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A puppy's life: Chapter Three

Jason's head was pounding as he listened to the English teacher drone on. Rubbing his face with his hands in an effort to gain focus he tried to concentrate on the lesson. Jason's morning had been a blur, he didn't remember much about waking up but he did remember the gut-churning ride on the yellow school bus. Jason thought he might spew right then and there but thankfully didn't embarrass himself. He knew it wasn't a good idea to ask to stay home from school today but rather figured that he would just go the office if he got sick. There he could either lie down for a while or have them call Andy to pick him up.

"What happened, you look like crap?" Sally informed as she bumped into him in the hall.

"Thanks" Jason mumbled. "Hung over"

"You went to a party? Without me?" She chided.

"No, just a thing at a friend of my Uncle's." He advised.

Jason was glad that Sally locked arms with him as they walked to social studies together he needed the support.

"I have a party we can go to," Sally chirped.

"I don't know Sal" Jason wasn't eager to feel like this again.

"Come on J! It's at Luke's and like everyone is going." Sally went on listing people that would be attending. Jason didn't care he really wasn't much of a social person anyway, besides parties are never as good as the hype.

"When is it?" He asked

"Next Friday, you have almost two weeks to recover J" Sally said with a bounce and giggle, knowing that she had won.

"If I feel better I'll go" Jason included his escape clause.

"My mom will drive us if your Uncle can like pick us up" Sally added.

"I'll ask" Jason wondered how Andy would take to the idea of him going to a party with a girl as well as having to pick them up. Jason found Sally way to bubbly for the rest of the day.

Arriving home Jason trudged along the roadway that lead up to the house, today it seemed much longer. Dropping his book bag off in the office Jason sat slumped at the kitchen table.

"How was school?" Andy asked as usual.

"Shit, ... my head is pounding" Jason lamented his face resting in his hands.

Andy put a glass of juice in front of him. Jason sipped and then put the glass down. Andy stroked his head and pushed back on the teen's forehead titling him back a bit. Jason felt the man's fingers squeeze his nose. He turned his face away and lifted his arm.

"What are you doing?" he complained.

"I have a couple of pills for you, it'll make you feel better" Andy advised.

"Well fuck! ... You don't have to push them down my throat" Jason said angrily.

"Sorry puppy" Andy said as he put in the two pills in the teen's hand. "I've just found that surprising Jesse is easier than an hour of whining and pleading."

"I'm not a little kid" Jason spat "start treating me like a man"

"A man is responsible, a man is ..." Andy began.

"Don't fucking push me" Jason interrupted.

After a short silence Andy continued, "Ok, lie down for a while, if you feel like eating I'll make you something light"

He took his coffee and returned to his office.


On Thursday the new bed arrived in the back of a big yellow truck. Jason got home just as the deliverymen finished setting it up. It was his first look at the new bedroom, the smell of fresh paint lingered in the air. The room was almost twice the size of the original bedroom with a bay window facing the ocean. The King size bed fit perfectly between the night tables directly across from the closet. All the new furniture in the room gave Jason the feeling that he was in the store's showroom instead of at home. He lay down on the soft comforter that draped over the bed. He ran his hand along the smooth solid headboard.

"I guess we'll have to install a handle for you to hold on to" Andy quipped standing in the doorway. "Have you seen the bathroom?" He asked.

Jason bounded off the bed and entered the attached bath. A large polished marble vanity dominated the room. A large separate shower was inset in the wall on one side with a whirlpool bathtub on the other. Jason ran his hand along it's smooth surface, smiling to himself he thought, `a bath tub built for two'. By the time Jason looked up Andy was gone. He trotted off to find him in the new office. Andy was sitting in a semi circular desk surrounded by technology, an inset keyboard and flat screen monitor. His library had been reconstituted along the rear wall, everything neat and tidy in it's place. `That won't last long' Jason thought. The teen wandered back to the old office, promised as his space. He found mostly empty bookshelves and his desk from the living room. What surprised him most was a single bed along the wall where Andy's old desk had been. Returning to the office he asked,

"Why is there a bed in my room?"

"What's a bedroom without a bed," Andy answered.

"Yeah but I don't need one" Jason advised.

Andy shrugged, "might come in handy ... even if just for appearances"

"My bed's in there" Jason smiled coyly as he pointed to the new bedroom. The old one was left pretty much intact for use as a guest room although they both knew that Jesse would be seeking to lay claim to the vacated territory.

As Andy made dinner that evening Jason approached from behind and hugged him, nestling his face into the man's neck. He fumbled with his belt and eventually pulled Andy's pants down.

"You keep that up and they'll be no dinner," Andy warned.

Jason paid no heed and kneeled behind his man's now bare ass. The teen pushed his face up into the crack and worked his tongue deep inside. Bending over slightly Andy allowed the boy better access. Soon Andy was moaning in the pleasure that Jason's lapping tongue was providing. Jason gripped Andy's legs and pulled him back driving his tongue as deep as he could, lashing it against the hole as Andy gave up all pretense of cooking. Finally Jason tired and stopped. Andy grabbed his shoulders as he got up and pushed him against the counter.

"Where do you think you're going?" He demanded as he pulled at the boy's belt. Succeeding in getting his pants off Andy pulled at his hips and turned the boy to face the counter.

"Andy!" Jason protested.

"You started it, now you're going to get it boy" Andy lusted.

"Wait, save it for the new bed" Jason ordered.

"You've got five seconds to get in bed mister" Andy advised, releasing his puppy.

Trotting to the bedroom, Jason stripped off his remaining clothes and lay face down. Andy was quickly on his heels doing the same.

"You lube?" he asked.

Jason shook his head.

"Well you better, you don't want me pounding you dry" The man advised as he slipped a condom on.

Jason found the lube in the night table drawer and quickly inserted some. As Andy straddled him Jason eased on to his side and prepared to be penetrated.

"Oh you like it that way now?" Andy asked as he mounted.

Jason grunted as the thick organ opened him. Andy pushed all the way in and held there while Jason sighed. He began pumping slowing, using his hips to wash waves of pleasure over the soft teen's body. Jason was moaning rubbing his face in the pillow. It wasn't long before he reached the breaking point. His ass tightened, he lifted his head up gasping then grunted loudly as he unloaded on the new sheets. Andy held still, his firm meat increasing the pleasure of Jason's orgasm as he struggled to say anything coherent. As soon as the teenage hole relaxed, Andy continued his slow pumping of Jason's sweat soaked body. This time he was able to last longer under the intense pleasure.

"Oh god ... Feels so good ..." The teen panted, as his next orgasm neared.

"Zen and the art of prostate massage" Andy quipped.

Again Jason's body moved in spasmodic rapture. Andy pounded quickly trying to reach his own end, pushing deep and hard even as Jason's hole gripped tight in his second orgasm. The teen announced his ecstasy with loud throaty grunts, pushing himself up on his arms. As he came down, Andy was still pounding him. Moans had turned to groans as the man sought to unload. Andy paused,

"You ok puppy?"

"Yeah, don't stop" Jason panted.

Andy pulled the teen's hips up and pushed his knees wide then resumed his pounding. Jason sought to grip the smooth headboard as he pushed back in rhythm with the man, driving the thick dick deep inside. The cacophony of his grunts, moans and the sound of the man's hips slapping into his ass, filled the room. Jason grabbed at his own cock for some relief until at last Andy collapsed on him, fully satisfied. The two lay panting as Andy pumped a couple more times seeking to extend his enjoyment. As they lay still in post orgasmic bliss Jason asked,

"So what's for dinner?"


Jason awoke to the smell of bacon after his second night in the new bed. He climbed out and waddled off to drain his bladder. The toilet was so new that he was almost embarrassed at soiling it. Jason didn't even think to put on any clothes as it was warm enough that he was comfortable naked. He parked himself at the kitchen table as Andy cooked.

"You're up early" He commented turning to the teen.

"What time is it?" Jason mumbled.

"Just after 9" Andy rarely saw Jason before 10 on the weekends.

The man set a cup of coffee before the boy and returned to his work.

"I'm going down to Victoria today" Andy continued. "I should be back after dinner, depending on how long Jesse keeps me"

"He's not coming here?" Jason quizzed as he started to come to life.

"No, I want to see the new roof on the house before I pay the contractor, so I figured I would just see him there for a change" Andy explained.

"You pay for the roof on their house?"

"Well, it's my house they just live in it" Andy advised.

"Just how rich are you?" Jason asked recalling Hunter's comments on the subject.

"Rich? Well I inherited this land, the house in Victoria and a hotel near Whistler from my parents but most of what I have are real assets not that liquid" Andy explained.

"Liquid?" Jason inquired.

"Well this land, from the bluff back over the hill and up to the road is all mine. With the house maybe I could get close to a million for it, now if a developer wanted to put five or 10 more houses on this land I might get five million for it. Then I'd have to buy another place so what I have is physical, real, not something quickly turned into cash. My hotel profits are more than enough to keep me going, so I don't really need to sell anything." Andy continued.

"How can you run a hotel when you're not there?"

"Oh there's a company that does all that, they manage it and split the profits with me. We'll go stay there some time it's nice," Andy advised.

"When you going to Victoria?"

"In an hour, come if you want, Jesse would be happy to show you around" Andy offered.

Jason thought about it as he showered. He could spend the day in solitary peace, or maybe call Hunter but in the end he wanted a change and joined his man on the drive south. More than two and half hours down the road they entered a nice old part of Victoria and came upon an older well kept house with a porch spanning the entire width of the structure. Parking in front they walked up to the door and were greeted by Jesse's mother Cathy.

"Andy at last, Jesse is so wound up" She greeted, "Jason. Come in"

Jason wondered how the woman would react to him, at least she wasn't threatening him anymore.

"Jason!" Jesse yelled excitedly at his unexpected visitor.

He jumped on the teen in aggressive affection and dragged him up to his room while adults were left to their monetary discussions. The boy proudly showed off his room and his Nintendo game cube, which the younger boy insisted that they play. Finally tiring of the kid Jason went downstairs and found Andy standing in the kitchen making notes on a pad by the phone. He hugged his man from behind and held on in comfort.

"I'm ordering swissy for dinner, what do you want?" Andy asked.

"Quarter chicken white with fries" Jason said to the back of the man's head.

Cathy entered the room as Andy pickup up the phone to make the delivery order. Jason let go and stepped back, embarrassed at being caught in affection.

"Don't stop on my account," she advised.

As Andy spoke on the phone Cathy continued to break the silence,

"Jesse doesn't shut up about you, you're a bigger deal than Andy to him now" She chuckled.

Jason blushed not sure if the mother thought that a good thing or not.

Despite Jesse's begging to stay overnight the pair made to leave for home. Jason was surprised when Andy gave Jesse a goodbye kiss on the lips right in front of Cathy, just as he would have at home. Clearly she wasn't concerned and even smiled seeing that her son was still favoured. Jason was tired when they got home after the journey through the darkness and so they retired to sleep. Jason was still getting used to the larger bed, it meant that he had to roll further to encounter his cuddle partner as they finally drifted off to sleep.


Jason and Sally took the school bus to her house, as it was the night of the fabled party. Jason wasn't looking forward to it but figured that it couldn't hurt him socially to attend. After being dropped off by Sally's mom they got the `behave yourselves' lecture and entered the house to find it inhabited by mostly grade 11 and 12s, as expected. There were a few other grade 10s in attendance mostly from the jock crowd. The party bored Jason as he drank his third beer, he was staying off the hard stuff tonight. Sally however was flittering about clearly engaged socializing above her current status. The only part that Jason did like was the boy watching, he got to see all the teen jocks parading around.

Suddenly one of them grabbed him in a head lock and pushed him forward,

"What are you doing over here by yourself J?" The larger teen asked.

Jason found the headlock uncomfortable and embarrassing but he wasn't however powerless as Colonel Symthe didn't send his puppy to high school without first going through basic training. Jason balled up his right fist punching it upward directly into his assailant's throat. The older teen released him and stumbled back, clutching his neck and gasping for air. Jason moved to the edge of the room and stood against the wall. It was Lorenzo the stud from his hallway daydreams.

"What the fuck J, he was just fooling around," A fellow jock complained as he pushed past to examine his friend.

Jason took his cue and went to find Sally, he might need to make a quick exit. He found her prattling on and sat beside her on the couch. After about half an hour he figured that it was safe enough to seek out another beer. Finding a couple of boys he knew in the kitchen he stayed and chatted where the music wasn't quite as loud. Jason was startled when Lorenzo appeared in the doorway, motioning for him to follow. He trailed the older teen slowly and apprehensively to the stairs. Walking up to the second floor Lorenzo stopped and turned to speak,

"Can't hear yourself think down there" Lorenzo gestured.


"Listen, I'm sorry about before, I didn't think I was hurting you" The older teen apologized.

"I'm sorry I punched you, I guess I overreacted a bit," Jason said as he cast his eyes down.

Jason was suddenly frightened of reprisal when another jock came up the stairs but his fears were unfounded as the older teen just passed between them.

"Come on" Lorenzo motioned into a bedroom. After closing the door they chatted about the football team with the older teen suggesting that Jason should try out next year.

Jason was rather smitten with the 17 year old who was 4 or 5 inches taller and likely around 200 pounds, already a man. He was electrified by sitting next to Lorenzo on the bed, listening to him apologize for the third time.

"Lorenzo, you said you're sorry already and well I kinda got you back" Jason finally interrupted.

"Yeah, well I don't want a rep that I beat up little kids or anything" Lorenzo explained.

"Who you calling a little kid? And I think it was me beating you!" Jason protested playfully.

"Yeah with the size of that hard-on I guess I can't call you a LITTLE kid" Lorenzo granted.

"Ah well, ... has a mind of it's own, ya know... the beer and all the girls ... and well." Jason was embarrassed to confirm that he was indeed rock hard, shifting away and moving his hand to cover the obvious bulge in his jeans.

Lorenzo put his arm around Jason's shoulder and gave him a reassuring squeeze. Turning his head he moved in and kissed Jason right on the lips seeking to press his tongue in but Jason didn't open his mouth. Pulling away he misread the shocked look on Jason's face and said,

"Just kidding with ya man... I don't think you're gay or anything"

"Bullshit" Jason responded and took his turn to kiss, this time tongues met and arms wrapped around. After a few minutes Lorenzo got up and blocked the door with a desk chair under the handle. He turned to Jason and unbuckled his pants, dropping them to his ankles. A large turbid penis popped out, it was as thick as Andy's but longer, perhaps seven and a half inches Jason thought. Jason dropped to his knees and took it into his mouth. He worked the head and then throated the shaft, going as deep as he could before returning to lap the head with his tongue. The teen lustily licked upward from the base of the big dick causing his victim to moan in pleasure.

"Oh god J, you're the best ... better than any girl" He moaned.

"What do girls know about sucking cock?" Jason said cheekily as he paused.

"Slow down man I don't want to cum to fast" Lorenzo pleaded, as Jason moved to sucking on his hairy balls.


"hmmm" Jason said while still working

"I wanna fuck you" Lorenzo announced in a strong yet arousing tone.

"You have a condom?" Jason asked as he paused, thinking in the moment.

"Yeah" Lorenzo responded, reaching for his pants.

"I'll need some lube," Jason advised,

"Check the bathroom" Lorenzo suggested.

Jason trotted off to the adjacent bathroom and returned with some Vaseline. He noticed that Lorenzo was fully rubberized and seemed even larger than Jason had initially thought. Lubricating himself, Jason got into his favoured doggy position with his ass up high and head down. Lorenzo didn't hesitate, perhaps worried that Jason would change his mind. The older teen mounted and pushed into the willing hole. Jason felt himself stretch as half the member entered him. It was no worse than Andy's dick and a few seconds of groaning later, he pushed back on it taking more of it inside himself. Lorenzo began a slow steady pumping action, gaining speed as Jason loosened.

"You like that?" He asked.

"Ya" Jason whimpered.

"You like that queer boy?" Lorenzo continued.

Jason didn't answer, in fact he wasn't sure if the older teen was making fun of him or just trying to work himself into even more of a frenzy as he pounded three quarters of his meat into the pliant hole.

"I know you like it you fucking fag, you gunna take it all?" Lorenzo hissed.

"Not if you don't shut up," Jason said turning his head. He didn't care if the dirty talk made Lorenzo hotter but he was sure he didn't want to be degraded. That was sufficient to stop further conversation as Jason's prostate was worked over. It was a bit rougher than he got with Andy, the older boy working to satisfy his own needs. Lorenzo pulled out causing a sharp grunt from Jason. He grabbed the boy's thighs and flipped him over onto his back then pulled his crotch to the edge of the bed. Without discussion he lifted and parted Jason's legs, pushing to reinsert his cock while standing upright at the side of the bed. He continued fucking in deep long strokes until finally Jason took it all. Jason was soon lost in pre-orgasmic ecstasy, moaning incoherently as his body quivered.

"Oh god... Lor.. zo... oh yeah".

Jason exploded as he unloaded onto his own belly, his mind lost in the moment. Lorenzo increased to full speed, pounding hard and fast into the boy. Jason arched his back and rolled his head side to side but as he started come down from the orgasm, the rapid fucking was becoming uncomfortable. He was able to get Lorenzo to pause long enough for him to roll onto his side, but even in a better position it became more than uncomfortable.

"Fuck, slow down! .. It hurts!" He pleaded.

"I'm close" Lorenzo grunted without slowing.

Thankfully the older teen unloaded a couple of minutes later, slowly pulling almost all the way out and then right back in as he growled out his pleasure. Finally with a sudden pop he pulled right out.

"Fuck man you're a good lay" he compliment as he walked to the bathroom. Lorenzo returned and put his pants back on. "Ok we shouldn't go back downstairs together so I'll see you around" he continued as he left Jason alone in the room.

As Jason gathered himself and waddled off to the bathroom he was sharply disappointed. Perhaps he had over hyped himself but sex with Lorenzo wasn't what he dreamt it would be. The teen was powerful yet rough, selfishly working to his own enjoyment. Not like Andy at all. `Oh god Andy' Jason thought as the cold reality that he cheated on him sunk in. Jason was instantly and insanely guilty. Andy would know, he'd figure it out, Jason's mind raced as he cleaned himself up.

Jason and Sally found the Hummer parked out side waiting, they were only fifteen minutes late for the rendezvous so Andy didn't even comment. After dropping Sally home they went to bed, Jason still upset with the night's events.

To be continued.