Something About Julian
Chapter 9

By: Eric Case

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The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts. "Something About Julian" is completely a work of fiction, and has no basis in reality.
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Okay so you've all been waiting a long time for something a little more "material" insofar as sexual activity, and so here's chapter nine! It's taken awhile to get to this point but I haven't had too many complaints besides being called a "cock-tease" lol. Yeah you know who you are but I never once claimed not to be! ;-) Anyways I know half of you probably don't read this, or don't even know that this foreword changes with every chapter, but oh well.. it's what I do to explain myself! Okay okay I'll shut up. Here's Chapter 9 so enjoy!

Chapter 9

"So will you stay over tonight?" Julian asked from the top of the stairs. I looked at Debra who smiled.

"I guess I can stay again tonight," I said smiling at his excited reaction.

"YYESSSSSSS!" he exclaimed then seemed to remember himself. "Kay awesome.. umm yeah we can like stay up and play video games too if you want," Julian said as he bounced down the stairs.

"Video games might be a little noisy for your mother Julian.. it's getting late." I said looking from Debra back to Julian.

"We can take 'em downstairs and watch 'em and sleep in the spare room. It'll be kinda like camping," Julian said smiling. "We can sleep downstairs tonight right mom?" Julian asked turning his hopeful blue eyes to his mother.

"You two have fun," she said simply casting a sideward glance to me.

Julian and I gathered up the stuff for the video games and took them downstairs to the little rec-room in the basement and hooked it up to the television. "Hey Mike.." Julian said softly as I hooked the connecting cables up to the back of the television. I was quite familiar with all the video game systems with having spent many hours playing video games with my nephew back in Ohio.

"What's up?" I asked turning to him when I finished.

Julian was standing only a couple feet from me watching me intently, and now had a strange look on his face. "I uh.. I just wanted to say thank you without my mom here.." Then he stepped forward and with me in a half kneeling / half sitting position my face was level with his. He wrapped his arms loosely around my neck and pressed his lips gently to mine giving them just the faintest touch, then pulled away as I began to kiss back. He came in again, and pulled away again teasing me, then licked at my lips. I couldn't believe how he could turn me on this much in so short a time, but I was.

We played video games for the next couple of hours, exchanging touches, kisses, licks, and giggles. But all too soon we were both tired from our day of activity, and it was time for bed. Justin stripped down to a pair of boxers and made me do the same, removing my clothes happily humming bits of some unwritten tune. "Did I mention today that I love you?" He asked looking up from my socks that he was removing, to my eyes.

The cuteness of the question played upon my heart like an angel's fingers on her harp. I instantly fell in love with the boy all over again and scooped him into my arms twirling in a dance around the room. We were now both in our boxers and sporting a pair of smiles as I set Julian down in the spare room's bed.


I awoke in the middle of the night feeling something warm and hard rubbing against my leg. I started to stir to wake myself up and then felt hot and moist hitting my leg. Julian moaned in his sleep as more and more of the hot wet stuff hit my leg. I realized as I woke up mentally that Julian had just had a wet dream and I lifted the sheets to see my right leg covered with a few spurts of boy cum and Julian's little hard-on poking out of the fly of his boxers. There was just enough light from the closet light for me to see, and I sprang my own boner as Julian woke up and also looked down at my leg. He got a look of embarrassment and started apologizing in a hurry.

"Sshhhh Julian relax," I said. I picked up the towel I had used to clean up the spilt pop earlier that night and wiped the remains of Julian's nocturnal episode off of my leg. I considered at first wiping it clean with my hand and licking my hand clean, but I figured that would have been a bit much.

"I'm sooo sorry Mike. I didn't mean to make a mess! I don't even know how it happened!" He was flustered and upset as I wrapped my arm around him and pulled him so that his head was again on my chest.

"That was just a wet dream Julian," I said calmly.

"A wet dream?" He asked beginning to relax since he could tell I wasn't mad or upset with him.

"It's something that happens to males.. sometimes when we're too full, or for other reasons we have a sexual dream that sends us over the edge." I said softly.

Julian giggled. "Yeah it was a pretty good dream," he said. "I've like never shot that much before.. that's like tons! So it happened cause I haven't jerked off in awhile then?"

The bluntness of his question threw me for a moment but I pulled myself together. My mind was racing at just having had Julian shoot a load (and quite a load) onto my leg and was now laying there cuddling him talking about sexual dreams.. I was rock hard and close to the edge myself! "That could be it," I said softly.

Julian was rubbing my stomach now gently with his hand just above the waistband of my jockey shorts. I could barely breath I was so turned on. "Your heart's beating really hard Mike," Julian said almost seductively. I couldn't tell if I was reading his tone right or not. It was like Julian had made this total transformation from his usual self to this purely sexual loving being and it was turning me on to no end. I was afraid I'd shoot from him rubbing my stomach alone!

"Uh.. yeah," I said hoarsely.

"Hmm.." he said as his pinky finger touched my waistband and slipped underneath it grazing my glens that was straining to get loose. "Wow you're hard! Lemme see it," Julian said. Before I could say yes or no, he pulled my waistband out and down exposing my 7 inch hard on to his waiting eyes. He held my manhood between his thumb and forefinger and examined it closely. His face was only a few inches away and I could feel his breath on my stomach. Julian's left hand was running gently through my bush of brown hair above my cock as his right hand slid down to examine my now aching nuts. "You got some big balls Mike," Julian giggled. "Guess that's why you stood up to my dad!"

I could only pant and smile as Julian's delicate hands had me ready to burst. "I've never touched anybody else's stuff before," Julian said absent mindedly as he put his left hand palm down on the bed next to me and brought his right hand back up to my aching equipment watching it bounce with the pounding of my heart. He took my raging monster into his hand and ran his fingers along the length up and down twice gently. It was too much for me. I felt that tingling sensation as my juice was sucked up into my body and then the contractions within my body as it began trying to pump out my load.  My entire body tensed and my eyes clamped shut as 5 forceful jets shot from within me. "Whoa!" I heard Julian say as I came back down from my sexual high. "There's so much!"

I opened my eyes to see Julian sitting up next to me smiling. "I've never seen anybody else shoot in real life before.. Did that feel good?"

"Amazing," I answered breathlessly, lifting up on my elbows.

Julian took two fingers and touched the cum on my stomach. He moved his fingers around in it for a moment then brought his fingers to his nose and sniffed softly. "Smells kinda musky," he said. Then he winked opening his mouth and lid both fingers inside and sucked them clean. "Pretty good," he remarked smiling at me as my mouth dropped open. He slid over kneeling astride my waist and put his hands palm-down on my stomach and started rubbing my cum all over my stomach and chest slowly. He massaged my chest slowly, his hands and fingers much stronger than I thought they could be. "You're so big Mike.. and sexy," he said softly almost as if he was talking to himself instead of to me. Then he met my eyes with his. "Are you gay?" He asked.

"Bisexual," I answered honestly.

"What's the difference?" Julian asked wrinkling his forehead as he continued the circular movements on my chest.

"Well," I began. "If a person is strictly gay, they are only attracted to other males sexually. If a person is bisexual, he can be attracted to both males and females."

"Ohh," Julian said. "Kay I get it now.. I'm gay though," he said simply.

"So you're not at all attracted to females?" I asked.

"Well I dunno it's weird. I can look at a girl and see that yeah she's pretty, but girls never really do anything for me downstairs," he said giggling. "So are you attracted to girls or guys more?"

"Well up until I met you, I was more attracted to girls," I said smiling.

Julian giggled. "You like me that much?"

"No I love you that much," I said tickling him. He giggled and squirmed away from me.

He yawned a big yawn. "I'm kinda sleepy.. maybe we should go back to sleep," he said quietly.

"I suppose, but what am I gonna do with this stuff you rubbed all over me?" I asked him with my own innocent puppy dog look.

"I guess you'll just have to learn how to control yourself a little better," he giggled. "I mean if all it takes is two strokes, what are you gonna do when we really get into heavy stuff?"

He giggled at what was becoming my usual stunned expression to his blatant statements, winked at me, and rolled over and snuggled down into his pillow. It was probably just me, but my "new layer" on my stomach made my skin feel tight so I went to the washroom to quickly wipe myself clean. I walked back into the bedroom and got into bed spooning in behind Julian. I wrapped my left arm over him and pulled him close so his back was against my chest. He was still awake and whispered that he missed me. I kissed the back of his neck. "I missed you too Julian," I said softly. "Can I ask you something Julian?" I asked.

Julian smiled and turned himself so that he was facing me with his blue eyes inches from my own. His smile gave his affirmation and I proceeded. "How do you know so much about.. well all of this?" I asked.

Julian giggled. "The internet mostly.. I've read lotsa stories from the Witty Archive, jackin' world, and a buncha other places. I guess it's a little different from when you were twelve huh?"

"Quite a bit yeah," I said softly. I couldn't help but smile looking at him.. looking his smooth forehead that led down to his soft eye brows and his eyes, nose, and mouth. He was so beautiful I couldn't help but run my hand from his forehead down the side of his face.  Julian closed his eyes as he did so and sighed softly.

"You've made me so happy," he whispered.

I kissed his forehead. "You've given my life new meaning Julian," I said softly. I had left Ohio because life there had slowed nearly to a halt and I had even suffered some minor depression and when my firm had opened up here in California I jumped at the chance to leave. Then I had found Julian and it could only have been an arrangement made by heaven itself. Something about Julian had drawn me to him and it was beginning to seem like something almost magical. It was as if we were made for each other, or meant for each other, and now that I had found him, or he had found me everything seemed right. I had come to California in search of something, and Julian had been on the beach that day in search of someone.. and it was the same thing we were both looking for and that we both needed: love.

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