Something About Julian
Chapter 4

By: Eric Case

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The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts. "Something About Julian" is completely a work of fiction, and has no basis in reality.
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Okay okay so you don't wanna read anymore of my talking.. heck half of ya probly don't even bother to read this so I'm sorta wasting my breath.. err.. fingers lol. Here's  chapter 4 to "Something About Julian". Enjoy!
Chapter 4

I woke the next morning with a start as I gasped for air. It took me a moment to realize what happened. To make a long story short, Julian was sitting on my chest pinching my nostrils closed trying to be funny. Well he thought it was absolutely hilarious, and rolled around on the floor clutching his stomach while he giggled like a nut! I might have been upset, but seeing him laughing gleefully like this was too much for me to be upset, and I soon joined in.

"Heh heh.. so you think you're funny do you?" I asked as I calmed down a bit.

Julian was kneeling a few feet from where I was sitting, and nodded up and down, his face showing his happiness. "You shoulda seen it," he said as he started again with the giggles.

"I'll give you something to laugh about you little giggle box you!" I said and lunged at him and started tickling him as he rolled around on the floor trying to squirm away from my hands. Luckily I had practiced tickling on my nephew before, and so I held Julian in his state of laughter.

We turned as the door opened and Julian's mother entered the room. "Are you two having fun?" She asked smiling at the pair of us.

"Yyyyyyyup!" Julian peeped.

"It sure does look like it. I was just coming to see if you'd woken Mike up yet but it looks like you got more than you bargained for," she said winking at me. "Julian's already got breakfast ready."

"I made eggs, toast, bacon, and hash-browns," Julian said while grinning at me.

"You're staying for breakfast right Mike?" Debra asked.

"I suppose I can. It's Saturday and all so I don't really have anything else planned."

"Awesome! Wanna hang out with me today? Mom's gotta work," Julian jumped in with his usual high level of energy.

I looked up at Debra who shrugged her shoulders and said it was up to me. "What do you have in mind?" I asked Julian getting another of his incredible smiles. 

"I'll see you two downstairs in a minute," Debra said as she left the doorway.

I turned back to Julian, having glanced to Debra as she spoke. "Wanna tickle me some more?" Julian asked as his eyes gleamed brilliantly and an impish grin crossed his face.

"I'll do more than tickle you squirt," I said as he giggled and leaned onto his back. I grabbed his shirt pulling it part way up his body and put my mouth on his taut stomach and started blowing hard. Julian roared with laughter both at the tickling, and the "fart sounds" that I was making on him.

"Your beard tickles," he said as he pulled my face off his stomach so he could look me in the eyes.

"Well that's not quite a beard," I said. "I just haven't shaved today is all."

"Can you teach me to shave Mike?" Julian asked raising his eyebrows wrinkling his forehead.

"I don't see why not.. although I still cut myself half the time so I'm probably not the best teacher," I said smiling down at the boy.

Julian rubbed my face with his hand. "It's really rough.. will my face be rough like that if I don't shave?"

"I suppose so yeah," I said softly. Julian's hand rubbing my face gently was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt. His tender touch was so warm and loving. "We'll go shopping after breakfast and get you a razor. What kind do you want?" I asked.

Julian looked to the side and scrunched his face up as he thought a moment. "How bout that cool Gillette one where on the commercial the guy's arm comes off and switches with the other guy's arm, then at the end the guy who gets the arm with the Gillette razor walks away with the other guys arm, and the other guy's only worried about his razor!" Julian giggled a bit as he recalled the television commercial.

"You mean the 'Sensor Excel'?" I asked.

"Yeah! That's it! The guy says 'hey I want my sensor excel back!'" then Julian giggled some more lighting up the room. "Yeah I want one of those kind. They're cool!"

I laughed. "Okay Jul, you got it," I said smiling.

Julian smiled even wider at this. "I like it when you call me Jul," he whispered.

I messed up his hair playfully. "Well we better go eat this feast you've prepared for breakfast don't you think?" He nodded. "But first I need to use the washroom."

"Need to pee?" He asked. I nodded. "Do you get a boner when you wake up and need to pee?"

"Yeah most of the time," I confessed. "I figure it's pretty normal."

"Cool me too," Julian said then blushed slightly and smiled shyly. Julian led me to the bathroom and walked in first. I stopped to wait for him to finish up and come back out but he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in. "Come on, we can sword fight!"

"I don't know if we should.." I began but Julian cut me off.

"Come on please?? It'll be fun, plus it'll be quicker than waiting for each other!" The pleading look on his face was too much so I agreed. We stood at the toiled and Julian waited for me to pull my cock out. My boner had faded earlier when we had been playing and was now semi-hard. I pulled the waist-band of my boxers out and down letting my now 6 inches loose. Julian's eyes bulged out of his head. "Holy crap," he said almost breathlessly. He giggled at his words and looked up at me smiling. "It's so big and it's not even hard! Will mine ever get that big?"

"Well I'm just a little above average Jul," I said. "As for how big you'll get, you'll just have to wait and see." I was now almost drooling in anticipation of seeing Julian's young equipment. he sheepishly pushed his boxers down and pulled out his softening member. I guess he was a little nervous or something. At any rate it was just a hair under 4 and a half inches and was about an inch thick. It was the same color as his chest which I'd seen on the beach, and was adorned with a thin layer of blonde fuzz at it's base. It was cut, and since I hadn't seen a 12 year-old's cock since I was 12 myself, I was almost intrigued by it. He looked at it, then over at mine, and then up to me for some sort of approval. "You look like you've got a pretty good start there yourself," I said after swallowing hard.

This seemed to do the trick since Julian relaxed and smiled. He managed to point himself down to the toilet and a few moments later we were done pissing, or rather sword fighting. Julian had put on his Darth Vader voice and gone about making light-saber noises swinging his stream against mine and giggling. Once we were done we washed our hands, or rather each others since we just grabbed the bar of soap in the dish between our four hands and rubbed them all together. I found it strangely erotic but made myself not get too excited. We then went to the kitchen, Julian bouncing down the stairs in the lead.

*    *    *

Breakfast had been absolutely delicious and I gladly gave my compliments to the gorgeous little chef! I hadn't eaten a home-cooked breakfast since grade-school and Julian's cooking hit the spot. After his mom left for her day at the hospital, Julian and I watched some TV on the couch. "Well," I said giving him a pat on the knee. "What do ya wanna do first?"

"Hey Mike," Julian said slowly and almost reluctantly.

"Yeah Julian?" I asked.

"I uhh.. I mean I was wondering.. cause my mom's a girl and all so I don't really want her to.. well.. kay see I'm signing up for football this year with the money I got from cutting lawns this year and I gotta have.. you know a jock strap?" I nodded. "Yeah so I gotta like buy one but I don't really wanna go with my mom." Julian looked at me hopefully.

"Well Julian I can understand that. So you'd like me to take you right?" Julian nodded and said that he'd really appreciate it. "Well it's been a few years since I went shopping for a jock, but I'll take ya Julian," I said to his smiling face.

"Thanks Mike!" Julian peeped and through his arms around my neck giving me a big squeeze and half killed me. Of course I guess there'd be no better place to die than in Julian's arms but that's another line of thought all together.

Julian and I hopped into the truck and I started her up listening to those ten gas-guzzling cylinders roar to life. As I rolled the window down one of Julian's neighbors walked up the driveway to my side of the truck. "That's quite the automobile you got there," he said stupidly. You know that 'I'm nosy so I'll use this as an excuse to talk to you' tones.

"It's a truck," Julian said to him flatly. 

"Yes.. ehem.. well, I just noticed your truck was here all night."

"I suppose it was at that," I said chuckling to myself. I looked at Julian and rolled my eyes. Julian burst out laughing. "I spent the night after all."

"Well that's what I assumed," he said.

"Yeah.. it was nice talkin to you but we got some things to do so I'll see you around," I said and dropped the truck into reverse. He stepped back and forced a smile. As we pulled away I saw him fully. He was around 5'9 and about 145 pounds give or take. In any case he was nothing to worry about.

"He likes my mom," Julian giggled. "He probly figures you slept with her last night." Then Julian burst out laughing really hard. "And you slept with me last night!"

I had a good laugh at this too. "It kinda doesn't make sense me shaving and all," Julian said out of nowhere. "I don't really have anything to shave! Can we work out instead?"

I looked over and chuckled. "Do you have a membership for the gym?" I asked.

"Course I do! I got a Julian's pass!"

"A Julian's pass huh?" I asked playing along.

"Yup! My gym's in the basement.. wait! You've never been in my basement have you?!" Julian asked almost exasperatedly.

"No come to think of it I haven't. I've only been to your house a couple times Julian," I said softly.

"Yeah I guess that's why," he said calming down. "You gotta see it though it's wicked!"

"Yeah?" I asked.

Julian gave me a light shot in the arm and giggled. "Quit it you!" He was giving me his 'you're a smartass' smile. "All my stuff is in the basement!"

"Well you'll have to show me sometime."

"Hey lets go to Mitchell's and get the thing I need, and then we'll go back to my house again and I'll show you the stuff in the basement!" 

"Sounds like a plan to me then Julian," I said. "Now where's Mitchell's again?"

"I dunno, don't you know where it is?" Julian asked raising his eyebrows.

"I'm the new guy in town," I said.

"Crap!" Julian said tossing his palm to his forehead. "I forgot you don't know where anything is yet! Kay I think I can find it. It's near Nathaniel Square," Julian said with a pensive look.

"Nathaniel Square it is!" I said and I gave the engine some more gas letting the g-forces push Julian back against his seat. We spent the next forty-five minutes driving around the city looking for Mitchell's. There were probably at least ten other places we could've gone to, but it was an adventure we were taking together and something about Julian made the time fly past. This boy who I was growing so close to so quickly was reeling me in like a fish on a hook and I was powerless to do anything about it but let myself get pulled in. Something about him made it all seem right. There was something about Julian.

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