cans he was drinking a lot of beer.  Bobby's mom was nice, and offered Justin sumthing to drink. Then Bobby came with his gear and board, and his mother gave him sum extra money, and told the boys to have fun. Then, his Dad, getting up from the couch yells, " Bobby, where the fuk ‘r u going?"

Shit!, is Bobby going to get into a fight with his Dad? " To White Pass Resort, remember?, I told U I wuz going with Justin and his parents!" Shit!, Justin hoped that  Bobby's parents didn't call his house while they were gone. If they did, he would have a lot of explaining to them if they checked up, but Bobby said they wouldn't. " Come here, Son, you and Justin! " Shit what now? The two boys walked to him. Looking at them, talking with heavy beer breath, with his hands on their shoulders, "Hay, U two boys have some fun!,....Haaaay, if U guys R going to fuk..." Shit, does he know about us ? "Here, take these..." As he reaches into his pocket, and pulls out sum condoms, and gives them to the Boys! "Sumthing to use when U thaw out UR peckers on sum  pussy snow bunnies”....He winked, smiled and patted the boys faces. "Thanks, Dad, but we gots to go,..." Bobby tells his dad. 

Sitting on the couch, Preston wise cracks, "Dad, they don't need those they are just going to swa...." "SHUT UR FUKING MOUTH !!!" Bobby yells at Preston, and throws a pillow at him. Bobby’s dad, tired of Preston, grabs him and tells him to go to his room. Justin thanks Bobby’sParents, and says goodbye. As they leave, he sees Preston give a devilish smile, and behind his parents, takes his fist and moves it to his mouth, and moves it up to, and away from his mouth, while using his tongue to pull out his cheek, making it look as if he is giving an imaginary blow job! He hated that kid.

The drive was only about 45 minutes, in spite of the ice and snow, and winding mountainous highway. The Nissan 4wheel Van was ideal. BobO had made all the arrangements... he had rented a nice condo at the Village Inn, and the boys were looking forward to sum skiing on the slopes. When they arrive at the luxurious Condominiums, they quickly unpack their gear and head for the lifts...

Justin wanted to ski down the terrain, but Bobby, all hyped, wanted to start with the half pipe. Being more experienced at snowboarding, Bobby had a pro freestyle board, while Justin had a carving board. At the end of the lift, Bobby dropped in to the pipe, sliding down, did a lot of jumps, and did lots of fancy turns in the air. Justin just did basic jumps... "Whaoo...." Yelled Bobby, and behind them, BobO followed...BobO didn't do all that bad for a man his age. Bobby was showing off, and did sum riding fakies. After an hour up and down the pipe, they decided to stop at the Lodge to get sum eats and hot drinks. Sitting next to the huge fireplace, drinking hot cocoa, and waiting for their table in the restaurant, Justin was sitting on the couch, snuggled next to Bobo. Bobby was sitting in a chair next to them. He was talking to them about their kick-ass boarding skills.

Then, being an ass, Bobby, looking at all the young and beautiful Snow Bunnies, says, "Hay, Bobo! Check out that piece of ass! Look at her long fuking red hair, I would love to have it run throu my hands while getting blown!..."  "Yah!, she is a beauty, I’ve had a few of those in my day!...I just Looove Red Heads!," BobO says. Justin looks at BobO with a dirty look. Bobby notices Justin giving the evil eye at BobO. "Hay, Justin, see that chick with that guy?, Pretty hot isn't he ?" Justin looks, and sees a couple in their early twenties. The guy was cute, about 5'10", blonde hair, with a great smile! He was walking with a red headed girl, and would often laugh, sounding much like Woody the Woodpecker, but softer. " Hay, honey-baby!." Bobby yells at the couple, "My friend likes U!" and laughs.  Hiding behind BobO, Justin angrily looks at Bobby. Soon, they are called to their table. Once at the table, and eating, Justin tolerates Bobby’s idiotness. BobO tries to cheer Justin up, but he is still angry at him to for looking at the Redheaded girl.

While eating, Justin sees the couple and notice that only the girl is reading the menu. When the waiter comes he sees the guy point to a dish at a  nearby table to order what he wants. Cute, but dumb. After dinner they go back to the condo.

They decide to let their food digest by hanging around the Olympic pool. The water is so hot, it is like a giant hot tub. Wearing his red speedos and looking so Hott!, Justin walks around the pool checking out the other hot guys. BobO is being “Mr. Social”, talking and laughing with all sorts of people, and Bobby is just floating in the water.  Still upset at BobO, Justin runs into the water making sure to create a big splash, and get BobO all wet!

BobO grabs his towel and wipes himself, he looks at the boys, and sees Justin horsing around with Bobby in the water.  Dam that fuking Justin!, BobO thinks, he remembers the sweet little kid he met 6 months ago. They had been Internet Friends for awhile, and BobO was stoked when Justin moved to his town. BobO remembered the first time they met. Justin was so nervous he was shaking, and when BobO held his hands, they were wet. He remembered how eager the boy was to please him, but was awkward, and how he took his time showing the boy how to have sex. He remembered Justin crying, when he yelled at him for giving him too much teeth, when he first gave BobO  a blow job!

NOW, Justin was the showy little Bitch! He saw how Justin was smiling at sum of the guys at the pool, and wiggling his hot little ass, seeing if they got any reactions. And with Bobby, to find such a sweet hottie, and it didn't take all that much time for them to fuk each other. Looking at the two teens, he wished that he was 14 again. Dam!, BobO hadn't even had Bobby's 15yr old ass yet. And he wanted to, so badly, he liked Bobby. Yah, the kid was a pain, but BobO liked the “bad boys”, it reminded him of himself when he was that age.

Looking at Bobby's husky muscular build reminded BobO a lot of himself. BobO Remembered when he was in High School, on the FootballTeam, and how BobO and Tim, the Quarter Back, used to double date with a couple of the Cheerleaders. They would go out together and see a movie, and after making out with the girls, Bobo in the back, and Tim in the front. Then, afterwards, they would take the girls home, then Tim would drive BobO to sum remote place, and they would fuk each other hard. Tim was little, like Bobby, a hot muscular stud with attitude.

All the girls at school would compete with each other, trying to get a date with him, and hopefully, getting his meat into them! Bobo didn't think that many got the privilege to feel Tim's cock in them as much as he did! It seemed after every date, Tim would call BobO, wanting to have phone sex, and jack off, or drop by for good old sex. Tim told BobO that he was the very best in giving BlowJobs, and that girls didn't know shit on how to blow a guy! And on weekends, David, the running back would join them, and they would party at David’s basement, fuking and sukng each other, while David's parents were up stairs. Ha!, the good old times!

The boys were now swimming around the pool.Justin was swimming, enjoying himself, checking out the guys. He made a deep dive under water. In the water, Justin saw a  bunch of legs and other little kids diving too. He continues to swim and pops up to the surface. As he does, he bumps into a young guy in his 20's. "Sorry, man!," rubbing chlorine from his eyes, he hears this Woody Woodpecker laugh, "haahh...haaahhhh, thats ok, man," and see's its that blond cutie from the restaurant. Up close, Justin could see how  real cute this guy was. He had deep blue eyes, and great looking soft skin. "Hay!, I knowU!, U were in the lodge in the lounge area, with that obnoxious kid." Says the guy. "I'm sorry about my friend, Bobby. He has a realwarped since of humor", Justin tells him. He looks around for Bobby, and sees that he is talking to the guy’s girl friend. Justin looks back at the guy. "Hay, Dude, don't worry about it, my name is Lucas, so what’s yours?"

"Justin!," He tells him with a big smile, and looks straight into the eyes of Lucas, who looks straight back with a great smile, too. "Hay, U like weed?, I got great stuff in my room if U want to share a toke," Lucas tells Justin. "Ya,’ sure, what about ur girl friend?'' Justin and Lucas look, and she is having a great time, laughing and talking to Bobby, " She's busy with ur bud, we kinda got an under-standing." Justin says, "OK!,"

As they enter the condo, Justin notices Lucas put the “do-not-disturb” sign on the door. The room has a king size bed in it! Lucas  then goes to the drawer and takes out a little Bag of Grass, and a Pipe. He fills it, lights it up, and gives it to Justin who takes a toke. Lucas then takes one, too, " Good stuff, huh?..." With his towel still wrapped around him, Justin sits down on one of the beds. Lucas sits next to him. "U like smoking weed huh?...How old r u?" "Ya’, I love weed, I’m 16," Justin lies.  Justin notices Lucas’ swim shorts start to tent. "16? ur kinda small for ur age?..." Lucas asks, "No, I’m really 14, hay,I’m still kinda’ wet, u don't mind if I take off my shorts?,"  "No, go ahead!" Justin leaves the towel still around him and takes off his speedos. Justin can see that Lucas has a real hard-on now, as Lucas gets up and paces the room. Justin, real hot, takes off the towel and crawls onto the bed, and holding his erect cock, tells Lucas, "Why don't u take urs off too?" Lucas stops pacing, and hands Justin the pipe.

Lucas takes off his red swim trunks. Lucas is not very big, about 5", but has a sexy mop of dark blond hair. This turns Justin on. He takes a puff on the pipe and gets up and walks to Lucas and shot-guns him sum of the smoke. This turns on Lucas, who then gives Justin a nice wet tongue kiss, caressing Justin's ass as they kiss! Justin then kisses Lucas’ neck, and down his chest, licking his nipples, moving his tongue on his abs, down to the hairy mop. Justin takes little bites of Lucas’ pubic hair. Then, Justin licks Lucas’ soft little cock, and puts the whole cock into his mouth. Lucas just moans. Justin grabs Lucas’ cock, licking and suking the head, then he moves down licking his shaft and towards Lucas’ balls, Justin suks Lucas sack into his mouth, while stroking Lucas cock, "ohhhh, yaaa, oooohhhh," Lucas moans, Justin keeps suking and licking Lucas, He enjoys the little cock, and decides he must have it up his ass!

Still holding it, he gets up and leans down on the bed, and forces Lucas’ body to lean on top of him. Justin raises his legs and puts Lucas cock in line with his butt-hole. Lucas then does the rest, he pulls Justin's legs farther apart, and then plunges his cock into Justin. It goes in easily. Relaxed, Justin feels Lucas enter him and then pop inside him. Lucas starts to pump Justin. They both moan, and Justin loves feeling Lucas' cock in him. It felt good, feeling Lucas move his cock in and out of him making his entire body shake! Justin could feel Lucas get in deeper and deeper! He grabbed Lucas’ ass, trying to push Lucas deeper into him, as he felt Lucas’ manly meat pump deeper inside him, making his body tingle! Justin wrapped his legs around Lucas' pumping ass, Lucas then grabbed hold of Justin, kissing him and pumping harder and faster. Their bodies were hot and sweating. Feeling Justin's hot sweaty chest rub again his, and smelling the boys sweat made Lucas go faster and faster until Justin gave a large moan “HUUUUU" which made Lucas shoot his cum into Justin's sexy little ass! Lucas gave one more giant pump into Justin, shooting more loads of cum...

Back at the pool, Bobby is still flirting with the Red head, Her name was Lora, and from their conversation, she and her boyfriend were up for anything fun. Bobby tells her about Justin and BobO, and asks if she wants to party? She gets up, tells him she sees sum friends and walks away, but looks back and smiles a maybe. Bobby yells out their room number.

Jazzed up, Bobby looks for BobO, to ask him if he could get sum liquor.  Bobo tells him, "Well, let’s go to the room and get dressed, and u can come with me to the Lodge Store. Where’s Justin?" Looking around, Bobby says "He’s around sum place, I'm sure he'll catch up with us back at the room. Let’s go!"  They go back to the room, get dressed and to the store, and buy lot of liquor and party food.Back at the room, as Bobo puts the food in the small refrigerator. "This is kinda’ lot of food, Guy, for the three of us?" 

"Well, BobO, we might have guests," BobO smiles at Bobby, "A man for my heart", and grabs Bobby, rubbing his head. Bobby’s in a good mood, laughs and starts to wrestle with BobO. Soon they are on the floor laughing and wrestling. Bobo is getting hard. He manages to pull off Bobby’s sweater and shirt, Bobby laughs, calls for time out, and takes off his shoes and pants, leaving only his underwear on, BobO does the same. "In this corner, the young stud of Oaktown, weighing at 175pds, Bobby the Magnifico, the crowd goes “Yaaaa”, and in that corner the challenger, the Midwest Bomber, weighing at 185pds, BobO Rambo, the crowd goes “Booo”,..." says Bobby. He and BobO circle each other, and then plunge at each other, Bobby manages to get BobO's leg and tries to tip him over. Bobo then grabs on to Bobby, trying to hold on, but he loses his balance, and falls down with Bobby on top of him. On the ground, Bobby sits on top of BobO, and pins his hands, laughing, "I got u now Rambo!" Feeling BobO's hard cock against his hard cock, Bobby starts to move it up and down against Bobo. Bobby starts to get off on the rubbing, he then reaches down and pulls his and Bobo's shorts and grabs their cocks together, and rubs them and strokes them. BobO then reaches down to Bobby’s ass, and starts to feel his butt and put his finger in Bobby's ass, Bobby moans.. "Oh, Bobo, that feels so goood!" He then pulls off his underwear, and still holding BobO’s cock, starts to lick and suk it! "Oh, Bobo, ur so big..ur Fukin’ cock rocks! Cute ‘n’ big .. I can see why Justin is ur boyfriend... Oh, Bobo, I WANT U  I WANT TO FEEL WHAT JUSTIN FEELS!" Bobby then spits out long strands of spit, wetting and lobbing BobO’s cock. He then moves his ass on top of Bobo and starts to slide down on BobO’s super-sized cock! He takes in the massive cock into his 15yr boy hole. BobO holds on to the boy's waist as he goes down on him.

BobO then pushes up into the boy making Bobby moan and starts to pump in and out of Bobby. Bobby helps BobO by pushing his ass up and down on BobO's meat pole. BobO cant believe it! He’s finially getting it from Bobby!It was a long time coming, and he was enjoying it. He grabs Bobby’s cock and starts to stroke it...  rubbing the boys little head. Looking at Bobby on top of him he could see Bobby's knife scars, from his rough days in the hood, and this made BobO hotter, Making BobO stroke Bobby faster and massaging and slapping the boy’s ass! Soon, BobO was using both hands to feel, caress, and massage Bobbys ass, as Bobby moved faster and faster onto BobO. Soon, BobO couldn't stand it any more, and moves up, forcing Bobby on his back while he continued to pump Bobby, pushing his entire cock into Bobby, feeling his cock surrounded by the boy's warm tight ass! BobO pumped faster and faster into Bobby, who was yelling, "YES, FASTER, YES BOBO, YES!, FUK YA!, FUK ME!, FASTER, CUM ON, RAMBO!, CUM FUKING ON!!" Shit!, Bobby was worse than Justin!, He hoped that other people in the complex wouldn't  hear them. As BobO pumped in and out, he noticed Bobby’s little devil tattoo on his waist, it moved a funny little dance as he fuked the boy. His heart beating faster, Bobo felt that pleasure only guys can fill, and shot a big load of cum into Bobby’s hot ass!

As Lucas was sleeping, Justin took a shower, and after, he wrote down his room number and phone number and walked out of the room, taking off the “do- not- disturb”  sign, and  back to the pool area.  He didn't see BobO and Bobby, and walked back to the room. When he entered, he saw that BobO and Bobby were sleeping in the king size bed together! Bobby had his face resting on BobO's chest.

Justin took off  his speedos, again, and crawled into the bed next to BobO, feeling horny again. Justin started to kiss Bobby on the cheeks, and then move to BobO. He kept giving little kisses back and forth to the sleeping hunks until they woke. Bobby woke up first, Justin kept kissing him. Then Bobo woke up, and seeing the boys kissing over his chest, he got really hard, and caressed Justin’s sexy hair. Justin then started to kiss BobO while Bobby starts to kiss BobO's nipples. Both boys’ hands were going up and down his body! Bobby had one leg over his own, and was Massaging his cock. Then Bobby joined Justin, and he started to kiss BobO also, BobO was in heaven, having a three way kiss,  kissing one boy and then the other. Then, when Bobby had his mouth widely open  tongue kissing BobO, Justin came in closer and joined the two touching his tongue against BobO and Bobby's. "OH WOW!! THATS FUKING WICKED!"

Bobby whispers to Justin. "U like, hay I have an idea!" He then whispers sum-thing to Bobby. " RU serious? Get the fuk outa here."  " Cum on, u'll like it, its a real turn on." "What the fuk?, let’s do it." This drives BobO crazy! What do these boys have in mind? They pull off the covers. Justin continues kissing BobO's body . Bobby sits up and feels Justin's body. Justin moves on top of BobO and goes down to his cock, and starts suking BobO, and sticking his ass in the air. Bobby moves to Justin's sweet butt, and starts to lick his hole. Bobby starts jacking his cock and sticks it into Justin's waiting ass. He starts to fuck Justin, who is madly suking Bobo!

Justin tightly clamps down on BobO’s cock, and licks all the right places, up and down his stem and around his head. Bobby pumps it in and out of Justin! Soon all three are moaning . They are like a fine tuned machine working it’s rhythm. The bed shakes with their humping. Bobby really get into it..." OOOooHHHhhhh” “YAAAAHHH ..... " his breathing becomes faster. Bobo Breathing becomes faster. "OHHHH, JUSTIN ITS STARTING TO CUM" Bobby tells Justin, who starts suking BobO faster, and starts to use his hand jacking off BobO as he suks him. Justin really works hard and fast on BobO, his tongue moving wildly around BobO's cock! Then BobO's feet curl and "OHHHHHH!!!!!!!' Shoots his cum into Justin's mouth, then a few seconds later, Bobby yells" OOOHHHH JUSTIN IM GOING TO CUM!!!" Bobby pulls his cock out of Justin as he does this Justin moves towards Bobby’s cock, and opens his already cum filled mouth. 

BobO watches as Bobby jacks his cock and shoots his cum into Justin's mouth. Bobby repositions himself towards Justin's cock and soon after it is Justin who is Jacking his own cock and shoots into Bobby’s mouth. Then the two boys kiss each other.  Justin is swapping BobO's and Bobby’s cum, with Bobby swapping Justin's own cum. Bobo can’t believe it, watching their cummy tongues lick each other, cumm running down their faces.

Then the two Boys move towards BobO.  Justin holds BobO's mouth open, while Bobby spits out a goop of cum into BobO’s mouth. HAAAA... the sweet taste, it is a strange mixture of Justin's sweet salty tasting cum and Bobby's biter nicotine-tasting cum. With two licking cum tongues on him BobO's face is filled with cum, as well are the boys’. Their tongues move all over each others face, mouth , and tongues.

BobO never had it this good, not even when he was with Tim and David, his High School chums.....
Outside in the hall Lucas and Lora walked to the boys’ condo door, Lucas says: “Are U sure its ok? " "Yes, Bobby said to come on in in a couple of hours, and he would have everything set. Don't worry, hon..he said his friends were cool...Just make sure U don't drink too much.." They knock at the door.......

more to cum......