Something About Julian
Chapter 10

By: Eric Case

Legal Stuff:
The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts. "Something About Julian" is completely a work of fiction, and has no basis in reality.
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(December 22nd 1999)
Well, chapter 10 is supposed to conclude the series "Something About Julian". I have posted a couple messages on The BookCASE's discussion forum to let everyone know about what's happening with the story as "Something About Julian" chapter 10 will be the last with this name. As it says, I'm going to take a short break from this series. As for how long the break will be, I'd say at least a month without writing about it. I've fallen waaaaay behind on my responses to the hundreds of emails people have sent to me and this is something that really bothers me. I've decided that email I received prior to December 15th I'll have to leave and not respond. If I have time later I promise I'll try my absolute best to get to the ones I got before then. I still have them all and my inbox is sitting at over 600 messages with only about half of them answered so it could take a lot of time. To those of you who wrote to me who don't usually write to authors but took that extra moment to write me an email, I want to say thank you right now. I can't begin to tell you all how much it means to me when I get home from school at lunch of after school and find 10 or 15 messages waiting, let alone on one of those days when I get 30! I check The BookCASE's stats every day and since November 19th, slightly over a month ago I've had over 1300 visits to the site. That's way more than I expected when I asked my friend to make the page for me! Once again thank you so much to all of you who have supported me, and to all of you who just read the stories, thanks for letting me share "Something About Julian" with you. Take care everybody, and have a happy holiday,


Chapter 10

Two weeks passed, and Julian and I managed to spend a few hours of every day together. We hadn't done anything more sexual over that time period besides the odd kiss here and there, but generally we just hung out together.

Debra had documents drawn up making me the legal guardian of Julian in her absence and we spoke briefly about a trip she was planning on taking for a weekend in San Diego. I said it would be no problem keeping Julian for the weekend, and she booked her trip. Well here I was around three weeks after having met Julian on the beach, his legal guardian and about to spend an entire weekend with him while his mom was away on vacation. Add in to the mix the fact that Julian was decidedly gay by his own decision, and more than "interested" in me, and one had an interesting combination, and I will admit that I was excited about the upcoming weekend.

"So if Mike's my legal guardian, does that make him my dad?" Julian asked innocently while he, Debra, and I sat at the breakfast table on the Friday before she would leave on her vacation.

"Uhh.. no Julian," Debra said with a half smile on her face. "Guardianship, and adoption are slightly different. Is that okay?"

"Yeah," he said looking down at the table, then looked up to meet my eyes and with a giggle added "that's actually kinda good cause it would be weird to having sex with my dad!"

This little statement was of course enough to send the milk and serial spewing out of my mouth and nostrils which in turn sent Julian roaring with laughter. Debra covered her cheek with her hand stifling her own laughter. "Now Julian honey," Debra said softly. "You have to always remember what we talked about before, about not telling anyone about that part of your relationship with Mike. It's a private thing between the two of you, and while it's okay to joke about it in front of me, doing it in front of someone else could get Mike in serious trouble, and me too for that matter okay?"

"Well of course I wouldn't do it in front of anyone else," Julian kidded, "but you're right and I'll be careful.. kay?"

"Okay," Debra said running her thumb down Julian's cheek. Debra looked up at the clock and her face dropped slightly. "Damn.. I better get my stuff together or I'll miss my flight."

Julian and I nodded and while Debra went to get her things together, Julian and I washed the breakfast dishes. When the airport limo arrived we helped her get her things loaded up and with a final hug and kiss goodbye, she was off on her way. "I'll be back Tuesday morning, have fun you two, and Julian don't misbehave for Mike!"

"Don't worry mom I won't misbehave too badly!" Julian giggled.

We spent the rest of the morning playing Star Wars monopoly, and wolfed down some lunch that we went out to pick up. Wendy's is always good to eat if you want a coronary or something similar, but hey Debra was a surgeon so if I needed quadruple-bypass-surgery I knew I could count on her! After we finished eating Julian and I cuddled up relaxing on the couch together quietly. Eventually we got onto the subject of "sexuality" and us talking about one another.

"So when was the first time that you had sex Mike," Julian asked innocently.

"I don't remember," I said jokingly.

Julian gave me a playful and gentle punch in the side. "Come on Mike! When was it? Who was it with? How old were you?" Julian said firing questions at me.

"I was about two years older than you, and it was with a boy named Jason," I said quietly.

Julian smiled a big smile pulling away slightly to look at me. "Your first time was with a BOY?"

"Yeah it was," I said unable to help but smile as well. "In some ways your first time should be with a boy as well."

"Why?" Julian pouted.

"Julian.. it's just you could easily have someone else closer to your own age," I said softly cuddling the boy.

He pulled away from me to look me in the eyes as tears brimmed in his. "You don't want me anymore?"

"No Julian that's not it at all," I began.

Julian stood up looking into my soul. "I don't want somebody younger Mike! I was gay before my dad was an asshole! I didn't decide to be this way. I didn't choose one day that 'oh today I'll be a fag to piss daddy off'." He paused and grabbed my hands in his and moved forward kneeling between my legs holding his face only inches from mine. "I didn't fall in love with you because of my dad Mike," Julian said choking back a sob. "I fell in love with you because I needed someone to love me and you did. I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were the one. I picked you out from way up the beach. I've waited my whole life to meet you, and now that I've finally found you, you tell me I should find someone younger!"

Julian was now speaking in between hitched breaths. "I'm sorry Julian," I said softly. "I didn't know you felt that strongly about it.. I-"

"-You figured I was too young to know what love's all about," Julian completed my thought. "What is it with grown ups? Mike I could kick your ass right now," Julian giggled half heartedly. "How can you all think you're so smart and be so thick? If I had met you last year, I'd feel the same about you as I do today.. I would only be eleven. Love doesn't know anything about ages. I couldn't care less about what's legal and not legal. I'm not going to tell anyone about us. I could never ever do that to you! Not even if you broke my heart and left me because you mean that much to me. I'm almost 13 for crying out loud. I can think; I can feel. Kids aren't stupid you know?"

"The laws are there to protect kids from sexual predators Julian," I said to the calming boy. He sat down on my lap again.

"I don't need to be protected from you Mike.. if anything you needed to be protected from me! I saw you on the beach two days before I met you. I watched you that day from further up the beach to see what you were like. You seemed happy but I could tell you were sad and lonely and new here. When I saw you leave in the truck, I hoped it meant you were living here cause it had California plates, and it wasn't a rental so I knew you were either borrowing it, or you lived here. I went to the beach the next day early and you came again, and I decided it was you that I wanted. I was too nervous to do or say anything so I just watched you for another day then I went home and cried cause I figured I'd never have you to love me. The third day was the clincher. You sat in a different spot than where you had the two previous days, and at first I thought maybe you weren't coming to the beach anymore and I'd missed my chance, then I saw you further down the beach. I saw your big strong arms, and chest, your soft brown hair, and these soft eyes of yours, and you looked right at me for a second and I almost pissed my pants!" Julian giggled.

"When I started talking to you, and you actually talked back to me.. not that crap adults do to humor kids, but actually spoke to me, and listened to what I had to say.. I wanted to cry so bad. I wanted to kiss, you, and you to kiss me. I wanted to be held in your arms. I wanted to sing out loud, and I couldn't do any of it. I had to pretend to be some dumb kid cause anything else probly would'a scared you off." Julian paused a moment letting his words sink in. "Then when you stood up to my dad a couple weeks ago I knew."

"What did you know?" I asked him after he didn't continue the line of thought.

"I knew that I wanted to be yours, and you to be mine. We've been hanging out for a few weeks now, and you've never once made any big plays towards me. I've never even once been uncomfortable with somethin' you said for it being sexual. You've been so nice to me and it's just because you love me. I want us to be a couple. Not even for a weekend or a few months, or a few years, I mean for life Mike."

"You realize that when you're 20 I'll be 32 right?" I asked him as tears built in my own eyes.

"So.." he said smiling. "I want to marry you Mike," Julian said softly. "I know it can't be public, but just with the two of us right now.. lets promise each other all the things people promise one another at their wedding."

"It's a big step you know," I said quietly. "You'll be giving up a lot.. listen Julian. I love you dearly, more than I can imagine ever loving anyone and I'll never stop. But Julian, I can't have you promise me wedding vows. You have so much to experience, and so much to learn. You want to be with me forever today, but in five years you could want something different. You could still love me as much as you do now, and I'm not questioning your love." I looked into the boy's eyes. He was now looking a little unsure. "Listen Julian, I am only saying this because I love you. You are the younger party in our relationship, and I never want you to feel held back, or like you've made the wrong decisions because you hadn't experienced enough to know what you wanted. What you're saying means you'll never have a child of your own.. Look," I said flatly. "I'm here today. I'm going to be here tomorrow, and I'm still gonna be here as long as you want me to be, and when you turn 18 if you still feel the same way, well then fantastic! Nothing will make me happier, but for now Julian, please for me, let's just go a day at a time, and we'll be as close or as separate as you want us to be."

"You promise you'll never leave me no matter what?" Julian asked raising his eyebrows slightly looking at me directly.

"Until the day God takes me away, I'll be right by your side."

Julian threw his arms around my neck and pressed his right cheek against mine in a tight hug. "Okay Mike," he whispered. "How far can we go?"

"As far as you want us to, and at the pace you want to take," I answered simply.

Our moment was cut off by a banging on the door. Julian jumped up to answer and I followed closely behind him. He pulled the curtain covering the window next to the door aside and gasped. "Fuck.. oh fuck why can't he go away again and never come back!" Julian said crumpling into a ball on the floor.

"It's okay Julian I'll take care of it," I said helping him to his feet. I sat Julian on the couch back in the living room, and went to the door and opened it part way. It was just enough for John to look in and see my smiling face. "Hello John," I said in my most patronizing voice. "How's the leg.. you had a nasty limp last time I saw you," I said with mock concern.

"So which one are you fucking huh? Debra or Julian?" Came John's retort. I wasn't amused and began to close the door but John put his foot between the door and the doorframe so I couldn't close it. I looked back up to see his face smiling arrogantly.

"Did you come here for anything in particular?" I asked flatly as I opened the door a few inches.

"I came to talk to Debra.. I want the house," he said obnoxiously.

"Debra's not home at the moment. If you want the house, get yourself a lawyer and we'll see you in court!" I answered mildly, showing my lack of being impressed.

"So it's WE now is it?" John asked angrily.

Julian came to the door. "What do you want John?" Julian's tone was snide.

"You ever call me John again and I'll wail on your little faggot ass worse than you can even dream! I'm your father now you better show me some God damned respect!"

"Unfortunately you are my father, John, but there's nothing in you to respect anymore," Julian said coolly. Julian looked at his father confidently. "You have a good day now," Julian said as he started pushing the door closed, but John again put his foot in the way.

"You're gonna want to take your foot out of the way," I said.

"And why is that?"

"I warned you," I said as I used most of the force my muscular frame could muster and slammed the door on his foot. I figured it probably wasn't the best thing to do as he jumped back grabbing at his foot. Julian and I stood watching as John fell over onto the porch holding his foot, then jumped back up.

"I'm gonna kick your ass!" He growled.

"Oh for crying out loud," I said impatiently. As he lunged forward at me, I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into a tight bear hug with him facing away from me and squeezed as I carried him down the driveway towards his car. I walked around to the drivers' side. I released him and opened the car door and pushed him in head first. I rolled the window down and closed the door while he turned himself around to look at me. "Get outta here, now!" I said angrily. "You were told two weeks ago to leave the property, and were told again today to leave. I'm pressing charges against you for assault, and don't be surprised if you get a trespassing charge too when Debra gets home."

I walked back up the driveway as I heard the car start and pull off, leaving a rubber trail as it's tires spun from John's typical macho antics. "Is he gonna keep this up?" I asked Julian.

Julian looked at me with a slightly amused expression and nodded. "Probably," he said. "He doesn't know when to quit."

Something about the situation really bothered me. It wasn't Mike's physical abilities that disturbed me, but his mental instability. He was definitely someone who I would say "had problems" and to be honest, I wasn't comfortable in the house. I called Julian's mother in her hotel room and she seemed upset about the situation. "I'm going to take Julian to my place until you get home if that's alright with you. You've got the number, but I'd rather just not be here with John pulling this type of stuff."

"Sounds like a good move," Debra's voice came over the phone line. "Can I talk to Julian for a minute?"

"Sure can, let me get him." I said.

I called Julian o the phone and he took the receiver from me. "Hey mom," he said happily. "Yeah I miss you too... nah everything was okay. Mike took care of him." Julian said happily. They talked for a minute or two then finished up with "yeah I love you too mom. I'll see ya in a couple days and don't worry about us we'll be fine!"

He hung up the phone and smiled at me. "Did your mom tell you we're going to my place for the weekend?" I asked.

"Yup, sounds like fun!" Julian said happily.

"Okay as long as you're okay with it.. listen. Can you go through the house and find everything that has.. sentimental value? Things like photo albums, and pictures from the walls.. old family quilts.. things like that. Non-replaceable items."

"Yeah sure I can, but why?"

"Well to be honest Julian, the look your father had in his eyes scared the hell out of me," I said thoughtfully. "It's just me being worried, but I think it would be best to move things out of the house that can't be replaced."

Julian seemed satisfied by my answer and a half hour later, we had a gym bag of valuables and a stack of photo-albums, and everything off the door of the refrigerator. We loaded up the truck and added in some more clothes for Julian to wear at my house, and headed out. The drive from Julian's house to my house takes less than five minutes to drive so seemingly in no time we were seated in my living room watching television. The program we were watching ended and we started flipping through the stations in search of something new and came upon wrestling. Julian giggled and told me to leave wrestling on.

"Man.. Goldberg is huge!" Julian said excitedly as the bulky wrestler made his way down towards the ring. "Look at his traps!"

I chuckled. "Yeah he probably does a lot of shrugging since he's too dumb to know the answers to most questions." This cracked us both up. Suddenly, Julian leaped up off of the couch and before I knew what was going on, he had his shirt off, and was undoing the button-down-front to my shirt. "You know, you're usually supposed to ask if it's okay before you start ripping off someone's shirt Jul," I said smiling.

"Come on; let's wrestle! It'll be fun! Kay you can be Scott Steiner, and I'll be Goldberg. Duhhh come on Scott gimme your best shot," Julian said giggling his best 'big dummy' impression.

My shirt was now off and he pulled me to my feet and ran up the stairs. Once at the top, he turned around and started singing Goldberg's theme song and doing all those amusing things Goldberg does as he goes to the ring. Although Julian held an icy demeanor, I, for one, couldn't help but chuckle lightly and smile. I picked the coffee table up and put it on top of the dining room table to give us more space so no one would get hurt, and then crouched down low so I was ready for Julian. He stood before me in all his glory, with the upper part of that incredible body exposed. Every muscle he had was well defined under his supple, smooth skin.

With speed that surprised me he lunged at me and planted his shoulder in my waist wrapping his arms around my knees and tackled me. I was totally unprepared and just let myself fall. I hit the floor pretty hard and looked at Julian to see a horrified look on his face. "Ohmygod Mike! Are you okay?!"

I chuckled. "I'm gonna kick yer ass Goldberg!"

Julian giggled and jumped to his feet then gave me an elbow drop to the stomach. He didn't land hard and wasn't trying to hurt me but I played along. He hooked my leg and pinned me then tapped the floor with his left hand counting "one... two... thr.." and I kicked out. I pretended to be laying on the ground holding my stomach in pain while Julian climbed up onto the arm of my couch. "Flying elbow drop off the top rope!" He yelled and jumped off the arm of the couch hurdling towards me. I put my hands up and caught him with one hand on his chest and one on his left thigh. "Oh crap," he giggled.

"You're in trouble now squirt," I said as I stood up holding him light then pressed him above my head holding him against the ceiling.

"Oh man! Oh man this is not good!" He giggled. "Kay umm.. you can put me down now Mike.. you win I give up!"

"Ohhh no.. You're not getting off that easy!" I said holding the squirming boy high above my head.

"What're you gonna do?" He giggled.

"I figure a body-slam should be sufficient," I said and walked over towards the couch. I looked up at Julian and winked, then dropped him lightly face-down onto the couch.

He let out a high pitched squeal as he fell, and landed on the soft cushions with an "oof!" Julian rolled off the couch and onto the floor pretending to be knocked out, but a quick tickle under the arms woke him up quickly enough. "No fair! Wrestlers don't tickle!" He then pretended to kick my knee so I let it buckle and fell to the floor watching everything in the room shake as I landed. I was on my side and Julian rolled me onto my back with his foot and stood on my chest flexing. "Oh yeah! World Heavyweight Champion!" He yelled nodding his head up and down and smiling to his imaginary fans. I grabbed his foot and pulled it away from him and he fell over on top of me. Julian's face was inches from mind as he grabbed my wrists and put wrestled them over my head and kissed my nose.

"I didn't hurt you when I tackled you did I?" He asked with a gentle smile on his lips.

"No Julian. You didn't hurt me," I said smiling at him.

"You know.. you did tickle me earlier, and tickling is sometimes considered foreplay," he said grinning at me wickedly turning into a sexual being in no time. 

"Ya horny little monster!" I chuckled tickling him again.

Julian giggled and smiled at me, then his look turned serious. "Can we.. umm.. would you wanna.." Julian paused finding the right words.

"What is it?" I asked.

He bit his bottom lip for a moment as he met my eyes with his. "Can you make love to me? I mean like all the way?"

My mouth dropped open while Julian looked at me hopefully. "Go all the way?" I asked, repeating his words.

"Yeah.. all the way," Julian nodded. "Please?"

"Are you sure?"

"I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure I wanted you to do it!" Julian said matter-of-factly. "The only reason I hesitated was 'cause I didn't know if you'd say yes, or be grossed out!"

"I don't have anything for lubrication," I said slowly.

"I got some KY. I got mom to buy it for me when she told me she was going away for the weekend.. just in case," he said. "It's in my bag."

Debra was pretty understanding about my relationship with Julian.. hell she was even encouraging, but in the back of my mind, it still made me uncomfortable to have her buying our personal things. I decided that next time I'd have to make sure I had the necessary supplies for any activity Julian might decide to take part in.

"I know you've got an enema bag the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom, so we can use that too. I read it can be kinda messy if you don't use one before you start." Julian dashed up the stairs and was only gone for a minute or two and came back smiling. "Okay that was kewl.. I'm all set so let's get it on!"

"Uh.. okay I guess," I said at a loss for words. I had figured Julian might want to do something this weekend, but I had no idea things would go this far! "I have condoms in the sock drawer too," I said slowly.

"Condoms?" Julian asked with a disappointed look.

"Condoms," I repeated. "They're a latex sheath that you-"

"I know what they are Mike.. I just didn't really want you to use any cause it's our first time and all," Julian said in a gentle voice. "Mom got you to get tested for stuff so that there'd be no diseases or anything between us, so I thought maybe we could do it.. well.. natural. I kinda', sorta' wanted to feel it when you shot in me for the first time."

I thought about it a moment. Debra had asked me to have a blood test to check for any STDs or communicable diseases, and I had come out "germ free" as she put it. "I guess that would be okay," I said slowly. This brought a big smile to Julian's face.

"Kay wicked!" Julian said happily. "Umm.. okay so how do we start?" He asked.

"You're the expert who reads all the stories," I teased.

"So I'm in charge?" Julian asked.

"Of course," I said simply.

"Hmm...." Julian said grinning mischievously. "Just what am I gonna do with you first?" Julian asked. He slid himself backwards slightly so that he was sitting on my legs rather than my stomach. "Let's take a look at what we have to work with here!" Julian reached down and unfastened the button to my pants. I felt my zipper pulled down and my fly opened as I stared deeply into Julian's eyes. Something about that look he gave me when he switched do "sexual mode" made me instantly erect, and Julian didn't mind my reaction one bit. "Somebody's happy to see me!" Julian giggled.

I could only lay and watch while Julian pulled my pants down my legs as my body assisted him by lifting itself at all the right times. "You're sure you wanna do this?" I questioned as my pants came off of my feet and Julian started on pulling my sox off.

"Shhhh..." came his soft reply. Both of my sox were now on the ground behind Julian as he tossed them lightly over his shoulders smiling at me sexily. He then started rubbing my legs slowly massaging my calves from my ankles to the backs of my knees over and over, and painfully slowly. My rigid engorged manhood was straining against the tight fabric of my boxer-briefs aching to be freed, but Julian had his own plans. He massaged up my thighs commenting on their firmness and strength calling them "so sexy" and "perfectly shaped". He straddled my right leg and kneaded my thigh with both hands, then brought my knee upwards so that my leg was in front of him with my foot on the floor underneath him. In this position he continued to massage my leg while gently rubbing himself against my shin, grinding his pubescent and clothe-covered cock against me. I was being driven insane by this intimate contact, and I could tell Julian loved having me under his control.

He leaned forward and kissed my knee, and continued planting gentle kisses on the inside of my thigh all the way up to where my underwear started and slid it up until he could kiss that sensitive area where the leg joins the body, then he simply pulled away and pushed my leg back down. "I'd do the same thing to the other leg, but you'd probly have a heart attack by how hard your heart's pounding, and plus I don't wanna wait that long to get to the really good stuff," Julian said giggling as he placed his hand on me where my chest met my stomach. Julian then straddled both my legs again and pressed his lips to mine as he scooted up my body.

We kissed with such passion that within seconds Julian and I were both covered in sweat. Julian's sweet little tongue found it's way into my mouth as mine snaked it's way past his probing tongue into his mouth. I ran my hands up and down his sweaty back and cupped his round bottom through his pants. "Uhhnn.. take em off," he whispered as he broke our kiss to take my earlobe into his mouth. I pulled the front of his button-fly pants open easily and ran my fingers under the seat of them to rub his supple cheeks in his pants. I moved his pants down smoothly. He stood up over me and let his pants fall down. I couldn't take any more teasing, and reached up and grabbed his briefs and slid them down over his smooth hips as well.

There he stood completely nude now with his golden skin covering his entire body excluding his swim-suit line. Julian's hard boycock was about 4 and a half inches long and nearly an inch thick. I took his hips in my hands and pulled him down to me and took that lovely little piece of meat into my mouth for the first time. Julian began moaning and squirming so I had to change positions. I lifted Julian up and carried him up to my bedroom with him clutching his tube of KY in his hand, and set him down on his back. I then took him back into my mouth and worked up and down him slowly sucking gently and swirling my tongue around the head of his joystick. "Uhhhhnnnn... yeah Mike oh yeah!" Julian moaned as he ran his fingers through my hair. His hips were thrusting slowly but I pulled off and started licking up and down the smooth rubbery shaft. I couldn't believe it was Julian in my mouth. Julian! I was giving a twelve year old boy head, but I didn't even question it; all I felt was joy to be giving my young lover this pleasure. I licked down to his balls and pulled his velvety sack into my mouth and rolled his little boy-balls around in my mouth for a minute.

Julian was writhing on the bed like a worm on a hook as I took him to new heights of pleasure feeling my own aching cock still straining against the fabric of my underwear. I lifted Julian's legs and pushed his knees gently towards his chest and licked and sucked at the hard ridge just below his testicles. Julian cried out as my tongue reached the entry to his love tunnel. This would be his first time and I wanted to make sure he was loose enough to experience as little pain as possible. When I was a teenager and had fooled around this way with my one friend, I had never thought of rimming him, but it was completely different with Julian. There was nothing disgusting about it to me. Julian's hole was simply a part of his beautiful body and a part I intended to take good care of over the next few minutes.

I worked my tongue around his hole for a couple of minutes slowly wetting the ring and surrounding smooth skin setting off all the pleasure nerves around it. Julian was whimpering with pleasure as I drove my tongue into him slowly the first time. His hole gave me little resistance as he relaxed to it's invasion. I darted my tongue in and out of him quickly a few times, and each time my tongue shot into him he would utter a soft "ohh". I then pushed my tongue into Julian as far as I could while pushing Julian's knees further back towards him and began to slowly tongue fuck him. He was moaning almost constantly and I looked up at his face to see his eyes tightly shut and his mouth hanging open. His chest was heaving and he was drenched in sweat. His cock was not bright red so I figured it was probably time I gave him some release. I pulled my tongue out of him getting a long moan from Julian and took the KY from next to his hand that was now clenching the bed sheets tightly.

I took the lid off of the tube and squeezed some onto my first two fingers and coated the outside of Julian's pucker-hole with the slippery stuff. Julian held his legs in the air bringing his under his knees and holding them. He opened his eyes and whispered "please make me cum soon Mike I can't take much more."

"Okay baby, soon.. real soon," I said soothingly as I squeezed more KY onto my index finger and slowly worked it into Julian's tight hole. It went in pretty easily and as I withdrew it I watched the skin enclosing it pull out slightly with it. Julian was moaning sensually again and my finger was soon gliding easily in and out of his smooth asshole. I slid another finger in next to it with mild pressure and continued slowly finger-fucking Julian's ass. He seemed to accept my digits without too much difficulty and I was soon moving the fingers in and out faster and opening them wider to stretch Julian's hole. When I started moving a third finger into Julian I looked up to his face again. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

Julian simply shook his head and moaned. I continued working the third finger into him slowly and squeezed more KY onto the three fingers sliding in and out of Julian getting him slippery for what was to come. When the three fingers were moving more easily in and out of him I leaned down and took his rigid pecker into my mouth once again. Julian was so worked up it was pressed tightly against his stomach but I had to have that juice that had been wasted a couple weeks earlier when I wiped it off on the first thing handy. This time I wanted to receive the boy's gift. Julian was now most likely loose enough to take me, but I wasn't ready for that yet. I pulled two fingers out leaving just my middle finger inside him, and began rubbing his prostate firmly. Julian cried out loud as his entire body tensed. His fingers dug into the backs of his knees and his anus tightened around my finger hard enough that I couldn't move it so I pushed hard on the boy's prostate and sucked hard on the head of his cock. As the first shot was fired into my mouth Julian let his legs go and they shot out on either side of my head and slammed down on the bed as his hips bucked wildly from the most intense orgasm of his life.

Julian's hands were clenching the bed sheets pulling them up on either side of him and slamming them down with each peak of his release. I for my part was experiencing my own orgasm as Julian shook beneath me. When his first shot of sweet-tasting boycum landed on my tongue, I couldn't hold myself any longer and let fire my own barrage of ammunition into my boxer-briefs. Pleasure lashed at my muscles as without even touching myself, or having my equipment touched since our fun had started, my orgasm had come.

I looked up to see Julian's tear-streaked cheeks and wide eyes looking at me. He smiled at me weakly and pulled me up to kiss him, then whispered "it's time."

I nodded and he ushered me down on my back and pulled my underwear off. He too one look inside and gave me a wicked grin. "It was that good for you?" Julian asked.

"With you, everything is good Julian," I said softly. This got a big smile from him as he took the open tube of KY from my me knee and squeezed some out into his palm. He ran his smooth hands up and down my shaft and coaxed my equipment back to a standing of  readiness.

"I'm gonna sit on it first to get used to it, then when I'm ready you can take over okay?" He asked quietly.

I simply nodded as Julian kneeled astride me and took my rigid member into his right hand and leaned back ever so slowly and positioned me at his opening. "I love you Julian," I said softly to him. He had been looking down at the bed beside him while he positioned me and at this turned his eyes back to meet mine.

"I love you too Mike, and I'm gonna make you feel really good!"

"You always make me feel good Julian without any sex at all. It means so much to me that you want to do this with me yes, but remember that sex never has to be a part of our relationship for you to be special to me," I said softly running a hand down his cheek.

A few tears sprung from his eyes and his lip trembled. I sat up and kissed him gently. I smiled and pushed me back down and rested a little weight on me and my head slid part way in, and then with an almost popping motion, my head was inside him. Julian paused like that for a moment and I felt his sphincter tightening and loosening around me. I watched him forcefully exhale and then in one smooth motion he slid three inches down me and stopped for a break for a moment. I put my hands on his thighs and rubbed them gently. Julian smiled and pulled up until just the head of me was still inside of him, and then he sat down slowly, and continue this motion gradually picking up speed. With one last downward motion his firm cheeks rested against me and he sat there for a moment grinning at me.

"There Mike, it's yours. I'm your virgin and I love you," he said just above a whisper. Then with a giggled he added "now make love to me!"

I sat up with myself still embedded deeply in his nether regions feelings his tight anus around my throbbing cock. I deposited him on his back at the edge of the bed and moved a pillow under his hips to raise him slightly. Julian wrapped his legs around my back and his arms around my neck and guided my lips to his. As our mouths opened and tongues once again met one another, I pulled out of Julian's incredibly hot love chute and moved back into him slowly. Julian gasped as my hard cock stroked past his prostate, and he drove his tongue further into my mouth. The pleasure coming from my hard shaft, and my mouth at that moment was indescribable as I withdrew from Julian and pushed into him again more forcefully. My whole body felt like it was on fire. Julian's neck arched and he moaned.

"Uhhhhnn.. yeah that's it Mike!" He said excitedly.

I started working into him harder now as I heard the beginning of that wonderful sound - wet skin smacking against wet skin. I slid my arms along Julian's sides so that they ran just beneath his shoulder-blades with my hands wrapped over almost to his collar bones and started to really slam into him, and all the while Julian egged me on crying out for me to do him harder, and faster. I was nearing the breaking point as my sweaty body rubbed against Julian's wet sweaty body. His hair was damp enough that he could have just stepped out of the shower, and beads of sweat now covered his chest and pooled in the little divot where his neck met his collar bones.

Julian slid his hands down my chest and up my sides to my back then ran his fingers around my back in circles accentuating my mounting pleasure. Julian wasn't saying anything anymore, at least nothing intelligible. He simply moaned, and cried out, occasionally calling my name as is mouth opened wide and his eyes rolled back in his head. Julian's anus clamped down on me firmly as he had his second orgasm of the day shooting his first wad clear onto his chest and mine. His second landed on his chin followed by his third and fourth which landed in and around his belly button.

When he let his first squirt of boycum go, I leapt over the edge into a sea of shear bliss. The entire world faded away into nothingness and all there was, was Julian and me. I saw the stars swirling around us as I emptied myself into him. I drove myself into him and let the fever totally overwhelm me. I thought I would pass out as I felt lightheaded and for a moment the room swirled around me. "That was soo amazing!" Julian panted. His chest was heaving and I could feel his pulse around my softening manhood as his heart pounded in his chest.

I gently ejected from Julian's puffy bum hole, and cleaned off his chin, stomach, and chest of all delightful juice he had deposited there. I reached over and picked up my boxers to wipe the greasy jelly off of Julian's curved little bottom, and then cleaned my own tool off and tossed the underwear onto the floor a few feet from the bed. I slid back up the bed and collapsed on my back to the left of Julian, and he immediately cuddled up to me with his head on my chest gently rubbing my stomach, while I rubbed his right shoulder and back. We spent the next few hours cuddling like that drifting in and out of sleep. I remembered hearing sirens at one point but hadn't paid much attention. All that mattered was I was here with Julian, and I had experienced one of the most meaningful encounters of my entire life.

Julian and I were cuddling quietly watching television on my bed when we flipped through the channels. I stopped on the local station and we saw a burning house in an aerial shot. At first it looked like your typical neighborhood and I didn't think much of it until I recalled the sirens going past during my "close encounter" with Julian. It sunk in even more deeply as I realized I could hear the helicopter that was filming the aerial shot. My eyes opened wide as my body tensed. I realized I was looking at Julian's house! It was at this point that the dozing boy laying in front of me focused on the television and jumped.

"My! ... Wait! Mine!" He said quickly as he sat up. "Oh my God! Mike!!" He said as tears welled up in his eyes. I was now sitting up too as we turned to face the television. "That's .. my .. house!" He said between hitched breaths. "I gotta go!" He said as he jumped up, and to this day I believe he would have run all the way home in his naked state.

"You're gonna go dressed like that?" I asked catching him under the arms.

He turned to face me with tears streaming down his cheeks. "Yes! No! I mean.. That's my house!!"

"Come here," I said pulling the boy to me. He wrapped his arms around me tightly sobbing into my chest, clinging to me tightly. "You can't make it stop by being there. Let's take a quick shower, get dressed, and we'll head over okay?"

He nodded. "Gee I'm glad we didn't sleep there tonight! We even brought all the pictures with us.." he paused then turned to me. He shook his head and smiled chuckling slightly.

"What?" I asked smiling back.

"It's nothin.. for a sec I thought maybe you had done somethin' to cause the fire but I know better," he said smiling.

I couldn't help but laugh. "No Julian, it wasn't my home to burn down, and I'd certainly never damage anything of yours."

"I know," Julian smiled and kissed me on the forehead. "Let's go take a shower."

I nodded and we headed into the bathroom. A few moments later we were washing one another quickly, but gently. I wished we could take things more slowly, but I knew Julian was anxious to get to his house, and to be honest I was too. I wasn't positive of what caused the fire, but I had a pretty good idea. It took a total of about 15 minutes for us to get washed, dry, dressed, and into the truck. I started the beast up letting her idle for a moment; then shifted into reverse and backed out of the driveway. We were quickly back to Julian's court but couldn't get to the house with the truck. I parked on the side of the road and we got out.

The street looked like the set from a movie. Two fire engines were parked along with an ambulance and two police cars. The lights of all of them were flashing, and all the neighbors had come out to see. The nosey neighbor's house was scorched, and Julian's house looked like it was a total loss. The roof, front, and side walls had collapsed. The back wall was still standing.. partly. Julian's face was pale as he started walking towards the ambulance where someone was being loaded. A police officer stepped up to hold him back. "You're gonna have to stay back son," he said looking from Julian to me as I came up from behind.

"This is his house," I said quietly.

"Who's that who's hurt?" Julian asked.

"Oh.. his name's John ***LAST NAME***. He was in the house when we got here.. got burned up pretty bad on his right arm. He'll be okay th-"

"Can I see him?" Julian cut in.

"Well son, it's-"

"He's my father, though not a very good one," Julian said quickly.

"I guess it'll be alright then, he's a little under the weather though," the officer said turning to lead us over to where John was laying on a stretcher.

"You started the fire dinint you?" Julian questioned. John made no reply, but simply stared at Julian defiantly. "I hope you go to jail for a long time!" Julian growled. "Maybe while you're there you can find yourself a special new friend, and have lots of fun together," Julian said in an icy voice.

The police officer looked at Julian questioningly, then met my eyes. "It's a long story," I said.

"What are you saying?" The policeman questioned. "You think he set the fire son?"

"He doesn't live here. He hasn't lived here in years; he's not even supposed to be here, and suddenly my house burns down and he's found inside! Sounds like he set the fire to me!" Julian looked at his father with tears in his eyes. "Why can't you just go away and leave me and mom alone?"

"Has there been any indication that he was planning this activity?" The officer asked.

"Julian and I will come to the station tomorrow after I've spoken to his mother," I said. "It's late, and I think he could use a good night's sleep and time to cool down from all of this."

"What relation are you to the boy?" The officer asked.

"I'm his guardian, and his name is Julian. He's staying at my place until his mother gets back from her weekend. She's in San Diego, so I'll be contacting her tonight to let her know what has happened," I said firmly.

"So for right now you have custody of the child is that correct?" the officer asked penciling information down on his little pad.

"That's right," I said plainly.

"Okay sir. Can I have your name, address, and phone number so we can get in touch with you if necessary?" The officer asked. I gave the information to the officer, and Julian and I headed to the truck.

"We'll call your mom and tell her, then try to get a little sleep, and deal with this in the morning okay? No worries okay?"

"Okay," Julian said with a half smile.

We later found out the whole story of the fire. After Julian and I kicked John to the curb, he'd gone out drinking. Once he was wasted he had decided that if he couldn't have the house, then no one could. When he returned to the house and saw the truck wasn't there, he decided to burn the house to the ground. He had gone to the gas station and filled his gas can up with gasoline and gone around the ground floor pouring gasoline everywhere and in the process put his keys down on the kitchen table. This ended up being the cause of his capture since once he had set the house ablaze and run outside to his car, he realized where he had left the keys. He ran back inside to get them and when he did, his gasoline-soaked sleeve caught fire. In his stupor he grabbed his key that burned the palm of his hand and ran out of the house screaming (not to be sexist) like a woman in a high-pitched tone, waving his arm around helping to spread the fire towards his shoulder. Roger (that nosey guy from next-door) had come outside along with a bunch of other neighbors and tackled John to the ground trying to put the fire out, but once it was out, John proceeded to pound Roger.

John was charged with arson in the destruction of Debra and Julian's house which was a total write-off. He was sentenced to ten years without eligibility for parole for at least 3 years. The insurance gave Debra $250,000 for the house and personal belongings lost and she and Julian moved into my house for a couple of weeks while we figured out what to do. Debra wanted to leave the whole area and move to another city. In the end things all worked out for the best I suppose. The fire destroyed Julian's old house, but it did move us forward on my new life with Julian. As for that "something".. I still think about it sometimes. Is it that we were made for each other? Maybe. Maybe it was simply that we both had a space in our hearts that needed to be filled by someone, and each of us fit that space in the other so well that it was a match made in heaven. From our first meeting, and seeing that spark of life and love was there. Strangely writing this story has let me explore that something even further, than I had with other reflections.. I suppose there's always been something about Julian, and there always will be something about the blonde boy I fell in love with. Eventually though I have to stop asking "what" and simply accept the fact that things are the way they are. Now that I've reflected on things, it seems more sensible to enjoy my life with Julian rather than ask myself continually what that "something is". It's funny though; for all that I know that there's something about Julian.. I've heard many time Julian say "there's something about Mike". Thanks for reading my story, and if you've learned anything, hopefully it was good! :)

Take care,


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