WARNING: This story is a complete work of fiction, all characters are creations of the author's imagination. Any resemblances between the characters contained herein and persons living or dead are completely coincidental. This story contains depictions of sexual encounters between a man (36), and an underage boy (10). If this offends you, or if it is illegal for you to read or possess this type of material for any reason, do not read any further. Thank you.

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Sparklers and Secrets

 Jayden sauntered through the house lazily, sighing occasionally as the resulting boredom brought on by the dog days of summer had officially set in. His step father, Bill, watched the boy from the corner of his eye as he sat in his recliner. Bill had always tried to play the "cool dad" since hooking up with Jayden's mother, Lisa. And so, he felt it was his duty to cheer his little buddy up one way or another. The idea struck him suddenly, as he remembered the leftover fireworks in the garage. He had unintentionally splurged a little too much on the incendiary entertainment for the Fourth Of July, as he knew it was Jay's favorite holiday.

 Bill glanced at his watch, and figured that Lisa wouldn't be home for another hour or so. He then grinned as he called the boy over to him and slyly handed him a lighter. Jay eyed him curiously, wondering what was going on behind the man's steel blue eyes. His face then seemed to light up brighter than the night sky had been on the Fourth as he was told about the stash of firecrackers and sparklers that lay in wait. With a pat on the butt, he hurried out to the garage to search for the brown bag of treasures.

"Be careful, your mother would surely throw me out into the street if I were to let you get hurt!" Bill called out after him, before returning to his book.

 Jay's heart raced with anticipation as he fished the brown bag from it's hiding place at the back of the garage. Being almost eleven years old, Jay had little experience with responsibility, and he held the lighter with the same respect that an adult might have for a loaded gun. The cheap little plastic device made him feel empowered, and a little naughty. He grinned as he imagined his friends' reactions as he showed it to them. Surely, he would have to find a way to conveniently "lose" it before Bill asked for it back.

 After pressing the button to raise the garage door, Jay looked up into the twilight and searched for stars. As the warm summer sunshine surrendered to heavy night air, the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs being grilled wafted between the nearly identical suburban houses. With a naughty grin, Jay placed his brown bag on the lawn and pulled out a small packet of firecrackers. After taking the packaging off, he was struck with an idea, and pulled a few sparklers from the bag as well. He then wrapped the fuse of the firecrackers around the base of a sparkler.

 Jay then set his little timed explosive on the gravel driveway, sticking the sparkler in the ground and lighting the tip. He then quickly moved away from it, as if it were a grenade. He could feel excitement well up in his tummy as the bright sparks flickered and flew through the air, the little ball of light moving slowly down the shaft of the sparkler toward the fuse. He watched in awe as the sparkler then ignited the fuse and the firecrackers sent loud pops ringing through the night air. Feeling extremely accomplished, he then gathered the remains of his experiment into a pile for easy cleaning later.

 Bill decided to let his presence known at that point, by applauding from the porch. Jay swung his head around, and grinned widely at the man. Bill then sunk into a chair and lit his pipe while watching his boy. Jay's head was swimming with possibilities, and he wondered how he could take the orchestrated detonations to the next level. He pulled the remaining packets of firecrackers and sparklers from the sack, and began setting up an intricate little automated show of sound and spark. First, he stuck a sparkler into the ground much the same way the first had been positioned, and wrapped the fuse of some firecrackers around it's base. Then, he positioned another sparkler next to it at an angle so that the tip touched the first sparkler just above the firecracker fuse. This way, as the first sparkler ran out of fuel and ignited the firecrackers, it would also ignite a second sparkler. Jay then wrapped a second firecracker fuse around the base of the second sparkler. Using the remaining fireworks, save for a few sparklers, he created a chain of three firecrackers and four sparklers. All he had to do was light the first sparkler, and let nature take its course.

 The boy excitedly lit the first sparkler, and quickly moved away from his masterpiece. He watched with hazel eyes widened with excitement as the little device fizzed, sparked, popped, and burned, sending a small cloud of smoke up into the still air. He then turned proudly toward Bill, who stood and applauded once again with a grin. After cleaning up the small mess he had made, Jay made his way to the porch and handed Bill a sparkler. He chuckled, and ruffled the boy's hair. The ingenuity his boy had shown left him with a sense of pride and wonder. After lighting his sparkler, Jay touched the tip to Bill's, igniting it. They then sat on the porch tracing designs in the air with the flickering sticks. Bill noticed the top of a small pack of sparklers sticking out from Jay's pocket, but pretended that he hadn't. He smiled to himself as he remembered doing similar sneaky little things when he was the boy's age.

 The little firework show concluded, Bill tapped the remains of the tobacco in his pipe into an ashtray and made his way back into the house. Jay smiled deviously as he pocketed the lighter that he would have reluctantly surrendered had Bill asked. He then closed the garage door and made his way to his bedroom to stash his contraband. Bill cleared his throat as the boy trotted through the living room, toward his bedroom door. Jay stopped, and turned nervously toward the man.

"This is just between us, okay?" Bill said, a sparkle in his eye.

Jay nodded with a grin, then turned toward his room again.

"And the sparklers and lighter in your pocket, too. Be careful," Bill said sagely.

 Giggling, Jay rushed into his room and stashed the sparklers and lighter in a shoe box under his bed. Next to the pocket knife Bill had given him on the sly, and the slingshot he had constructed with his friends. He then poured himself some lemonade in the kitchen, and sat on the sofa to watch some cartoons. Bill sat quietly in his recliner, reading one of Hemingway's short stories. Still buzzing with excitement, Jay tossed and turned on the couch. The tight blue shorts clung against his creamy white mounds as he stretched this way and that, and Bill watched discreetly from behind his book. At thirty six, Bill had come to accept his love for boys a long time ago, and mastered the ability to conceal it. He had also developed a way in which to satisfy his desires with physical contact between himself and Jay, without ever crossing any sexual borders. He could feel his cock stirring as he watched the boy's lithe body stretching restlessly on the couch.

 Jay was no athlete, but loved playing outside. Though he wasn't one to engage in competitive sport, his body was slim and toned from spending hours pedaling around on his bike. His skin was also subsequently nicely tanned from his days spent in the sun. Bill had often admired the boy's beauty from the distance, as secretively as possible. But, he savored the time spent with the boy in his arms, and was grateful beyond words that Jay loved to cuddle as much as he did. Feeling a bit restless as well, he put his bookmark in its place and sat it on the table next to him. He then carefully lifted his laptop from the table and sat it on his lap. He could feel Jay's gaze turn to him as he did so, but pretended not to notice. He knew exactly what the boy wanted, and also knew that by giving it to him he would get his own treat as well.

"Bill?" Jay's voice came softly.

Bill hummed a questioning tone.

"Can I play games? ...If you're not too busy?" the boy asked sweetly.

"Gimme a minute," Bill replied as nonchalantly as possible, adding a touch of annoyance for effect.

 This only served to increase Jay's restless contortions. Bill smiled silently to himself as he navigated to the various news web sites that he frequented and read a few articles. After a few minutes, he motioned for Jay to join him, and the boy sprang from the couch without a word. He then quickly trotted over to Bill, and the man lifted his laptop so the boy could slide into his lap. After placing the computer on Jay's lap, he leaned back and extended the recliner's foot rest. Bill felt as though a puzzle had been completed inside him, the boy's warm weight against him being the missing piece. He wrapped his arms around Jay and hugged gently, taking in the boy's intoxicating scent. He knew that no silk, and no flame in the world could ever compare the soft, delicate warmth of the boy in his arms.

 Jay excitedly typed in the address of his favorite gaming web site, and began to play a castle defense game as Bill rubbed his big warm hand on the boy's tummy. Little did the man know that the boy enjoyed being wrapped in his strong arms more than indulging in any cheap thrill the Internet had to offer. Bill quietly watched as his boy played, occasionally rubbing his infinitely soft tummy, or the smooth skin just below the boy's thin shorts. Then the inevitable began to happen, as Bill's cock hardened and began to throb beneath Jay's plump ass. The boy pretended not to notice, but he always did. He loved feeling the hot firmness pressing against his butt, and the accompanying thrill that made his own three inch rod pulse. Bill glanced over the boy's shoulder, and smiled as he noticed the small tent in his shorts. Knowing that he had made the boy hard always sent his mind spinning into various fantasies that he had vowed to never act upon.

 The man's voyeur was occasionally rewarded when Jay would become immersed in a game, and absentmindedly toy with his little erection. Bill eased his face between Jay's cheek and shoulder, then kissed his neck. The ticklish boy giggled and squirmed in his lap, causing Bill's cock to jerk under him. Bill took a deep breath, maintaining his self control with all the discipline he had. He ran his hand over the boy's soft chest, feeling his quick heartbeat through his thin tee shirt, then down over his tummy, and to his leg. There, he rubbed from Jay's outer thigh down to his knee and back gently. Jay's little dick twitched in his shorts, straining against his briefs, as we squirmed slightly in the man's lap. The erotic excitement was soon broken by Bill's ringing cell phone.

"Hello," He answered, his voice a bit huskier than he would have liked.

"Hey, honey, I'm gonna have to work over again tonight," came Lisa's tired voice.

"Again? How can they do that?" Bill replied, expertly concealing his excitement.

"Well, they need me. I gotta go, don't stay up too late watching scary movies with Jay again, alright?" she said with a weak laugh.

"Alright, sweetie, don't wear yourself out too much. Do you wanna talk to Jay?"

"I do, but I can't. I gotta run, bye hon," she quickly replied before hanging up.

Bill returned the phone to the table next to him and sighed.

"Well, looks like it's just you and me tonight, bud," he said.

Jay bounced in his lap, making the man's hard cock twitch again.

"Can we get a pizza?" he asked excitedly.

"I dunno, pizza goes straight to your butt you know. And, by the looks of things, yours is already big enough," Bill replied, pinching the edge of Jay's butt gently.

Jay turned his head quickly, mock anger in his eyes.

"I do not have a big butt," he said as seriously as possible.

"Well, no, I guess not if you're going by J Lo's standard," Bill chuckled.

With that, Jay leaned forward, exposing his ass, tightly packaged in briefs and thin shorts, to Bill.

"It's nowhere near that big!" he said.

"It's gettin' there," Bill chuckled.

 Grinning, Bill slapped the boy's ass gently, causing it to jiggle. He then signaled for the giggling boy to get up, and Jay took his laptop to the couch. Bill then positioned his erection in a way that would make it less noticeable, and went to the kitchen to retrieve the pizza menu. He placed a delivery order for a large pizza with the works, save for the black olives, and returned to his recliner. Jay had stretched out on the couch, engulfed in his computer games, giving Bill the perfect view of his bubble butt. Bill took the opportunity to rub at his cock through his pants while gazing at the boy's hot mounds. He pictured getting up and walking to the couch before sliding the boy's tight shorts down to his knees and kneading his plump little ass. He imagined, also, the musky but clean scent that would rise from the boy as he lowered his face to lick his small pink pucker. His fantasy deepened as he could almost hear the boy's cooing and moaning as he slid the tip of his tongue into his tight orifice.

 Jay seemed to sense the attention as he squirmed slightly on the couch, then stretched his legs out causing his little muscles to tense and his ass to tighten. Bill bit his lip, and tore his attention away from the boy. His face felt hot, and the hormones coursing through his veins seemed to grow stronger by the second. He had to stop himself before he did something stupid, so he turned his attention to the television. Picking up the remote, he flicked through the channels in search of something to distract him. He settled on a show about the rainforest wildlife of South America, something that had always fascinated him. As the narrator described the habits of a beautifully colored neon tree frog, Bill's pulse began to slow to its normal pace. The pressure in his balls decreased, and his mind began to clear. Mentally, he reviewed the recent events with Jay and scolded his self for not being more careful.

"Bill?" Jay said softly.


"Can we watch a movie when the pizza gets here?"

"Sure, what'd you have in mind?"

"Something scary," Jay said excitedly.

"I dunno, your mom told me not to stay up watchin' horror flicks with you. Remember what happened last time," Bill's voice trailed off in reverie.

Jay squirmed around on the couch so that he could subject Bill to his signature puppy dog eyes.


Bill shook his head, smiling, imagining how spoiled the boy would be if he used that look every time he wanted something.

"Oookay," he replied with a tone of mock surrender.

"But, if you have another nightmare, don't expect me to get out of bed in the middle of the night to hold you until you fall back asleep again."

"I'm not gonna have a nightmare, I'm tough," the boy said with genuine determination.

Bill smiled in admiration at the cute little guy.

"Fine, but I get to pick the movie."

"Bill, this is a democrasty. That means people get to vote on stuff. It's not fair if you just say 'We're watchin' this.' if I don't vote for it too," Jay huffed.

Bill laughed hysterically, causing Jay's expression to deflate from determination into disappointment.

"I-I'm sorry. You're-You're right, we should vote," Bill replied between fits of laughter.

 Jay leaped from the couch, face twisted into a maniacal grin, and pounced onto Bill's lap. He then balled up his little fists and punched at the man's large chest playfully. Bill retaliated by tickling Jay into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, causing him to plead for mercy. Bill then wrapped his arms around the boy and pulled him into a hug. They caught their breaths as Jay laid his head on Bill's heaving chest. Bill kissed the top of Jay's head, and stroked his light brown hair. It was times like those that Bill knew priceless memories were being made. Memories that served as his motivation to retain his self control in their relationship, because he couldn't imagine living without the boy in his life. He kissed Jay's head again.

 They sat like that, cuddled up in the recliner, watching nature documentaries, until the doorbell rang. Jay then scooted out of Bill's lap, and moved to the couch. After retrieving the pizza, and paying the delivery man, Bill placed the pie on their coffee table and retrieved some plates from the kitchen. He then cracked open a beer and scrolled through the Pay Per View selection of movies while eating. Jay told him that he wanted to see the new horror movie about an undead serial killer that prowled around lakes looking for victims. Bill shook his head, and decided that the one about ghost hunters staying overnight in an abandoned hospital would be more mild. Jay reluctantly agreed after some negotiation. The catch being that Bill would have to cuddle with him on the couch. Bill inwardly smiled at the boy's poor negotiation skills, as he had planned to do so anyway.

 After their meal, Jay retrieved a pillow and blanket from his room as Bill cleaned up. Then, he turned the lights off, and took a moment to admire the pretty little boy lying on the couch, waiting to be wrapped in his arms. He slid onto the couch behind Jay, and the boy scooted back against the man. Feeling Jay's ass push against his crotch almost made Bill drop the remote, but he managed to successfully start the movie. As the film began, he wrapped himself and his boy in the blanket, put his arm under the pillow on which Jay's head rested, and placed his other hand on the boy's tummy. Jay squirmed comfortably in his little blanket cocoon, seemingly trying to eliminate any space between him and strong warm man at his back. Bill responded by rubbing the boy's soft tummy through his shirt.

 As the movie played, Bill would smile as Jay twitched during the particularly frightening scenes, and offer nervous commentary during the dramatic ones. He would rub the boy's tummy to comfort him, or whisper reassurances into his little ear. It was hard for Bill to focus on the plot, as Jay's ass was pressing firmly against his already erect cock. Feeling a little less inhibited from the beer he had drank, Bill decided to slip his hand under the boy's shirt. The amazing feel of his smooth, hot skin was almost enough to make Bill's balls unload in his pants. He ran his hand along the soft flesh, from Jay's belly up to his smooth chest. Jay shuddered a little when Bill's hand brushed against one of his nipples, and he decided not to linger in the inappropriate area. He nuzzled into the boy's hair and breathed deep, taking in the clean scent of shampoo and very slight boy musk. With Jay in his arms, it was easy for Bill to understand the concept of heaven.

 After the movie, Jay got up to pee, and Bill likewise relieved himself before grabbing another beer. Returning to the living room, he made his way for his recliner, but stopped when Jay requested that he lay on the couch with him. Bill complied, unable to refuse the offer. Once his beer was gone, they returned to the position they had been in while watching the movie. They then browsed through the channels, occasionally stopping on a program that Bill or Jay wanted to watch. A few hours later, Bill decided that it was about time to put Jay to bed. He gently nudged the boy and whispered his name, but found that he had already fallen asleep. Bill decided sleep on the couch and in bed were worth roughly the same, so he resumed cuddling.

 He ran his hands along the boy's side, enjoying the sensation of soft fabric rubbing against warm flesh. The scent of fabric softener and soap escaped from under the blanket, almost lulling Bill to sleep as well. He would have fallen asleep, in fact, if it had not been for his raging erection that had been teased almost endlessly for the past few hours. Bill's balls felt full and heavy, they tingled almost as if he could feel the sperm in them swimming around excitedly. He very gently leaned back and adjusted his dick into a more comfortable position, then continued cuddling his boy. Jay cuddled back up against him in his sleep, unconsciously pressing his bubble butt against the source of Bill's delightful torment. His cock stirred, demanding release.

 Bill once again ran his hand up under the boy's shirt, intoxicated by more than just alcohol. He ran his palm against the heavenly skin, stopping very shortly to gently play with the boy's nipples. The nervousness of allowing himself to do so only excited him further, and he ran his hand down the boy's side again. Down past the edge of Jay's shorts, to the silky warmth of his outer thigh. He then ran his hand back up to the edge of Jay's ass and lingered there a while. The temptation that came from knowing his hand was only mere inches away from the boy's little cocklet was almost overpowering. Bill decided that he was allowing himself too much freedom, it was time to tuck the boy in before he did something that he would no doubt regret.

 Bill slid off of the couch and picked Jay up as gently as possible, then carried him to the boy's room. He then laid him on his bed, tucked him in, kissed his forehead, and quickly retreated from the room. Almost shaking, Bill retrieved the last beer of the night and escaped to the porch where he cracked it open, then packed and lit his pipe. He inhaled the smoke deeply, then released a cherry-tobacco scented cloud into the thick night air. He sighed heavily, then took a swig of beer. He scolded himself for being careless, and praised himself for retaining some self control at the same time. After he was finished smoking, Bill returned to the living room to finish his beer while watching television. He had almost gotten over his internal torment when he heard Jay's bedroom door open.

 He watched as the small figure moved through the dark hallway toward the living room, and Jay stepped into the dim light of the television. Rubbing his eyes, he looked tired and concerned at the same time. Bill watched, knowing what would most likely come next. Inwardly, he hoped he was right, but another part of him also hoped that he wasn't.

"Bill?" came Jay's sleepy voice.

"Yeah, buddy?"

"Um... can we cuddle a little more?" the boy asked.

"You had another nightmare, huh?"

"No... I just can't sleep," Jay replied, obviously lying.

"Alright, let me get changed," Bill sighed.

 Bill then took his last swig of beer, disposed of the can, and went to his room to change. Jay followed him about, obviously still shaken by his dream. In his room, Jay watched as Bill slid his jeans off, and put them in the clothes basket. Bill noticed Jay's gaze following the bulge in his boxer briefs, and felt his cock begin to stir. He quickly retrieved a pair of shorts from his dresser and donned them before his cock had fully inflated. He then removed his shirt, revealing his muscular and slightly hairy chest. He didn't have a visible six pack because of a thin layer of fat, but the muscles were definitely there. Jay admired the man's only tattoo, a hawk that Bill had gotten while visiting Germany. Bill then ushered the boy back to his room, and climbed into bed with him.

 The nervousness returned, as Bill constantly reminded himself about the importance of self control. Jay cuddled back against him, his soft ass planted firmly against the man's once again throbbing cock. Bill wasn't sure how much more of this he could take before he unloaded without even touching his self. He wrapped his arms around the boy, and hugged him gently. There, in the warmth between blanket, boy, and bed, he was able to finally relax. He sighed, and declared a cease fire on his mental battle. He stroked the boy's body, avoiding the obvious danger zones, and once again took in his magical scent. Then, Jay stirred, he turned to face Bill and wrapped his little arms around the man. Bill pulled him closer, then gasped. Whether Jay was asleep or not, Bill couldn't be sure; but what he was sure of was that the boy's little boner was pressing firmly against his belly.

 Bill could feel the precum soaking the front of his boxer briefs as he felt Jay's hot little rod throbbing against him. The urge to buck his hips and grind his cock against the boy was almost overwhelming. His heart was racing, almost as fast as his mind. Multiple fantasies seemed to play out in his mind's eye simultaneously. A fast-paced projection of soft boy flesh rubbing against his hairy body, cemented together by a mixture of sweat, cum, and spit. Moans and squeals of ecstasy echoing off the walls as their bodies entwined in carnal pursuits. Bill's face was hot, and he began shaking slightly as he ran his hand down Jay's back. He stopped at the small of the boy's back, afraid of venturing any further.

 Just then, Jay thrust his hips forward ever so slightly, and Bill's hand continued downward, cupping the boy's ass as if it had a mind of its own. He gently kneaded the mounds, rubbing his palm against the thin fabric, and Jay grinded against him again while releasing an almost inaudible moan. Bill couldn't take any more, he had been standing at the point of no return for much too long. He slipped his hand under the boy's shorts and briefs, and kneaded his ass. He then gently pushed Jay onto his back, and got on top of him. He leaned down and kissed Jay on his lips, pulling his ass up from the bed so that the boy's cock rubbed against him.

 Jay responded by wrapping his arms around the man and moaning. Bill slipped his tongue between the boy's lips, and prodded at his teeth. After a moment, Jay took the hint and opened his mouth, allowing Bill's tongue access. Bill sank his tongue into the hot mouth, savoring the taste of the boys saliva while engaging his hot little tongue in a wrestling match. Bill thrust his hips against the boy, bucking his throbbing cock against him. He moaned animalistically as the infernal pleasure coursed violently through his body. Any concern about self control that Bill once had was now gone. He sat up, and pulled Jay's shirt off. He then gently pushed the boy back down onto the bed and leaned in to kiss and lick his neck. Now fully awake, Jay giggled at the tickling sensations.

 Bill then kissed and licked his way down to Jay's nipples, where he sucked and nibbled the wriggling boy until his ticklishness gave way to pleasure. Bill then hooked his fingers under Jay's waistband, and Jay lifted his ass as the man slid his shorts and briefs down and off. Bill's cock jumped as he watched the boy's little three inch erection spring free. He leaned in once again, and kissed Jay's tummy, moving progressively down toward his little throbbing cocklet. Jay responded by spreading his legs and bucking into the air excitedly. Bill pulled Jay's legs up by the knees so that his feet rested on the bed, then spread them. He then began kissing and licking the boy's inner thighs, and around his most sensitive areas. Jay's breathing became faster as the teasing continued, and he pushed Bill's head toward his dick.

 Bill finally kissed the underside of the boy's little erect cock, causing him to shiver. He then kissed the boy's tight little ball sack, and started licking over and under it, occasionally sucking Jay's balls into his mouth. Jay moaned and lifted his legs to allow Bill easier access. The intoxicating scent of boy musk sent Bill over the edge, and he cupped his hands under Jay's ass. He then lifted the boy's hips slightly off the bed and began lapping at his little rosebud. Jay cooed at the new and wonderful sensations dancing around in his groin and tummy. Bill pressed his lips around the boy's hole and sucked gently while flicking his tongue on and around the entrance to his hot little orifice. He then poked at the hole, slipping his tongue in little by little, causing Jay to gasp.

 Leaving the boy's ass slick with spit, Bill then moved up to lick and suck the underside of Jay's cock teasingly. Jay pushed at Bill's head, bucking his hips slightly, desperate for some sort of release. Bill allowed the boy cock to slip between his lips, and took the hard little rod into his mouth in its entirety. He then began sucking and swirling his tongue along the length of the cocklet, and flicking his tongue against its circumcised tip. Jay squirmed and moaned on the bed, overpowered by the new sensations. Bill then began to bob his head, sucking on the boy while running his tongue along his shaft. Jay took hold of Bill's hair, and bucked his hips in time with the man's ministrations.

 Sucking and running his hands all over the boy's delicious skin, Bill was lost in a world of lust. The front of his boxer briefs were soaked with precum, and his balls were drawn up tight under his straining cock. Suddenly, Jay jerked and tensed his muscles under the man, releasing a squeak in ecstasy. Bill sucked the boy's cocklet while flicking and rubbing his tongue all over it as it jerked in his mouth several times. Panting, Jay lay on the bed before beginning to shake from the over stimulation of his member. He pushed Bill's head away from his cock gently, and Bill immediately removed his own shorts and boxer briefs. Legs spread wide over the boy, he began to jerk his cock over the boy's shimmering little rod. In moments, he was moaning loudly as jet after jet of thick, hot cum shot from his cock and drenched the boy's stomach, chest, cock, and balls.

 Bill then fell back onto the bed into a sitting position, completely spent. After just having had the most intense orgasm in his entire life, he felt as though he might have pulled a muscle in his groin. He closed his eyes as he caught his breath, and allowed his pulse to slow. His cock began to soften, occasionally dripping drops of semen between the boy's legs onto his cartoon-print sheets. Bill tiredly opened his eyes, and examined Jay. The boy just lay on his bed, looking completely relaxed, covered in cum and spit, and smiled tiredly at Bill. Bill's mind seemed surprisingly quiet in that moment. He knew he should be worried about what he had just done, but he wasn't. In fact, he felt as though a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

 Without a word, bill slid his shorts back on, and Jay did the same. He then crawled behind his little lover, wrapped his arms around him, and quickly fell asleep. A few hours later, Lisa returned home. After searching fruitlessly for Bill, she opened Jay's bedroom door as quietly as possible. There, she gazed at her sleeping boy, who was cuddled up against her sleeping man, illuminated by Jay's nightlight, and smiled obliviously.


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