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Chapter two written with assistance from Jerek

A puppy's life: Chapter Two.

Jesse was finally down for the night, the maple syrup rush seemed to last all afternoon with the boy manically running around, even poor Peach had grown tired of him. Jason retired to bed with his man, he wasn't sure if or what he wanted to do, he was so worn out. Jason laid on top, as usual his face in the man's chest hair. He felt warm and comfortable as a manly hand gently stroked his back. Jason enjoyed this part the most it was a physical communication of love between them that no words could replace. Jason moved to suck on a nipple, twisting his tongue gently in circles. He then moved to it's partner and provided the same service. Jason enjoyed pleasing Andy, it wasn't as though he owed the man, he just wanted to do it. Feeling the man's penis firming up beneath him Jason asked,


"You want to sit on it?" Andy quizzed.

"No I didn't like that" The teen replied.

"How about we try it on your side" Andy suggested.

"I like the way we always do it" Jason insisted.

"Well on your side would be better for me, I might be able to last longer" Andy pressed.

"Ok, ... lets try" Jason gave in.

Andy positioned Jason on his side, facing away. He pulled the teen's top leg up toward his chest and rested a pillow under it. As the man lubed the exposed anus, Jason could feel a finger enter him, then circle round and round. Andy positioned for entry and gently pushed it all the way in. Jason felt the initial pressure of entry then the pleasure of being full. He enjoyed the firm thickness of the man's penis but entry was still a bit uncomfortable for him. Andy pumped 2 or 3 times and then withdrew. He entered again slowly and repeated the process. Jason wondered what he was doing, trying to get comfortable? After the fifth entry Jason finally said,

"Just leave it in" a bit irritated at having to go through being entered several times.

Andy obliged and pumped slowly, his thrusts limited by having to use only his hips. The man held Jason close, putting an arm around his front. Jason could feel the warm breath against his neck and before long the man's kisses. Once he got used to it Jason found the position rather enjoyable. The thick member deep inside him and his man holding him gave the teen immense pleasure. Andy kept up his short stroke pumping and was indeed able to last longer. The teen was moaning in delight, feeling the warm tingling that precedes his orgasm.

"I'm getting close" Andy rasped

"Ok, I'm ready" Jason whimpered in contentment.

Andy eased Jason over toward his front and straddled him. The man then pounded several strong thrusts as he braced on his arms. Pulling almost out Andy then plunged quickly all the way back in. The teen's body moved with each push as he grunted out with pleasure. Each time Andy slammed into Jason it was pushing the teen closer to the edge,

"Oh yeah, yeah... Oh, oh yeah" he panted lost in a world where only he and Andy existed.

Suddenly Jason's orgasm was upon him, his hole tightened and his body quivered. Andy's was immediately after, a couple of more pumps and he was groaning his pleasure as well. Jason's throaty groans served to heighten Andy's pleasure as he pushed deep to unload himself. Their sweat soaked bodies lay together a moment before Andy pulled out. Jason was recovering from his explosion when the man eased him over and began to lick his semi hard dick. Jason quivered and shrieked as his super sensitive organ was sucked. The teen felt him self grow back into full hardness as Andy tongued his cum soaked cock. Jason exploded again, he gripped the headboard, arched his back and his leg quivered as though he had no control over it. He didn't care if it was a second orgasm or a continuation of the first, he was lost to his own rapture. Finally back in reality he could feel Andy gently kissing his now soft dick.

"Fucking amazing" the boy sighed.

Andy moved to his lips and shared his tongue. Pulling away he asked,

"So you liked that?"

Jason nodded.

"Wanna go again?" Andy quizzed.

"You can go again!" Jason was surprised.

"No but I could use a toy" Andy offered.

"I'm ok, lets just sleep" Jason replied, feeling even more exhausted.

Andy cuddled into his teen's cum soaked body as they drifted off to sleep.


When Jason woke Corey, his friend from his group home days, was in bed with him, his soft body nestled against his. Jason stroked his beautiful blond hair and soft face as the boy called his name,

"Jason, ... Jason" Getting more insistent "Jason wake up!"

Jason sat up, he was alone in bed, it was just a dream. Except for the insistent voice that actually belonged to Jesse.

"Uncle Andy says you have to get up, we have to go soon"

Jason got up and strode off to the shower, still covered in the dry cum from last night's adventures. He didn't care what Jesse saw, he shouldn't come into his bedroom anyway. Jason welcomed the warmth of the cleansing shower. After washing he joined Andy and his nephew for brunch. Jason ate his eggs in silence, dipping his toast into the yoke.

"Huhhh, huhh, yeah, oh yeah, huhhh" Jesse moaned.

"Jesse!" Andy snapped in an angry tone that Jason rarely heard. "I said we were sorry for making so much noise last night. If you're going to make fun of Jason he won't want you to come visit any more"

"Sorry Jason" Jesse mumbled with his head down.

Jason didn't respond, he just scowled and wondered why this kid was so damn annoying.

After running the dogs, they piled into the hummer and were off to see Uncle Reg. It took almost an hour to arrive at the large gated house, along a twisty narrow lane. It was an old brick house but well kept. The lot was heavily treed with a front flower garden. The size of the house was hidden with all the foliage but it was clearly massive. Jason noted a green Jaguar and a black Bentley in the driveway, their workhorse vehicle seemed rather out of place next to them. Andy led them along a stone walk up to the door where a graying man about 10 years older let them in.

"Uncle Reg" Jesse beamed as he jumped into the old man's arms. Jason was happy at the thought of Jesse bugging someone else for a while.

"Oh my you've grown again," The man noted as he picked up the boy.

"Jason this is my old friend, Brigadier Reginald Barclay" Andy introduced.

"Retired" The old man added, "please call me Reg".

He gripped Jason in a firm handshake and continued, "You don't remember me? ...

green collar?"

Jason was suddenly aware of who this guy was. It was the old spanking man from Vic's party. He was unable to think of anything to say in response. His mind was racing through his past life. Reliving his run from the group home after Gerry's murder, hustling on the streets of Victoria and eventually finding his way to Vic's house. He recalled the man as a devious schemer; the sex parties were a way to acquire candidates for his dungeon. How Andy knew this guy and how Vic fit into all this had Jason's mind whirling.

"We met at a party" Reg advised Andy as he led them into the huge living room. The ceiling was two stories high with old dark hardwood floors. The great room spanned most of the house with a wide hallway at the end.

A boy about Jason's age entered from the other side of the room. He was meticulously dressed in loose baggy brown khaki's and a white polo T-shirt, with fine brown trim. He strode confidently to greet the visitors.

"This is my house boy Hunter" Reg introduced, "This is Colonel Andrew Symthe, Cadet Sergeant Jesse Smythe and Jason"

Jason felt a bit left out not having a title but he wasn't sure he'd want to be referred to as a houseboy, what a strange phrase, he thought. After the greetings they all sat down in four large leather chairs formed in a square around an oak table. Jesse, ever the attention pit was happy to sit on Uncle Reg's lap while Jason and Hunter sat across from each other.

Hunter appeared about the same height as Jason but was much closer to being a man. His strong angular face stared straight at Jason, his dark eyes probing, seeming almost black. They looked at each other, as the men prattled on about people neither of them knew.

"Hunter why don't you entertain the lads in your room" Reg finally suggested.

Hunter stood while still holding his eyes on Jason. He motioned for them to follow with swoop of his arm and his head cocked over, "this way".

Jason noted that the teen had long hair almost down to his waist, twisted locks curling into sharp points, tied in a ponytail. The tail was a golden colour with blondish streaks running up into the naturally dark brown head. Hunter stopped and crouched down,

"Hop on" he said to Jesse flicking his head back.

Jesse leapt onto his back and was piggybacked up to the teen's room. `This guy has no idea what he's in for with Jesse' Jason thought. Although he was a bit jealous of how quickly Jesse seemed to have taken to the other boy. They walked down the hall and up a broad wood staircase to the second floor. Along a wood paneled hallway they found his room, Hunter tossed Jesse onto the bed and continued over to his stereo. The music blasted into the cavernous gray walled room, which featured white pinstripes. Jason was pretty sure the metal music was slipknot. Along the
back wall there was a game console hooked to a large TV and a computer. The screen displayed pictures of bands and people Jason wasn't aware of. Hunter had all the comforts of a teenage dream room. He turned on the TV and fired up a brand new playstation 3, which Jason enviously stared at for a moment before being handed a controller.  The two teens began to play and quickly became enthralled.  There were lots of "damn that looks good", "Got You", "Ha! Sniped Bitch! and "You Bastard!" as the play went on.

The play was cut short when Reg stuck his head in and announced that dinner was ready.

"I didn't get to play" Jesse whined.

"After dinner lil man" Hunter consoled.

They all retired to the dining room, another large area with older furniture. Jason was rather surprised when a servant brought dinner out to the huge formally set table. It was the kind of meal Jason would have expected from a restaurant, served up in courses. He enjoyed the chicken but wasn't big on what ever that other stuff was on his plate. Hunter seemed at ease with the food and his surroundings. The men dominated the dinner conversation while Jesse filled in any dead time.

"You still doing intelligence work for JTF2?" Reg quizzed.

"Yeah still on contract, but that's classified" Andy advised, "Now I'm going to have kill the boys, too bad I was just starting to like em" he chuckled, but Reg got the message.

True to his word, right after desert was served Hunter got up and motioned with his head giving a facial expression that could only mean one thing. Game time. Jesse ran to the teen's room while Hunter followed. Noticing that Jason hadn't moved he gesticulated frantically at the entrance to the hallway,

"Come on pussy" he called.

Once in the room he setup the game and handed the controllers off to his two guests.

"You're not playing?" Jason asked,

"I can play this anytime you guys have a turn, I have to talk to Reg anyway" Hunter reported. After ensuring that the boys were all set he watched them play for a bit and then went downstairs finding the men enjoying their after dinner cognac in the leather chairs. He walked right up to Andy and stood at his feet. Hunter leaned over and put his arms on the edge of the chair. Looking right into Andy's face he said,

"Rape me" in a gruff raspy voice.

"Ah... I don't think so" Andy responded.

"I don't mean for real. Fuck me" He asked grazing his nose against the man's.

"I'm with Jason" Andy replied.


"I only need one boyfriend at a time" Andy advised.

"Your loss" Hunter sighed, "Could I have a sip of your cognac?" he asked softly.
"Umm..." Andy responded glancing at his old friend for guidance. Reg just shrugged and took a sip of his own glass. Andy held his glass out at an angle for the teen to drink. Hunter took much more than what Andy thought of as a "sip", and then licked his lips slowly, holding his eyes on the man throughout. 

"Let me know when you change your mind" Hunter advised lustily as he gently stroked the man's face and then trotted off.

Reg gave a knowing smile and chuckled.

"You don't need to have your houseboy offer himself Reg, I have nothing to offer in return" Andy advised, his gaze still fixed on the swinging ponytail of the departing teen.

"All his idea actually." Reg reported.

"Fishing for a tip?" Andy suggested

"Hmm, shouldn't do, I pay him more than enough" Reg advised

"Well Reg I should be off, I have to drive the young lad home tonight." Andy reported.

"It was nice to visit with him again. You can leave Jason here if you want, I'm sure Hunter would enjoy his company" Reg suggested.

"If you're sure you can handle two wild boys" Andy chuckled.

Andy found Hunter's bedroom, he and Jesse were furiously working the controllers.

"Jesse, it's time to go," He advised, sticking his head in.

"Aww" Jesse complained.

"Come on ... Jason you can stay if you want, I'll drop him off and back in around 4 hours" Andy explained.

"Yeah holmes stay" Hunter jumped in "you can go home whenever"

"I have school tomorrow" Jason reported "But yeah I'll stay til you get back"

When Andy and Jesse had left Hunter quizzed.

"He makes you go to school?"

"I like school" Jason advised.

"I don't need school." Hunter explained, "When I'm 18 I'm heading down to California to be a porn star" The teen thrust in hips in explanation. "Fucking on film, giggity giggity allllll right"

Jason took over Jesse's position and the teen's played on the PS3. After eventually tiring of game play Hunter suggested,

"Lets get a milkshake, my special coconut kind"


Hunter led Jason to the kitchen where he blended up a milkshake and then added an excessive amount of Captain Morgan's coconut rum. Handing over a glass to Jason he said,

"There ya go dude, careful, it'll reach out and smack ya"

Jason tasted, it had a strong flavor of alcohol but it wasn't bad.

"Wanna go to the hot tub?" Hunter suggested.

"I didn't bring any shorts," Jason lamented.

"Shorts!" Hunter chuckled "I never wear shorts in the tub"

Hunter escorted Jason into the library and walked over to a wood panel. Pressing his thumb against the wall the panel popped open. Hunter pulled the secret door open to reveal a narrow staircase to the basement. After descending they passed a room with a chock board and a couple of desks. Seeing that Jason was looking Hunter explained.

"That's the play room, sometimes I'm a naughty school boy," he said in a squeaking child like voice.

"What else is in there?" Jason quizzed.

"Not much, a horse, stocks, pillory." Hunter advised as they entered the hot tub room. Turning on the lights Jason could see it was large eight seater, with a stereo off to the side. There were two empty rum bottles on the edge where boys set their glasses. Hunter began to strip down immediately while Jason lagged.

"I've been to Vic's playroom that place was scary" Jason wondered if that's where Hunter had met Reg as well.

He was immediately drawn to Hunter's muscular chest and belly, which featured a deep inviting navel. His arms and legs were buff as well. A small tattoo on the inside of his right bicep read HUNTER in a very fancy calligraphy. Jason noticed that Hunter had shaved his pubic hair and figured that his dick was more like Andy's than his own in size although not quite as thick.

"Yeah that's where I met Reg, he brought me here a few months ago. That Vic's a fuckin' ass hole," Hunter reported.

As the older teen climbed into the hot tub Jason could see his firm round butt. Finally naked he climbed in, noticing that Hunter had two bright piercings in his left ear, a large one below a smaller one. Detecting that Jason was looking Hunter smirked and reported,

"Real diamonds"

"Real sapphires" Jason replied flicking his necklace, not wanting to be outdone.

"So Reg like ... spanks you?" Jason quizzed.

"Yeah, nothing hard. With Reg's it's more a game than sex but he's got this one whip that he says was used on kids in England, man that thing fuckin' kills" Hunter replied.

"Doesn't it well... hurt you?" Jason continued.

"Not as bad as my dad used to hurt me. At least now when I say stop he will, except for Vic he'd be a real prick if you wanted him to stop or let you out before he was done" Hunter advised. "There was this one time that he `accidentally' whipped my cock, man I thought I was going to pass out!"

"Glad I left that place!" Jason remarked.

"Well at least we get paid for it, I bet you get a shit load of money from Andy. Reg says he's 10 times richer than him," Hunter indicated.

Jason was surprised to hear that, given that Reg had such a large house and servants.

"Naw he doesn't pay me, he loves me" Jason replied.

Hunter laughed, "That's good, loves you. He buys you shit, same thing."

"He'll take care of me, I guess he'll give me money when I want to leave after I'm done school" Jason said sheepishly.

"Yeah when you're old he'll just kick you out, you gotta get money from him now" Hunter replied giving Jason a playful smack in the head. Producing a new bottle of rum from beside the hot tub he topped up their milkshakes. They babbled on about their respective lives working up to how they wound up here. Before becoming prunes, they decided to get out and dry off. Jason got dressed but Hunter chose to walk naked up to his room. It might have been the rum, that and the hot tub, but Jason pretty much collapsed on Hunters' bed and drifted off to sleep.


Less than an hour later Andy appeared to find Jason sleeping, while Hunter was playing a game. Noticing Andy Hunter said,

"Your boy doesn't have much tolerance for alcohol," gesturing toward the prone Jason.

"Jason, wake up it's time to go" Andy was trying to get some reaction.

"Here I'll help ya" Hunter took a last swig from his rum bottle and then put on a pair of shorts. He walked over to the bed and hoisted Jason up on his shoulder in a fireman carry.

"I guess it's the least you can do" Andy advised less than happy with the situation.

Hunter carried the younger teen out to the hummer and loaded him into the passenger seat. Just as he was about to close the door, he asked,

"You ok with me coming over to see Jason some time?"

"Yeah I think we can work that out, as long as you promise not to get him drunk again," Andy chided.

"Hey ya never know dude," Hunter cautioned as he closed the door and then returned to his house.

Jason remained semi-conscious on the ride home. Once there Andy had half a mind to leave him in the truck. Instead he helped him in the house and into bed. The boy was quickly asleep again. Andy wondered what kind of morning it was going to be for his puppy, he also wondered about Hunter and what kind of influence he would have over his innocent boy.

To be continued.