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The conclusion to my first arc on this guys lives. Thank you all for getting this far and putting up with my story. I hope you enjoy it.

Dedicated to Houston and Ian, for showing me it's not impossible and giving me hope again.

Chapter 35: Love and Hope

The tsunami of emotions that threatened to burst through me as I saw him come in was barely contained by the strength with which my heart was pulsing. The man of my dreams, the spice of my life, and any other wonderful word that would describe how much I love him and how much he means to me, was standing by the door, and all I could see was him, as the world faded out of reality. To be there, one year after that first kiss, and feel the world dissolving around me, to the point were there was nothing but us, felt like nothing I ever felt before.

It was as if time stood still, with all the cliches that go with it, and all I could see was his smile, as this feeling of warmth caressed my soul. A moment of intensity like no other, locked in an instant in time, forever etched in my mind. He was the center of it all, the whole reason for so much, the whole point of my existence, and I could not move for what felt like an eternity.

"Happy anniversary!" he said in a somewhat shy voice. My heart exploded as time resumed, and I was able to move. But still, reality was just us.

I went to him, not even sure how. My mind racing with so many thoughts, so many feelings, and his smile clouding it all. I couldn't come up with anything clever to tell him. Nothing to make that moment memorable, forever etched in our minds. All I could say was "Happy Anniversary, my love", with a tenderness that felt too weak for the intensity of my emotions.

And then we kissed.

And it was magical. And it was perfect, and it lasted forever. Reality crumbled around us, till there was nothing left, till there was not even us; like a "hiccup" in time, a moment blinked out of existence. And then, I felt it: I felt his soul and mine, touching.

For the briefest moment, everything was perfect. And nothing I could ever hope to say, would ever match the feeling. My mind would never be able to conjure any kind of romantic notion that would come close to matching what had just happened. I was left speechless, my heart pounding a mile a minute, and all I could say was: "I love you".

It felt so small in comparison, it felt so weak, and yet, it uplifted me, and I meant it like never before. I hoped to break through everything with just that, and I said it again,

"I love you, Sean. I love you so much!" And I saw this tear roll down his cheek, this single tear, rolling down his cheek, as I felt the burn of my own on my face.

"I love you too, Stevie. With all my heart, forever!" And we kissed, on and on, no words to say, no clever phrase, no calculated plan.

I was lost in him, not even a thought on my mind but him. No voices, no thoughts, no confusion. Just him; everything was about him. And it felt right. There were no plans needed, no calculated, artificial phrase, crafted to express something that could not match this kiss. It was all that we needed.

For the longest time, there were no words, we just kissed, and looked into each others eyes, and kissed again. And nothing else mattered.

There was such silence around as, as we rested on the couch. He was resting his head on my chest, and I could feel his scent. He was so tender, as he slowly kissed my neck, and as he whispered how much he loved me. I kissed the top of his head, and once again pledged my love to him. I promised him my heart, my very soul.

We just talked, about everything and anything, resting together. Away from everything else. We laughed and dreamed out loud.

"I've got something for you," he told me. "It's not much, but I hope you'll like it."

He gave me a present, and I could feel my hands trembling as I took it. It was a pen. A beautiful silver pen.

"For school next year," he told me, "maybe it will bring you good luck."

I had no words to thank him for it. And yet, there was no need. So I picked up my present and gave it to him.

"My greatest hope is to give you the matching ring for the one you gave me," I began, "but till then, I hope you'll carry this with you."

He opened the box, and found the silver chain, attached to which was a simple roman numeral. The number two.

"It's maybe simple, but it holds some meaning, I hope. I thought of us when I saw it. It's the number two, but it also is one thing made out of two. I want you to know that we will always be together, and that I love you more can I can say."

"It's perfect. Will you put it on me?" His voice was full of emotion, and I could feel myself about to lose it if he did. "I'll never take it off, I promise.'

We kissed once more, short and tenderly, and we thanked each other once again. And as I saw his present, and I saw mine, I realized they didn't matter. They were just symbols. Physical manifestations of our feelings. Ways in which we tried to express our love. He held on to me for the longest time, as I did to him. We did not speak, nor there was need to. And I wondered, and I dreamt, of what the future would bring.

"Stevie?" he called to me.


He looked up, and met my eyes, and I felt all those emotions welling up on me again.

"Nothing, really... just wanted to tell you, that I want to make you happy. That's all."

Once again, I lost a tear, and I felt overflowing with love, and happiness. Here he was, five years younger, looking me in the yes, and telling me he just wanted to make me happy. ME. He demanded nothing. He expected only to make me happy, to bring joy to my life. And he did, every single day, since the day he kissed me exactly one year before.

"You do that everyday, Sean. Ever since you kissed me for the first time. Ever since you held me that day, and we kissed. You do that every time you're around me, and every time I wake up next to you. I promise you, I will live my life to make you happy. You are everything to me, Sean. I will always love you, forever."

"I will love you more." His words whispered too close to my lips, right before he kissed me again.


I will follow my heart. It's been said before, I know. But it hasn't disappointed me so far. So I'm gay and have a boyfriend, and half the world will hate me for it. And my boyfriend may be 5 years younger than me, so what? One day no one will care about that difference. And some day, people will see us kissing on the street and think it's sweet. But you know what? It doesn't matter, because he loves me, and I love him. And my heart says it's right. My heart says it's right and it hasn't disappointed me yet. You can't go wrong where love is involved. You may fail, you may make mistakes, but if the love is strong, it will prevail. Just don't stop caring, get upset if you want to, but don't let it fade. I will fight for love, because there is nothing that's worth fighting more than love.

If you love someone, then it won't matter in the end. The suffering, the hardships and the sorrow, are less painful when you deal with them hand in hand with the one you love. Believe in love. And above all, don't lose hope. It's all we have. It's all I had.

And if you have hope, and you believe in happy endings, life ain't so bad, because once in a while, they do live happily ever after. I've seen it happen.

The End

To Sean.

I will always love you.

Thanks to Perry, and all of you who have sent me your support. I greatly appreciate it.

Good luck,