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A Puppy's Life: Chapter One.

Jason had settled in to the routine of high school although joining in April wasn't easy. He had a lot to catch up on but with Andy's help he had a shot at getting some credits this year. He enjoyed the company of his classmates, finding himself more interested in spending time with the girls. Oh he wasn't turning straight or anything he just found that he had more in common with them. One girl in particular became his best friend although the only secret he shared with her was that he was gay. Even in a small town on the `left' coast announcing that wasn't a great idea.

"J when are we going to hang out at your place?" Sally asked.

"You want to hang out with my boring old uncle, Sal?" Jason replied.

"Well you've been to my house, met my family" She retorted.

"We're not dating Sal! I've been to other girls houses" Jason responded.

"So I thought we were best friends," She pouted.

"Maybe after the renovations are done, we'll see" Jason advised.

They were indeed renovating. The house was designed with the concept of expansion. Andy was getting a new office and Master bedroom put in. The larger office would be of help with all his collected materials. The new larger Master bedroom would have a separate bathroom, which would allow then men their own space. The existing bedroom was to become a guest room and the old office would be Jason's space.

"For a gay boy you don't spend much time with boys" Sally chided.

"I don't want a boy Sal, I want a man. Hairy chest and a big cock" Jason put his arm down the front of his body and swung his forearm as a pretend penis.

"Eww, even gay boys are gross," The girl said as she slapped his shoulder.

Jason liked Sally, she was relaxed and fun to be around. It was only when she took to holding his hand in the hallways that he knew he had to tell her the truth. She took it pretty well and as the other kids assumed they were a couple it turned out to be a good cover for Jason. He did have a suspicion however that she still harboured thoughts of getting him to try the other side.

"Like him" Jason gestured at a 17 year old in the school hallway. He was a typical jock muscular and tall, almost 6 feet. Jason though of him as hot but really didn't know him.

"Lorenzo?" Sally quizzed, "He's always got a girl friend, you're dreaming boy"

"Yeah" Jason sighed, "but you notice he seems to have a new girl every couple of months, maybe he gets bored easy or maybe he dumps em before it gets serious"

"Dreamer" Sally teased.

Jason arrived home to find the Hummer gone. It wasn't totally out of character for Andy to be away for the day but when dinnertime came around Jason began to worry a bit.

He was relieved when the door opened around 6pm but instead of the voice of his man he heard the high-pitched sound of a thirteen year old.

"Auntie Sandy!" Jesse called out.

When was that kid going to start being more mature, Jason wondered. He was horny, he really was looking forward to a Friday night sex a thon but now they had a houseguest.

Soon enough the boy found him in the office and attacked. Jason knew that Jesse really enjoyed the aggressive play, in a way it was a form of affection but Jason just wasn't in the mood. Jesse jumped on the older teen and then ran, expecting to be chased. Jason gave a halfhearted effort and tackled the boy in the living room. He rolled Jesse over and sat straddling him. He took the boys arms and forced him to slap himself, playfully.

"Jesse, why are you slapping yourself?" Jason quizzed.

Jason then pulled up the boy's T-shirt and tickled his belly causing the younger boy to shriek as though he were being tortured. Jesse tried to kick and arch his back but he was no match for Jason's strength. He noted that the younger boy's belly was firming up, pretty soon he'd be a full fledged teenager. Finally pausing as Jesse gasped for air he asked,

"Give up?"

In response Jesse swung his arms toward Jason, the teen grabbed them and pinned the younger boy. He put his face right up against Jesse's and paused, nose to nose.

"What's my name?" Jason asked.

"Auntie Sandy" Jesse teased.

"You sure? Really?"

Jesse nodded and Jason renewed his tickle torture, running his hands over the boy's belly and up into his sensitive underarms. Shrieking rolling and gasping the younger boy fought to free him self.

Andy walked in and stood over the pair. Jason looked up,

"What? He likes it" Jason explained.

"Does he now" Andy asked.

Andy moved behind Jason and gripped his arms, pulling the teen off the boy. He didn't stop there, he held the kneeling teen's arms behind his back, forcing him to lean back slightly.

"Hurry Jesse, I'm not sure how long I can hold him," Andy advised.

A quickly recovered Jesse pulled up Jason's shirt and tickled as had been done to him. At first Jason giggled but as Jesse found his ticklish spots he began to shriek and pulled against the hold. Jason figured that breaking the hold was possible but would require significant effort on his part. Jesse could have his fun while Andy was holding him. It was almost like sex, heavy breathing, Andy behind him and a pair of soft hands touching him.

"Ok, stop, stop" Jason finally said.

"Get him good now Jesse" Andy encouraged.

"No, Andy I'm getting a hard on" He said more softly.

Andy released the teen and intercepted Jesse tickling the boy a bit himself. Jason got up and prepared to leave the room when Jesse teased him.

"Auntie Sandy's got a boner!"

`Little shit' Jason wanted to say, he was angry. He was fully aroused though, it was clearly evident through his jeans.

"Jesse, stop." Andy ordered as Jason left.

Twenty minutes later Jesse appeared in the bedroom doorway.

"Dinner's ready, and ah, sorry about before Jason"

"It' ok kid" Jason didn't hold it against him.

"Did you jerk off?" Jesse asked.

Jason looked at him smirking, "That's my business, you worry about your own dick!"

The pair joined Andy in the kitchen for dinner.

At bedtime Jason stood by the doorway as Andy tucked Jesse in on the couch. The boy was old enough that such a service was certainly not required but it was equally obvious that it was desired. Andy was so gentle with him, culminating the process with a soft kiss on the lips.

"Isn't Auntie going to kiss me too?" Jesse jibed.

"Goodnight kid" Jason said from the doorway.

Andy led him into their bedroom and the pair stripped down. Something that was once an event was now commonplace. Jason laid his face into the man's chest hair as he was stroked.

"I'm so horny" The teen mumbled.

"Yeah, I figured that" Andy noted.

"You think Jesse knows what we do?" Jason quizzed.

"Well he knows we're gay but I think just now he's starting to wonder about the mechanics of it all. He'll be getting the hormone burst himself soon" Andy advised.

"You figure he'll want a piece of the action?" Jason asked.

"With you maybe, not with me. I've known him all his life, he won't see me as a sexual person. You'll need to be careful with his feeling on the subject, who knows the poor guy might turn out straight" Andy chuckled.


"Once he gets girls into his head he might not be too keen on us anymore. He's really friendly towards you now but that might grow cold in another year" Andy warned.

Jason propped his head up on the man's chest and gently kissed him.

"So you want a rimming?" Jason asked.

"Oh you're so romantic" Andy chuckled, "How about sucking me, you haven't done that in a while"

"Yeah I could, but then you won't be ready to put it in me" Jason explained.

"When I picked up Jesse in Victoria I got you a present for just that purpose" Andy advised.


"You want to see it now or after you've done with me?" Andy asked.

"After" Jason replied as he moved down to the nether regions of the man's body. He licked the shaft into complete hardness, then moved to scrotal licking. Working his way up the valley and into the hole his tongue gave his man groaning pleasure. He then took the whole shaft and throated the penis, working slowly to maximize pleasure he finally brought Andy to a satisfying orgasm. Jason laid his head back on the man's chest, ensuring that the man's sensitive penis rubbed against his teenage belly.

"Have I never told you how much I love you" Andy complimented.

"Yeah", Jason sighed.

After a brief recovery Andy instructed his puppy to get a bag by the dresser. Returning Jason took out a small black suitcase.

"Open it" Andy ordered.

Jason flipped the lid up to reveal several anal toys. Smirking incredulously at the man he said,

"What's all this?"

"Well I've noticed that you're very anally centered and these things are all designed to maximize that type of pleasure." Andy explained.

"Where are the whips and chains?" Jason asked.

"That's not what this is about but if you're into some bondage I could explore that with you later" Andy suggested.

"No I've had my fill of handcuffs thanks," Jason said deadening the mood somewhat.

Andy took out a flexible vibrator a bit longer than himself but not as thick.

"Lets try this guy"

Jason rolled over and waited while Andy lubed the device. He could feel it enter him, harder than a penis but easily taken. When the man turned on the vibe it sent shivers through his body. Andy found the sweet spot and gave Jason amazing pleasure as he gently moved the device in and out.

"Oh, that's different" The boy noted as the sensation pushed him into the feeling of an orgasm before he'd even cum. The direct stimulation was intense, Jason panted and moaned. The feeling of impending orgasm lasted longer than usual before the eruption. Andy left the device in but stopped moving it as the teen soaked the sheets. The man moved in for some nice kissing and stroked the boy's softening member. Jason was still shuddering in after shocks with Andy touching his super sensitive organ.

"Ok take it out," He asked.

Andy turned off the vibe and eased it out. After a rest period Andy grabbed a plug and showed it to his puppy.

"It's thick" Jason noted.

"It's soft though, so it will go in all right but once in there it will feel pretty full," He explained as the boy squeezed the tool.

"Ok let's try" Jason rolled over again and grunted as the lubricated implement was inserted. "Big, ... big, ... really big" Jason moaned as Andy pushed the last bit in. Jason found it painful to be stretched so wide as he gripped the headboard and continued moaning, it wasn't like the vibe at all it felt more like needing to take shit than anything. Andy eased the boy onto his back and stroked his hard dick.

"If its too much lets take it out," Andy suggested.

"It's ok, ... I can take it" Jason groaned.

Andy stroked the teen slowly and ran his free hand over his body. After a while Jason took over the stroking, urgently needing to finish things off. Andy continued with gentle touches as the boy erupted, soaking his belly and chest. Jason rolled over onto his front and lifted his hips gasping in a very different feeling orgasm. Touching his ass gently Andy asked.

"You want to leave it in a while?"

"No, get it out now!" Jason demanded.

"Ok, push like you're taking a shit" Andy pulled on the T while the boy pushed and sure enough the plug popped out. Jason grunted loudly and then sighed.

"Is it a boy?" He asked cheekily feeling as though he'd just given birth.

The two lay in contentment.

Jason woke the next morning to find a thirteen year old staring at him.

"What are you doing?"

"Waiting for you to wake up" Jesse explained.

Jason looked over, it was after 10, Andy was long gone. He realized that he was fully exposed and Jesse was examining him.

"What are you looking at perv?" Jason asked.

"You have a lot of dick hair," Jesse noted.

"You will too. Alright I'll get up" Jason dragged himself from bed and went to the shower. He stroked himself off relieving his morning pressure. He thought about Andy mostly, then drifted to Lorenzo, imagining him with a large dick. For a few seconds his fantasizing turned to Jesse sucking back on his shaft, quickly to be replaced by Corey. At the moment of orgasm the teen's mind went back to the night before, attempting to relive the feeling of the vibe deep inside of him. Satisfied he dried off and got dressed.

Jason saw Jesse was already outside with the dogs. It was obvious that he was waiting for him. Jason grabbed a banana and joined the younger teen outside. As soon as he was in the spring air the dogs bounded off. Andy had warned that they had to be careful, as they would find increasing numbers of people using the beach as the weather warmed up. Today was a bit windy however so they had it to themselves. Jesse was protected by his light jacket while Jason wore a sweater.

"So what's it like?" Jesse asked, "Being gay".

"Andy's a better guy to ask stuff like that" Jason suggested.

"He's old!" Jesse protested.

"Not that old" Jason advised, but he knew what the younger teen meant. Jason was much closer to the time of his sexual self-awareness.

They walked in silence for a bit the dogs ranging out and then circling back.

"It's not a choice, you are or you're not" Jason began, "I started fooling around with other boys when I was your age, it wasn't gay really."

"So when did you know for sure?" Jesse enquired, "That you're gay."

"Well I guess a year later, lots of boys fool around with each other and turn out straight" Jason explained.

"Does uncle Andy put his dick in your ass?" Jesse boldly quizzed.

"I'm not going talk about what Andy and I do kid," Jason advised coolly.

"But that's what gay guys do right?"

"Yeah but there's a lot more to it than just that" Jason noted.

"Are you going to marry uncle Andy?" Jesse asked, "Then you really will be my auntie"

"When I'm 18? I don't know haven't thought that far." Jason wondered it himself. What would Andy expect of him in a couple of years. He knew there were boys before him he figured that Andy would want to move on when he got too old. Maybe with Jesse, although that seemed unlikely given their relationship. If Andy wanted Jesse he would have been working on him by now.

"You know I really don't like being called Auntie" Jason continued.

"Sorry Jason" Jesse replied sheepishly.

The younger boy prattled on about mundane and trivial matters as the pair returned to the house. Andy was on the phone when they arrived. Jesse put the dogs away while Jason joined his man in the kitchen. He immaturely teased Andy with a tongue on his neck and into his ear while he was trying to arrange delivery of something. Andy hung up the phone and gave the boy the passionate kissing that he was after. The man broke away to get himself more coffee just as Jason was ready to drop his pants and beg to be penetrated right there in the kitchen.

"So the new furniture will be here on Thursday" Andy advised, "I'm getting us a king size bed"

"I didn't think it was close to being ready?" Jason quizzed, meaning the new rooms.

"All that's left is the painting, which they'll do starting Monday, then the furniture and we're in!" Andy said proudly.

Andy had banished the boys from the expansion while it was under construction, lest they interfere or hurt themselves with all the tools and material lying about. With most of the parts prefabricated it was really more like assembly than building.

"So we've got a new bed to break in, could take some work" Jason reported smiling slyly. He moved to embrace Andy in a gentle hug and dropped his hand to rub the tool that he expected to be used during the break in period.

"Did you send my letter to Corey?" He asked, resting his head on the man's shoulder.

"Yeah he should have it by now" Andy advised.

"How did you get it to him? If you can tell me" Jason asked.

Andy nodded and proceeded to explain the process, in German.

"You think you're so funny" Jason jibed as he lashed the man's neck and ear with his tongue. "I have ways of making you talk," he added nibbling on the man's ear lobe.

"Oh please, please, I'll tell you whatever you want to know" Andy mocked. "I sent the letter through a transit point so it will look like it was mailed from another city. I sent it to Doug as you suggested. The envelope looks like a utility bill so hopefully he doesn't ignore it! But it should have arrived this week" He continued.

The letter was really just an update on Jason's status, he hoped that letting Corey know that everything was good would help the boy accept his sudden absence.

"I really wish I could see him again" Jason returned to passionate kissing, he enjoyed being the aggressor tongue letting his man know what he wanted. He broke off noticing that Jesse was staring at them.

"You're 13 you're supposed to say, `ewww gross', when you see two guys kissing" Jason explained playfully.

"Hum" Jesse replied with a shrug.

The boy came over and moved to join in the embrace but Andy put his hand flat on the boy's chest and pushed.

"One hugger at a time, wait your turn" He advised semi-playfully. Jason figured that it was likely due to Andy being just as hard as he was from all the passion. "Besides I have a mission for you, go get my keys and then convince this man here that he has a desire for pancakes" Andy added.

"Pancake house!" The boy shouted and jumped excitedly.

Jason realized that resistance was futile so off they went for a pancake lunch.

"Hey, guys I'm going to stop in and see an old friend when I take Jesse home tomorrow" Andy advised as they drove. "It'd be great if you wanted to come along Jason, this guy has a puppy of his own".

"Uncle Reg?" Jesse quizzed.


Jason pondered he was sure that other guys had puppies but how did Andy know this guy? Was there a secret society or something?

"So just two other guys?" Jason quizzed wondering just how big this gathering was going to be.

"Yep, just the five of us, the other boy is 16 I think" Andy replied.

"What are we doing?" Jason asked.

"Just visit, have dinner then drive Jesse home, nothing special" Andy advised, "Think about it". He continued as they approached the restaurant.

To be continued.