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This story is fantasy and should be treated as such!

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a young teen boy, and an elaborate decription of the boy's punishment; if this offends you, do NOT read on. In continuity terms, this is more of an interlude, but a worthwile one, I hope :).

Game, Set and Match for Stanley Freeze

part 3

Now I remembered how it felt to be on a case: depressed, all possibilities exhausted and not a damn clue on how to proceed. In a bad movie, someone would knock on the door and present the solution on a silver damn platter. This was, while pretty undeniably bad, not a movie however. To take my mind off of things, I got out one of my favorite videos: 'Danny's School Punishment'. Yes I am that easy to read. I enjoyed being the one administering punishments in school and I still enjoyed watching the same thing happen. Fortunately (or depressingly, depending on how you look at it), the sales figure for the 'Danny's School Days' series showed unequivocally that I was in large company. The script made no bones about introductions: the opening shot was of a classroom entirely populated by boys of varying beauty and a stern-looking teacher.


'I sat upright with a start. What was the matter? Had I done something wrong? The teacher looked at me, but fortunately the look on his face was benign.'

The actor playing Danny also did the voice-over, giving it something of a diary-feel. Or so they intended.

“Pay attention, young man, I've just asked you about chapter 11 from the book.”

'My stomach sank'

The camera panned over to the young boy being addressed, he looked startled and his cheeks started to go red. He stammered:

“I thought that we... Uhm.. That you... Sir... Uhm... I didn't know that...”

Face glowing red, sweat breaking from every pore, Daniel just ground to a halt, eyes shifting and the camera alternatively showing the teacher's increasingly annoyed face and the blackboard that only read 'Chapter 11'.

“In other words, you haven't reviewed the chapter? Danny?”

The teacher's voice betrayed his annoyance, but there was something else there. The boy swallowed and shook his head, throat too dry to speak.

'The class, that had been bustling with whispered activity, had gone completely quiet. In anticipation and the knowledge that Master Gregorius was very volatile on moments like these, if any of the boys made the wrong move or said the wrong thing, he'd be on the block, too. Especially if he was one of the more handsome ones'

The boy they'd picked to play Daniel (from a large number of applicants) certainly fitted that category: smallish for his age, slender and moving with effortless grace, flawless, smooth skin that bordered on olive color, lively dark eyes and a sensuously curved mouth that was by now quivering a little. 'I knew what would be coming next.'

“Stand up, young man, and approach the block.”

'The 'block' was the part of the teacher's desk that had the leather restraints on it and a little podium in front where the culprit would stand on. Every classroom was equipped with a similar contraption and they were widely used.'

“P-please s-sir, I thought that chapter 11 was for tomorrow, I-I didn't know...”

Those dark eyes were wide open in trepidation and slowly filling with tears, but the teacher was unforgiving (the whole class wouldn't have had it any other way by now, their eyes trained on the whimpering, gorgeous boy). His voice snapped the order to undress and Danny complied immediately.

'I knew I had no choice but to obey. I was by now cursing the decision earlier that week to get my body waxed as I felt the gazes of the other boys and the teacher burn my hairless skin. The room wasn't that warm and I could feel my nipples and balls contracting, reacting to the cool air. I was trying my very best to ignore the sensations this was giving me. I prayed that this time wouldn't be like the others but deep down I knew that it would be the same humiliating sequence of events it always was. The mere anticipation made my little penis tingle and I shut my eyes, trying to think of anything but the next minutes.'

There was a distinct swelling in the hairless penis. Without prompting, the boy made his way to the block, positioned his feet in the designated shallow holes and his wrists at the restraints. This forced his torso flat onto the surface of the desk and his legs wide, leaving his hairless, perfect ass, balls and dangling cock in full view of the entire class. Master Gregorius reached into his drawer and picked up a short, stiff leather whip. The sound it made when he whacked it on the desk made Daniel whimper and drew gasps from the class. He walked up to the boy and made Daniel's anticipation worse by lightly running his finger through the boy's crack, making him moan softly.

'It wasn't that I didn't like it when a big man ran his finger between the round globes of my butt, it was rather the opposite and I was terrified that my body would show it, for all my classmates to see. Of course, not even that was rare at this school. A boy only rarely endured what I was about to endure without getting a semi-hard-on, trouble was, I would invariably get a throbbing, full blown erection and I hated it, I hated my body for responding the way it did.'



The first stroke and Daniel was already writhing and squirming in his restraints.

'Master Gregorius always liked to administer his punishments slowly, to let the boys fully appreciate the searing pain the whip caused, albeit without causing permanent damage in the hands of an expert like him. Nevertheless, the next two strokes hit quickly after each other.'

Daniel's scream was heartbreaking and tears were running down his cheeks. Master Gregorius gently put his hands on the boy's lower back and said:

“Only two more...”

The hand moved downward and gently cupped first the left, then the right cheek and Daniel whimpered as he felt his little penis was stiffening and the chuckles and giggles emanating from behind him indicated that this was not lost on his classmates. The camera panned across their smiling faces before closing up on Daniel's cheeks which were burning red, almost as red as the welts the three strokes had left on his ass. The camera panned back to his ass and much to the muffled delight of the class, the teacher now probed Daniel's secret hole with his finger, then struck again. This had the unfortunate effect of giving Daniel a complete and throbbing erection, increasing the giggles from the classroom tenfold.

'Had I given the situation some thought beyond my burning shame, I would probably have understood that both the teacher and my classmates were sporting a very similar erection by now. I didn't give it thought, however. I just cried and waited for the last stroke, yelling when it came. When I was released, I only just managed to say “thank you” to Master Gregorius as the school etiquette required.'

“I see you enjoyed your punishment, Danny.”

The class howled and Daniel just stood there. There was no denying the teacher's assessment: the slender boy was standing there, five red welts across his ass, penis standing straight from his belly, bent slightly to the left, and bobbing up and down to Daniel's racing heart.

“You will need to undergo the additional punishment, then. Not only will you have to be naked for the rest of the day – you can pick up your clothes here before you go home – but you will also have to sit on the special chair. Nathan, replace Danny's chair with the special one.”

The boy sitting next to Danny shot up from his desk and quickly replaced the normal chair with a stool that featured in its center a sizely, black dildo. The camera closed up on Daniel's face as he swallowed again, then panned down to his erection, where some pre cum was adding to the already generous amount that was making his purple cock-head glisten. He ambled up to his desk, positioned his feet on either side of the stool, reached beneath him and sunk though his knees. He guided the dildo toward his sphincter,sank down and slowly and painfully let the rod work its way up his intestines, whimpering and moaning under the watchful – and very horny – eye of the class.

'It was the rule that any boy being punished with the special chair should not use lubrication, so the dildo was setting my sphincter on fire. A painful minute later, I felt my ass touching the stool's surface.'

All the while, his erection had remained solid, quivering and throbbing. The lesson commenced again and another boy sighed in relief as he got the questions right. The camera still mainly concentrated on the naked Daniel sitting there with a throbbing erection. The boy was clearly finding it hard to concentrate, whimpering and moaning softly, while Nathan, next to him alternatively stroked his own erection and Daniel's thigh.

“Are you having trouble concentrating, Danny?”

The gasp he produced was an only barely recognizable “yes sir”.

“Then relief yourself, but without touching your sex.”

'I could hear my ruthless classmates whisper “oh yes!” and felt a powerful mixture of shame, anger and horniness. I lifted myself up, letting the big rod slide out of my ass, then let it fill me again by falling down. I established a rhythm fucking my own ass, still painfully aware that the entire class and my teacher was watching me fuck myself on a big, black dildo'

The camera registered the black rod disappear and reappear again between the slender ass, zooming in to show the sphincter stretching. Nathan was caressing Daniel's lower back while still furiously stroking his own groin. Daniel slowed down a little, prolonging his shameful pleasure and the show he was giving his classmates.

'I could feel I was getting closer, so I did some deep fucks, then sank down, feeling the big rod plunge into my intestines.'

The boy screamed and shot a glob of white cum under the desk onto the floor in front. Daniel almost fell down but managed to stay upright, dildo still buried in his ass, but his penis flaccid now, dripping the last drops of cum. Master Gregorius' face and voice were showing his emotions for the first time, as he swallowed and clearly had trouble saying:

“Right, well done, Danny. Let's... Uhm... Get on with the lesson.”

The camera panned across the room to show the other boys looking at Daniel with undisguised jealousy by now.

'When the bell sounded to mark the end of this hour, I had to stay behind to clean up his own semen from the floor. I wasn't really surprised to hear the zip of Master Gregorius' pants behind me.'

The boy turned round when the man stepped out of his slacks and pointed his big, hard dick toward the boy's face. Daniel smiled and immediately opened his mouth to engulf the throbbing member. It never ceased to amaze me that such a small boy could take all his manhood in his throat, but the camera clearly showed the entire length entering the mouth. The boy gagged, admittedly, but the teacher's face betrayed that that really only added to the excitement. Daniel's own willy was at full hardness once again as he did his best to service the tool expanding his throat. He sucked, worked his tongue and bobbed his head up and down, fucking the teacher's penis with his throat. After a while the man started to grunt and he grabbed Daniel's head. He pushed the boy's nose into his pubic hair and shot his load straight into the throat.

'Master Gregorius was pushing all of his sex into my throat and when he came, I could feel the hot liquid travel down into my stomach. Master Gregorius released his grip on my head, I cleaned the last drops of semen from the limp penis and got up. The man smiled warmly and kissed me on the mouth, and I kissed back.'

When he left, his penis was still hard, bobbing in front of the smiling boy. One of the other volumes in the series dealt with the immediate aftermath of this scene, when Daniel, still naked, got picked up by four of the biggest bullies in school and dragged off to the toilets where for the entire half-hour recess, they had an orgy that even the camera had trouble keeping track of. That video was famous because the orgy had actually gotten out of hand and the director had gotten into trouble because 'Daniel' hadn't enjoyed every last bit of the scene. As a result, the video wasn't commercially available anymore and therefore much sought after. As I pondered this and casually watched the titles run to a backdrop of the naked boy walking through the corridor with bobbing penis straight ahead of him, a funny thing happened: a silver platter was handed to me. Right there in one of the less important jobs was the name: Doug Calloway. One of the direct consequences of Anthony Derringer's memoirs' success was a brief stint of him as an actor. Actually one of the 'Danny' movies featured Daniel (then played by another boy) walking in on a scene similar to the famous passage in the memoirs and joining in on the action (on the receiving side, obviously, Daniel was that kind of boy). When Anthony's brother rose to fame, there was speculation – not to mention a lot of very public offers by studios – that Casper might follow in every footstep of his brother and become an actor, too. Until now, however, I never realized that Doug Calloway, was in the same business. How this related to the mysterious missing persons by the waterfront, escaped me, however. That is: until I came across an old newspaper article.