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Stray puppy: Chapter one

"You're useless," the man said as he shoved the boy aside. Jason found the words hurt much more than the physical shove or the public embarrassment. The young group home worker took over the meal preparation that Jason had been attempting. The boy hung his head and wandered off into the living room without saying a word. The phrase had been frequently used by his estranged mother and brought back many unwanted memories.

"Prick" he said under his breath. His mother had never been of much use herself, a typical alcohol dependent. He had suffered from the neglect and emotional abuse, internalizing it as guilt. If only he could have been a better son, quieter, harder working, more obedient, what ever she wanted.

Jason was finally taken away from her when he was 13. This was his third group home. His brother was 8 at the time and went to a foster family. They had frequent visits together in the beginning but a year later they only occasionally spoke on the phone. His brother had a new life and Jason was stuck here. This one wasn't as bad as the last group home. Each time an issue came up it was easier to just move the boy than fix the problem. He liked the first home, he was one of the older kids there but when he was discovered in the bed of his same age roommate they thought it best to separate them. The second group home was terrible, an old run down house where he was the smallest among kids that had frequent police involvement in their lives. He took a lot of physical bullying there and was happy to be gone, so much so that on his last day he told the cops where the boys hid their drugs in a nearby ravine, anonymously of course.

He'd been in this house for 5 months now, it wasn't so bad, he told himself. The building had been constructed specifically for the purpose of being a group home. One of the staff told him that, years ago it was a halfway house for men just out of jail. It was old but not run down, rather bland in it's décor with old expendable furniture.

There were 5 bedrooms on the second level, each was setup for 2 boys. The rooms were small meant only for sleeping. Bunk beds would have been far better to increase the floor space but their use had fallen out of favour. Instead Jason had a room with two single beds separated by a dresser. He got half that and half the closet space for his meager possessions and clothes. The beds were close enough together that he could hold hands with the boy in the next bed if they wanted, but never did.

Jason shared his room with Dan, the youngest boy in the house at 14, just two months behind himself. The other 7 boys in the house of were all older than him, the eldest just turning 18. Jason was an average looking boy. He was five foot six, slender but not skinny. His arms were spindly without muscular definition. His eyes were brown with a gentle sprinkling of freckles across his face. A longish rats nest of sandy brown hair framed his round face. Everything was average about the boy, he was a C student in grade 9 with a quiet disposition. Not shy really but neither was he considered out going.

"Dinner's ready you knobs!" The young staff member shouted from the kitchen's entrance. Jason didn't move, he didn't want to be first to the table after he'd been snapped at. Only once the herd arrived did he move to join them. It was a typical feeding at the group home, table manners were forgone hands and elbows everywhere. Tonight's feast was chicken breasts, pasta, salad and rolls. The rules of courtesy were pretty basic you couldn't take any more until you had finished what was on your plate. This generally caused a fury of consumption so that the next piece of chicken could be claimed. Jason took his time, eating what he needed but never stuffing himself silly. Gluttony wasn't a sin that Jason could be accused of in fact there times that the staff would hold the wolves at bay to give Jason the last piece of something, as they worried about him not eating enough for a teen boy.

"You're helping with clean up Jason," The younger staff told him.

"John I did prep!" He protested.

"No I did it you for you mister" John advised.

"I tried, you wouldn't let me finish" Jason accused.

"I said you're doing clean up" The authoritarian snapped.

"I'm not," Jason said pouting, his head down.

"Clean up or box, your choice knob" John explained using his frequent yet allowable insult.

The box was a closet sized room in the basement used for solitary confinement. In fact there were two such rooms as when boys fought both were likely to be at fault. Technically such punishment was supposed to reserved for out of control teens only as a last resort but in actuality the staff used the box as they saw fit. Jason could complain to his social worker when he saw her on quarterly visits but it wouldn't likely result in any enquiries. The staff knew how to write it up to seem as though his belligerence was aggressive and likely to lead to violence.

After attending to his extra clean up duty Jason retired to his bed to read. He didn't care for the television the other boys watched and enjoyed the quiet time to himself. Dan came in close to bedtime and stripped down to put on his night shorts. The younger boy was cute and lean yet still to early in his adolescence too much between his legs. Privacy wasn't possible in a group home and in time the teens stopped caring about who saw them. Although Dan was Jason's age they didn't share any interests so the two were only together for sleeping. The younger boy wasn't rude but didn't care to engage Jason in conversation beyond, `hey' or ` that slop we got tonight went right through me' comments.

Jason waited outside for his taxi. It was a nice June day so he wore his shorts and a loose T. The vehicle arrived to take him off for his biweekly therapy. Many of the boys had various types of appointments, therapy was nothing unusual for them. Except that Jason was off to the agency's group therapy for gay teens. Something that his worker got him into months after the time he slept with his house mate but at least it something she did for him. That and she kept it quiet, even the staff didn't know exactly what the therapy was for.

There were about 20 teens in attendance, boys and girls. The therapist was a middle aged woman. Jason never felt comfortable talking about being gay with a room full of other kids, girls and a woman. `Didn't they have any men doctors we could talk to' Jason wondered. Anytime he was called upon to speak he went back to the house mate issue, talking about how he felt comfortable with the closeness and liked the physical contact. He didn't mention that they hadn't really done anything everyone had just assumed it.

Jason had no close friendships, the house kids and the staff wouldn't stay around very long. Investing time and effort into a relationship was just a waste. The longer term staff kept a professional distance anyway, lest they have to move a kid. The closest thing he had to a friend was Sam, a boy a year older than himself who he met at therapy. At first he though him a snob but when he spoke about his boyfriend with passion it caught Jason's attention. Sam was a hottie. He was 5 foot 10 with blond hair and a slender muscular frame. Strangely it was his forearms that excited Jason, strong and powerful, the infectious smile didn't hurt either. Sam dressed much better than any of the others, always in designer wear. At first Jason thought he wasn't agency but soon discovered that Sam's generous boyfriend kept him clothed. Sam lived in another smaller group home where he got his own room. Lucky, Jason thought.

As he and Sam walked out toward the street a young man around 18 or 19 approached them on roller blades. As he skated by he looked right at Sam,

"Hey fags," he said as he circled around and came to a stop.

"Hey Mario" Sam replied.

Ah this is his boyfriend Jason assumed.

"All done pouring your little emo hearts out to the old cunt?" Mario asked sarcastically.

"Pretty much" Sam replied flatly.

"Who are you, cutie?" Mario asked Jason.

The boy had never been referred to as a cutie before and blushed at the attention.

"Jason" he replied.

"Got a boyfriend?"

Jason shook his head finding the question curious.

"Want one?" Mario quizzed.

"Isn't Sam you boy friend?" Jason asked.

The other boys chuckled.

"Naw he's got a nice rich boy friend, I introduced them" Mario explained. " I can get you one too"

"My boyfriend is 37 Jason, I'm going to live with him when I turn 16" Sam explained.

" 37!" Jason was stunned, it never occurred to him that men would want a boy friend so young or that Sam would want one so old!

"Yeah it's cool, he loves me, buys me stuff. I like being a little prince" Sam said impishly.

"Why don't you live with him now?" Jason asked.

"Under 16 they'd just pick me up and bring me back. My worker knows, well not knows him but knows about him," Sam explained. "I'll be 16 in 5 weeks!" he said proudly.

Jason was jealous of his friend's excitement, he had a future, someone loved him.

"So, come to a party on Saturday and I'll fix you up" Mario advised. "What's your number?" He asked preparing to enter it into a cell phone.

"I don't have a cell," Jason lamented is poverty.

"Either of you queers got a pen?" Mario asked and got head shakes from the pair.

"Ok, take the sky train to the waterfront station, I'll be there until 6 on Saturday, I'm gone after that," He told Jason.

"I have a curfew at 11" Jason advised.

"Tell them you're staying over with Sam or something"

"I don't know" Jason said with his head down.

"Fuck, just be there if you want to be a prince" Mario snapped and skated off.

Jason didn't intend to go but when the time came he made an excuse about seeing his brother to the disinterested weekend staff and escaped. Jason was used to Vancouver's transit system and found his way to the station. It occurred to him that they hadn't set a specific place to meet and ended up wandering around.

Close to 6 a man grabbed Jason by the arm and pulled him toward the seabus.

"Let's go, we'll miss it" Mario said as they jogged for the boat.

"Where is this place?" Jason asked as they found a seat for the crossing.

"North Van" Mario panted as he pulled clothes of his backpack. He threw a T-shirt and jacket over to Jason who looked curiously at them. The shirt was too small but the jacket was cool, soft leather. Jason put the shirt on as Mario motioned to him, it was too small, the fit was very tight and it exposed his belly.

"Perfect" Mario advised.

"I can't wear this" Jason lamented.

"Yes you can, it's sexy, bitch"

A car was waiting for them as the left the transit station. Two other boys a bit older than Jason were already onboard when they climbed in. No introductions were offered as they sped along.

"Is Sam going" Jason asked.

"He's got a boyfriend already" Mario said in a disinterested tone, which made Jason rather nervous.

They arrived at a large house, expensive cars lining the driveway. Mario led Jason inside and introduced him to the host, a gray haired man. Nervously Jason met the men already there followed by a quick briefing on each from Mario. Jason was completely confused as to which men he should or should not be talking to and then suddenly found himself without a guide in the billiards room. A middle-aged man picked up a cue and addressed him.

"Play some 8 ball"

"Ok, I guess" Jason was happy to be doing anything, he wasn't sure about all this.

They chatted as the man played the game, he was good and Jason was barely able to hit a ball. With the casual chitchat out of the way the man asked.

"So are you cut?"


"Circumcised" The man explained.

"Yeah" Jason said to the floor.

"How big is it"

"I don't know, never measured" Jason advised sheepishly thinking himself on the small side compared to his housemates.

"Well we'll have to do that later" The man said only half joking. "How old are you?"

"Almost 15"

The man nodded and made a promise to find Jason later wandering off to meet other boys on the market. As Jason roamed he was shocked at how the men just touched him on his back, belly and even his ass! It wasn't the kind of touching Jason really wanted, it was lustful. Finding some food Jason gorged himself. It was the kind of catered finger foods that he wasn't used to and found irresistible.

Sitting alone in a corner the man from the pool table approached him.

"Hey sexy" he said as he sat beside him.

"Hi ... Larry?" Jason couldn't be sure of his name.

"Gerry, it's ok you've met a lot of guys tonight" He reassured as he put his arm around the boy's back.

Gently rubbing his neck the man commented on Jason changing back into his own shirt.

"Yeah, it was too tight on me"

"Made you look hot" The man's fingers weren't totally unwelcome but not being used to such touching Jason was tense.

"You're not into being here are you?" Jason shook his head.

"I can drive you home if you want" he offered.

Jason looked at his watch, and then nodded. The two made their thank you's to the host then walked down the street to a gray Porche 911. Jason found the seats so comfortable. Checking out the luxury he felt a hand in his hair and the man checking him out.

"Where do you live?" The man nodded knowingly as Jason described it. "Get some coffee on the way, talk some more?"

Jason nodded, " Ok , I have to be home by 11"

The machine sped off along the street, Jason relaxed a bit he was away from that crazy party his virginity intact.

"Hey my place is along the way, ok if we just go there"

"Yeah ok" Jason responded not realizing exactly what he was agreeing to.

The 911 stopped abruptly in the driveway of another large house. Jason got out of the car with Gerry and followed him up the walk. Turning to the boy at the door he said,

"I'm not one for the get to know you stuff, if we're going inside, we're doing something" noticing that Jason hadn't reacted the man continued. "We're going in here to have sex. You ok with that?"

Fine time to ask Jason thought. The guy seemed nice enough and he was going to get to doing it sooner or later if he wanted a boy friend so might as well.

"Ok" He practically whispered.

Once inside Jason found more opulence. The living room was decorated in brown woods with brown leather furniture. It was then that Jason realized Gerry was trying to pull his T-shirt off. Jason maneuvered his arms to allow it and felt the man's hands roaming all over his upper body. Jason was nervous and yet excited. He allowed the man to take him to the couch where he began kissing. Pulling away the annoyed man said,

"Open your mouth" and returned to kissing, plunging his tongue deep into Jason's mouth. He was aroused his cock rock hard in anticipation. I wasn't long before Gerry found it after buttoning the boy's pants. Jason was starting to loose himself in the moment, his sexual arousal peaking. He had never known the gentle touch of a man, well anyone really. The contact was welcome but still felt strange. The man disengaged to strip himself and took the opportunity to pull Jason's ratty jeans right off. Gerry laid his larger body on top of the teen and began to grind their bodies together. Jason didn't find the man that attractive. He was middle aged a bit over weight, genitals larger and hairy than his own. The grinding and the kissing pushed them both into urgent arousal.

"You're so soft cutie" the man whispered in his ear. Gripping him hard and groaning loudly he soaked the boy in his wet orgasm. Jason remained hard and unsatisfied however. The man pulled off,

"Did you cum?" Jason shook his head and with that the man continued stroking the teen until his breathing became heavy. Only near the end did he plunge the shaft down his throat and treated the teen to his first blowjob. Jason exploded mentally and physically churning out buckets of fluid and high pitched squealing groans. The feeling of orgasm overtook him completely. He was surprised at how much better it was than masturbating. His naked body contorted involuntarily finally coming to a rest, baked in his own sweat.

The man returned from the bathroom with a warm wet towel and washed the boy down, gently. Jason enjoyed the attention but had started to get nervous about what might come next. He quickly dressed and looked toward the door. Gerry offered a glass of water and spoke while the boy chugged it down.

Jason got out of the Porche a few blocks from his group home. He stuffed the forty dollars that the man had dropped in his lap, into his pocket. Both wondered if it would be the last time they'd see each other as the boy jogged away. It was the first time Jason was glad to be back in the relative safety of his little room. The night had left a powerful impression on him, he had been awakened to his own sexual desire. He got it now, why Sam was so interested in the attentions of a man.

Stray puppy: Chapter two.

Sam and Jason left another boring therapy session that thankfully ended a bit early. The two sat on a bench in the nearby park. Jason was jealous when Sam flipped his cell phone out.

"Hey, ya... Ok... I'm ready we finished early... Ok, Jason's with me... Yeah ok, see you soon, bye" Sam flipped his phone closed. "You want to meet my boyfriend?"

"Ok, I guess" Jason was more intrigued that he let on.

"Cancel your taxi, we're going out for pizza," Sam informed handing his phone over.

Jason made the call, shortly after a smart Audi sedan pulled up. Sam bolted for it waving for Jason to follow, appearing more like an excited 10 year old than a cool teenager. Jason took the back seat as Sam got a passionate kiss from his boyfriend in greeting. Continuing his bubbly mood he spoke to Jason,

"This is David, David, Jason," he said pointing as though it were required.

"Glad to finally meet you Jason, I've heard so much about you" David greeted as they drove away.

"Hey" he replied coolly, rather surprised to hear the Sam though to talk to anyone about him. Sam prattled on about whatever entered his mind, still giddy. Jason wasn't impressed by his childlike behaviour although it was somewhat amusing. They arrived at Pizza hut where Jason was informed that they always go for the buffet but that David would pay for everything so he was clear to get what ever he wanted.

As they mowed down slice after slice Jason found himself angry with Sam's continued giddiness. Bumping the man, leaning his head on his shoulder and generally babbling on like a girl. David must have read Jason's face as he said,

"He's always like this for the first little bit, he does return to normal eventually" Chuckling. Jason just nodded as he ate.

"He tells me that you're looking for a man yourself, any luck?" David said obviously trying to draw Jason into conversation. The boy just shook his head.

"Well Sammy here is getting a bit old now" The man joked and for his troubles got a punch in the shoulder from his boy. Sam flicked his tongue in and out of his mouth quickly in a sensual tease.

"Sam we're in public now" David said more seriously, which caused Sam to go into a mock pout.

"I don't have anyone in mind right now but if I can find someone I'll let you know," he said returning to Jason.

"Rich guys only" Sam interjected.

"You wouldn't love me if I was poor?"

"I'd sell myself for you, baby" Sam joked making a motion with his hand to suggest oral sex while pushing his cheek out with his tongue. Clearly Sam wasn't concerned about being in a restaurant.

Jason was dropped off close to his house as the car sped off surely in a hurry to release Sam's urgent desires. Jason knew he should be happy for Sam but he was rather taken aback by his abnormal behaviour. Jealousy, Jason knew, wasn't good, after all Sam had just wanted to show off his man. Moping into the house he checked in with the staff and retired to his bedroom to find that Dan's things were gone. Surprised he trotted back down stairs to enquire.

"Yeah, we got a new kid so were shuffling beds around, Dan's going in with Will, Andrew's moving in with Paul. The new kid is in with you. Should be here tomorrow"

Jason wasn't concerned about loosing Dan, he was friends with Will anyway, but the unknown of a new boy made him a bit anxious.

The next day Jason came home from school to find his new roommate unpacking.

"Hey I'm Jason," he said as he put his books away.

"I'm Corey" the boy replied.

`This kid is what 12?' Jason thought. Corey was small perhaps 5 foot 2 with straight longish blond hair, pale skin on a thin frame.

"I took the bottom two drawers cuz they were empty, I hope that's ok" he explained with an impish grin.

"How old are you?" Jason just had to know.


Jason raised an eyebrow in surprise as he lounged on his bed.

"Yeah really, just turned" Corey giggled nervously.

"They kick you out of the little guys home?" Jason asked.

"No this is my first group home. I was staying with my aunt cuz my dad was just sent to jail but they said I had to come here" The boy explained.

"This place isn't so bad" Jason reassured. He was worried that now he'd have someone to take care of, while what he wanted was someone to take care of him.

On Saturday Jason was able to escape from Corey who had puppy dogged around after him all week. Walking home in the late afternoon he spotted a gray Porche parked on the corner. He stopped and looked at it for a second and then kept going. The driver honked and then flashed his lights. Jason hesitated for a minute and then walked over. It was of course Gerry.

"Hey Jason, get in" Jason shook his head.

"Lets talk in the car, not on the street eh" Gerry requested casually.

Jason climbed in Gerry immediately ruffled his hair.

"You loose my number? Been 3 weeks kid" Gerry lamented.

"No" Jason replied flatly.

"So you want to do something?" Jason just shrugged his response

"Hey, we can do a movie, I can take you out to dinner, whatever you want. Or we could just go straight to the good stuff up to you" Jason didn't respond. " I can do the boyfriend thing if you want, you can tell me all about yourself" Jason figured that the only thing this guy wanted to know about him was his body.

"Drive" Jason snapped, as he saw Corey walking toward them. "Drive, go, go" he repeated. Gerry finally heeded and sped away quickly.

"I didn't want that kid to see me," Jason explained.

"Ok, so what now cutie" Gerry was clearly happy with the turn of events.

"Dinner I guess, give me your phone" Gerry handed it over and waited for Jason to make his excuses to the staff.

"Well you're not dressed for anything fancy, how about Casey's?" Jason nodded in agreement and soon they ended up in North Van having dinner.

Neither said a whole lot, Jason wasn't ready to reveal too much about him self just yet. He found the meal satisfying but now worried about what was expected.

"So back to my place?" Gerry quizzed

Jason nodded, although he wasn't completely comfortable with the idea.

Once in the house Gerry took no time in stripping Jason, caressing him everywhere as he did. The teen was aroused with the contact, his six-inch cock throbbing for attention. He didn't have to wait long for that. Gerry stroked it while he kissed his neck.

"Oh baby, you want me to suck it for you?... huh?" Jason nodded. Gerry laid him back into the couch and worked the cock into his mouth. The teen closed his eyes and allowed him self to be brought to another explosive orgasm. Gerry took his clothes off and stood in front of Jason his cock ready for action.

"Your turn" he commanded.

Jason hadn't sucked before but figured that it couldn't be that difficult. He sat up and licked the head then took it into his mouth. He used his tongue but didn't take much of the shaft.

"Oh baby you're such a tease," the man said, running his fingers through Jason's hair. Jason could feel the hands gently urging him deeper and when that didn't work the man demanded it.

"Come on kid take it" Jason took about half the shaft and got moans of pleasure in response. The man put his hands at the side of Jason's head and gently directed his motion. Soon Jason was able to give him what he wanted and took it almost all way down his throat. Just as Jason was tiring the man erupted filling his mouth. Jason pulled off and spat it out onto the floor. The man grabbed his own dick and stroked it, firing at Jason's face. Then he moved closer and rubbed it on his cheek then returned it to the boy's mouth. Jason obediently worked it with his tongue, giving the man the pleasure he desired.

"You're a natural cock sucker kid" The man complimented as he handed the boy a glass of water. He sat down beside Jason and stroking his back said quietly,

"I want to fuck you baby".

"No" Jason said standing up immediately.

"Ok, ok, don't get all upset" Gerry took his hand. "You want to stay and watch some TV?"

"I should go" Jason asked.

"One more round first" Gerry advised as he stood beside the boy and began stroking his member. "You're a natural kid".

Jason allowed the man to stimulate him, kissing and licking his neck. Suddenly he felt a finger massaging his hole. Jason stepped away.

"I wanna go now," he said firmly.

"Come on kid" Gerry protested.

"You want to see me again? Take me home right now" Jason ordered.

"Shit kid I'm ready to cum here" Gerry pleaded, "listen you lay down on the couch, a quick hump and were gone"

He guided Jason on to his back and humped him furiously. As promised it was quick, Jason was soaked in his semen.

"Ok get off," he said impatiently.

The man pushed himself up. He grabbed a towel that was at the ready to mop up the fluids.

"You want to cum again?" He asked, Jason who was still half hard.

"I just wanna go".

Jason took three folded twenties from the man before getting out of he car. Gerry extended his hand with another.

"If you take this one, it means you promise to call me" Gerry advised.

Jason stopped his arm mid stretch and shook his head.

"Ok just take it" Gerry whined as he fully extended his arm. "Take it kid"

Jason snapped it out of his hand.

"Please, please, please call me, ok?" Gerry pleaded.

Jason stepped away and trotted off home.

He felt dirty, he wanted a boyfriend not to become a prostitute. He was in no position to refuse the money however and the sexual release was very welcome but something was missing. There was no trust, no real friendship. Jason thought that perhaps he was at fault, maybe he just didn't know how to make someone love him.

He got in an hour before curfew and headed up stairs. He took a quick shower to cleanse himself of Gerry's sticky fluids. He did need to cum again. He pulled his half hard cock into action, closing his eyes and thought about Sam. With not much privacy in the group home the shower was about the only place he could jerk off. Nearing his release Jason's mind switched from Sam to David then back and at the moment of orgasm he though about Corey. Grunting as quietly as he could he expelled his load and then whispered "oh Corey".

Jason returned to his room wearing only a bath towel. Corey was already in Bed. Jason tried to be quiet as to not disturb him. Jason dropped his towel and reached for some shorts. In the darkness he heard Corey whimpering.

"You ok?"

"Fucking asshole Will" Corey complained.

Jason sat on Corey's bed and put a hand gently on his back.

"Don't let them get to you, they're all scared little boys on the inside, they just act tough" Jason repeated advice given to him long ago.

Jason went to bed but didn't fall asleep right away. After a while Corey stopped his whimpering and sat up. He sat wavering as to whether to lie back down or get up. Jason recognized the pain the boy was feeling, it wasn't pity it was more empathy. Jason lifted his blanket and made space in his own bed. Corey didn't wait for any more of an invitation and jumped in beside his new friend. Jason Cuddled with him, as much for his own comfort as for Corey's.

Stray puppy: Chapter three.

Jason was surprised to get a phone call. No one called him at the group home. Concerned that it might be Gerry he answered cautiously.


"You know anyone turning 16 this week?" A young voice asked.


"I'm moving in with David you have to come over Saturday" Sam ordered.

"I don't know" Jason still felt jealous of the whole situation and didn't need his nose rubbed in it.

"David has a guy you can meet, like a double date" Sam offered excited.

"The staff listen in on this phone" Jason informed sternly.


"Alright I'll come" Jason gave in.

Sam practically led Jason around by the hand as he gave him a tour of the 6-room condo. It was rather spacious and brightly decorated. It had to be the tidiest place Jason had ever seen, everything was in its place. The boys finally came to rest in front of the big screen TV taking in the smells of dinner preparations when there was a knock at the door.

"That will be Doug, let him in Jason" He just shook his head.

With a second knock Sam bounded up and went to the door " I'll do it".

Sam returned with a man in a wheel chair. Jason was dumbfounded, he hadn't expected this at all. `Some one could have mentioned it to me' he thought. The man was in his early thirties and seemed rather attractive, his muscled arms evident even beneath his dress shirt. From the way his pants were folded it was clear that his legs ended before where his knees should be.

"So I do I get a kiss from the sweet 16?" Doug asked, obviously having met Sam previously.

Sam giggled and then granted the wish.

"You must be Jason, I'm Doug" The man wheeled up and reached his hand over. Jason took it tentatively. "Don't worry you don't have to kiss me" he said smiling.

Jason was happy that the royal prince was the center of conversation at dinner, he didn't want to engage in mundane banter. Finally David spoke to him.

"You don't have to be nervous of Doug, Jason, I've know him for years he's a good guy"

"Jason, I have to tell you David used to be more miserable than me! Until he met Sam. Once I met Sam I was instantly jealous!" Doug reported with a laugh, only really half joking.

"I know I'm only half the man David is" Groaning laughter erupted "but I'd like to be your friend, just friends" Doug pleaded his case.

Jason nodded noncommittally "ok"

After desert the boys retired to Sam's room to play video games. The room was setup for it with a large screen and two game consoles. His possessions were strewn about the room, clothes haphazardly arranged in the closet, quite a contrast from the rest of the apartment. There was a futon against the wall should Sam ever wish to actually sleep in own room.

"You should get him to suck you off tonight" Sam suggested while playing.

"What?" Jason was startled by the suggestion.

"That's what I did with David, whipped it out while he was giving me the lets just be friends talk and told him to suck it. Got rid of all that nervous crap," Sam explained.

"I don't know" Jason replied.

Twenty minutes later David arrived.

"Hey Jase, mind if I take a turn" he asked.

Jason looked up at him, then over at Sam, who stopped playing,

"Go talk to your boyfriend" he said smiling while waving him out of the room.

Jason meandered into the living room, where Doug was waiting.

"Hey Jason, come sit over here" he motioned patting the couch next to him.

"Bathroom" Jason excused himself, pointing to where it was, as though it required explanation.

Jason returned and sat on the couch next to Doug who had extracted himself from the wheel chair. The two sat in awkward silence for a few minutes until Jason decided he'd have to make the first move, although he wasn't going to be as brash as Sam had claimed to be. The boy pulled his loose T off and exposed his pale flesh. Turning his back to the man, in a way to avoid embarrassment and asked,

"Rub my back?"

"Ah sure" Doug clearly wasn't expecting to have things move along like this but after a few minutes of casual stroking with an open palm he got is fingers into it. Jason moaned with pleasure as Doug hit all the sweet spots, learning to avoid the ticklish areas.

Sam arrived with an excuse of getting drink, perhaps from his own curiosity or maybe sent by David's. "Oh, get a room!" He jibed.

"Am I making you jealous Sam?" Doug quizzed

"You wish" the teen retorted as he made his way to the kitchen.

Once Sam was gone Doug pulled Jason back into a more upright position and worked on his neck and shoulders. "God you are so tense".

"Try living in a group home" Jason explained.

"I can't even imagine. Sam's so excited about being with David full time I just wonder how things will change now" Doug speculated.

"What do you mean?"

"Well he gets all excited about seeing David, now it will be just a common thing to have him around all the time, we'll see now how things go when they disagree on stuff. Living with someone is tough, visiting is easy," Doug explained.

Jason saw the logic in that but being the only boy in the place he couldn't see a downside. Most of Jason's stress was due to other boys at the group home, not so much with the adults.

Doug's fingers had invaded Jason's rat's nest of sandy brown hair. Jason pulled forward as if to indicate that he wanted the hands on his back not in his hair. Doug stopped and asked,

"Lay your head down here" motioning to his lap.

Jason looked at the stumps that were his legs, he was a bit freaked out over Doug's disability.

"They won't break Jason" when the boy continued to hesitate he suggested, "get a pillow" The boy reached for a small pillow and Doug put it on his lap and gently pulled Jason prone, his pretty face beaming up at him. Jason wasn't comfortable with the direct gaze of the man, or the way he was gently stroking his face. The other hand was stroking Jason's chest. The man reached over and took Jason's hand, moving it up to touch his own face. Jason got the hint and touched the man in the same manner that he was receiving. His face was rough, not as clean shaven as Gerry was, although firmer. Jason wasn't comfortable with all this gentle touching and sat up. Doug took it as a signal for things to move forward and turned the boys shoulders to face him, moving in for a kiss. Jason didn't respond.

"It's ok," Doug said as he pulled the teens head in a little.

Jason took the plunge and shared his mouth with Doug's tongue. It was gentle, different from Gerry's urgent lustful kissing.

"They're making out on the couch!" Sam called to David as the pair entered the room. The kissing ended as Jason and Doug sat still, as though they'd been caught doing something bad.

"So who's a better kisser?" Jason asked playfully.

"Oh you of course" Doug encouraged.

"What!" Sam protested. He came over to Jason and pushed him back into the couch. Jason expected a playfully aggressive response but in stead got his friend's tongue demanding to enter his mouth. Jason let Sam in and was instantly hard, the feeling of kissing a boy he'd had a crush on for months was amazing. As quickly as it started though it was over.

"So, who's the best kisser?" Sam demanded.

"You are" Jason replied moving to hide his erection.

"Stop trying to steal another man's boyfriend" David chimed in.

The make out sessions were over and Jason put his shirt back on. After some evening coffee it was time for Jason's ride home. The four rode the elevator down to Doug's level, apparently he living in the same building.

"Jason, I wrote my number and e-mail down for you, I'd really like it if you'd call me" Doug asked before the elevator carried on to the garage. As David drove him home, Jason was quiet, not thinking about how things had gone with Doug but savoring the moment with Sam. As he settled in for the night, it occurred to him that it was the first time he'd been out with a man and not been paid. `Maybe things could work out with this Doug guy' he thought, `at least he didn't try and fuck me.'

Stray puppy: Chapter four.

Jason didn't call Doug, it just felt too weird, instead he called Sam on a pay phone. With David's help they arranged another double date but this time Doug was going to pick him up. It never occurred to Jason that Doug could drive, he didn't comprehend the mechanics of the whole thing.

"A guy in a car is asking for you" Corey informed standing in the doorway of their room.

`Fuck he came to the house, what was Sam thinking' Jason thought.

"Thanks buddy" Jason ruffled his roommates hair and bolted.

Indeed there was a blue 2 door Acura out side. Jason approached and saw Doug in the drivers seat. He jumped in beside him and ordered,

"Drive, go, go now".

Doug complied using the hand controls to accelerate the vehicle. Jason noticed that he used a normal steering wheel and a joystick like device to speed and slow the car. It was otherwise decked out with the usual luxuries, Leather, sunroof and nav system.

"You embarrassed to have your friends see me?" Doug asked a bit irritated.

"I don't want the staff asking any questions about me going out with some guy, next time park down the street by the bus stop, I'll come to you" Jason said sternly.

"Sorry Jason I didn't know" Doug said more softly.

They drove to the movie theatre where they were to meet Sam and David. Jason watched as Doug used his powerful arms to pull his chair from the backseat and unfold it beside him. He hauled himself into the chair and pushed the door closed.

"One thing about being in a chair is that I never have to look for parking" Doug advised as he maneuvered himself up the ramp into the theatre.

They met Sam and David and then the four waded their way through the sea of humanity to their theatre. Doug stopped in the wheel chair area and then lifted himself into the adjacent seat. Jason had assumed that the men would sit together and the boys would sit elsewhere, as was the case when the group home took him out to the movies. Instead Jason was directed to sit between Doug and Sam, the two men flanking the boys.

Shortly into the film, Doug took Jason's hand and held it. He wasn't totally comfortable with it but when he looked over at Sam it seemed to pale in comparison. The boy had lifted up the armrest and curled himself into David's side. Jason was jealous but he was too anxious to try that with Doug.

After the film Sam and David raced off to another event leaving Doug and Jason to themselves, which was the idea. They wandered through the mall in an awkward silence. Jason stopped at a GAP store and admired a `hoody' much like the one Sam wore.

"You want that?" Doug asked.

"70 bucks, I don't have that much" Jason lamented.

"I do" Doug replied.

"You'd buy it for me?" Jason confirmed.

"That's what moderately rich boyfriends are for" Doug said jovially. "Take the beige one it matches your hair nicely".

"I like the blue"

After a brief silence Doug gave in, "get one of each, wear the one I like when you're with me, the one you like the other times".

Jason didn't like being told what to wear but it was Doug's money so he agreed.

Wearing the beige hoody Jason returned to the car with Doug.

"Well then, something to eat?" Doug asked.

"Sure" Jason said flatly.

"I can just take you home, it's ok with me either way" Doug replied to Jason's lack of enthusiasm.

"It's ok, I'm good until 11" Jason advised.

"You want to go back to my place and just order pizza?" Doug suggested. Before Jason could consider Doug took the pause to mean reluctance. " I'm not expecting anything Jason, just two guys having pizza".

Jason looked at him perplexed and after a short silence that he was sure tortured Doug he said, " Well I was gunna give you blow job, but if all you want is pizza, hey".

Doug burst out laughing, it was the most forward thing he'd ever heard Jason say.

Jason discovered that Doug's apartment was laid out identically to David's although it was decorated in darker brown tones and the furniture seemed more traditional. The kitchen and bathroom had been modified with lower fixtures to assist Doug's disability.

After the pizza had been consumed Jason allowed some head stroking from is boyfriend. Jason found the term difficult to accept, the fact that he had one at all and that Doug was far from being a boy. Man friend just didn't seem to fit either.

"It's almost 8 now, we should go at 9:30, get you home and me back in time for bed. I have hockey early tomorrow". Doug advised.

"You play hockey?" Jason quizzed

"Yeah sledge hockey, you should come and watch sometime" Doug continued to surprise his teen friend.

"I'm going to the bathroom," Jason announced as he got up, "I'll meet you in the bed room"

He left Doug dumbfounded by his forwardness. Not completely sure if he was serious Doug opted to keep his clothes on. When Jason arrived in the bedroom, he pulled his hoody off and continued to strip. There he stood naked his 6 incher half rigid.

"Wow" Doug sighed, "You're gorgeous."

"No I'm not" Jason wasn't good at taking compliments he found such exaggerations disingenuous.

"Oh yeah you are, when I first saw you I was amazed at how cute you were" Doug continued, " David said you were as good looking as Sam but wow, you're cuter"

"You gunna get naked or what" Jason brought the complimenting to an end.

Doug quickly stripped and rolled on the bed to give Jason room to join. As the boy just stood there Doug spoke,

"It's ok Jason, look at them all you want, touch them" Doug referred his stumps. Eventually he pulled a blanket up to cover them.

"There, just imagine I have legs" he joked as the boy lay down beside him.

After a brief period of gentle touching, they stroked each other's members. Jason already at full hardness while Doug was quickly gaining size. They kissed and fondled each other until fully aroused. Jason broke off and examined Doug's penis. It was 8 inches and thick. He licked the head as he gripped the base firmly.

"You don't have suck it, I know it's big" Doug advised.

"You talk to much" Jason said as he took half the shaft and began sucking.

"You don't talk enough you moody prick," Doug said warmly.

Doug maneuvered Jason on top of him, so that he could return the favour. It was quite different for Jason to be giving and receiving at the same time. He found it exciting yet distracting. Soon he unloaded, his man friend swallowing everything he could.

Jason rotated so that he was below Doug's cock, which allowed him a better angle of attack. He impressed his man by taking even more of the thick dick into his mouth, until his nose was edging against Doug's pubes.

The teen took the first load into his mouth having backed off as the orgasm approached. Jason spat it out onto Doug's muscular belly and continued working. Doug was fully enjoying the boy's attentions, calling out his name between moans. Jason kept at it, Doug gripping the headboard as he grunted with the stimulation to his over sensitive penis. Jason actually checked if the man was ok, the last thing he'd want to do is give him a heart attack.

Finally done Jason went to get a clean up towel.

"You're so good, that's the best I've ever had" Doug said breathlessly.

Jason was embarrassed at the compliment as he cleaned Doug. The man guided him onto his side and began to suck on his half hard dick. Soon Jason was throbbing with arousal. Doug was working as hard as he could to please his boy. Jason exploded and grunted his pleasure, expelling his fluids into the waiting mouth. He couldn't take any more sucking and stopped Doug from continuing. The two cuddled until it was time to reluctantly go.

Jason had seen Doug every Saturday during the summer. It was hardly an exciting relationship but it was comfortable. They tended to do the same things in and out of bed. Jason had been encouraged to try new things such as going to live theatre. Doug however was not as accepting of Jason's suggestions for new things to do.

Jason was bored the stuffy restaurant didn't thrill him. It was of Doug's choosing of course. Jason had finally given into Doug's insistence that he get a haircut. `The rat's nest has got to go' he'd been told. Now he looked more like Corey! Straight sandy brown hair, still a little of on the longish side but now neat and tidy.

The Salad finally arrived, gosh Jason was starving the sliver of bread was doing nothing for him.

"Not that fork" Doug snapped, "Come on it's not that hard, just make an effort"

Jason put the errant fork down and took the other one, at least he didn't have three forks, then he'd be really screwed up.

"Jason, elbows off the table, we're in a nice restaurant here" Doug continued clearly displeased.

"Casey's was ok with me" Jason lamented, he just wasn't into fine dinning.

Once the meal was over they returned to Doug's condo. Jason didn't get why dinner had to take 2 hours and he wasn't really full, despite an appetizer and desert.

In the bedroom Jason worked hard to keep Doug on the edge, he knew the man liked it to last as long a possible. Grunting, moaning and calling Jason's name, Doug indicated that he was finally ready to cum. Jason easily granted the wish, swallowing down as much as he could, allowing the remainder to drip from his lips. He wasn't that thrilled about consuming the man's fluids but it was something that Doug had encouraged until the Boy finally gave in.

As Jason laid down for his blowjob Doug stroked his head and asked, "Jason, do you want to do something different tonight?"

The boy's brown eyes widened, " what?"

"Fuck me" Doug asked.

"Fuck you? My dick in your ass?" Jason confirmed.


"Ok" Jason replied as he kneeled in front of Doug, who was prone on his back. The man handed the boy a tube of lube and Jason lifted his stumps out of the way to finger the hole. Jason had finally gotten over the man's abnormality.

"Shouldn't I use a condom?" Jason asked.

"I'm your first, how could you have any diseases?" Doug paused, " Ok, you're not my first" and reached for a Condom.

Jason entered the man fully rubberized. Doug grunted and moaned as Jason pounded his dick rapidly into the hole, quickly reaching orgasm. He cried out Doug's name, as the man had insisted during sex. With his second orgasm of the night over, Jason lay with his man friend and allowed the gentle touching that Doug liked so much. He felt a finger rounding his ass and parting into his cheeks. It gently pressed against his hole. Jason held his breath for a second and then as the finger pressed inward he rolled off the bed.

"Where are you going?" Doug asked irritated.

"I wanna go home," Jason reported.

"What? ... No. 9:30 like always, what's up with you?" Doug was upset.

"I wanna go" Jason repeated as he started to dress.

"I'm not a mind reader Jason, what's the problem?" Doug asked exasperated with his moody teen.

"I don't like my hole touched," He announced now fully clothed.

"Ok, message received, hole's off limits, got it" Doug said aggressively, making Jason think that he was angry.

Jason retreated to the living room, where Doug joined him once he got dressed.

"Can I have a beer?" Jason asked.

"What? No." Doug advised.

"Sam gets beer, it's not like I haven't' had it before." He protested.

"I don't care what Sam gets, I don't give 15 year olds alcohol, cigarettes or drugs." Doug challenged.

"You just let them suck your dick" Jason said sarcastically, how could he compare beer to drugs.

"I don't know what you want from me Jason" Doug was frustrated.

"You don't care what I want, it's all about what you want." Jason accused.

"You're so damn moody! I'm just trying to be your friend Jason" Doug protested.

"I wanted a boyfriend, not a father that wants his dick sucked" Jason insulted.

"Well Jason, nobody is making you stay" Doug blurted angrily.

The boy pulled off his beige hoody and threw it at Doug, turned and grabbed his backpack. Storming for the door Doug wheeled after him.

"Jason, I'm sorry, wait, wait will you?" As Jason made his way into the hallway Doug continued to call after him, " I'll drive you home, come back. Ok I'm an asshole, I get it, come back"

As the elevator arrived, Jason gave Doug the finger and strode in.

To be continued.