Sparks Plantation



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Sparks plantation

We don't have much, a one-room house and a cow out back. It's four of us now since Daddy is gone: Mama, my little brother Henry, my older sister Ruthy, and me... Amos. All the houses around here belong to old-man Sparks. But the Junior Sparks gave us our house. So now, we own it.

The Junior is the boss now. He has his own cabin, away from the big Sparks house, off by itself near the creek. It takes only ten minutes to walk there from my house. Sixty-some other coloreds work for the Sparks' too. But most of their houses are on the other side of the fields. Life is much better for everyone since The Junior took over.

Him and me kiss and do other things, in secret of course. He doesn't kiss the other boys, just me. Him and the other boys do the other naked naughty things, and that's secret too, but he doesn't kiss them on the mouth. He waits until they are gone, then him and me lay on his big goose-down bed and huggle and kiss. He told me that he loves me because I'm the smartest colored he ever met, smarter than most white boys, and even smarter than quite a few grown-ups. Aunty Rose, as everyone calls her, told Mama I learned to read faster than anyone she'd ever taught. My friend Winston is older than me, he's ten, but he can only read a little.

Anyway, about kissing... it's private between Mister Sparks and me. A rich white bossman kissing a colored boy? Crazy! People would faint dead away if they saw. But it's a secret, a fun secret.

Mister Sparks usually has a stiff willy when us boys are over. His willy has extra skin on the end. Well, he calls it a "cock" sometimes. He said all the colored boys get that extra skin cut off when they are just babies. Most whites around here don't have theirs cut off though. I asked him why. He said he didn't know. He said the pastor would be the one to ask. But I don't think I want to ask the pastor about that.

Mama knows some of us boys play naked games with Mister Sparks. No one talks about it out loud of course. It's supposed to be secret but word gets around. She doesn't know exactly what we do, just that it's naked and naughty. She thinks Mister Sparks is a little touched in the head, but she likes him. He gives her money and other things. The ol' man Sparks didn't do that. Her life is far better now. She used to work in the fields. Now she washes clothes and does a few small chores. She knows the Junior is a kind, gentle man who would never hurt me. That's the important thing.

Mostly, the Junior Sparks stays in his cabin, writing in record books and such, and has me and a few other boys for company for a while during the day. He pays us coins and sweets. Best of all, no work in the fields. No dragging the hoe in the hot sun, not as long as we are keeping Mister Sparks company.

After we splash and swim and soak in the creek to wash the dirt and sweat off, we go in the cabin and he locks the doors. There's always a cool breeze inside with damp sheets over the windows. He has sweets and other good things to eat. We take off our clothes and we usually play and then we do other things. Naughty things. I'm sure Mister Sparks suspects the boys do it mostly for the coins, and the sweets, and the relaxing. But more important, he knows that I, his Amos, do it because I want to. I love Mister Sparks, and he loves me. I spend more time with him than the other boys do, by far. One time, when him and me were alone, I told him I didn't want him to give me coins anymore. I told him I'd suck on his willy anytime he wanted, for free. He said he doesn't give me the coins for that, he said he gives me the coins because he wants me to be happy.

The most pay he ever gave me was once when me and Robert, one of the boys who lives across the fields, sucked on his willy an extra-long time while he was writing in his record books.

Junior Sparks is just twenty-six, but he's richer than anyone around here. Well, his family is anyway. His daddy really owns the place, but since the old man took sick a year before last, Junior Sparks is in charge. William Sparks Junior. He has two grown sisters, and a younger brother. But they don't come around here. As I heard it, the old man forgets his kin's names these days. I've only seen his sisters a few times, a ways off, being carted to church and whatnot.

The Junior hates running the place, so he pays Mister Potts to run most things. I don't like Mister Potts. He's mean. But the Junior keeps him in line if he gets too ornery. The Junior has known most of the coloreds here his whole life and he told me he doesn't take to ordering his friends around. That's a secret also... it has to be that way. He told me about 'sympathizers'. And he told me that's why I can't be talking about this with other folks listening. The friends of old man Sparks might call him a sympathizer, and that could make big trouble. Mister Sparks knows I can keep a secret. I already keep lots of them.

Mister Sparks' younger brother doesn't even live around here anymore. He and the old man don't get along. The thing is, if Junior Sparks wasn't here to run the place, his daddy would get the youngest Sparks to move back home and take over. That would be awful. The youngest brother is trouble and he's mean to coloreds. Mister Sparks said his brother gets riled up easy and he throws fits.

The old man is mean too. Mama told me he flung a tomato at her once when she was drinking water. She was carrying me in her belly at the time. The tomato hit her in the back. She said it didn't hurt much though. The Junior would never do that! Never! I'm glad the old man is sick and laid up. I hate him.

The Junior likes my mama. Since my daddy died, he helps a lot. He's the nicest white-man to ever live. Most whites around here hate us coloreds. The Junior isn't like that. He says one day I'll be a freeman. Me, Mama, Ruthy and Henry. Yep, someday. Right now though, coloreds aren't allowed to be freemen, not around here anyway. Coloreds need special papers for that.

We have to keep the money quiet, not show it around, Mama too. White folks aren't used to seeing coloreds around here with money, other than Frederick. He runs the stable and buys supplies. Mama gives her money and a list to Frederick and he buys what she needs from the Buy-and-Trade in town. Mister Potts doesn't like it, which strikes me as funny. But Mister Sparks himself has done similar for most of us boys at one time or another.

Anyway, about being naughty... one time, after Mister Sparks drank some corn whiskey, it made him talk a lot and he said it was too bad he couldn't fuck me. I didn't know what that was and he explained to me about butt-fucking. I asked him if that wouldn't make his willy smell like poop. He said he wasn't sure, he never did it before.

Then he explained we couldn't do that anyway because, if you butt-fuck, you won't go to heaven when you die. He said the bible doesn't mention about those other things we do, sucking willies and such. The butt-fucking though, God will send us to hell for that. I asked him why but he didn't know, just that it was in the bible.

This morning, I ask Mama if I could take my little brother Henry with me to Mister Sparks' place. Mama gets a worried look on her face. She wants to know if Mister Sparks asked me to fetch Henry. I tell her no, I just figured Henry would like the sweets and having fun. My little brother doesn't talk much, but he's not dumb, just quieter than most. Mama still looks worried. She says, fact of matter, we'd be hurtin' if not for the young Mister Sparks, the way it used to be. But she says we young'uns cause her to fret, playing naughty naked games up there. She says it ain't right, and she don't want harm to come to me or Henry. I tell her there's no harm. Mister Sparks wouldn't hurt a fly, not ever. She knows this is true.

She finally lets us go. We stop at the creek, Mister Sparks is already there, relaxing in the cool running water. He greets Henry and me. I shuck my clothes, then Henry's, then I hang on to Henry's hand and we splash down into the water. I ask Mister Sparks if he minds that I brought Henry along.

"You asked your mama and it's alright with her?"

"Yes'r," I answer.

A few minutes later I see my friend Winston standing on the bank of the creek. Mister Sparks and I both greet him. He asks Mister Sparks if he can come over today.

"Your mama knows you're here?" Mister Sparks asks him.

"Yes'r," Winston answers.

"Then jump in, Winston my boy!" Winston shucks his clothes and jumps in, splashing all of us.

I feel a prick of jealousy inside when Mister Sparks calls him "my boy." In my head I say, 'But I'm his boy!' I don't get jealous of the other boys, but Winston is handsome, and he has a little bit lighter skin. Also, he's ten, so his willy is bigger than mine.

Then I come to my senses and the jealousy leaves. I work it out in my head. I can do that. I know how. I don't get mad and act like a baby. I'm smart. That's why Mister Sparks loves me, and why I'm his boy. And besides, Winston is my friend.

Walking back to the cabin, I'm holding Henry's hand and I'm carrying our clothes in the other hand. Me, Winston, and Mister Sparks are wearing underpants. Henry is bare-butt. That's not unusual for him when it's hot.

Inside, Mister Sparks gives us a sweet mint. Henry doesn't bother sucking on it, he just chews it up. We giggle at the funny way Henry chomps on it.

Winston grabs the sheets from the windows and heads out the back door to the tub of water to wet the sheets. He does this without being asked. He does it so often at home, he barely knows he's doing it I suspect.

Henry sees a toy, a carved wooden horse on the floor and picks it up and holds it while he looks all around the room. I crouch down beside him, my arm around his legs, and reach up and jiggle his little willy with my finger. He looks surprised for a second and looks cautiously over at Mister Sparks who just smiles and watches. In no time, his willy is pointing straight out. It's not so little now.

I saw a little white boy's willy a while back, Mister Potts' grandson played in the creek. I thought he was a girl at first, then I got closer and saw his tiny little willy, so small it was just a nub, but it had a little point of extra skin on the end, just like Mister Sparks said. He also talked about colored boys having bigger willies than white boys. Well, some do anyway. Even Mister Sparks' willy is small compared to my cousin Benjy's. He's sixteen and has a great big one. I saw it when we were swimming.

Mister Sparks asks Henry if that feels good. Henry doesn't answer, just looks wide-eyed, still holding the little wooden horse. I laugh a little and admit to Mister Sparks that Henry and me already sucked willies before.

"You did not!" Mister Sparks argues playfully. I laugh then lean in and suck Henry's willy into my mouth. I can see from the corner of my eye Mister Sparks rubbing the lump in his underpants.

I stand up, pull my underpants off and playfully coax my little brother. "Okay Henry, suck mine now." Henry looks over at Mister Sparks wide-eyed and bashful, shakes his head no.

I ask Henry if he wants some more sweets. He nods yes, looks over at the bowl of mints on the table, looks at my willy, then he bends down, slips his mouth around it and sucks on it. Mister Sparks is still rubbing the lump in his underpants as he watches Henry and me.

Henry stops and I go over to the table, grab a mint, then sit on the rug with him and hand it to him. He chomps and chews on it like before. I hug him and I hear Mister Sparks say "aww."

Winston is hanging the sheets back over the windows and we already feel the breeze get cooler. Mister Sparks kisses him on the forehead then heads to the back of the cabin with an armful of books to put away.

Winston quietly asks me if my mama fussed about Henry tagging along. I tell him, "a little, just for a minute, then she said okay." Winston says no more about it.

From the back of the house, Mister Sparks yells for us boys to save a few of those mints for later. "Yes'r!" we both yell back. I notice the familiar tiny jars of honey on the table Mister Sparks has for breakfast on his biscuits. They are fancy, three different flavors of honey: Raspberry, vanilla, and plain honey. I recognize them because one time, Mister Sparks smeared some of that honey all over my willy then licked it all off. It was funny and it felt good.

I dip a finger-tip in the jar of raspberry honey and tell Henry to stick out his tongue. Henry opens his mouth and I put a drop on his tongue. He smacks his lips and looks closely at the jar, his eyebrows arched up.

I say "It's good, huh?"

Henry answers, "Yeth."

Winston asks me what it is. I explain that it's raspberry honey. Winston touches a fingertip in the jar and puts his finger in his mouth. He makes a "mmm" sound. I crouch down in front of Henry and smear a little on the tip of his willy. Then I lean in and suck the honey off it. Winston giggles and asks me why I did that. I answer, "Just playin' around." I smear some honey on my willy and tell Henry to try it. Henry looks at the jar in my hand then bends over and sucks the honey from my willy. Winston and me laugh which also makes Henry laugh with my willy still in his mouth.

Winston says "put some on mine!" and he quickly pulls off his underpants and kicks them aside. I dip my finger in the jar and smear honey on Winston's willy. He stands in front of Henry and says, "Want some more, Henry?" Henry bends over and sucks Winston's willy into his mouth. Within a few moments, he sucks the honey off and lets go, smacking his lips.

I hear Mister Sparks chuckling behind us. He's been watching a while, I guess. He says "Do I get a turn?"

I know Mister Sparks wants to be part of this. It's the kind of thing he likes a lot... naughty games. I set the jar down and take hold of the sides of Mister Sparks' underpants. I look up at him, arching my eyebrows. It's my 'naughty-boy' face. He laughs and I can tell he wants to play. So I pull his underpants down. His willy is already hard and it springs up, bumping my chin. We both laugh. Then I dip my finger in the honey jar, hold his willy, pull the skin back the rest of the way, then smear it all over the purple swollen head, then I lean in and slide the head into my mouth and suck on it.

After the honey is gone, I let go. I smack my lips at the sweetness of the raspberry honey; it's impossible not to.

Mister Sparks asks Winston if he wants some more honey. Winston of course goes along with whatever he thinks Mister Sparks wants. He doesn't like doing it as much as I do, but he doesn't mind much. He told me that in private once. He truly does like Mister Sparks. We all do. Winston has sucked on Mister Sparks' willy several times, and once he even swallowed his cream, which made him cough and gag.

He moves in front of Mister Sparks as I smear more honey on the cock-head. It pokes Winston in the chest, leaving a wet smear. Little Henry moves in closer and watches. He's seen plenty of willies, but mostly just us kids'. Winston holds the pole in his hand, bends over a little, closes his lips around the swollen head and sucks on it until the honey is gone.

"Raspberry," Mister Sparks says to Winston. "Good, ain't it?"

"Yes'r," Winston answers, smacking his lips.

Mister Sparks asks Henry if he'd like some honey too. Henry nods and says, "Yeth," but he still just stands there with his finger in his mouth.

Mister Sparks tells me to fetch the jar of vanilla honey from the table. "This is a different kind," I tell Henry. I get a little on my finger and offer it to him. He tastes my finger and smacks his lips. I smear some all over the head of Mister Sparks' stiff willy.

Henry doesn't need to bend over at all. He's just the right height already. I hold the willy with my hand as Henry leans in and licks the swollen head until the honey is gone. Mister Sparks says, "Tastes good, huh Henry?"

Henry smacks his lips and answers with a yes-nod and looks at the jar again. I ask Henry which one he likes better.

"Dith one is betto," Henry points to the vanilla.

I dip my finger farther into the jar and smear Mister Sparks' entire cock with honey. Henry leans in and starts licking the pole. He stops and smacks his lips, then licks more. He finally hangs on to it himself as he licks it.

Mister Sparks dips his finger in the honey and asks Winston if he'd like to try some of the vanilla flavor, adding, "It sure is tasty!"

But Mister Sparks surprises me by reaching down and coating my willy with the vanilla honey for Winston to suck on. He hints to Winston that he put plenty on there so it lasts longer. Winston bends down but finally just gets down on the floor and sucks my vanilla flavored willy into his mouth.

Henry has already licked the honey from Mister Sparks' willy. I smear an even thicker amount just on the head. I say, "Like this, Henry," and I open my mouth wide. My little brother opens his mouth and puts it around most of the shiny cock-head. I tell him, "Go a little bit more," and he slides the entire cock-head into his mouth and sucks on it. Mister Sparks gently slides and moves around in his mouth.

Henry finally lets go, so I smear more honey. He slides his mouth back over the cock-head and continues sucking on it.

I look down and watch Winston suck on my willy. His mouth is warm and it feels very nice. Mister Sparks is gently sliding his swollen cock-head in and out of Henry's mouth, over and over.

Henry finally lets go again and Mister Sparks grabs the pole with his hand and pumps it fast as Henry stands there smacking his lips. We watch Mister Sparks pumping for a minute, then I dip my finger in the jar of honey again then drip some onto the bouncing cock. He offers it to Henry and Henry slides it back into his mouth and sucks on it. Mister Sparks again slides the head in and out again, in and out, in and out...

A few moments later Mister Sparks is breathing harder as he's petting Henry's cheeks. Then he stops humping. He shutters and trembles. Henry is still sucking the cock-head and I see his throat swallow, then swallow again. He sucks for a few more moments then finally lets go. His slobber slides from his mouth and down his chin, mixed with vanilla honey and the cream from Mister Sparks' balls. A strand of the creamy slobber still connects to the shiny wet cock-head. I wipe my hand over Henry's mouth and chin. Winston stands up wiping the honey from his sticky lips with his arm.

Mister Sparks says maybe we all need to go right down to the creek and splash off this sticky mess. We pull our underpants back on. Mister Sparks picks up henry in his arms and hugs him, then carries him down to the creek and we all get clean again.

When we get back, Henry immediately runs over to the table and, without asking, reaches up and fumbles for the bowl on the edge of the table and grabs a mint and stuffs it into his mouth, then grabs another one for good measure.

"Henry!" I scold him.

"That's alright," Mister Sparks cuts in. "Grab one more, Henry." Henry takes another mint and stuffs it into his mouth. Three mints at once. We all laugh including Henry, his mouth full of sweet mints.

Now, all four of us are sprawled naked on the big goose-down bed. I think it must be the biggest bed in the world. The bottom part is really two big beds pushed together. I think to myself Mister Sparks probably had it made just so he could fit lots of boys on it. That's fine by me. I like our naked naughty games.

Mister Sparks looks relaxed and sleepy as he rubs his hand over our backs and butts. He asks me if I had ever made Henry's willy tickle those times I sucked on it. I told him I didn't think so.

Mister Sparks playfully flips Henry over onto his back. He gives him a ticklish poke in the belly with his finger and Henry laughs, then he spreads Henry's little legs way apart and up high. Then he leans in and sucks on everything between Henry's legs. After a minute, he concentrates just on his springy little willy. Mister Sparks is especially good at this, he knows exactly how to do it... how to pump it until it tickles. Just a minute or two later, Henry starts moving his hips around and up-and-down, his eye's wide, then he pushes and grinds against Mister Sparks' face. I laugh. Henry tenses up tight, his toes clenched... then his little body goes limp. Mister Sparks lets him go and says, "There ya go, Henry!"

I laugh and rub Henry's head. He has a confused look on his face and is still lying on his back. He looks down at himself and pokes at his springy little willy. He flinches, probably from too much feeling. I tell him don't worry, it will feel okay again in a few minutes.

Then Mister Sparks pulls me over close to Winston and pushes us tight together, then he leans in and licks and sucks on us both for a while. I relax and enjoy the feeling, his warm mouth, and watching his tongue sliding over our willies and balls.

He finally grabs onto Winston, turns him in the opposite direction, then slides him up on top of me. Winston's soft bag of balls is now hanging above my face. Mister Sparks moves in real close and watches. I get the hint. I know what he wants me to do, and I know he wants to watch me do it...

I let Winston's bag of balls slide over my face and lips as I lick and suck on them. After a minute Winston slides his stiff pole into my mouth and starts humping me, just for a minute though, then he gives up. He rolls off me and lays sprawled on the soft bed. I don't mind at all sucking Winston's willy. Fact of matter, I like it. But I'm not as good at it as Mister Sparks. It would take me a lot longer to make Winston tickle.

We're all sprawled out again and I slide my hand over Mister Sparks' chest, then down his belly, then down to his floppy willy. He knows I'm hinting and he chuckles. He lays there a minute while I play with it. I like it when it's soft.

That one time when me and Robert sucked on his willy when he was at his writing desk... it got soft when he got busy writing. I liked how it was warm and squishy, and was amazed how much of it fit into my mouth when it wasn't hard. I think it must be like sucking a cow's teat, but I'm not sure. I've never sucked on a cow's teat before.

It's never soft for long though. Mister Sparks finally sits up in the bed, flips me over, gives me a funny look that makes me giggle, then he gives me the same treatment he gave Henry.

As I'm humping up into his mouth, I pet his head like he always does to me. I love him, and I almost say it out loud just as I start to feel the tickle. I hold onto the back of his head, my legs are wrapped around his neck, his hands are under my butt as my body humps and grinds against him. Then, like Henry, I go limp.

Afterward, I wish he would kiss me but I know he won't in front of Winston and Henry.

He moves to grab Winston next, but Winston's eyes are already drooping, so he leaves him be.

A short time later, I look over at Henry and he is curled up, his eyes closed, and I recognize the breathing of afternoon sleep. I quietly slide over to Mister Sparks and point at Henry. Mister Sparks silently makes the "aww" shape with his lips as he smiles at Henry and Winston.

I huggle up to Mister Sparks. He gives me a soft kiss on the lips then we both drift off to sleep.


It's still early morning, barely light. I look in at my mama sleeping sound. Later we will be going to Sunday meeting and Mister Sparks will be going to his own church. I want to go over and see him before everyone is up running around. I quietly go out the door and walk over to his cabin. He's usually up at the crack of dawn but he's not up yet this morning. Sometimes his door is locked, sometimes it isn't. Today, it isn't.

I quietly go inside the dark cabin and head back to the big bed. Mister Sparks is sound asleep, covered up with his thin cotton cover. I start to leave then change my mind. I quietly take off my clothes and slide into the bed with him. He's lying on his side, warm and naked, and I huggle up to him. He makes a "mmm" sound and I can tell he is now half-awake. I gently slide my hand over his warm skin.

"My Amos," he manages to mumble, his eyes are still closed but his lips are smiling.

His morning breath suddenly hits me and I make a "whew" noise. "I'll be right back," I whisper. I fumble naked through the dim house until I find the bowl of mints. I put one in my mouth and grab another one for Mister Sparks then I slide back under the cover with him.

Playfully, I whisper, "Open your mouuuth." His eyes are still closed but he opens his mouth and I put the mint on his tongue. He tastes it and chuckles, finally understanding.

"You drank corn whiskey last night?" I whisper.

He chuckles again, sucking on the mint, "My boy is so smart. That's why I love 'im."

He slides his hand over my cheek. I think to myself that we are both like innocent babies when we are sleeping, and even when we first wake up. I hug him closer until we are tight together and I give him little kisses on his cheek like I do Henry.

Then he talks into my face and whispers, "Better?"

"Lord yes," I answer. He chuckles and wraps his arms and legs around me then slides his hands over my back and butt.

He kisses me on the lips. My stiff willy is pressed against his belly. He starts nibbling on my earlobe and chills run down my neck. I laugh and hunch my shoulders. I try doing it to him but he hunches his shoulders too and I can't reach his ear.

After a minute, I ask him a question I've wanted to ask... I ask him if Winston is handsomer than me. He opens his eyes and teases me and asks me if I'm jealous of Winston.

I tell him no, and I explain that I had been a little peeved, but just for a tiny second, when he had called Winston his boy. But I had right-away worked it out in my head, and fixed it. I promise him Winston is my good friend. I am just curious if he is handsomer than me, is all.

Mister Sparks says "No." He says, "Winston is handsome, but so are you."

"So we're tied?" I ask him.

He chuckles and answers yes. Then he tells me I'm his boy, not Winston... and he says, truthfully, not just because I'm smart or handsome, he says, "Winston, Robert, Nathaniel, and the other boys don't like me the same way you do." He says, "Winston wouldn't come here all on his own at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, sneak in and shuck his clothes and crawl under the cover with me, huggle up naked and rub his willy against me and then give me sweet kisses. Would he?"

"S'pose not" I answer.

He tells me he's never known a boy like me, white nor colored, and he wonders if I'm really a little circus-man, pretending to be a boy. I laugh. I'm starting to get the idea why Mister Sparks thinks I'm so different.

But I promise him that Winston likes him too. So do the other boys.

He says "I know they do... not the same as you though." He says, "If you was a girl, I'd marry ya."

I laugh. Then I say, "But you're white and I'm colored."

He says he would buy me a great big hat that would make it hard to see my face, and maybe no one would notice.

I laugh again. Then I ask him why he doesn't marry a girl. He crinkles his nose and shrugs. Then he asks me why I don't chase after the girls.

I shrug too and say "I'm probably too young." Then I ask him if he played naked games with boys when he was my age.

He answers, "Yep, I was always a randy boy since I can remember, wantin' the other boys' willies."

It's funny imagining Mister Sparks as a boy, chasing after the other boys and their willies. I snicker into my hand.

He says, "Now here I am, all growed up with a smart, handsome, naked boy layin' next to me..." Mister Sparks touches my cheek. "You're still my boy, ain't ya Amos?"

I say, "Yes'r, I am."

We're still laying on our sides, facing each other, just a small space between our faces. I lean in and kiss his cheek again. He rubs my head then kisses my mouth. My willy is still pressed against him as we kiss, slow, sweet, over and over, our lips sliding and moving against each other. I feel his willy down below me somewhere, poking my leg.

Then I remember and say "Oh! Sunday meetin' don't forget."

Mister Sparks sighs, kisses my forehead, then we both climb out of bed. I right-away regret speaking up about church. I didn't want to stop kissin' yet.

He starts to pick up his underpants from the floor, but seems to change his mind, then he takes my hand. I'm standing in front of him. His mostly-hard willy pokes my chest. I look up at him. He holds my hands and moves them to his warm hanging balls. He says in a funny-sad voice, "But these are too full... and it's gonna drive me crazy all day... can you take care of that for me, Amos?"

I look up at him and answer "Yes'r, I can."

I move my hands to his stiff pole and hold it. He puts his hands over mine and we slowly pump it, which slides the extra skin the rest of the way back. After we pump it a while, I lean in and give the tip a little kiss. Then I lick my lips then slide my mouth over the round head and suck on it. He touches my face gently, feeling my cheek. I slide more of the pole into my mouth, then all the way back up to the very tip, then down the pole again even further, as far as I can go, then back up, and all the way back down again, using my tongue and lots of spit, and after a minute of this, the long pole is dripping with my slobber, but I know he doesn't care about that. I keep going, sliding in and out, over and over and over.

It's not long before he's breathing harder and his hips are starting to move. I can tell his body wants to push and hump. I know the feeling well. Whenever that happens to me, it makes me feel like I'm someone else, like I'm a dog, humping. It makes me randier than I can take.

I hold my head still and let him hump me. His hips move in and out. He knows just how to do it, just how far to slide it into my mouth. I move my tongue over the head as it slides past, knowing he likes that.

A scary thought enters my mind... what if Mama were to look in the window and see this, me and Mister Sparks standing here naked, and me sucking his willy? It's just one of those out-of-place thoughts. But I know the shutters are closed so I chase the thought away.

Mister Sparks stops humping and starts sliding his hand up and down the pole. I keep sucking on the swollen head. I move my hand to his balls again and play with them. They're soft and warm. I think about the cream inside. It doesn't actually taste good but I like it for other reasons, all mixed up reasons. It feels so good being randy and naughty. Not the getting-in-trouble kind of naughty, but the naked kind that makes my willy hard as a stick. When I'm feeling randy, I want to rub naked against Mister Sparks, and I want him to kiss me, and I want to feel his willy pressed against me, and when I'm feeling crazy as a loon, I want to drink the cream that comes out. I don't know for sure, but I doubt the other boys have these crazy thoughts.

Mister Sparks is breathing harder. He moans and whispers silly things. "I love watching your lips, Amos... I love watching my boy suck on my cock." It's sounds funny, but it riles me up and makes my own willy even harder. I keep playing with his balls and sucking on the cock-head. He's pumping his hand faster.

Then he suddenly stops moving and pets my face and he moans, "my sweet boy..." He shivers then his warm cream fills my mouth. I swallow and I rub his balls. More cream pumps out. His hand is still touching my face. I swallow more, and then more. I wrap my hands around the pole and pump it. Mister Sparks looks like he's in dreamland, his mouth is slack as he watches me drink the cream that was in his balls a second ago.

I swallow again then finally let go.

He says, "See? I told ya."

I ask him "What?"

He says, "These were full."

I laugh and nod yes.

He picks me up and holds me, his arms are under my butt, my arms around his neck. We kiss. It's a wet crazy kiss, like the older teenage boys and girls do in secret. My stiff willy is pushed against him and I feel my body wanting to push harder. But I know there's no time left. We finally stop kissing and he reaches his hand down between us and holds my throbbing willy and says, "We'll take care of this problem later, okay?"

I say, "Okay."

When I finally get home, Mama surprises me with a whack on the butt for sneaking out and making her fret. I tell her I'm sorry and right away I feel tears well up in my eyes.

She puts her hand under my chin and says quietly, "Next time, you tell your mama you're going out, and when you'll be back... you hear? Don't you scare your mama."

I nod my head and answer, "Yes'm."

She sends me out to give the cow some of the hay Mister Sparks brought over, and then I'm supposed to get ready for Sunday meeting.

Mama knows I'm mostly a good boy.

...but she doesn't know just how naughty I can be.