(Adventures of the CaliforniaKidd)
by Justin Smith, aka the CaliforniaKidd
Chapter 9

Edited by BobO © 2003 Justin Smith

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. It contains descriptions of sex between teenage boys and between adult men. If you are under 18 yrs of age, or are offended by this type of material, or if you are forbidden by your local laws to read it, please exit this story now.

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Lucas and Lora were in the hall way, standing at the condo door of sum young guy Lora met, looking to party with. It was a strange relationship they had. Lora, a cute, sexy redhead was a party girl who turned heads when she walked into a room. She had a gitty personality, and could talk to anyone. It wasn't hard for her to make friends, in fact, that was her big problem, she was a big flirt. But she was his girl, and the understanding between them was that if he didn't get psycho when she was having sum fun around other guys, she would keep him sexually satisfied. And she did. There wasn’t anything he could ask that she wouldn’t do. She was one of the few chicks he had dated that let him butt-fuck her. Shit, she even would lick his ass, not many girls are into that shit.

The problem was that her flirting did bug him.  The big problem also was that he was bi and she didn't know it. Fuk! how can you tell ur chick that sum times you craved a nice warm cock up your ass to get the greatest sexual pleasure that you can't get with a chick?

How could you explain to a woman that the most greatest, hottest orgasms were the best when sum guy was shooting cum into your ass, than you shooting into her pussy.  What was also great about Lora, was that she supported him. It wasn't that he was a dead beat, it was just that he had problems keeping jobs.  He was no dummy,  it was just that he was dyslexic, & his brain didn't work like others. There would always be sum boss asking for paper work that he just could not do, and end up having a fight and quitting his job.
He was really intelligent, he could take apart any car, build any piece of furniture. Shit, in High School he won first place and best of show  in the county fair, for a roll top desk he made in wood shop. He just couldn't fucking read. He wasn't really in the party mood, and hoped they didn't stay long.  Lora nocked at the door, again, silence...

"Maybe no one’s home," Lucas told Lora. "He said they were going to be here all night!" Lora then tries the door, and it opens. She pokes her head in:"Hello!!" "Lora, don't go in! " Lucas tells her. "Don't be a party-pooper!" They both enter the room, she turns on the light wall switch... "WHAT THE FUK?" BobO yells,  "OHHH! SHIT!, SORRY!!!" 

As the couple catch the guys laying naked, sweaty and sticky on the bed, Lora then can’t help it, and gives a big laugh. "Come on, Lora, let’s go!" Lucas tells her. Bobby quickly gets up, forgetting his bare ass nakedness, and exposes his hot body and swinging cock! "Haay, Man, it’s cool! Don't leave! We just started partying a little early!," both Lora and Lucas stand there, wide-eyed, checking out Bobby's bod, so he then grabs a sheet, and walks to the couple, as Justin and BobO start putting on their sexy undies.“We have lots of liquor, food, and sum great CDS. Stay!" Lora, looking at him, can't keep a straigt face, tells him “OK!” " Slamming!" Says Justin, as he turns on sum music. He then notices Lucas, who is surprised to see him.  As Bobby returns to the bed to get his boxers, BobO points to his face, telling Bobby that he has a big glob of creamy-white cum on his face!

It doesn't take long for the party to begin! After a round of drinking, and the passing of the pipe, Lora becomes really loose, and starts to dance, She shakes and wiggles her body. Moving, shaking, and sexily wigging her cute ass, you can tell she has done this before! She then takes Bobo's hands, and has him join her in  her dance. They  really get down, moving and grinding. Bobby is making and pouring more drinks, and joins in the dance. While Lucas just coasts on the couch. Justin brings more food, and joins him smoking the pipe. He can tell that Lucas is pissed, watching Lora dancing in between Bobo and Bobby, moving their hands up and down her body, grabbing their hot Butts, dancing to the beat...reeaally getting into the beat!...ya ya ya!

Justin sits next to Lucas, wanting to comfort him. "Hay, bud! What’s wrong? "  "Oh, nothing, u didn't say goodbye when u left." " Hay, I left u my digits!" Justin tells him. " Oh, ya’!,"  Justin then takes a toke, and moves up to Lucas mouth, to give him a shotgun. Lucas takes it, and starts to kiss Justin. They sit there, mouths open, moving and licking their tongues together. Opening and closing their lips around each other. Lucas enjoys feeling Justin, he puts his hands around the boy. He really enjoys it. The thought of kissing such a cute and sexxxy young boy turns Lucas on. Man, here he was, necking with this hot, sexy, young 9th grader! Justin was the same age of his kid brother. Lucas never had a younger guy. He had always been with older guys, even in High School, when he started to have sex at 16. 

Lucas was really turned on! He couldn't believe that a few hours ago he had his cock up this boy’s ass! This young high school freshman! Justin started to feel Lucas’ cock. Lucas started to kiss faster and wilder, eating Justin's tongue and mouth. Shit, this kid didn't even know how do drive! As they were making out, Bobby glanced over: "Wicked, Looks like Justin and Lucas are having a kickin’ good time!” Lora glances over, and sees Lucas with one hand inside Justin's shorts, & another around the boy's shoulders, holding him as he is shoving  his tongue down the boys throat! She gets really pissed!, "U FUKING GAY BASTARD!!" She threw sum drinks at Luke, then starts hitting him with her hand, slapping his head and face as Justin just looks at her in amazement. "U FUKER! HES JUST A KID!, U PERV!. I HATE U , U KID-FUKER.!!!!!!" Lucas just sits there, letting Lora hit him. Bobby then grabs hold of Lora, who then starts to cry on his shoulder. Lucas yells at her: "FUCK U BITCH! I’M TIRED A YOUR SLUTTY COCK- TEASING WAYS!...and runs out of the room. Justin quickly grabs his clothes and puts them on. Lora’s still crying and BobO gets sum tissues for her. Justin leaves the room and looks for Lucas.

Crying: "How could he?, Fuck him!"  " Ya’, Baby, Fuck that loser, He was  a jerk anyway!," Bobby tells her. Then BobO says,"Or, if ur up for it, U can fuck US, Babe!" "Yes!, I'll teach him, the fukin’ Perv! I want to fuck my ass off!, I want to fuck you BOTH!" "Ya’, Babe, who do u want first?" Bobo asked. "I want u both at the same time!" "Fuk, Yah! Anything u want!, Babe, we’re here to pleez!" gushes a thrilled Bobby,

Justin, running in the snow, searches for Lucas. He then sees him in the falling snow, just standing there. "Lucas r u OK? Come back to the party!" "That Bitch! She always pulls crap like that, showing off her big tits. I showed her!!"  "Yes, u did, butt I’m sure she is getting back at u now!" "Yah, like I care!," He walks off. Justin grabs him and looks at him."But u do! Come on, I know it’s wacked, but let’s go back to the room and make-up." "Nah..." Justin smiles, " She sure got u with those drinks," He mocks Lora's girly hits, and starts hitting Lucas..."Oh, you bastard!,.." Lucas laughs. Grabs Justin, tickling him & laughing, they fall down in the snow.  Justin grabs a handful of snow, and throws it onto Lucas’ face, giving him a nice cold and refreshed feeling. Hugging Justin, and looking at the boy's big brown eyes and dark eyebrows, Lucas feels himself falling for Justin. He pats the boy’s dark brown wavy hair:"I'll go for u, not her, but for u!"

In the room’ Lora rubs Bobby's and Bobo's naked bodies, she rubs her hand up and down their chests... she then grabs both of their cocks. Bobo's arm around Bobby, they stand there  looking at the beautiful naked redheaded chick, gorgeous, perky full 36 inch tits, as she jerks his and Bobby's cock. Bobo felt her soft white ass, moving his hand to her quarter size nips, Bobby was already sucking on the other, moving his tongue gently around her big pink nipple. As she titled her head up, enjoying Bobby's suking, Bobo put his hands on her neck, massaging it. She sure was a hot chick, and a natural red head too, nothing fake with this babe!

As Justin and Lucas came back into the room, Lora glanced back at Lucas, giving him the evil eye! She then gently pushed BobO down on the bed, turned, and offered her ass to BobO, while Bobby moved in front of her, kissing her and caressing her. She then got his cock and moved it to her pussy, looking over Bobby's shoulder at Lucas, she again alignes her wet pussy with Bobby's cock and her tight asshole with Bobo's cock, the boys then followed her wishes.

Justin took Lucas' hand and walked him back to the couch.  "Forget about her, if she wants to show u up, then we can do one better than her!" Justin tells Lucas. They then take each others clothes off. Naked, Justin lays on the floor with his legs bent over towards his head. Lucas bends down and starts to lick Justin's sweet ass.  He licks Justin's crack and moves his tongue up and around the boy’s butthole, Justin getting hard, playing with his own cock, pushing it near his own mouth, he is able to get his cock-head to his own lips!

Lora moans, as she pushes her ass onto Bobo's huge cock. She also wraps her arms around Bobby, as he slides his slightly smaller cock into her wet pussy, "HOooooooo!." It feels so good having two huge pulsating, meaty cocks in her!

Lucas, suking and eating Justin's ass, then grabs his dick, jacking it up real hard, and puts it into Justin's butt. He slowly massages his cock head in and around Justin's hole, and then pushing it into the moaning boy, he slowly slides it in. As he does this, Justin is busy suking his own cock!  Lucas slowly slides his cock into Justin's tight ass, then feels his cock pop all the way into the boy’s willing asshole! "Ohoooooooo ayaaaaaa!"....he starts fuking the boy...

Lora's entire body is a furnace of heat, as she feels the rhythmic movement of two cocks in her, fuking her. Her tits were as hard as a rock, feeling waves of sensitive pleasure, as Bobby touched them with his hands.  She was also getting a sensual message from BobO, as he caressed her back, moving up and around her back bones, and down her waist  as they fuked.  BobO loved her touch, it was a while since he fuked a hot chick, sum times he missed feeling the soft skin of a woman. It was nice, for a change, feeling the soft curves of a woman’s body, and not the feeling of a hard, hairy guy‘s body! The nicest thing about a woman was that she had hardly any body hair. Although he didn't mind if a woman had a little mustache! It seemed that women with hair on their lips were the best lovers! When he was kissing Lora, he noticed a faint little red peach fuzz on her lips!.

Lucas was really getting into fuking Justin, moving his cock in and out, in and out, he grabbed Justin's legs, and was holding them down to the floor as he leaned over, fuking him. It felt good being in little Justin’s hot ass, he didn't care about Lora anymore, all he wanted was to make himself and Justin feel good. Justin loved feeling Lucas on top of him. His weight pushing down on him, pinning him down, Justin continued stroking his own cock, licking and sucking his hot engorged cock head, he was really getting turned on being fuked, and hearing the room full of moans.

"OHHHHH.YAAAAHOOOYAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lora's body was shaking as Bobby started to fuk her faster, pushing his cock in and out, Bobby was really getting off on this too!, man, he never did a three-sum with a chick! THIS WAS FUKING RAW!!!!!!, Feeling Lora's hot and sweating body, being inside her hot pussy, touching BobO’s hard dick as they fuked, Shit!, What a fuking turn on! And Lora was loving it! Moaning real loud, scratching the fuck out of his back! He couldn't feel it, but he was sure that later, he would feel every trail of pleasure Lora felt on his marked, scratched back.


Lucas was boiling hot and wanted only one thing...and that was to shoot his load into Justin. He started to pump him faster and faster, Justin loved feeling Lucas, and started to feel his own cock swell up. Lucas felt it coming faster, working in and out. "I can’t hold back much more!" Feeling like he is going to shoot his juice!!!!! He just couldn't stop it!!!!!! He jams his dick into Justin's ass as deep as it can go, and  starts to squirt his hot milk up into Justin's sweet ass. Lucas is spinning in his head from the high, & he shoots, and shoots, and shoots a huge load of white warm cum way up into Justin's boy butt hole.  Which makes Justin shoot his spunk into his own mouth. 

Lucas takes his limp cock out of Justin. "Suk it all out!" Justin tells Lucas. "What?" "Suk it out of my hole, use sum of the liquor straws if you have to." Smiling, Lucas goes back to Justin's ass, and starts sucking his own cum out of the boy's asshole. He suks, and suks, and suks. Justin moans, Lucas starts to feel the jisum enter his mouth.  He manages to get a good portion of the warm jam back into him. Justin then gets up, and gives Lucas a wet cummy kiss. Lucas can’t believe what he is doing, this is fukng great!Fuk Lora!, he wants to take Justin home with him! At this moment he would kill for Justin.

Feeling Lora's heart beat beating a thousand times a minute, Bobby can feel his cock loading with cum and aching to shoot out. He tries to think of himself skiing down the slopes, white snow, any thing to delay it. But he can't, knowing it is going to cum, he gives a big-assed moan: "GRARRALLLLLLLLLLL", Pushes into Lora and shoots into her hot, wet, and throbbing Cunt...As Lora's body shakes, this sets off Bobo's near-cum-shooting cock, and he shoots a big load into her. Lora yelllllls "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........," as she feels cum shooting up her pussy and her hot ass at the same time...a double whammy!...

Lucas and Justin are back on the couch, wildly kissing and suking each others mouth. Lucas becomes worn out, but Justin, the little Perv, keeps kissing and biting on Lucas. Bobby, completely empty, pulls out of Lora, and limps to the couch, exhausted, and this gives Lucas a chance to leave Justin, and head for the bathroom to wash up, and get a moment of rest. Lora remains limp and still, on top of BobO. BobO, still horny, slides her off, and moves to her open legs. He rubs her pussy and tastes her pussy juice and Bobby’s cum.

"Hummmmm.. Good Tasting!, I think if we could only package it,  we would make a lot of money for a Sexxxy Drink!" He then goes down on her pussy and starts to lick her. Being with girls before, he knows all the right places to lick. Bobby sits, watching Bobo Lick Lora, and Justin scoots over to Bobby and puts his arms around him. Bobby moves his arm, and puts it around Justin. Justin then hugs Bobby, and sets his head down resting on Bobby’s neck. Snug together, they both watch, engrossed, as BobO gives Lora oral pleasures...

Bobo licks inside Lora, moving his tongue inside her pussy lips, her clitoris, and then is looking for the G spot of pleasure. And Lora can feel it less than five minutes, she is starting to have an orgasm again. "Ahhhhh eyess, eyesss!!! yes! BobO!!!" She moves and shakes her body, her legs, flexed, move up and down BobO’s back, she yells in pleasure, tilting back her head. BobO licks, suks, and eats her pussy like a starving man. Watching Bobo, Justin and Bobby start playing with each other’s cocks. A few minutes later, "AHHHHH HHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"  Lora yells, and a sweating Bobo gets up to get a drink and then crashs on the couch next to the boys "Oh well....."

Lora, drenched in sweat, gets up, sitting on the bed, she has powerful glow to her. She moves a mop of hair out of her face and looks at the boys, licking her pouty lips. She can see that they now have two large hard-ons, she lifts her finger, and motions the boys to come. Looking at each other with big smiles, they get up and walk to her. Looking at the two hunky teens walking to her with their slim, but muscular bods and bean-pole cocks up makes Lora's nipples want to burst.

She gets the boys to sit on the bed. "Sit together, so that you two are looking at each other," She tells them."Justin, move in closer, put ur legs around Bobby. Have those sweet weapon-grade cocks touch each other." Smiling, Justin moves closer to Bobby. She then grabs their cocks and climbs over them, facing Justin. She lays her pussy over the boys cocks, she lowers herself, and surrounds the two boys' hard cocks with her pussy. "Oh, this is Slamming!" Justin says. Man, the first pussy he ever had!, and to have it with his best buddy! Feeling his buddy, inside a wet sloppy pussy!.  O, man it was great! Lora was moving up and down his cock, feeling Bobby’s cock pulsate and rub against his own cock, and feeling Bobby’s legs around him. IT WAS FUKNG GREAT!!. Justin felt really connected with Bobby in Lora's warm pussy. It was like his cock was melting with Bobby's. Feeling Lora's humping pussy, Justin grabs Bobby’s hands and interlocks his fingers with Bobby’s, closing his eyes, he wiggled his cock along with Bobby ‘s. Moaning, Justin was in heaven! "AAAAAAAUUUUHH HHHHHH!!!!." Bobby moans also at the same time.

Bobby and Justin were wiggling and humping into Lora's pussy, then Justin felt Bobby's cock swell! His swelled up too, his head aching, he felt the tip of his cock hit Bobby’s tip and then: "OHHHHHHHLLLLLY
AAAAAAAAAFFFFFFUUUUUUKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!'' They both came! Justin shot a big load into Lora, then Bobby shot, then Justin,  then Bobby, it was like they were sum kinda injection machine once Bobby shot a load! Justin would feel his warm cum, and shoot, and when he was finished, Bobby would shoot. Like they were a fukn baby making machine! God, Justin wished that his cum would some how mix with Bobby's, their sperm morfing together, both going into Lora's sterile empty egg. Only leaving Bobby's and Justin's genes to create their gay love-child baby. Lora got off the boys limp cocks, giving a loud popping sound, and then went to the bathroom. Justin and Bobby move next to each other, arm in arm and fall asleep. Lora, in the bathroom, finds Lucas in the tub soaking. Looking at her, "Happy now?" Feeling tired, she says:"Move over... " and she joins Lucas in the tub. They sit there looking at each other. Silently....

BobO, on the couch, can't believe his wild night! Shit, if this was what the first day/night was, he couldn't image what the entire week had in store! Hope they got sum more skiing done..........

More to cumm... 

Lora enjoyed it so much she sent this photo as a keep sake.