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This is a fictional story of loving between friends, young and old. If you don't like friendship, don't read it. If you don't like love, I'm sorry for you. If you are not old enough to legally read this, find your friend and have him read it to you.

Thanks to many who have sent their kind regards. I was bombed with an email attack earlier this week. I don't mean to raise a challenge, but Stephy will be safe despite the efforts of some idiots.

Thanks to Teglin and Mal and Ted and Beachkid for continuing to inspire me to try and write my best.


Stocking Stuffer Part 19 Spring Break Part 9

As we talked about where to eat and the restaurants in the resort, WKE was in mid sentence suggesting we try the Concourse Steakhouse when he suddenly fell completely silent. Looking up I saw him staring across the room and looking myself I saw that Tommy had just entered our suite. He was dressed in a bright yellow polo shirt and khaki chinos and he certainly looked like he'd just stepped off a magazine page, no wonder WKE had stopped talking!

Tommy was looking at me and seeing my quizzical expression he looked around the room. His eyes finding WKE, he too took a little pause and seemingly stumbled over his own feet as their eyes met. It was a brief little interlude, I think I was the only one that noticed, because suddenly Mikey was launched across the room and smothering Tommy with hugs. As Tommy picked up and carried his little brother over to our group, I caught just another moments hesitation as he once again locked eyes with WKE. Then Brian was leading us all out the door and toward the elevator and the 4th floor restaurant. I had to touch WKE's arm to wake him from the trance that had captured him, then we were all abuzz descending to dinner.


The elevator made its way down and the boys were a fidgeting mass of nervous energy. I wondered if we should be going to supper, or if we should arrange some time in the gym to blow off steam! WKE and I were at the door because we'd entered last. Brian, Gene and Tommy were in the rear and the boys were in the center. Thank goodness no one else had been in the elevator first, I think they would have died in the energy field coursing round the traveling room.

I have always marveled at the herd mentality in otherwise normal and intelligent people and one of the most herdish times always seemed to be near elevators.

It is a dance macabre:

Sane people stand around talking and chatting,

elevator dings,

sanity vanishes,

conversation ceases,

crowd rushes forward,

door sighs open,

front of crowd backs into back of crowd still pressing forward,

departing passengers fight to part the dread sea,

crowd pushes in


and stare in silence.

Our boys were not yet socialized to the fine points of this adult ritual and although they may have done the rushing in, they couldn't stand in silence.

We stopped at the restaurant's floor and just as the door sighed open I watched the spectacle play out. As the door opened two big and burly uniformed security guards began the rushing forward process. Mikey, Steph and Scotty turned their smiling faces toward the door to exit. Mikey's face changed from smiles to terror and he actually seemed to claw his way backwards against his friends and through them trying to get to the back wall, trying to get behind Gene and Brian and Tommy. They didn't realize what was happening and continued moving forward with me and WKE as kind of bookends to the action. As the security guards paused and parted, Steph and Scotty laughed their way past, Gene and Brian followed and Tommy hesitated looking to me or WKE to exit first. Mikey was as little as he could make himself and I actually heard him squeak once more as WKE motioned Tommy ahead and now Mikey seemed to have no place to hide. With just the briefest moments hesitation, Mikey threw himself into WKE's arms and buried his face into his chest as the ostrich might bury his into the sand. WKE was completely surprised, but managed to hold the boy without dropping him and looking at me with wonderment he stepped off the elevator and the three of us on two pairs of legs stepped past the waiting guards. Without a glance they now rushed in and played their part. They turned, they stared straight ahead, the elevator doors shut on silence.

WKE turned to me clearly at a loss. I reached out and petted Mikey's back and made some stupid soothing (I hoped) remark.

Mikey just tensed even more and whispered to WKE's chest. "I didn't take nothing from the room! Honest I didn't! Don't let them take me?!"

WKE slowly lowered Mikey back on his own little feet and kneeling down with him he cupped his chin and looked him in the eyes, "Of course you didn't sweetie. We know you didn't. Those guys weren't after you, they just needed the elevator. Come on, where's that sweetie smile?" Stroking his cheek and then quickly hugging him once, he rose and placed his arm around the little one's shoulders. "Come on Nick," he jauntily said through a strained, concerned smile to me and Mikey's head. "Let's get there before that circus eats everything in sight."

"'K," was all Mikey could squeak out. As we neared the restaurant and Mikey saw Brian and the boys he let go of WKE and rocketed across the lobby and climbed into Brian's arms.

"Hey, babe, I missed you!" Brian cooed with a questioning glance at us.

WKE and I just shrugged and gave that I-don't-know look back. Brian turned to the other boys and stroked his little one's back as we were seated near the balcony edge.

Dinner was a tour de force by the boys. They left no doubt their ancestors had been more carnivore than herbivore. At least one whole herd of cows must have sacrificed themselves for the burgers and steaks that were consumed and a whole flock of buffalo* contributed enough wings to the appetizer plate that all of us must have been a little ready to molt before we were done. Even Mikey was soon drawn from his shell with the food and the spectacle of the monorail coasting in and sliding gently to its station. The boys continued to talk about all the things they had to see and all the rides they had to ride. I feared we needed a month to manage the full itinerary.

If you ever lived in Iowa you know that on a hot July and August night you can actually hear the corn plants popping and squeaking as they grow? Ughhhh, I could hear my royalty check popping and screaming as it was shrinking by the second!

After finishing our tons of beef and chicken, the tribe had no trouble at all with the gallons of ice cream the waiters brought. I watched the greasy, smiley, milky faces and knew the shrinking royalty check was more than matched by the growing love for my Steph and all our "family" here at table.

As each Dad cleaned the faces of the associated son, we bundled up and all were getting ready to leave when Mikey cracked us up completely. He was standing and frantically thrusting his hands first in one pocket and then the next and then he looked gravely at Brian and almost cried, "I didn't wear my magic pants! I don't have any money to help!"

As Brian scooped him into a big hug, I grabbed the check and with a flourish passed it to WKE and announced, "Don't worry boys, save your magic pants for later. I'm sure WKE brought his!"

To his credit, he took the check and reached in a pants pocket and brought out a money clip stuffed with cash. Tommy just groaned and whined, "But he doesn't get to shop in Gene's boys department! That's no fair! I want his pants! Now I'm the only one without!"

WKE looked at him and as they locked eyes they both quickly looked away, but each was blushing madly.

As we settled back into the luxury of our suites we ordered the boys ready for bed and the adults relaxed in the couches conversation niche in our suite. WKE quickly filled Brian and Tommy in on the elevator incident. They didn't have a clue, but I reminded them of the uniformed driver too. We eventually just shrugged and went on to talk about tomorrow's plans, WKE announced he had arranged for a room service breakfast buffet since the circus seemed to travel on its stomach. Amid a laugh we confirmed the plans for WKE and me to tend to business and the rest of the tribe to enjoy the lake portion of the resort. We agreed we'd meet back in the suites around five and dress for the cocktail party with WKE, Steph and me returning to change into our formal wear for dinner after that.

As we finished the plan, Steph and Scotty and Mikey were at our sides bearing ice cold beers for each of us. As I hugged Steph and thanked him, I realized that all three little scamps were only wearing brand new boxer shorts with Mickey and Donald prominently displayed. Looking up I saw WKE blushing and stammering that he hoped I wouldn't mind, the hotel had offered to assist in providing gifts and refreshments to such an important author's family!

Gene made a snide comment, "What's on your underwear, Nick? Or are you getting too big to wear them!"

Steph quickly confirmed, "Yeah, Nick doesn't wear them a lot! 'Cause I like him best without!"

I hugged him close and everyone laughed. I quickly realized the WKE didn't really know us and that maybe I better talk to Steph, but as I glanced around I saw WKE and Tommy were both blushing school boys once again.

We wound down the evening with our boys in hand and headed for bed. As I said something to Steph about WKE maybe not being comfortable about all our family touching, I thought he'd fry me with his withering stare.

"Duh! Nick!" my little sage told me. "He loves it! Plus he REALLY likes Tommy!"

"Oh," was all I could stupidly reply.

"Know what? Tommy likes him too!" the oracle announced.

What could I say to that, I guess I wasn't the only one to see those little moments. I didn't try to answer. I just crawled into bed and watched my god boy slip Mickey and Donald down and tossing them aside he slid up to his home against my chest.


I was awakened by the furtive giggling of sweet treble voices and cracking open one eye, I found all three little boys dancing around on our bedroom balcony pointing at each and everything they could see across and into the Magic Kingdom. There were trying to be quiet, but the boyish, joyish exuberance caught in that time between seeing Heaven and entering Heaven had them giggling and laughing and bouncing about. I thought I was probably already in that Heaven because in their happy dances they had not bothered with any trappings of civilization and they stood naked to the glorious morning sun streaming across the balcony rail. I barely moved and just soaked up the beauty of such a joyful scene. The sun was glinting off Mikey's hair in silver pinpoints of fire. Scotty's slightly darker skin was literally aglow and I swear I could read the aura 'round my Steph.

It was a shimmering mix of gold and soft blue fire, traveling up and down his moving form in flickering, crackling caress. His sweet bubble butt was white as pure white gold and next to Mikey's silver sheen and Scotty's more richly golden globes I knew that there was no metal hidden in the Earth as precious as these boys in their all their natural splendor. I swore they needed no adornment, no man made trinkets, no precious or semi precious stones to help set off their beauty. In fact they'd clearly sparkle down any foolish diamond that dared to get too close.

I must have sighed my deep contentment because my Stephy turned and seeing me awake he quickly scampered towards our bed and catapulted across the last five feet and landed in a mass of kissing, hugging boy. I'd barely got my breath when two more missiles crossed the gap and all three boys were squealing out their thanks at being brought to these very gates of Heaven. They'd stormed the ramparts of my defense without the need to lay a siege and since no siege had taken place and nothing had draw down the reservoir of my heart, I poured forth my love with kisses, hugs and squeezes back.

Then I realized that no siege had drawn down the other reservoirs of my body either and I had to quickly empty one or we'd be a golden soggy mess! I managed to get the boys to let me up and stumbled to the bathroom just in time. As I filled the porcelain bowl, Stephy stepped into the huge shower and started up the jets. Then in some dark cabal's scheme, Mikey grabbed my left hand and Scotty grabbed my right and pulled me with them into Stephy's lair. I grabbed the body wash and quickly lathering up a wash cloth, I knelt and started my own ritual homage to the lately glittering boys. Soon I had them all three glistening with water drops and sudsy foam. I don't know who sighed the most, the boys as I rubbed them like the contented cats they had become? Or me, the happy minister of bubbles?

They wouldn't let me miss a single heavenly spot and although I hesitated at washing Mike and Scotty's secret spots, their hands found mine and led me to the treasure. The straight and proudly standing boyhoods as much caressed my frothy hands as I caressed their sublime grace. Each boy would take his turn and then turn into the shower and the cascading water would sweep the bubbles from their glowing bodies. Stephy came to me last and as his brother boys caressed his back and chest, he offered me his gift. What first was just a gentle touch soon became an almost frantic thrusting of his hips into my hand. It wasn't long and Stephy seemed to petrify as the power of his pleasure grabbed every synapse in his body in an orgiastic grip.

"Mphhhh, Mphhhh, MPHHHH!" his trademark cry punctuated his release. Mikey, Scotty and I caught him as his legs gave way and we eased him to the shower's floor where we all four just sat in one gigantic hug. Mikey and Scotty breathed a "WOW!" almost at the same time, and then they quickly grinned and licked their thumbs and hooked their pinkies shouting, "Jinx!"

The joy of boy is clearly hard to repress and now that Mikey and Scotty were their giggling little selves and Stephy was reviving from his bliss, I quickly stood and pulled them up. I almost shoved them out the door and they began a happy dance of towels and tweaks and squeals and pokes that only boys can invent from the simple task of drying off. I turned toward the shower flow and stepped beneath and quickly lathered up my body and my hair. I was surprised to find I needed no relief, the treasure of the last few minutes had struck at my soul and not my body. I marveled once again at how my life had changed, grown fuller and much more rich since that blessed Christmas storm.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my towel and followed the shining butts of our three boys as they moved through the suite's bedroom and into the main living room. I grabbed a pair of shorts, but our nature boys felt no such need. Gene and Brian were already there and just beginning to attack the trolleys of buffet the bellman had just rolled in. It was a feast! A full breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and enough pastries to keep a small French city happy for a day. There was so much orange juice that I expected Anita Bryant to jump from beneath the cart with a day-without-sunshine line. I'd seen the sunshine off my boys that morning and orange juice can't hold a candle to their glow.

I should have known that it would barely be enough! As Tommy came staggering in with WKE right behind, I raised my eyebrows at Brian. Like me and the little boys, they seemed to be wet and drying off at all the same time. Brian just beamed back at us all and moved over to Mikey, tousling his still wet hair. WKE looked at the little boys all flashing skin and glancing askance at Tommy blushed a deep bright red. Stephy didn't let him off the hook, he hopped up from his newly ravaged plate and circled WKE's waist with those slender arms and purred to him, "This is a great breakfast. Thanks for getting us these rooms, our shower's big enough for everyone!"

It was Tommy's turn to blush bright red and he tried to turn his full attention to filling a plate from the sorely depleted buffet. WKE hugged my boy back and more giggled as he too turned to find a less demanding audience in the buffet. When Tommy and WKE touched elbows, you could see it was like a lightning strike between them. They jumped apart and blushed again and rushed for seats on opposite ends of the dining table.

We completed the carnage in short order and the boys were already whining that they needed to get down to the lake and pools. Gene laughed and pointed out they couldn't really go as undressed as they were and poof, they were all gone. Before we could even laugh, Stephy and Scotty were back and hopping round as they tried to pull on their tiny speedos. Mikey was just a moment behind and I'm sure anyone transiting the hallway would have been blinded by his flashing butt as he scampered naked between the suites for probably the umpteenth time that morning.

Soon all three boys were dressed if one could call two ounces of nylon that. They were dancing round again and pulling at Tommy, Gene and Brian's arm. With an exaggerated howl, Brian scooped up Mikey, Gene grabbed Scotty and Stephy found himself thrown over Tommy's shoulder like just a sack of wheat. With a giggling upside down wave, Stephy told me to have a good day with my "edilator" and those radio guys and then they had left the suite.

I apologized to WKE for the "edilator" title, but he just grinned and waved the apology away. "I haven't felt this young or had this much fun since I left college!" he exclaimed. "They can call me anything so long as they let me see those smiles and feel those hugs!"

I groaned in return, "I bet you left college all of four/five years ago too?"

"No," he brightly sank the dagger deep, "I've only been out of school for two years now!"

"Gawd, I feel a thousand." I moaned into my coffee.


* While Buffalo is a native American bovine animal (bison bison) which now is raised for higher protein lower fat meat, the Buffalo Wing does not come from it. Buffalo Wings are the separated portions of chicken wings deep fried and then smothered in one of hundreds of sauces. The main claim to fame is the heat in the sauce, rated wimpy to nuclear! They are named Buffalo for the legend that they were first served in Buffalo New York.

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