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A Puppy's Life: Chapter Six

Jason's slow driving irritated Jesse who was anxious to get to the relative safety of the house, while Corey seemed completely freaked out by the whole experience. Eventually he began to get the hang of driving and eased his way up to the speed limit. The three were universally relieved to arrive back at the house. Jason parked the hulking vehicle and allowed himself a moment to relax as the other two got out.

Suddenly a white van pulled in beside, so close to the hummer that Jason was blocked from opening his door. Jesse was gone into the house like a shot while Corey crouched frozen in fear as a ski masked man got out of the van, brandishing a pistol. Jason crawled over to the passenger side and got out. He moved around behind the truck hoping to surprise the gunman but it was he who was surprised. The teen stumbled back in his confused attempt to flee. The gunman lowered his weapon at Jason's head. Blood ran down Jason's face, he heard the shot but didn't feel any pain. Perhaps that was a benefit of being shot in the head. His mind was still working although confused by fear and the rapid succession of events. The gunman lay on the ground next to lay Jason, blood pooling from his head. Jesse walked up to the man pointing a long gleaming black pistol, which he had taken from Andy's safe, at the man. Jesse recovered the assailant's gun and turned to Jason, satisfied that the man was unable to continue the fight.

"Are you hit?" the younger teen urgently asked.

Not getting a coherent response he ushered his two older companions into the house and pressing the control panel locked the house down. Jesse dutifully examined the pair and determined that neither was hurt. He washed the gunman's blood from Jason's face and then grabbed the phone. His first thought was to call Reg. The phone rang several times and then the ringing sound changed as it was obviously forwarded to a mobile phone.

Shortly after Reg and Hunter arrived two large green trucks drove up and began the cleanup operation. A lot of questions were asked but none were answered much to Jason's frustration. The only consolation was that they were no longer in any danger as he was told that `threat was neutralized'.

"There's nothing to worry about Jason, these three were likely the original killers and now that they're gone it's unlikely that anyone else will want to get messed up in all this" Reg explained.

Corey called Doug and arranged to meet him in Victoria, boy did he have a story to tell! Jason realized that hanging out at Andy's empty house was impractical. While Doug and Cory offered to take him in it was Jesse's insistence that Jason needed his protection that won out in the end. His mother was accommodating although she took some convincing to take Peach as well. Jason took over the room in the big old house that Andy used when he visited.

Jason kept in touch with Reg but getting any information on someone who didn't exist was difficult even for one as connected, as he was he. Two years passed without word while Jason finished High school in Victoria. Andy's legacy did live on in the form of regular cheques made payable to both he and Jesse from a holding company in South America. The last time Jason was up at the house was a year ago where he found four new houses under construction and Andy's dismantled. The only evidence that it was ever there was the foundation.

It seemed to Jason that they had only the memories of Andy to validate that he ever existed. When Jason moved in with Jesse he reclaimed his sapphire puppy necklace and had taken to wearing it, if only to remind him self that it all wasn't just a dream.

Corey and Jason remained good friends although the blond teen had become romantically involved with Doug and was living with him full time now. He joined the man in the gym and had transformed himself into a muscular seventeen-year-old hunk.

Jesse switched sides when he got to high school and now at fifteen had a regular girlfriend. The younger teen still sought occasional sexual relief from Jason but that was becoming less frequent. Jesse's military interested continued, he was a Cadet Lieutenant and well on his way to joining the regular forces.

Hunter left Reg to pursue his fortune elsewhere. The old man had no trouble finding a replacement and in fact he found two. His theory was that they were less like to get bored with someone their own ages about.

As the summer ended Jason turned eighteen. He would soon be leaving the inconsolable young Jesse to attend university in Toronto. In fact it wasn't really his idea at all. One day he got a letter from the U of T offering him a scholarship to study history and political science. He had never applied for one and figured it was arranged for him in the same manner that Corey was invited to `Ranger camp' years earlier. Reg didn't seem to know anything about it so Jason figured it was something that Andy setup years ago or perhaps by the same people that were sending him and Jesse money. It wouldn't surprise Jason to learn that Andy had a backup plan for him and his nephew.

As Jason boarded a plane from Vancouver he felt some remorse leaving Jesse behind but knew that his adult future was now ahead of him. He got settled into his little dorm room and attended most of the orientation week events. Jason found Toronto wasn't that much different for Vancouver, it had it's own character but it was just another city.

The first day of classes were hectic and somewhat of a challenge trying to find the lecture halls around the sprawling downtown campus. He got a few smiles from his fellow male students, perhaps his innocent look was giving him away or maybe `gaydar' really did exist. Jason went to his first military history class after lunch. He found a seat and flipped through his books until the prof came in, a short middle-aged man with a thick beard. He started off with a comedic opening that made Jason think he was going to like this class.

"Military intelligence, the biggest oxy moron in history. It's not what you know that matters in war, it's what you don't know" The man turned to the board and began writing. Jason got out his pad and pen in preparation. "My name is Professor Sandy Beech PhD and this is modern military history year one". The man then continued on with his afternoon lecture.

Jason waited until all the other students had asked their questions and moved on before approaching the professor apprehensively. "Doctor Beech I need your help"

"Yes Jason" The professor replied.

"Do you know all your students names?" He asked.

"Only the cute ones, what can I do for you?" The man asked without looking up.

"I need a prostate massage," Jason reported in a serious tone.

"I'm sure one of your fellow students could oblige. Take a stroll down philosophers walk tonight" Professor Beech advised.

"So you're really a professor here?" Jason asked.

"Yep, I look for bright young minds now, and I keep an eye out for others doing the same." Dr. Beech advised looking up now.

"You look funny with the beard," Jason giggled.

"Well Mr. Smythe, I have work to do and then dinner at the Keg for 7 we'll discuss your prostate then, don't be late." The professor advised as he closed his books and went to the rear door. He paused and turned to Jason. "Oh and puppy, please don't wear a T-shirt to dinner"

The End.