story codes: M/b, oral, anal, tort, sm, cons


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such!

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a young boy, if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Stanley Freeze, private investigator

part 4, epilogue

The night before, Rafael and I got home. I was beat, since beating the truth out of young boys makes you tired. Rafael looked at me a little anxiously, maybe he was getting second thoughts about all this since he really didn't know much about me, apart from me being a detective who specialized in boys. Well, getting the truth from boys who had done something wrong, mostly.

- "Do you think I was naughty, getting myself kidnapped?"

He asked, his eyes big with anticipation.

- "Maybe you aught to be punished, yeah, you didn't really mind the whole thing, did you?"

I replied. Had I guessed his true intentions? I had. He couldn't suppress a big smile as he said:

- "Well, then you'd better punish me!"

- "Then you'd better punish me, WHAT?"

Always squash bad habits when they emerge. Saves a lot of time and trouble. Rafael flinched at my loud voice and immediately changed his attitude.

- "Then you'd better punish me, SIR!"

He was looking a little scared now, obviously the San P. boys hadn't really scared him, although they had kidnapped and bound him. Suppose a sturdy private detective raising his voice at you does intimidate more than two horny twelve-year-olds. Good thing, there is actually little more arousing than a boy looking at you struggling to decide if he's scared or horny. I guided him over to the desk where at the same spot where Raulo had been.

- "Undress."

He Immediately obeyed. Good for him. While he was busy, I got out my whip, the smaller one, no damage, just a nasty sting. He was already sporting an erection, so I wasted no time and lashed out at his hairless dick, and again, and again. He winced and looked surprised. I pulled my sternest face and commanded:

- "Turn around and bend over, deep, and spread your legs."

I got out some nipple clamps and a small(ish) butt plug. First, the clamps.

- "put these on."

He looked surprised, scared was taking over from horny, though not enough to soften his small dick. He obeyed, however, flinching and moaning as he had to hurt himself. A lash or two at his bum convinced him not to hesitate to put on the second clamp. Then I stroked his buttocks with my right hand, moving to the valley between and finding the little hole. Two, three fingers made him whimper again, then I replaced them with the butt plug. We were all set. Lash, Lash, Lash. The sounds of lashes were filling the air, along with Rafael's whimpers and shouts. The soft light fell on his flawless body, writhing and twisting under the lashes, but staying in place. I hadn't tied him up and I didn't need to. Red stripes were appearing across his bum, as I was alternating between horizontal lashes across the perfect globes of his cute ass, and meaner, vertical lashes, hitting inside the valley and occasionally his little ball sack. I made him turn around again and lashed his penis some more until I thought the punishment had been enough.

I made him turn around again and undressed. He looked back at me, tears running down his cheeks, but a smile lighting up his face as my eight inch hard-on was revealed. I smiled back at him, trying to reassure him a little that the worst was over. I removed the butt plug carefully and stroked the rim of his pussy, causing him to moan again. Then I positioned my penis, the head already glistening with precum, and pushed. Slowly, the head broke the resistance and pushed in. Rafael groaned:

- "You're big, sir!"

- "Do you want me to take it easier? This isn't part of your punishment."

- "Please carry on, sir! I really want this! Just take it slow in the beginning, please, sir."

I did. I pushed forward gently, enjoying every inch of my penis sliding Rafael's narrow, hot boy pussy. About halfway in, I stopped and moved back and forth a little, each time pushing a little further into the groaning boy.

- "Are you alright?"

He turned round his head. His cheeks were covered in fresh tears, his smile was half way to becoming a grin of pain, but he nodded for me to go on, whimpering with my every move. I fucked a little, getting about two-thirds in, his hole still resisting, although he kept it relaxed. Then, Rafael's body seemed to get the message. His ass relaxed as he let out a big sigh. I pulled out a little and with one smooth movement pushed all the way in until my pubes were tickling his smooth ass. The sensation caused Rafael to moan, wriggle and, judging by the spasms in his rectum, come. No sperm yet, of course, but a young, gorgeous boy having an orgasm with my dick in his bum nonetheless. I relished the sight, gave him some time to recover and started fucking. Long, slow hauls, pulling almost all the way out, then plunging into the narrow oven. Rafael raised his back a little and I reached around for the clamps. I twisted the left one, making Rafael moan a little louder. I noticed his erection, which had disappeared after his orgasm, came back, twitching as I twisted the clamp around his nipple and sent my penis in and out of his body, increasing the pace now and feeling my own juices rise. I was nearing frenzy when Rafael started to moan louder again, now twisting the nipple clamps with his own hands and obviously well under way to his second orgasm. It came, he came, and the sights, sounds and spasms sent me over the edge. Moaning, I pushed all the way in and released my hot cum into his rectum.

Totally spent, we collapsed on the floor, somehow made our way to bed and slept soundly until the morning.