St Patrick's Day Parade Skaterboi
by Treyvin

    Every year my buddy Rick and I go to the Ocean View St.Patrick's Day parade. We leave our respective other halves at home and consume much beer and corn beef and cabbage. The parade always brings out the scenery we like to watch. I like little white trash skater punks while my buddy like their girlfriends. Its like the city throws the parade strictly to indulge our voyeurism.
    This year our fun was ruined by Rick's wife when she thrusted their six year old son into our usual plans. Rick was spending his time doing the dad thing which left me with a cooler of beer and no drinking buddy. I was making the best of it by getting a buzz and staring at all the half naked boys. Luckily Norfolk weather is totally chaotic. It  snowed Tues and was in the 70's for the parade. Luckier still was all the boys taking off their shirts to impress the little girls.
    Six packs, erect nipples, and boners were so distracting I jumped a mile when a voice said "Like what ya see". Looking up I saw a fifteenish vision out of a wet dream. He was about 5'6 , 130 pounds, dark brown mohawk, piercing blue eyes, and a smooth defined chest leading to a six pack. That's as far as I got before he said " So do you like perving on teenage boys?"
    The last thing I wanted was to get into a confrontation with a punk looking for trouble, that why I always wear my mirrored wraparound sunglasses to the parade. " Ah but their bitches are...." I started to reply when my dream boy said "Bullshit You ain't looked in the girls direction the whole time I've been watching ya. Its okay. I just want a beer and I figgered if I gave ya a close up look ya couldn't resist". Looking around  I said " There too many cops for that. Sorry but I appreciate the close up view." Sliding his thumbs into the boxers sticking out of his oversized board shorts and pulling  them down so I could see his pubes he says " If ya share the beer we can go somewhere where ya can get a better view. If ya are interested follow me." As he said this he began walking down towards the run down houses which are scheduled for destruction to make way for the New Ocean View. I no intention of following until I saw that perfect ass sauntering down the road. This melted any resistance so I grabbed the beer and said "Hey wait up"
    When we got into his rundown apt I assumed he was squatting since it was bare except a duffel bag and a dirty mattress in the corner. Looking around  I asked " So do you live here alone or can I expect an interruption at an inopportune time." "This is my place. My bitch mother kicked me out last week and this was available"he replied. "Meaning it was unlocked. You got a name or should I just call you Punk? I asked. " Nate. You" Nate responded. "Devin" I said as I threw him a beer.
    When Nate was on his second beer I pulled out my one hitter and asked if he wanted to smoke out."Hell yeah" he said as he inhaled deep. After two more beers and a few more hits Nate was feeling no pain. " So when do I get my better view " I asked. Then Nate just tried to stand up but he fell back down and said "Shit I'm FUCKED UP". He was having trouble undoing his shorts so I reach over and stripped them off him to reveal a three inch flaccid cock. "It gets bigger if ya play with it but it will cost twenty" he slurred. Looking at this beautiful boy I couldn't resist so I agreed.
    As I started getting undressed revealing my 6'2 , 220 pound ripped body and my erect nine inch long five inch around cock I saw Nates face fill with a confused desire. Before he could change his mind I pounced onto his growing cock. Taking it into my mouth it grew into a respectable six inches. Running my tongue into his piss slit caused Nate to squirm and moan. He grabbed the back of my head and began to thrust into my with a speed and urgency that only a teenager can muster. His whole body began to tense up and precum flowed non stop when I grabbed both of his wrists and broke his grip on my head. Moving off his cock I started lapping his balls. Nate began to moan "Fuck yeah fuck yeah eat my nuts" As I tried to go lower so I could eat out that perfect ass Nate started fighting me. "My ass is off limits. Its exit only. You can finish sucking me off but that's all". Giving in I went back to his cock. He started thrusting into my mouth and suddenly yelled" SHIT MOTHER FUCK take my load you prissy little fag. All you fags are good for is paying for my loads". I pulled off and watched as he painted his perfect chest and abs with ten shots of cum.  When he was done shooting he just laid there in a daze and started to doze off.
    I went to the cooler grabbed a beer and then copped a squat on top of it and watched Nate sleep. Picking up my one hitter I took a toke and started to play with my cock. The more I played with my cock the more I wanted to see that perfect ass. Getting up I went over to the mattress where Nate was sleeping. As I rolled him over he groggily tried to stop me. I wasn't having it and forced him on his belly. At this point he began to fight me. " Get off me. All you can do is suck my dick. My ass is totally off limits" Nate said. Putting my knee in his back to hold him down I grabbed his shorts and took his belt off. Next I grabbed his right wrist looped the belt around it and then grabbed his left wrist and secured his hands behind his back. "GET OFF ME YOU FAGOT. I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU"  he yelled. Punching him in the back of the head shut him up for a second so i grabbed his boxers and shoved them in his stunned mouth. Laying my whole weight on his body so he could barely breathe I whispered in his ear "I'm gonna eat out your ass whether you want it or not. If you cooperate I won't have to hurt you. I'm gonna take the boxers out of your mouth. You can scream if you want but what will it do to your street cred if they find you belly down with a fag on top of you. You'll be the pussy boy of the block. Are you gonna cooperate?" Nate nodded so I removed his boxers from his mouth and he buried his face into the mattress in defeat.
    Pushing his legs apart his pretty little pink pucker came into view. It was even more edible than I imagined. Rubbing my thumb over Nate's bud caused him to squirm and moan. I couldn't wait any longer so I dove in and began to scarf his box. As my tongue started flicking over his virgin anal nerves Nate's confused hole began to convulse. Opening and closing. Beckoning my tongue to dig deeper and deeper. Suddenly Nate moans " Oh shit eat my ass. Fuck I never knew it felt so good. Yeah dig a tunnel in my ass with your tongue" Not wanting to disappoint I doubled my effort and tried to eat my way into his colon. When my tongue finally got tired Nate's hole was a sloppy spitty mess that just kept winking at me.
    Getting up off him I went to the cooler to retrieve a beer and my one hitter. Sipping on a beer and inhaling deep I was slipping into a nice buzzed state when I heard " How about untying me and letting me get a hit" Looking over I saw my boy toy had rolled over without permission to reveal a leaking cock that had painted his perfect abs with delectable teen precum. Taking pity on him I went over grabbed the back of his mohawk to pull his head up and placed the one hitter in his mouth and watched him inhale deep. I repacked and let him hit it again and then pour beer down his throat. Buzzing Nate said " Come on untie me. You can suck me and eat my ass just untie me." My only response was to inhale his cum covered cock. "Oh God Oh God" he moaned. "No stop" he said as my thumb penetrated his exit only anus. " Relax you'll enjoy this" I said as I pressed his prostate gland. He offered no resistance as I raised his legs to his chest to get better access to his hole. With all the spit up his hole it blossomed for my finger fucking. Nate was wherever you go that first time someone opens your ass. He was moaning and squirming and having the time of his life. Feeling his super tight hole grabbing my fingers was too much for me. I repositioned myself so my leaking nine inches was lined up to Nate's hole. As my cock touched his hole Nate tensed and tried to buck me off. With his arms tied and his legs pinned to his chest that wasn't happening. "Please no. Don't fuck me. Let me try sucking you. Don't fuck me.Only fags get fucked. Don't take my ass" he pleaded. Looking into he fear filled eyes made my cock grow an extra quarter inch. I leaned over him and placed my whole body weight on his small frame and said "Relax and you'll have more fun than the finger fucking. With eyes filled with fear and doubt he surrendered to the inevitable and relaxed his ass and let the head of my cock take away his cherry. A groan filled the room as Nate clinched his tear filled eyes shut. Knowing going slow would only prolong his pain I slammed all nine inches into his perfect ass. A scream filled the room. "Please Devin take it out. You ripping me up. It hurts so bad" Grabbing his discarded boxers I shoved them back into his mouth and started to pump that teen butt. Every muscle in his body tensed and he face was covered in tears and snot. He was the portrait of tortured pain. Then suddenly he completely surrendered to the experience. His cock grew back to its six inches. His groans changed from pain to pleasure. Without warning Nate unloaded all over his chest. His impossibly tight hole gripped my cock tighter. I slammed his ass for what seemed like hours. With Nate blew his third load of the day I could hold out anymore and whitewashed his innards.
    Exhausted I lay on my dream boy and placed my lips over his. He started to resist but gave in knowing I could take his mouth like I took his ass. After swapping spit for awhile I decided it was time I left. As I pulled out of his ass I saw there was blood on my cock. He'll be walking funny for a week I thought. Once I had cleaned my cock and got dressed I picked up Nate and threw him on his belly and held him down just long enough so he would realize I could break him in half if he tried something when I untied him. I untied him and he layed there looking at me over his shoulder. Bowing his head he said " Do you think we could do that again".
    "We'll see. I know where to find your fagot ass" I said as I dropped his money on the bed and left the apartment.