story codes: M/b, oral, anal, tort, sm, cons


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such!

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and several young boys, if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Stanley Freeze, private investigator

part 2

Little Raulo only got the point when I tied him to the desk, bending over, his ass exposed to me. This wasn't just one of Battista's friends having him on, with Battista himself walking in at a certain moment. I moved my hand to his buttocks and caressed them, asking him what he knew about Rafael S. He denied to know anything but I reminded him that Battista told him every little secret that he had. I brought three fingers to his little ass hole and he moaned as I applied pressure. Smoothly, my fingers entered his boy cunt. He was panting and his dick was completely erect.

- “You like this, don't you, little slut?”

- “Oh yes, sir, but if you don't release me soon, Battista is coming after you!”

- “He won't be in time to undo the damage I can do, so tell me, where is Rafael!”

- “Aaah! I don't know, I don't even know who Rafael... AAAAHH!”

The whip lashed down unexpectedly. Two more lashes and I got out the dildo, not the biggest one, but big enough anyway. I lubricated it a little and roughly shoved it halfway up his cunt. He screamed again, lucky I have no neighbors in this run-down building. Part of the reason I chose it. I moved the dildo a little, fucking him with it before I shoved it all the way in. He screamed again. “You're in my power now, slut, a lot of things might happen before anyone finds you!” To drive the point home I got out the nipple clamps and applied them. He screamed some more, but reacted by wiggling his butt when I fucked him some more. His penis was erect, too, he seemed to be enjoying part of this at least. His voice did sound desperate, though, when he spoke again.

- “Ok, ok, I Aaahh! I know who Rafael is! But I swear Battista isn't planning anything with him! His father is the richest man in this city! Master Battista may be powerful, but he can't afford to mess with Mr. S. I sweaAAAAHHH! AAHH! AAAAHH!”

I pulled out the dildo almost completely, twisted it a little and shoved it back in, forcefully. Then I picked up the whip and whacked his bottom, scrotum and penis a couple of times. In this state, poor Raulo would have told me anything. Despite the scenes in the club, he wasn't used to being treated this roughly. I was sure he told the truth. Before releasing him, I wanted to release the pressure of my own, rock-hard dick building up in my pants when he whispered:

- “Uhm, mister, could you... I mean... Fuck me, please!”

- “No way, kid, I've got trouble enough as it is, I don't want to piss off Battista any more.”

- “I'll tell him I went with you myself, he'll believe me, I have done so before. I'll make up a story and he'll leave you alone! Just fuck me, please!”

The sight of Raulo was impossible to ignore. I figured that I wouldn't stand a chance whether I fucked the boy or not, so I undid my belt and undressed. Raulo had a hungry look in his eyes as he saw my dick at full salute to his slender body. “You're bigger than Battista, mister!” He knew what a man wanted to hear. Sounded a bit too professional to me, though. I whacked him again, just to whet my appetite some more, then positioned behind him. The first feel of my dick pushing into his little cunt made him grunt. As I pushed, Raulo moaned louder and he arched his back a little. The contractions his anal muscles were making told me that he was actually coming from having my dick in his ass! I made sure to take it nice and slow, to be able to enjoy my dick slide into the slender boy's body, between his brown ass cheeks. I slided in completely, pushing my pubes against his smooth skin. Then I withdrew, almost getting all of my member out again, a thought that made him moan in protest. I moved back in, fucking slow and deep, making him appreciate what was happening to him. Then I upped the pace, fucking more and more furiously as my climax was nearing. Raulo moaned again, from the sensations his abused boy cunt were giving him. He was hard again, too, and asked me to take it slow for a bit. I complied, all my forces mustered to stop myself coming right then, as the wonderful boy moaned under me. I suspected he was on the verge of coming again so I took care to make him feel all of my dick again. Suddenly, I withdrew, grabbed the whip and lashed out twice. Raulo screamed and came, I quickly re-entered him and fucked his clenching ass furiously to reach my own orgasm. I pushed all the way in and filled his bowels with my cum as exhausted Raulo collapsed on the desk.

Having regained some of our strength, I took Raulo to the shower and cleaned him up. He looked at me gratefully and left, assuring me he wouldn't tell on me. Still tired, I lent back in my chair and dozed off. The day ended, turning the light red and introducing the neon flashes that lit my office at night. I slept then and there, in my chair, like I hadn't slept for months.

The incessant ringing of the telephone waked me up, the dirty, yellow light of morning shone in. I picked up the receiver and could barely make out the voice of the Police commissioner through the crackling. Eventually, I got the message that ms. S was dead. Murdered. Found in a certain night club downtown. Two minutes later, I was at the scene of the crime, where I'd sneaked in the previous evening. I was greeted by the commissioner.

- “You look like you've had your first decent night's sleep for ages, Stan, it actually makes you a little less ugly.”

- “Top o' the mornin' to you too, jealous?”

That actually shut him up for a second, giving me the chance to ask what they'd found.

- “Well, she's dead, blow to the head that killed her. Battista is denying everything of course, so is his boy, Raulo.”

My heart jumped.

- “He claims to have been away and they were still arguing about it when we came there. They resolved it, though.”

My heart settled down again.

- “We are looking at all possibilities here and you're one of the last to have seen her apparently.”

- “Yes, she wanted to know where her cat was. Or at least how much I charged for finding one, because she was contemplating buying one.”

The commissioner saw his prejudices about me confirmed and didn't doubt my explanation. Prick.

- “By the way, does the name Maria San P. mean anything to you?”

I'm surprised no-one else saw the thunderbolt that hit my head at that moment. Maria San P.! Shit! Battista R.'s mistress for five years now, playing an active role in his sex orgies. Raulo didn't mention her, but he must have seen quite a lot of her, and she of him. Battista liked playing out the girls and the boys against each other. Also, Maria had twin sons, who must have been twelve at that time, same age as Raulo. What a lead to miss!

- “No, don't know her, who is she?”

Hook, line and sinker.

- “His mistress, apparently, she lives up at ......”

I was excused by his Royal Dumb Ass and sped to ....., to find Maria, or, more specifically, her sons.