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Stocking Stuffer Part 5

Shortly Stevie came in bearing his old clothes like they were some sort of contaminated toxic waste.

"Can we throw these out?" he asked.

"Okay," I replied, "but you have to promise that with the old clothes you'll also throw out the fear and as many bad memories as possible."

"Oh, Nick, you say the most wonderful things!" he cried as he dropped the bundle and rushed into my arms. This time I think the tears were tears of relief and joy.

Picking him and the clothes up, we went back to the garage and he watched solemnly as I ceremoniously dumped the pile in the trash with a stentorian, "Begone Demons!"

Grabbing him up again, I tickled and said, "Come on Tiger, let's go show this old man how to kill some of those little purpley things on the GameCube."

"Yes, No, Stop, Don't Stop, Okay, Gawd!" he squirmed all the way to the study.

Needless to say, I didn't kill anything but time. I'm hopeless at these games! It'll serve my wonderkid editor right if I prove I can't learn a thing; right after I prove to my publisher that the wonderkid is the best editor on the planet!

Our evening wound slowly down until Stevie ended up asleep again in my lap. This time when I carried him to the bedroom I had to get him awake enough to stand while I undressed him. He sleepily lifted each arm and foot as requested and then dissolved into giggles as I pulled down the new corduroy pants to reveal the tiniest little bikini briefs covered with little red hearts, "True Love" emblazoned across his little buns.

"Why, you little scamp," I laughed, "When did you have time to come up with these?"

"Merry Christmas," he giggled, "It's the best present I could think of to get you."

"Its the sweetest present I've ever seen," I sighed.

"The nice man at the store could tell I loved you, he helped me pick these out and get them on when we got the corduroy pants, we put the other ones you bought me with the other new clothes. Well, go ahead, open your present!" he said with a seductive little wiggle of his hips.

I hugged him close and laughed and then very seriously moved him back and looked him up and down. Putting my hands on his shoulders, I turned him slowly around and around. First looking under his right arm and then under his left. Hemming and hawing, I examined behind his ears, lifted up each foot, counting each toe in a game of little piggy. I ran my hands down each arm, gently stroking and counting each of his perfect fingers. He was shivering with delight and my caresses had his penis fairly popping through the little hearts on his briefs. Prolonging his misery, I stepped back and pronounced, "Well...."

"Well...." he echoed. "Well what? What's wrong? What did you see? What's the matter?" he pleaded.

"Well," I intoned, "The problem is," and here I pounced dragging him into my arms, "I just don't know which piece of my candy present I want to eat first!" And I began smothering him with licks and kisses and nibbles, naming each piece as I went covering his body from head to toe, but avoiding those wonderful pieces covered in little hearts.

He giggled and squirmed, laughed and howled, oohed and ahhed, moaned and sighed until he was silent again as I stopped and stood him in front of me.

"No, Tiger. As much as those pieces are wonderful," I said in my most serious tone, then whipping down his bikinis, I announced, "but this is the topping on the cake!" and I engulfed his straining rod.

Licking and sucking and twirling my tongue around his turgid boyhood, I lifted his entire body and never stopping my ministrations as I laid him on the bed. Knowing my boy had been everyready the previous times I had pleasured him, I worked on the rigid pole, but tried all my tricks to make the pleasure last. I lifted off momentarily and taking the bright red button head between thumb and forefinger, I squeezed almost to the point of pain. I knew this trick would set back the tidal flow without reducing the pleasure. Then, a few minutes later sensing he was close again, I used two fingers and pressed against the perineum below his writhing balls. My efforts were rewarded with quakes and moans, shivers and thrashes.

Finally my Stephy was crying out in near panic, "Please, let me cum, I've got to cum, I'm going to explode!"

I started an exceptionally strong suck and just fluttered my tongue along the underside of his steely pole. He lifted at least a foot off the bed and cried out his trademark, "Mphhhh, Mphhhh, MPHHHH!" as a shattering orgasm worked from his balls to his toes and from his penis to the top of his head. He collapsed back on the bed with a strangled, "Oh, Gawd!"

As I pulled the covers over his beautiful body, He moaned his way to sleep.

I finished my evening ablutions, and crawled in beside him. His radar was still working, because as soon as I hit the the bed, he scooted over and draped himself across me.

I awoke to the joys of my little one once again squeezing my throbbing dick. This time, though, as I opened my eyes I found I was gazing directly into his. I don't think I'd even noticed how deeply I could see into his soul. I was grateful that at the moment I was glimpsing peace, and happiness and love.

He smiled and continuing his squeezing, offering a shy, "Hi, I Love You!"

"I love you to, Stephy. I'll give you twenty minutes to stop that," I sighed.

"What? This?" he gave a hard squeeze right on my dick head and then slid his hand slowly down the entire length of my shaft. "But I was going to stop now," he said with a hurt little puppy dog look.

"Oh, Gawd," I groaned.

"But, I was going to start doing this," he scooted down my body and began licking on my pole like it was a favorite lollipop.

As much as I loved what he was doing, I couldn't let him continue. I sat up and reached down, cupping his head in my hands I lifted him up and looked directly into those glorious eyes. "Stephy, I can't let you. I can't be like those other guys. I love you and I can never make you do something you don't want to do."

"Silly," he giggled. "I do want to do this. This is the other part of my present to you. You made me feel so wonderful last night and I want to make you feel that way too!"

"But you said you didn't like doing this."

"That was with those gross guys. You're my savior and I love you. Nothing we do could be yucky. Now let me make you feel wonderful."

Pulling his sweet face into a kiss, I moaned, "You make me feel wonderful everyday!" and then I lay back down and let my Tiger have his way with me.

He went back to his licking and then began bobbing on my pole, slobbering and swirling his tongue. He may have learned the hard way with lessons he didn't want to take, but man, had he learned well! His technique was masterful. He swirled his tongue around the head of my dick, then in one motion, deep throated me all the way until his nose was in my pubes. He began humming his little tune and my dick head was throbbing against his vibrating vocal cords. He backed off and took my pole sideways between his lips, fluttering his tongue along the super sensitive ridge where head attaches to staff. Then swirling first one ball and then the other in his mouth, he caressed them with his tongue and then crushed them with his lips. Sensing my approaching eruption, he bobbed back on the head and pistoned his hand while swirling t his tongue for all he was worth. I grunted and groaned, "I'm cuming," but he didn't miss a beat. In fact he impaled his sweet face completely on my spewing cock and hummed his song the louder as I pumped three huge bullets directly down his throat. Then pulling back, he took another three shots on his tongue and swirled my hot juices around my sensitive rod. Using his fingers to squeeze the last drops up and out, I felt him swallow and then he lifted off and plunged into my chest, devouring my mouth like he had just devoured my cock. I felt his cock smash against mine and as I tasted my cum on his tongue I shot another load directly on his own throbbing boyhood.

He must have been completely there, because the heat of my cum on his little cocklet sent him directly to go! "Mphhhh, Mphhhh, MPHHHH!" He cried and we collapsed together in a tangle of arms, legs, tongues, dicks and cum.

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