Spencer on the Prowl, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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At 3:30 in the afternoon, the living room was brightly lit with sunlight that was pouring into it through the front window. Plants that were hanging from the ceiling were green and well tended too, adding to the feeling of positive energy in the farm house. The TV was off and the room was still, adding to the ambiance of the moment that 12 year old Spencer was sharing with his guest. From the other side of the wall, the sound of his mother's creaking bed filled the house. Over the knocking of the bedpost, the woman's moaning was audible to anyone who happened to be in the house at the time. Somehow, the sound of sex that was ringing out seemed to encourage the boy and his guest, who were sharing a tender smile.

I'm glad you came over,” Spencer said, smiling up at Paul with a sparkle in his hazel eyes as he fished the man's cock out of his pants and wrapped his left hand around the base. At the moment, the youngster was on his knees, resting on the backs of his legs while his guest sat spread eagle on the couch. He'd already managed to drop his own trousers and briefs, leaving him naked from the waist down and exposing his rock hard boyhood. At its base was a tiny, almost undetectable patch of hairs that were matted with precum that was flowing from the end of his 3 inch erection.

Feeling the man's hot, stiffening rod against the soft skin in his palm sent a strong shiver through him that was born of desire. Unable to resist, the 12 year old began a slow, sensual stroking of the 7 inch pole while he leaned in far enough to nuzzle his baby soft cheek against its moist glans. Shutting his eyes for a moment, the boy let loose with a soft moan while he luxuriated in the hot cock he was stroking. Instinctively, the cute brunette let his saliva coated lips graze the crown of his lover's manhood, sending another shiver of lust through his young body. His boy cock twitched on its own when he tasted the man's precum on his lower lip.

And just like that, Spencer gave into his proclivities.

Planting a series of kisses around its diameter, the boy tightened his grip around the meaty cock and gave it five firm strokes. When his lips had completed no less than four full revolutions around the sticky glans of his lover's dick, the boy slipped his experienced mouth over the mushroom shaped head. With his hand still working near the base, the horny boy treated himself to the top half of its length while he greedily licked, sucked and swallowed every drop of precum that his lover's cock was producing.

Damn, kiddo, I'm glad I came over too,” Paul groaned, reaching down and running his hand through the boy's layered brown mane. “I figured you'd be horny when I got here.”

Without interrupting his pleasure filled worship of the man's cock, Spencer smiled up at him and nodded with a contented sigh while his fingers and mouth worked their magic. Feeling another naughty sizzle roll through his 4'10” frame, the experienced boy reached out with his right hand and cupped the man's balls. Right away, the 30 year old drew a sharp breath and worked to regain his composure, biting his lower lip as the pleasure in his loins threatened to peak early.

Are you just going to suck cock this afternoon, buddy?” the man asked with a knowing tone, watching as the boy shook his head no. “Then you need to pull off, Spencer. I'm ready to shoot my load.”

With a mischievous smile, the horny boy increased the suction that he was administering to his lover's aching rod while he used his experienced hand to stimulate its base with an even more sensual stroking. Paul responded to the 12 year old's playful groping and sucking by reaching down and giving Spencer's right nipple a little pinch, prompting the boy to give his beau a challenging smile while he sucked diligently on the end of his pole.

If you keep that up you're going to end up with a mouthful of spunk, pal,” the man warned with a grin.

Pulling the long shaft out of his mouth with a wet slurp, a naughty smile spread across the 12 year old's face. Gripping Paul's shaft just below the glans, he pointed the end of the cock at his grinning face and teasingly said, “Maybe that's what I want.”

With that, he opened wide and gave the hot prick a half dozen daring strokes while he maintained eye contact with his beau. Realizing that the youngster was about to trigger his climax, the man took a different approach.

Why don't you come up here so I can kiss you up?” he suggested, watching with a triumphant smile of his own as the boy immediately released the death grip around the end of his shaft and stood up straight.

With a soft moan, the youngster leaned into his guest and the two fell into a deep, tongue filled kiss. While the boy was moaning around a mouthful of stiff tongue he reached down and wrapped his paw back around the base of Paul's cock. With the hard as steel rod back in his possessive grip, the horny 12 year old felt a flurry of romantic feelings envelop his tummy and chest. His naughty smile had melted itself into a warm, glowing smile of sheer ecstasy as he rested his right hand on the meaty shoulder of his lover. When he felt Paul's strong grip on his slender shoulders, the boy sighed deeply into the man's mouth and enjoyed their makeout session.

As he kissed the horny 12 year old, Paul was unable to resist the allure of letting his hands explore the boy's 80 pound body. He ran both of his hands down the length of Spencer's lanky arms, using his fingertips to feel the fine fuzz that lined his warm forearms. Letting them roam further, he ran his fingertips up Spencer's blue tee shirt, feeling his hot to the touch torso and his imperceptible nipples. Letting his hands travel back down, he felt the fingers of his right hand brush across the boy's slightly protruding navel, feeling its warm skin and making the youngster squirm a little.

Leaving the boy's belly button, Paul ran his hands down a little more, running his fingers along the bald pubic bone of the little boy, feeling the heat that poured off of his young erection course between his digits. He let his hand roam behind the boy's cocklet, which was standing up at a 45 degree angle. He toyed with the wispy collection of pubic hairs that were sprouting at its base, noting that they were gooey with precum before he made his next move. When his fingers left the boy's pubic bone, he traced them along Spencer's inner thighs, then they found their way to his hot taint. This brought out a needy moan from the young temptress that poured into Paul's mouth while an oven-like heat encased the ends of his fingertips.

When his fingers finally found Spencer's hot, moist pucker the boy gave his hips a slow, sensual stir and his grip tightened around the base of Paul's cock. Using his middle finger, the man used the tip to tease its lips and was rewarded with a fresh flow of ass juice and something else that trickled out around his nail.

What do we have here?” the man asked knowingly, breaking their kiss and raising an eyebrow as he waited for the 12 year old to respond.

Without skipping a beat, the horny boy smiled shamelessly and said, “It's from earlier.”

Turn around, kiddo, I want to get a good look at what we're working with today,” the man said with a wink, pulling his fingers out of the boy's crack and steering him by the hips so that he was facing away. As soon as he felt Paul's fingers parting his buns, the man's wet tongue wormed its way up his hot hole. Right away, a luscious burn engulfed his midsection and he began to moan as the man ate him deep. The boy's moaning began to drown out the moans that were emanating through the wall, loud and guttural as he reached back and tried to press the man's face deeper into his ass crack.

When his rim job ended, the youngster wasted no time at all in laying on the couch and pulling his knees to his chest. He bit his lower lip and watched with horny anticipation as Paul crawled up to his exposed, winking hole and placed the head of his drooling cock against it. When he felt the heat of Spencer's flexing hole wrap itself around his glans, he took a deep breath and used his fingers to push the head in.

Fuck, I can't believe how hot and ready you always are, Spencer,” the man groaned, feeling his crown melt into the hot, tight entrance that the boy was offering him. “You never get enough cock at your back door, do you kiddo?”

With a set of bedroom eyes that were trained on his top's face, the horny 12 year old shook his head no through a breathless moan. When the head was completely engulfed, the two shared a warm smile, then Spencer licked his lips, enjoying the aftertaste of his lover's precum as it danced on his palate. With very little effort, Paul sank another three inches into the boy while he continued to speak to him.

How many dicks have you taken already?” he asked, earning him a sigh of relief from the boy as the heat and tightness of Spencer's rear end wrapped itself around his submerged length.

I got laid this afternoon at school,” the boy said with a tender tone, watching as his top sank the rest of his pole into his welcoming bottom, then gazing up at him with a grateful smile. Paul's pubic bush was smashing into his crevice, scrubbing the insides of his cheeks and making them burn sweetly while he gazed up at his lover and added, “I sucked dick for a cute boy in the bathroom, too.”

That's hot, Spencer,” the man said, slowly pulling back with his hips before pushing back in. Soon, he was maintaining a steady rhythm as he ran his rigid man cock back and forth in Spencer's tight rear end.

Ah!” Spencer sighed as the unmistakable tingle of anal sex began to run its course through his sexed up body. “That feels so good, Paul.”

Your hot little tush feel's good to me too, buddy,” the man reciprocated as he fed the youngster continuous strokes of hot cock.

Neither of them were overstating their case.

Spencer's body was alive with carnal energy as his top ran his long, thick pole along the hot lining of his chute. The deep thrusts that were being administered had their intended effect to be sure. The boy was filled with delight and his boy pussy was juicing heavily as he held his legs in place for his stud. He felt like he was climbing a tall ladder, with every rung bringing him closer to his ultimate ecstasy. With every new stroke of hot dick that he accepted his body climbed further and further, closer to the top than the last step. Just when he thought he was standing on the top rung, that he had reached the pinnacle of anal ecstasy, Paul leaned down and planted a French kiss on his mouth. With his boy box being engulfed by the flames of gay passion, Spencer found himself climbing another ten rungs up the ladder of carnal pleasures.

On the other end of that union, Paul was rapidly approaching his own sexual rapture. His pole was being squeezed with unmerciful contractions by Spencer's overflowing pleasure hole. He knew that he was about to drop a hot load into the kid and that once it happened, their union would be complete. Being a devoted top for the gay youngster, he prepared himself for the moment by initiating a kiss with the moaning bottom. As he puckered his lips and leaned in, he stopped to cast his eyes on the 12 year old's face and smiled to himself. He was well aware that the boy had achieved his own brand of rapture, a pleasure so deep that there isn't a single word in the English vernacular that can describe it.

Spencer's boy cock looked like a tiny monument that was made of stone. It was standing at full attention and there was a seemingly endless bounty of precum running out of his piss slit. His hairless little nut sack was pulled tight to his scrotum and his testicles were bulging through the smooth skin that encased them. From his position on top of the youngster, Paul could see the tiny collection of pubic hair that Spencer was sporting, now glistening with so much precum that they sparkled from the light that poured in through the window. Letting his gaze wander a little further down, he saw that the boy's hole was visibly throbbing around his thick pole as he drove in time after time.

The look on Spencer's face told a tale older than time itself. It framed the narrative of a boy who was in the midst of his ultimate ecstasy. It spoke volumes about a pleasure so deep, so delicious and so sinful that words could never do justice to its beauty. The smile that had spread across his young, cherubic face looked embedded there, almost as if he were frozen in time. At the same time, there was a raw, almost animalistic element that Paul couldn't place. The only thing that he could be certain of was the reality that Spencer was a completely sated boy and that his work was finished.

Seeing that he had taken the young bottom to the height of anal pleasure filled him with a positive stimulus that spread endorphins throughout his body. Leaning in to kiss the boy, Paul slipped his tongue into Spencer's mouth and felt the youngster's body tense up. At the same time, the dreamy smile that had beset the young bottom seemed to deepen again, then he felt the boy's anal ring grab his stalk with an unmerciful series of compressions. At their onset, they were rhythmic and evenly timed, but out of nowhere the pattern faded and they came on in chaotic waves.

As Paul was reconciling this new, intensified pleasure that was coursing through his body, he felt Spencer's feet come to rest against his shoulders while the boy's arms wrapped loosely around his neck. The boy had a look of complete satisfaction on his adorable face, his bedroom eyes now filled with devotion instead of passion. Realizing that he had taken the boy to a new sexual summit sent the man over the top. He drove in with force as he delivered the final ten thrusts into Spencer's throbbing hole, feeling the cum in his balls race to the end of his cock. When he was at the point of no return, he slid deep into Spencer's boy pussy with as much gusto as he could muster, making sure that the head of his dick touched every nerve ending along the way.

When his load spewed forth, it was with the force of a high powered water launcher. Each shot erupted with unchecked power, squirting out in five high pressure streams that gave Spencer nothing but pleasure as they painted the walls of his boy pussy. The first shot felt the best to the contended bottom, putting the explanation point on a major rear end service that had taken him to the highest of clouds and left him floating. The second shot only added to his bliss, shooting hard into the hot, gooey pool of cum that he'd already accepted and encapsulating the cock that was unloading inside of him. The third shot felt like heaven as it bullied its way through the thick cum pocket that had accumulated in the deepest corner of his boy pussy. He could feel it push all the way in like a bullet, then it rushed into any available space it could go to. When the forth and fifth shots erupted, he was delirious with pleasure as the load began to overflow from his hole, running into his crack in both directions. He could feel Paul's load running down his crevice and all over the small of his back, where it cascaded over the vertebrae of his spine. At the same time, there was hot semen pouring over his taint and streaming around his nut sack until it matted into the pubes behind his rigid, tingling boy cock.

When Spencer knew that his stud was finished breeding him, he cupped the back of Paul's head and kissed him for another full minute. He loved how the man's cock felt as it rested in his clutching chute, stirring around the thick load of cum that he'd put there. When they finally broke their kiss, they shared a tender smile while Paul slowly withdrew his cock. As soon as it was out, the boy sat up and wrapped his lips around it, eager for the chance to worship it again. Spencer's stiff rod was burning with naughty pleasure, producing precum at an accelerated rate while he moaned hotly around the dick in his mouth. Paul's massive erection was lined with thick dollops of cum that dangled from every inch, giving the youngster nothing but pleasure as he sucked them into his mouth and swallowed. After a pleasure filled afterglow licking and sucking his man clean, the horny boy pulled the cock out of his mouth and moved in for one last kiss with his suitor.

As their tongues danced, both man and boy realized that the house was quiet. The creaking of the bed post had stopped and Spencer's mother was now sleeping soundly beside her own man. The gay youngster shared a knowing smile with his top as soon as it dawned on him that his mom was asleep. He could feel that same sleepy afterglow creeping in on his exhausted body.

Are you all better now, buddy?” Paul asked, watching as the glowing little boy nodded in the affirmative.

Do you think you might want to come see me again tonight?” Spencer asked with a hopeful smile, prompting the man to run his finger's through the boy's brown hair. “I was kinda thinking that maybe you could see me in my room for a night cap.”

Oh yeah?” Paul asked, and the boy nodded with a starry eyed smile. “Do you think you'll be up for another ride by then?”

The boy nodded his eager answer with a look of longing in his young eyes, prompting the man to gush as he considered the horny disposition of his young host. Giving in with a wink, Paul leaned down and shared a final kiss on the lips with the boy, earning him a dreamy sigh from the youngster before they both got up and put their pants back on.

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