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A puppy's life: Chapter Five

It was early on a warm July morning, too early for Jason's liking. He left the house as the sun was peeking out over the horizon. Andy had hooked a 12-foot utility trailer to the Hummer, it was loaded with supplies for their two week foray into the great Strathcona wilderness. Both Andy and Jesse were busy with final preparations rushing about in their military cammo dress. Jason was given a set but simply refused to wear them despite a suggestion that they had to keep up the appearance of a Ranger camp. Jesse loaded Peach and Mango into the rear cargo deck of the truck while Andy secured the house for their absence.

As Jason went to sit in the front passenger seat Jesse chirped,

"You're in the back"

"Since when" Jason snorted, accustomed to his pride of place in the front seat.

"The Colonel says you're in the back, so you can ride with Corey" The boy explained smugly.

Jason didn't care for the military cadet side of Jesse, he was annoying as usual but lacked the entertaining cuteness. The teen gave some though to taking his seat and waiting for Andy to move him but in the early morning hour he figured it would be less effort to comply. Andy returned to the truck and took the drivers seat.

"Ready to roll?" He confirmed.

"Good to go" Jesse advised instantly.

As the truck pulled out Jason slumped into the seat to see if he could get a little more sleep. His initial excitement about seeing Corey had given way to an uneasy feeling about this trip, maybe it was just all the upheaval of mounting the trip or perhaps the fašade setup for Corey's benefit. Jason didn't understand why they couldn't just visit at the house but Andy insisted that Corey was to have no knowledge of where they actually lived nor was he to be given any method of contacting them.

When Jason woke he was alone in the truck. Regaining his bearings he quickly determined that he was in town outside of the coffee shop. He figured the troops were inside getting something before the bus arrived. It would stop just down the street so he would be able to see it pull in. Jason was startled when his door opened and Jesse handed him a coffee before returning to the front. As Andy got in Jason enjoyed the smell of his morning caffeine.

As the arrival time approached it was decided that Jesse should greet Corey and so he took a walkie-talkie with him and left the truck. Andy could see the bus in the distance and reported to his cadet.

"Target in sight Tangerine"

"Roger that Big Banana" Jesse acknowledged seriously.

The motor coach pulled up and the passengers began to pile out, some just stretching before re-boarding while others collected their bags from the underneath storage, with the driver's help. It took Jason a few seconds to confirm that he had spotted Corey. His appearance was rather different from their last meeting. Corey was bigger, both in height and in breadth. His blond hair was longer than Jason had ever seen it.

"That's him, long blond hair, Blue shirt," Jason advised.

"Tangerine, target at the rear of the vehicle, blue shirt, long blond hair" Andy repeated on the radio.

"Roger sighted" Jesse confirmed as he started toward the older boy.

Corey noticed the boy ridiculously dressed in his camo clothing, hoping that he wouldn't be required to wear the same. He stepped towards the smaller teen, noting that he was perhaps half a foot shorter and skinny.

"I guess you're in the Ranger thing to?" He asked.

"You? ... You want to be Ranger?" Jesse asked

"The camp thing" Corey said tentatively.

"I asked if you wanted to be a Ranger" Jesse said aggressively.

"Listen kid.." Corey began

"I am properly addressed as Cadet Sergeant" Jesse interrupted.

"Ah, yeah" Corey mumbled taken aback by the little snot, he hoped that this camp wasn't full of kids like this.

"If you want to be a Ranger then follow me" Jesse ordered and turned without looking to see if Corey was following. He did, lugging his bag to the waiting Hummer.

"Haven't got all day princess, lets go!" Jesse ordered standing beside the trailer fully enjoying his role in the charade.

"You want a beating little boy?" Corey's mood was rapidly changing for the worse, he wondered if he should just get back on the bus.

Jesse took Corey's bag and packed it in the trailer then addressed the insubordinate soldier.

"I can take you down any time fat boy, now shut your pie hole and get in the truck" Jesse said hoping he wouldn't be taken up on the offer. He gestured to the rear door as he returned to his seat.

Corey got in and fished for his seat belt. As the truck pulled away he saw that the driver was an older man, at least there was an adult in charge. Corey noticed that there was another boy in the back, also in civilian dress. Just now turning to offer a greeting his eyes locked with Jason's. He stared dumbfounded so it was Jason who spoke first.

"Hi Corey" he said softly.

Corey reached over and gripped his friend tightly in a hug mumbling, "Jason"

Jason returned the hug enjoying the warm feeling of his friend. Finally the boy released him and sat back. He was openly sobbing. Jason held his hand and sought to calm him.

"It's ok Corey, just relax, breathe" Jason implored.

Finally getting some composure back Corey spoke,

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again. I can't believe you're going to this camp too"

"There is no camp," Jason advised, smirking.

"What!" Corey snorted.

"We made it up, just to get you come without anyone knowing." Jason explained.

"Made it up? Well then who's Sergeant slaughter here?" Corey asked gesturing at Jesse.

"This is Andy, the man who's been taking care of me and his nephew Jesse" Jason introduced.

"No camp" Corey laughed, he stressed about it for nothing, "Rangers lead the way" he mocked.

"All the way" Andy and Jesse responded.

"The camp is fake but both of them really are military" Jason explained. He could see Andy's `careful what you say' look in the rearview mirror.

Jason carried on explaining vaguely how he ended up with Andy and his life since.

It wasn't long before the truck left the smooth roads and took to the gravel. Driving deeper into the wilderness until finally they came on a little lake. Andy charged the truck up a steep embankment and brought the vehicle to a rest on higher ground. The troops were released to stretch, the dogs were the most eager to explore the campsite, bounding off in various directions. Jason found a tree to urinate on and Corey joined him. The two were relieved sending their streams into the open air. Jason began to chuckle when he realized that Corey was checking him out, while he checked Corey out. Indeed his former group home roommate was growing up, his endowment seemingly as big as Jason's.

Jesse approached Andy who was taking stock of the trailer, preparing to setup camp.

"Can I go swim?" He pleaded.

"Yeah but just twenty minutes we have to setup" Andy relented under the midday heat of July.

Jesse peeled off his clothes and made for the lake. The naked youth streaked by the older teens as he ran for the water. Neither waited to see him go in but everyone heard the splash. Mango joined the boy in the water, swimming to fetch a thrown stick, while Peach stood knee deep keeping a watching brief.

Andy put the two older teens to work setting up a kitchen shelter with propane stove and then two dome tents one at each end.

"So what are the sleeping arrangements?" Jason quizzed.

"You and Corey" he said pointing to his left "Me and Jesse" pointing to the right. "I'm sure you guys will want some time away from the brat. I hope you remembered your lube" Andy chuckled.

"There's only one man I want in my ass" Jason thinly veiled, getting a raised eyebrow in response.

"Enjoy your time with Corey, we don't know when I'll be able to do this again" Andy advised.

After all the work was done, two dogs and a boy returned to camp, naked and wet. Corey took the opportunity to examine the younger boys body as he spoke to Andy. He noted the short brown hair on his lithe frame, firm belly and oversized nipples.

"Oh don't worry we left you the job of making dinner" Andy finished chastising the boy for being absent from camp setup duty.

Jesse set off unpacking his things and putting them in the tent he would share with the man. The little nymph paraded around nude dick flapping as he walked without anyone suggesting he get dressed. It was only when the temperature dropped that he sought clothing.

Corey tentatively tasted his first spoonful of stew and it was pretty good. It was difficult to mess up canned stew but Jesse proudly dished it out anyway. After dinner they all sat by the fire, Jesse planted in his uncle's lap while Corey and Jason took to holding hands as they sat together. They had never been so openly affectionate before but the day's events had allowed the two to express an emotion that was a warm gentleness. It was when they went to bed that things got more serious. As soon as Jason lay back on the sleeping bag Corey was on top of him pressing his tongue deep into his mouth. Jason enjoyed the spit swap for a few seconds before braking off.

"Ok, you're too heavy" He noted pushing his friend off. Now lying side-by-side Jason stroked Corey's silky long hair in the darkness. The passionate kissing continued, Corey finding and squeezing Jason's semi erect dick beneath his pants.

"I have to tell you I'm in love with Andy" Jason admitted, breaking away. "We can still fool around but you have to know how I feel" he continued when Corey didn't respond.

Jason rolled away and pulled off his pants, "Strip" he instructed. Once he completed the process himself he was happy to find Corey had complied as their teenage bodies coupled. Their dicks rubbed together as they cuddled, Corey urgently grinding into Jason. It wasn't long before Jason sought a more intense pleasure, flipping himself around to suck on his friend's hard cock while he simultaneously returned the favour. The two slurped and caressed each other well into the night spurred on with fits of passion followed by gentle pauses. Jason unloaded twice, Corey three times before the two fell contently asleep.

The howling wind blew the two tents through the night. Jesse was already up against his Uncle in comfort.

"I'm cold," He announced. A strange thing to say after such a hot day but the temperature had dropped accentuating the differential.

"Get lower into you sleeping bag" Andy advised.

"I wanna come in with you" Jesse pleaded.

"There's not much room for two" Andy explained.

The boy left his bag and sought to enter his uncle's anyway. He squeezed himself in tight against the man, only once Andy stroked his soft body did he realize that Jesse was again nude. He pulled his soft boy in tightly caressing him.

"I love you uncle Andy," The boy mumbled.

"I love you too baby" The man returned.

Jesse was quickly asleep in the safety of his uncle's arms.


Corey and Jason awoke to find Jesse had joined them in the tent.

"I wonder what you two were doing last night." Jesse chirped.

"Get lost" Jason moaned.

Jesse sneered as he began stroking Jason into firmness. Jason didn't complain as Corey watched. Jesse took his mentor's dick into his mouth slurping and humming Jason into full arousal. Corey was quickly aroused himself, watching jealously as his buddy was stimulated. When Jesse paused, Corey was quickly in his place, sucking on Jason sensing that he was close. Corey moved to straddle Jason and took his saliva-covered cock deep into his ass. Corey groaned as he was stretched, pushing the entire thing in. He pleasured himself on the firm member as Jason was quickly brought to the edge of orgasm. Jesse watched in rapture as the dick disappeared and then reappeared as Jason was ridden. Corey dismounted, cum oozing from his hole. He eased Jason over onto his side and moved to penetrate him. Jason rolled away.

"No. My ass is Andy's only" He explained, not wishing that guilty experience again.

"You can fuck me" Jesse chimed in.

Corey looked at the firm young teen and then back at Jason.

"You fuck him?" He asked.

"No, he's a virgin" Jason advised.

"I was gunna say" Corey chuckled feeling conflicted with the younger teen present.

"I can take it!" Jesse protested.

"Come here Jesse" Corey suggested as he lay down. He pulled the boy on to his chest with Jesse straddling him and positioned the head of his dick against Jesse's smooth ass.

"Ok, I'll hold the base you press back on it."

Jesse pressed back attempting to allow the head of Corey's dick to pass but couldn't do it.

"Not so easy eh?" Corey wasn't surprised.

Jason smirked at Corey's practical lesson being more successful than his own explanations.

An exasperated Jesse gave up and flopped himself down to rub dicks with his new friend. Within seconds Jesse washed his cum over Corey's chest, some firing up onto his chin. Corey still not satisfied rolled over and positioned Jesse's head to allow him to mouth fuck the boy. It wasn't long before Jesse got a couple of mouthfuls, ending the morning delight.

As the morning sun warmed the tent the three could smell bacon cooking. They emerged and went down to the lake for a cleansing swim while Andy was left to continue his brunch preparations.

When the boys returned from their lake baths Andy served his big breakfast. There were pancakes, sausage, bacon, French toast and eggs. With three teens at the table Andy had no difficulty with leftovers.

After brunch the boys were left with cleanup duty once they digested. Early in the afternoon the teens had broken out Jesse's air pistol and were target shooting. Corey was amazed at how good Jesse was but lamented the return of sergeant Jesse with his serious adherence to safety and protocol.

"Don't hand me a weapon with the safety off!" He snapped at Corey as the older teen tried to hand him the gun. When he went to flick the switch to safe the sergeant snapped again. "Always point the muzzle to the ground!"

Andy marshaled the troops for a hike around the lake in the mid afternoon. He led them through the lush forest along a winding trail, with the high peak of the mountains in the background, some still snow capped. All three boys had stripped to shirtless in the July heat. Jesse wore the shortest shorts of the trio and seemed to be the most comfortable on the hike. The older teens' board shorts didn't allow the same cooling effect that with his general fitness put him up front with Andy, while Corey and Jason lagged. They found a small sandy area of the shoreline so Andy released the troops for a cooling swim and a rest break. There was no inhibition about swimming nude as even Corey was quick to yank his shorts off. Andy watched as he took in the sights of youthful play, their wet bodies glistening in the sunlight. Peach sat in the shade beside her master while Mango leapt into the water with the boys after returning from his scouting patrol further down the path.

Now cooled the troop continued around the lake. The two older boys had decided to wear just their underwear for the rest of journey while Jesse didn't even do that. He looked rather strange wearing only a backpack and running shoes. The young nudist had volunteered to take Corey's clothes and water bottle in an effort to assist his new fat friend.

As they approached their camp Mango was running out ahead, scouting and then returning down the path. This time however the dog was standing still, ears up, as they came upon him. Andy looked around thinking he'd find an animal or perhaps other hikers, wouldn't his troop of immodest teens get a reaction from a rare passerby in this remote part of the provincial park. Andy passed Mango as the three boys lagged back. Suddenly he saw them. Three men camped just over a hill from their site, they certainly weren't setup and appeared to be watching the troop's empty encampment.

As the teens came up to join Andy he was down on one knee with Mango beside him. His back was turned and he had his hand up. Jesse recognized the signal and hushed the other two thinking perhaps they'd come upon a deer or something. Andy signaled for them to back track along the path and caught up to them as they complied. Andy seemed rather upset as he huddled with the unit.

"Ok, there are three armed men watching our camp" Andy began his briefing

"What!" Jason spat.

"Maybe they're hunters," Jesse suggested.

"They're not hunters" Andy continued, "Everyone thinks Jason's in the witness protection program, right. So if you're the guys that murdered Gerry that's confirmation that Jason saw something and is going to testify"

"How did they find us?" Jason asked becoming very upset himself.

"They followed Corey" Andy reported.

"How do you know that?" Corey asked.

"That's what I would have done. If you can't find your target follow the people close to him until they lead you to him. That's why I didn't let Jason contact anyone. I'm getting sloppy, I should have had counter surveillance to see if anyone was watching Corey." Andy lamented his grave error.

"How would they know to follow Corey?" Jason quizzed.

"He went to visit you all the time in jail, sent you letters, you told everyone he was your brother, these guys likely talked to some of people you were in with. Fuck" Jason had never seen Andy so upset.

"I'm sorry" Jason mumbled.

Andy looked right at him, "This I my fuck up, I knew bringing Corey here was a risk and I didn't do everything I should have to minimize that"

"What are we going to do now?" Corey wondered now fully understanding the gravity of the situation.

"We could hike up over into the next valley" Jesse offered.

"No, we have the element of surprise, we're going to use that while we still can" Andy advised. "Ok, here's the plan. I'm going to take them out and you three are going to run"

"What?" Jason snapped

"Shut up and listen carefully," Andy continued. "I'll take Mango and assault from the rear, while they're dealing with me you three and peach make for the Hummer. Drive back down the road to the highway and make for the house you'll be safe there"

"You're going to take out three guys ... with guns" Jason interrupted.

"I'm going to distract them while you three get away, my plan is to take them all but even if I get one and evade I'll be in a lot better shape to delay them" Andy explained.

"You don't have gun," Corey advised.

"I'll shoot them with their own guns. I really am in the army, I'm a highly trained killing machine these urban punks don't stand a chance in my world" Andy inspired.

"I've never driven before" Jason explained.

"It's not that difficult, the trailer is already unhitched, here are the keys. If they've disabled the truck don't go running down the road they'll just catch you. Go back down the trail and up into the mountains, Jesse will know where. Just get distance between them and you. I'll wait for you guys to get around the gully, then when you make a move for the truck I'll go" Andy advised.

"Shouldn't we wait for dark?" Jesse asked.

"They won't wait that long, if we're not back by sunset they'll be suspicious and alert. They might even start looking for us. I want to take them now, while they're lazing about" Andy explained. "Jesse, use your air pistol if you have to, with any luck they'll think it's a real gun. Now go!"

Andy flipped open his Sat phone dialing as the trio made off down the path.

"Flash message follows. Conundrum. Banana. Three hostiles will engage. Tangerine plus two escape and evading. Transmitting GPS coordinates now" Andy spoke in to the phone.

It only took ten minutes for the now dressed boys to come around the tree line and head for the truck. Andy made his move, coming out over the hill he snuck up on the first gunman grabbing him from behind and snapping his neck. Andy took the man's gun and fired two shots directly into the second gunman, dropping him where he stood. Unfortunately the third man got a shot off just as Andy was about to fire at him. Andy was hit directly in the chest and went down. As his world faded to black he had a final thought. `Dobermans can fly'. Indeed Mango was fully airborne as he leapt directly at the third man his jaws gnashing. The man was bowled over by a glancing blow from the canine but regained his footing just as Mango was moving in for the kill. Mango made the ultimate sacrifice when a bullet ripped through his skull.

The boys had made it to the truck Jason fumbled with the keys. He couldn't see anything over the hill and hoped Andy's operation was going to work. He got the truck started and eased it down the embankment onto the hard track. He drove carefully to the find the gravel road proceeding along it slowly. Finally getting to the highway he proceeded carefully heading for home.

Flash traffic message follows:

To CFB Comox

From Conundrum


Banana is down secure all data files

2 hostiles down

Tangerine plus 2 unknown status

Extracting now.

To be Continued.