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Steve's Classmate

It all started when I had my cock buried in my 13yr old lovers' ass. The 13 year old was Steve, I had him bound and gagged his ass was available and hungry for my man dick. The kid can never get enough of my cock always coming around to my place wanting to be tied up, spank, covered in food, dressed up just to be stripped down, abuse on, pissed on, photographed and filmed. In the two yrs that I known him I have fallen in love with the horny boy. I'm Dean a adult, single rather not say much else for I do not know who is reading this.

As I stated above Steve was tied up and gagged, covered in my cum, some of it is his own he recently started producing his own cum and he loves to watch it shoot out of his cock and land on his hairless body, I say hairless but in truth he does have some fluff around the top of his cock. His ass is filled with my cock and he was milking it for all it was worth trying to squeeze out more cum from me. It was not a fruitful effort with a mighty heave I slammed it into him and cum flooded his ass. I collapse onto my young friend and breathed in the scent of sex, cum and youth as I gathered up my strength to get off him. Lol, not that kind as I already done that several times in the last few Hours.

Once Steve was untied I spoon up next to him and played with his little nipples as we unloaded to each other about school him and work me. It was at this time he shocked me about asking for a threesome. Together he and I tried almost everything a man and a boy can do together at least ones, something one or both of us didn't enjoy and never tried again but a threesome was something new for us. He wanted to invite his classmate over his name is Andre, Steve has never jerked off with him all did anything sexual. He thinks it be great to watch his friend have sex for the first time. Sadly for Steve his plan started off on track but went of course.

Steve and Andre dropped round after school the next day. Andre made plans to spend the night at Steve's, when it got late and I had a few drinks while the boys watch movies it was decided they will spend the night. Steve offered to call Andre's parents and tell them about the change of plans and give them my number in reality he called his parents and tell them he was spending the night at Andre's. If his friend kicked up a huge fuss we would have made the tripped to Steve's place they would have Okayed him spending the night without prior knowledge.

Steve got the boy here it was my tasked to get him naked, all day I tried to think up how, I think Steve took the easier task. My predicament was my age and the fact he barely knew me, he was no Steve whose clothes hits the floor before the door is fully clothed. I believe Steve would have a easier time getting his friend naked than me but he thinking I come up with something waited for me to put it in action. Soon enough both boys where tired and fallen asleep on the couch.

Putting this down I label this as a failure and covered them up in a blanket, I must say two boys asleep cuddle up together in the flickering light of the telle was a great sight. I masturbated to the sight in bed as I went to sleep.

During the night I awoke needing to take a piss with Steve asleep in the couch I had to get up and take care of business, on my way back I found Andre existing out of the "gameroom" that Steve and I often use. The kid stripped down so he was now wearing his shirt and underwear to be more comfortable while he slept I presume. He asked where the kitchen was and I showed him the way.

Gulping down a glass of water followed my milk I smirked to see a milk moustache on his face. With daring I did not know I have I bent down and licked it off his face. He stood their stun and speechless. Trying to bring life back to my guest I asked him what he thought of my place.

"It's nice, what was that room and saw me come out of?"

"That's one of Steve's favourite rooms; it's called the game room."

"I saw no games" he replied accusingly.

"That's because you did not know where to look."

"Show me"

Taking the kid to the room I pulled out my bags and showed him the goodies inside.

The light went on in the kid's eyes.

"Steve really plays with these?" he asked as he picked up a dildo.

"All of these has been worn or used on him" I confirmed.

"How long have the two of you been doing this?"

"2 years"

"It's hard to imagine Steve doing this."

"You want to give it a try?"

"I dunno"

"I stop when you tell me to." I lied


"Here put this on."

I blind folded the little squirt, hooked my thumb into his underwear and pulled it down his young legs. His small cock was hard, no doubt picturing Steve being fucked by the dildo he was still holding in his hands. The same dildo I will fuck him with before I breed his ass. Taking his hand I led him to the bed and kissed him hard on the mouth before sitting him down. I shuffle up close and position my cock into his mouth. The boy needed practise but he was not bad for a beginner I thought as he sucked and chocked on my dick.

I wanted to taste some virgin ass and I knew afterwards he would bulk so I had him lied down and handcuff his hands between the bed rails. Getting up off the bed I looked at him. The situation look so similar to other Friday nights and yet was so different I knew Steve wanted to watch these and yet I did not want to leave this young boy to get my young horny friend, grabbing the gag that was in Steves mouth from the other day I fastening it in Andre's mouth pulled his legs apart looked at his virgin hairless hole and dived right in.

The boy went wild, thrusting into the bed, thrusting his body into the air I had trouble keeping my mouth attach to his ass. Soon he compose himself and he was no longer like a fish out of water, I did not mean he become motionless he still moved and it was clear he enjoyed every second that my tongue was up his ass, but he was more controllable.

Once I was able to pull myself out of his ass, hrs seemed to have passed but I doubt that truly was the case I hunted down that dildo Andre once had. The boy tried to talk but who the fucked knew what he was trying to say. Finding it I lubbed it up and gently pushed it in, stopped to let the tyke get used to it and pushed a little more in. I decided this kid will be fucked whether he wants to or not, but I still do my best to make sure he enjoyed every fucken minute of it.

As I pushed the plastic up his ass, I got a shock of my life. There was Steve butt naked filming me. His small boyish cock was standing proud. One hand was filming me the other was switching between his two boyish nipples and his boner. Focusing on Andre again I took note that he almost had all of it inside me. Steve knew knowing I knew he was there came all the way in the room and took a close up of his third favourite dildo going in and out of his friends hole. As he stood close by me filming I pushed a few fingers up his ass.

By the time he moved away (I did not struggle to keep my fingers inside him) the entire dildo was inside him his boy pussy seemed used to it. Steve switched off the cam, and was preparing his favourite dildo while he sucked on my meat. When it was fully soaked with his saliva he got up, jammed it up himself and started the home movie again.

I lined up my cock to his open hole and like before slowly pushed it in. The boy tried to get away. Grabbing him I held him in place as I entered him. Once my balls met his ass, I waited. When Andre slowly crept forward easing himself off my cock I let him. When he almost got completely off it I pushed him back on it. Soon enough my new friend was fucking himself on my tool. Moaning around the gag, blindfolded and unaware his friend was taping every minute of his passion while at the same time screwing himself with a dildo. Soon enough that feeling crept up me and telling the boys in the room that I was getting close I heaved into him and unloaded my man essence into his recently virgin ass.

When I eased of him, cum leaked out of his ass, waving Steve over I took the device of him and pushed him towards his friends ass, taking the hint he lapped up the cum and ate out his friends ass while I film him. Steve does not like the taste of cum, he mostly like to have it in or on him. But he knows how to rim. Once Steve was done, we removed the gag and I kissed the boy.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked as I put down the cam, still on so I taped his response.

"Yeah, can you take the blindfold off and these annoying cuffs?"

Steve bolted out of the room no doubt to get dressed and feign being asleep.

Taking my time so my young lover can get away with it, I did as my bound friend request. Once he was freed I kiss him again and again. My mouth moved to his neck which I nuzzle and kissed. Down his chest, my tongue worked its way to his navel which I licked and kissed before I pulled up and kissed him once more.

"Let's go before Steve wakes up."

To this day Andre never knew that his first time was filmed, nor that his friend witness it. But the three of us had load of adventures since than.