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A puppy's life: Chapter Four

Jason found Andy reading in the living room on Sunday afternoon. He stumbled into the room which was bathed in far more sunlight than Jason appreciated. He flopped onto the couch wearing only his briefs. Andy lowered his book to examine his puppy,

"So you ready to tell me about it?"

"About what?" Jason mumbled.

"Whatever's bothering you" Andy explained.

Jason shrugged, "It's ok"

"It's not ok, you're not getting much sleep, you have no interest in sex and not much in eating either, so it doesn't take a genius to figure out something's bothering you" Andy advised, "You'll feel better if you tell me what happened at the party"

Jason was panicked, "nothing happened"

"You've been acting strangely ever since" Andy noted as he got up and went over to Jason. "Whatever it is I can help you"

Andy caressed the teen's soft shoulders and kissed him on the back of the neck. He proceeded to massage Jason's neck and shoulders in an attempt to relax him. The teen moaned his pleasure.

"Are you afraid of what might happen at school tomorrow?" Andy quizzed.


"Something with Sally?" Andy continued.

"No, I'm just hung over" Jason explained.

"Two day hang over?" Andy chuckled.

Jason got up and mumbled "Bathroom"

"Jason, if you're not going to talk to me you better talk to someone. This is ripping you up," Andy advised before the teen stumbled off.


Another Monday morning daze at school for Jason was brought on by his lack of sleep. He was still guilt ridden over what had happened with Lorenzo and now Andy had figured out something was up. Jason though it best to hide his guilt, bury it deep, there was no way to explain it to Andy. Lorenzo approached Jason from the other end of the hall. He was draped on his girl of the month. He gave Jason a head nod as they passed.

"Hello! Talking to you!" Sally snapped as Jason almost crashed into her.

"Sorry Sal" Jason mumbled.

"What's up with you?" Even Sally noticed his glum disposition.

"I'm just tired, getting sick maybe" Jason responded.

Sally let the issue drop at that and as the week went on Jason fought to push off his guilty conscience. Andy didn't mention it again but was obviously put off with Jason's mood. Jason just couldn't bring himself to have sex with Andy, that was a dead giveaway he figured. Maybe if the man asked then it would be all for him, maybe he could do that please Andy forgetting himself.

Andy heard Jason come home on Friday but kept working until dinnertime. He figured the kid needed a night out and planned to take him out to dinner. Andy entered the bedroom looking for Jason but saw something on the bed that quickened his pulse. It was Jason's necklace laid out carefully. Andy snatched it and raced around the house, quickly finding Jason sitting curled up in the living room armchair.

"What's the deal?" Andy asked thrusting the necklace toward the boy.

"I don't deserve it" Jason mumbled staring out into the ocean.

"You don't deserve it because you did something so bad I won't want you anymore?" Andy quizzed.

Andy knelt in front of Jason putting his hand on his thigh, "I'm glad you didn't try and runaway again," He said softly. "Are we ready to talk about what happened?"

"I let another boy fuck me!" Jason blurted as he began to sob.

Andy paused, taking in what Jason had just told him, "We knew this was going to happen. Eventually you were going to want someone closer to your age I just hoped it wouldn't be so soon"

"I don't want him, it was a mistake I want you" Jason sobbed, "I'll never do it again".

"Yes you will" Andy said softly "and you should. You're young you need to explore, someday you'll be read to settle down"

"No" Jason was still sobbing. "I want you".

"Jason, I still love you, you can still live here but the puppy days are over" Andy explained. He embraced the teen and they hugged tightly. Andy held him for a few minutes before getting up.

"Guess it's a good thing we got you a bed for your room" He advised

"What? I can't sleep in our bed anymore?" Jason spat.

"Jason, that would be far too much temptation. If things don't work out I don't want you running away" Andy advised his parental finger waving. "I can find you another place to live but I hope you'll want to stay and finish school."

With that Jason was no longer anyone's puppy. Banned from the master bedroom Jason went to their old bed, now the guest room. If he couldn't sleep in the new bed then he'd take the familiar old bed, rather than the one in his room. He tossed and turned most of the night finally passing out near dawn.


Jesse was here. Jason could sense it. Rolling over he noted it was almost eleven as he trotted off to the bathroom. Returning he found Jesse laid out on the bed. Jason climbed back in and covered up.

"You always sleep naked?" The boy quizzed.

"Yeah" Jason mumbled not really in the mood for the younger teen.

"Let's run the dogs," Jesse suggested.

"You go ahead"

"Did you wake him up?" Andy thundered from the doorway

"No!" Jesse protested.

"I told you not to wake him up!" Andy repeated.

"I didn't he was awake already, he got up and everything" Jesse pleaded.

"I was wake," Jason mumbled.

"What did you do to him?" Jesse asked.

"Ganging up on me eh? Well tonight were going to dinner and everybody is going to be happy!" Andy raised his voice in a sarcastic tone.

Dinner was uneventful Jason was distracted and Jesse prattled on, dominating the conversation. When they got home Jason was tired so he headed for the guest room and stripped down. Jesse wasn't far behind and upon seeing Jason also began stripping down.

"What are you doing kid?" Jason asked.

"This is my bed!" Jesse said proudly.

"Use the one in my room or the couch" Jason spat as he climbed in.

Jesse's firm body was now fully displayed. At 13 he was starting to develop into a young man. He had a bit of pubic hair and his torso was becoming more defined although he still had a bit of fat around the middle. His nipples seemed over sized for his body, large round and slightly puffy.

Jesse was undaunted by the interloper and joined Jason in bed. It wasn't long before Jason felt a warm back against him, it was soft and comforting as he drifted off to sleep.

Jason woke in the morning to a nice warm erotic feeling. He was hard, pretty typical for the teen but then he realized that he was being stroked. As his morning haze cleared he became aware that Jesse was moving his hand up and down his erect shaft. Gripping the boys arm he asked,

"What are you doing?"

"It was already hard" Jesse explained.

"You don't just go stroking off someone," Jason snapped.

"I just ... figured you'd like it" Jesse said sheepishly.

Jason did like it, he had pent up sexual energy that the boy had awakened. He rolled himself over on top of the soft teen and positioned Jesse's legs so that he could rub their dicks together. Easing his weight down on the boy he began to hump into the soft belly.

"What's this called?" Jesse asked.

"Talk later" Jason ordered as he quickened his urgent humping. He could tell that Jesse was hard too as he mashed their teenage cocks together. Jason gazed into Jesse's face, he could tell that the younger teen was lost in the new and exciting feelings. He nestled into Jesse's neck licking and nibbling at his ear. Moving down to the boy's chest he lapped his puffy nipple causing a shriek as Jesse covered both his nipples with his hands. Jason humped quickly into his own oblivion and soon spurted his juice between their rubbing bellies. Grunting at each shot, Jason was finally spent. He pulled off the boy to reveal their cum soaked bodies. Jason scooped up some and presented it to Jesse's mouth.

"Taste it" Jason suggested but Jesse just shook his head. The older teen took the cum into his own mouth and then turned his attentions to Jesse's organ. Tugging at the testicles Jason noted,

"You didn't cum" and quickly took the entire four incher into his mouth. Sliding up and down the shaft he used one hand to caress the underside of the scrotum. Jesse pressed his hips upward growling out the overload of pleasure. Jesse filled Jason's mouth, it took him two gulps to clear the load. Jason then began to hum with his mouth still over the cock sending shockwaves of pleasure through Jesse's body. The boy gasped and quivered at the unimagined feelings. Jason eased the testicles into his mouth including the hairless nuts in the vibrating stimulation. Jesse rolled his head back and forth making unintelligible noises. Finally when he softened Jason released him. Straddling the boy he positioned his cock hear his face.

"You like that?" He asked

"Yeah" The boy sighed, "Is that like fucking?"

"Fucking is better" Jason pronounced.

"Can we fuck now?" Jesse asked excitedly.

"You're Uncle's going to kill me" Jason noted as he rubbed his softening penis along the boy's soft face. He brought it to rest at Jesse's mouth,

"Open, it's not going to hurt" Jason explained, "I sucked yours".

Jesse opened slightly and Jason pushed the head into the boy's mouth.

"Move your tongue around in circles" he instructed. Feeling waves of pleasure from the novice cocksucker Jason closed his eyes. He pushed the penis gently deeper into the virgin mouth until he heard the boy gage then he backed off a bit. Eventually Jason pulled out and sat back.

"You want to learn to suck this thing?" Jason asked.

Jesse nodded and sat up. Jason laid back and positioned the boy with his palms on the sides of his head. He moved the head up and down in the desired motion. The novice learned quickly giving Jason pleasure as he slurped. The boy soon tired of sucking so Jason pulled him on top for some more humping. He caressed the soft back as the gyrations of the young teen brought him close to another orgasm. He squeezed the boy's ass and found his hole with a finger. Inserting it half way Jason finger fucked him. Jesse's humping became a frenzy as he sought to unload. It wasn't long before both had a second cumming soaking their bellies again. Finally spent they lay in a morning haze, Jason wondering if this was really a good idea.


Corey felt a hand stroke his cheek and fingers run through his longish blond hair. He felt the gentle brush of lips on his forehead and opened his eyes. He knew it was Doug, he not only tolerated his affections he cherished them. Although Corey was never Doug's boyfriend, in the way that Jason once was, they still shared a caring love of each other.

"I have to take you back to the group home in an hour" Doug advised "There still some pizza left if you want more, not that you need it" He continued playfully patting Corey's plump belly.

Corey had grown since Jason's departure. He was now 5'10" with broad shoulders and gained a significant belly. He deeply missed his old group home roommate and had taken his sudden disappearance badly. Jason's cryptic letter gave him some comfort but in the end didn't give him closure or way to communicate. Doug had been patient with him during the few months since Jason's trial abruptly ended. Even when Corey pushed him away, refusing to see him, Doug still stuck with him. Now as he approached his 16th birthday he would need this man more than ever. Few group home kids can make the transition to successful adulthood without someone's help.

"Naw I'm full" Corey sighed as he sat up.

"So have you made a decision on the camp thing?" Doug pushed hoping that Corey would want to move on and make some new friends.

"Ranger Camp?" Corey chided, "Rangers lead the way!" He mocked.

School would be over in a week and his social worker had found a last minute opening at this camp. Corey wasn't sure about it.

"Two weeks in the wilderness on Vancouver island, sounds pretty nice" Doug encouraged, "Sleeping under the stars"

"Sleeping on the ground" Corey countered, "Sounds like boot camp to me"

Doug agreed the information pamphlet did read like military jargon. He didn't see how the slogans would appeal to today's youth but he was all for a new experience for his boy.

"Think about it" He suggested as he wheeled over to the kitchen, "If it's that bad just call me and I'll come get you"

"What on the tree phone?" Corey mocked.

"Corey they'll have a phone" Doug assured.

"Yeah, they are after all an elite unit" Corey said sarcastically taking a phrase from the pamphlet.

"Well I think you should go, your worker said she was lucky to get this opening for you" Doug advised as he cleaned the remains of dinner. He saw Corey get up and approach. The boy bent over and hugged the man from behind. Corey knew Doug was hot for him, he had always been but the two shared a loving platonic relationship. The teen wondered if it was time to move things along, he'd be almost 16 at the end of the summer maybe he could move in with Doug. He was tired of having sex with himself and waiting for Jason was a lost cause.

"I knew you weren't coming over here to help me," Doug chided as he playfully slapped Corey's ass as he returned to the living room.


Jason's reading was disturbed by in an increasingly loud chirping noise. He got up from his desk and stood in the living room where it seemed to be coming from. Andy was quickly on his heels and flipped open the control panel to silence the alarm.

"What was that?" He asked

"Pressure sensor, a large object is coming up the roadway," Andy advised. "A car most likely"

"I've never heard the alarm before?" Jason quizzed.

"I had it put in during the renovations. When it's gone off before I got to it before you noticed," Andy explained.

"What else don't I know?" Jason shrugged.

"Press 111 to disarm it, 999 to arm. In case of emergency press 666 and house will go into lock down" Andy demonstrated.

An older pale minivan appeared in the driveway.

"You expecting anyone?" Andy asked.

"No not me"

"Peach! Mango! Come!" Andy called and the dogs responded by bounded up the stairs.

A teenager with a long ponytail got out of the van and stood as if wondering if he were at the right place. Recognizing Hunter Jason opened the door and went out to greet him with Andy in tow.

"Hunter, so how long have you had your drivers license?" He quizzed.

"Ummmmm" Hunter smiled.

"Ah I see" Andy commented, "Reg knows you're here?"

"Oh yeah he's cool with it" Hunter replied nonchalantly.

"This is Peach and Mango" Jason pointed introducing the dogs.

"Those are some names" Hunter chuckled.

Jason led the older teen around the house excitedly explaining everything.

"This is the TV," he announced as he pressed the controls to reveal it from behind the wall.

"This place is awesome" Hunter commented.

The pair took the dogs down the beach chatting as they went.

"You didn't tell Reg you were coming here did you?" Jason quizzed

"Nope" Hunter smiled.

"He's going to find out," Jason chided.

"No big deal, what he going to do? Kick me out?" Hunter explained.

"Andy and me are on the outs," Jason offered after a short pause.

"What happened? You ask him for money?" Hunter quizzed.

"No nothing like that" Jason responded.

"So now what are you going to do?" Hunter asked.

"He says I can still stay"

"Yeah how long is that going to last?" Hunter asked. "Reg has still got the hots for ya, you could come stay with us."

The boys returned to the house where Andy had prepared whitefish for dinner, which both consumed ravenously. After dinner Andy started to cleanup while Jason went to the bathroom. Hunter took the opportunity to talk to Andy, standing so close to him that they were almost touching.

"I hear you're looking for a new puppy," Hunter said softly into the man's ear.

Andy turned as Hunter leaned into him, "I'm not sure I could afford you" he chuckled.

"Sure you can" Hunter sighed as he hugged the man.

"I don't think Reg would be happy" Andy replied without returning Hunters hug.

"Give em Jason" Hunter advised.

"He's not mine to give" Andy explained

"Just keep it in mind" Hunter continued, stepping back from Andy before Jason returned to the room.

Hunter drove off into the darkness as Jason waved goodbye, Andy squeezed his shoulder affectionately as he stood beside him. Returning to the house Andy joined Jason to watch some TV, a rarity for him.

"So I'm planning a bivouac for us on the first two weeks of July" Andy announced.

"A what?"

"Camping were going camping" Andy explained.

"Who's going?"

"You me, Jesse and I got word today that a friend of yours is coming" Andy said smirking.


"No" Andy paused leaving Jason hanging.

"Who?" Jason pleaded.


"Corey!" Jason almost screamed "How?"

"He and his social worker think he's going to camp, and he will just with our little elite unit" Andy advised.

"And they bought it?" Jason quizzed

"Sure I set up a whole process, I got brochures and everything" Andy explained, "I even made them submit a medical form.

"So this is really happening?" Jason confirmed excitedly.

"Barring any last minute changes he'll be here on the bus next week".

Jason reached over the hugged Andy tightly. It was their first real embrace since their falling out.

To be continued.