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Stray puppy: Chapter five.

Jason didn't bother to turn his cell phone on until Thursday. Yes Jason finally got a cell phone, Doug gave it to him for his birthday. When he did power it up he half expected that Doug had cut off the service but it seemed to work. Checking messages he found two, both from Doug. He deleted them without listening to them. Jason was still angry with Doug and his controlling ways. He figured that he was better off without him, now he could dress, as he wanted, eat what he wanted and do what he wanted.

Jason went up to his room at 9:30, he wanted to read a bit before bed. As he opened the door he found Corey lying on the bed feet on the floor, and shorts around his ankles. He was pumping his penis and breathing heavily. Upon seeing Jason he stopped and moved to cover himself.

"Corey! Man, do that in the bathroom" Jason chided.

"Sorry" he whispered.

Jason could see the boy was upset but he wasn't sure if it was at being caught or missing out on an orgasm that he surely just interrupted.

"Are you crying?" Jason asked.


"It's ok Corey we all do it, we're teenagers. Do it in the bathroom or keep it under the covers or something" Jason tried to console his younger roommate.

Jason was empathetic to Corey's situation. He had spent many a night in solo sex himself.

"How often do you do it? With your boyfriend I mean" Corey asked.

Jason scowled at him, "boy friend?"

"Yeah the guy that picks you up every Saturday" Corey explained.

Jason sighed, "Ok first quit following me around, second keep that to your self do you want to get the shit kicked out of me?"

Corey hung his head " Sorry"

Jason knelt down in front of the blond teen putting his hands on the boy's thighs. "It's ok Corey, here let me help you with that".

"Help me?"

Jason spread the boy's legs to reveal the semi flaccid penis, "man, you got some nasty friction burns there, every hear of lube?"

Corey chuckled nervously.

Jason gently pushed Corey on his back and took the cock into mouth. Corey sighed as Jason worked him into full arousal. The boy grew to about 5 inches. Jason easily worked it the entire length, nestling his nose in the mustache of public hair just above the base. Completely without warning Corey thrust his hips upward and unloaded into Jason's mouth. His body convulsed as he let out squeaky moans. Jason put a hand over his mouth to dampen the noise. Lacking a clean up towel Jason opted to lick up the spillage.

Jason got up and pulled a blanket over Corey's half naked body, lest anyone enter. Corey lay silent for a while then pulled his night shorts up and got properly into bed. Jason read for a while and at 10:30 put his book down and turned out the light. Corey rolled out of bed, came over to Jason and planted a kiss right on his lips, then retreated silently.

Jason wondered if he'd done the right thing, now Corey would think that he was his boyfriend.

Jason checked his messages again at lunchtime on Saturday. Two more from Doug, deleted and one from Sam. Jason figured he should call Sam back.

"Hey, Doug's pretty broken up, what happened" Sam asked.

"Ah, he thinks he owns me" Jason reported.

"Can't be that bad, I kinda like it when David gets all possessive"

"Well, David doesn't boss you around like Doug does, it's always HIS way" Jason explained.

"David's like that too sometimes, that's just the way it is. I know he loves me, I just pout for a while til I get my way" Sam said with chuckle. "Are you going to talk to Doug, he said you haven't returned any of his calls"

"I don't know"

"Just tell him it's over, he just wants to know" Sam advised.

"He already knows, he just won't let it go" Jason lamented.

"Well if you don't call him, he'll come around the house, so just call him"

"I guess" Jason sighed.

"You still have come visit me and David you know. I won't let David sneak Doug in or anything," Sam promised.

"Yeah, yeah we're still friends," Jason confirmed.

After hanging up Jason was worried about Doug dropping by so he decided he'd go out for the day. He entered the living room to find the staff member he knew would be the easiest to ask. Corey was sitting nearby, perhaps out of boredom or maybe for protection.

"I'm going out for the afternoon, I'll be back for dinner", Jason had a moment of weakness on seeing the mop head. "Corey's coming with me".

Corey sat upright, with a silly grin on his face.

"So you're responsible for Corey then?" The staff member asked.

"Yeah, I'll stick with him"

That began Corey and Jason's first date, well at least in Corey's mind. Corey was giddy at the idea of going out with Jason. They walked to the transit station and rode it downtown. While the pair didn't have a huge resemblance they were close enough that anyone might think them brothers. So Jason didn't mind when Corey got all touchy on the train, hanging off his shoulder and gripping his forearm.

They found a movie they both wanted to see and then afterward roamed around until it was time to head back. Walking back to the house Jason stopped suddenly when he recognized Doug's car sitting in front of the house. I couldn't tell if he was in it or had gone up to the house.

`Shit, this is all I need', Jason thought.

"Corey, I'm staying out for a while, if Doug's there just tell him not to bother me anymore." Jason asked.

"Really? I'll stay with you"

"No I promised I'd get you back on time, they won't let us go out again if I don't" Jason explained.

"Where are you going?"

"If I don't tell you, you won't have to lie" Jason reasoned and with that watched his agent return to the house before trotting back to the transit station.

Jason was bored, he'd spent all his money on his outing with Corey. Shuffling through his wallet, hoping to find a surprise folded bill somewhere he discovered Gerry's number.

Jason flipped his phone open and dialed it.

"Gerry? It's umm Jason"

"Jason, ... Jason, hmmm, best cock sucker in the world?" Gerry said jovially.

"I guess"

"So can I see you?" Gerry got right to the point.

"Yeah pick me up, I'm ready now"

"I'm driving downtown right now, I'll head out your way" Gerry took no time in finding Jason at the station.

Jumping in the Porche Jason got his hair ruffled in greeting, "I almost didn't recognize you with your hair all nice and neat, you're a bit taller too"

"Yeah I grew a couple of inches," Jason explained.

"Your dick get any bigger?" Gerry jibed.

Jason just chuckled.

"Eat first?"

"Yeah, what ever you want" Jason advised.

"No, no kid it's whatever you want."

"Pizza at your place" Jason ordered.

"Oh yeah that's my boy" Gerry was giddy.

Arriving at Gerry's Jason carried the pizza into the kitchen. Gerry got plates and a serving tool.

"Drink?" He asked.

"I'll have a beer," Jason said casually.

"Ah, sorry kid, I have a policy against severing beer" Gerry said seriously, "until your naked!"

Jason wasn't sure if that meant he was going to get a beer or if he should start undressing.

Gerry got them both a cold beer, sliding Jason an opener. "You couldn't have opened it for me?" Jason asked.

"Most guys want to open their own drinks, no funny business," Gerry explained.

Jason didn't fully comprehend what Gerry was suggesting.

After the pizza Jason did get naked, this time in Gerry's bedroom. After some body rubbing foreplay Jason sucked him off, slipping a dick smaller than he was used to all way down his throat. It wasn't long before Gerry was satisfied.

"Wow kid you got even better! and that was cool you swallowed" Gerry complimented.

Jason just laid back and waited for his service to begin.

Gerry returned with a clean up towel and more beer, Jason's third. After they enjoyed some more play Jason was feeling a bit tipsy. Gerry rolled him on to his belly and lifted his hips. Jason could feel something going on and before he realized it Gerry had fully pushed his dick fully inside him.

"Just relax kid," He said softly.

There was no pain, just a strange feeling of being full. As the man began to pump Jason felt a warm numb feeling wash over him. He was being fucked, he figured that part out and it felt pretty good.

"You're so tight kid. You like it?" Gerry asked.


"Ok we're going a bit faster now," Gerry warned as he thrust deep and hard. Moaning grunting and pounding he released his load. Gerry lay panting on Jason for a few minutes.

"That was great kid, did you cum?" He asked, but answered his own question when he rolled Jason over, his belly soaked.

Jason's sleep was stirred by his need to use the bathroom. He was still a bit groggy and used the furniture to get himself to the en suite toilet. He noticed that it was almost 2AM as he sat to empty his bladder and bowls. `Shit, I'm in for it now, 2 fucking AM' he thought. The staff would put him on restriction for a week. Jason's movement was rather loose and so he stayed on the toilet for a while.

He heard a noise in the bedroom and though Gerry must be awake but there were 3 voices. Gerry's was getting rather upset, who could be visiting at this hour? Jason heard two loud bangs and then silence. Panicked he sought a place to hide.

The bathroom door opened and Jason heard footsteps. He had squeezed himself into the cupboard under the sink. Not a very comfortable fit with the pipes and all.

He waited half an hour before extracting himself and entered the bedroom cautiously. Jason vomited right on the floor when he saw Gerry's blood soaked body on the bed. He was clearly dead, two bullet holes in his head.

Jason ran from the room, dressed and took the cash in Gerry's wallet before heading out into the night. Jason gave half a though to taking the Porche but he'd never driven before. Running to the major intersection he hailed a taxi.

Edwin was the night staff, an older guy that stayed over night in the house. He was a no nonsense prick. Another kid told him that he used to be a jail guard, and Jason believed it. He knew all these pressure holds and how to restrain kids to make it hurt. Jason just stood there when the door opened. Edwin pulled him in buy the arm and locked the door.

"You been drinking?" He interrogated.

Jason nodded, "you been puking too" Edwin noticed.

He marched Jason over the kitchen sink, pulled off his shirt and washed him off with a cold rag. The usual punishment for being in late was the box, late and drinking, Jason had no idea but it wasn't likely going to be pleasant.

"So you got yourself in deep shit eh?" Edwin announced "Oh yeah I know all about it," he continued with Jason's stunned look.

"You figured you could hide it huh?" Edwin now had Jason completely panicked.

"Your boyfriend came by, you should have told us, what if he was some kind of creep?" Edwin advised clearly meaning that Doug had spoken to them. Jason though it best to keep his mouth shut, about what happened at Gerry's.

Edwin walked him to the stairs " Go to bed, and don't be bragging that you were out all night drinking" he said sternly his parental finger waving.

Jason entered his little room, stripped down, put on a pair of night shorts and sat on his bed. Corey stirred slightly but didn't wake. After a few minutes Jason climbed in with him. As he cuddled in the boy mumbled, "Jason".

Stray puppy: Chapter six.


Jason got up early, he surely didn't want to be caught in Corey's bed. He emptied his bladder and returned to their room, taking to his own bed. He rose again mid-day, stumbling downstairs to get some cereal. He wondered how many people knew about the Doug thing. No one seemed to let on that they did though. Jason though of asking the senior staff but figured they'd talk to him when they were ready.

`Probably means they'll move me again', he thought. `Maybe not a bad idea.'

As Jason ate he could see the breaking news on the TV. They had found Gerry, apparently they were calling it a drug dispute. Jason tried not to seem too interested.

"Hey Jason that looks like you" Dan said from the couch.

Jason looked over at the TV. They had a video capture of a boy leaving the house in a series of stills and yes it resembled Jason.

`Fuck, he had a security camera!' Jason was again panicked

Jason got up and walked over to the TV.

"Yeah it does, blurry enough though, how can they identify anyone with that," Jason said as convincingly as he could. He was more worried however that the men who had killed Gerry now knew for sure someone was in the house. Jason went upstairs get some clean clothes and entered the bathroom. He puked in the toilet and then showered. He wondered if it was the stress, the beer or bad pizza that had him throwing up all the time.

Once composed he returned to his room, packed a few clothes in a bag, took a couple of books and all his money. He went downstairs and straight out the door. He knew he needed to get some distance from all this, it wouldn't be long before someone came looking for him.

Jason had an aunt on Vancouver Island, somewhere near Victoria he thought but it had been years since he was last there. He took a bus to the ferry terminal and boarded a ship for the crossing. It was near dark when he got off the Ferry, having spent a large chunk of his money on the ticket. He wandered around and found a pay phone, searching for his aunt's name in the phone book, without luck. Again he puked.

Jason got some water in a Mall bathroom, he figured eating was pointless until he stopped being sick. He found a park and lay down in the bushes to get a couple of hours of sleep.

He woke damp with the morning dew as the sun rose beautifully into the sky. He walked around downtown and talking to some other kids was told where he could find a shelter. It wasn't a nice place but they gave him something to eat and a warmer jacket. He told them he was 16 and used the name Sandy. The workers didn't ask many questions, they were expecting false information anyway. They said they would try and get contact info for his aunt and then sent him on his way.

Jason decided that he would use Sandy as his name from now on, it would be his street name, `how strange' he thought.

Sandy spent two weeks on the street, he found other street boys his age and knew by the way they dressed what they must be doing for money. Sandy joined them. He did it to survive, he asked $50 for a blowjob but would take $40, as the other boys had instructed him. There was no shortage of customers but Sandy worked just a few times. He didn't need much money for food. He squatted with a couple of other boys in an industrial area, obtaining a sleeping bag from a charity. What surprised Sandy the most was when street workers would come around and hand out condoms.

On his second Saturday of street life one of his `pretty boy' friends, Bobby, had a proposition for him.

"Sandy, you want to come to a party tonight" The supper skinny teen suggested.

"Naw not into that stuff" Sandy advised.

"Not a crack party, a sex party. A couple of the regulars got picked up by the cops" Bobby continued, " If you come that will make 8 of us"

"How many men?" Sandy wanted to know.

"15, 20"

"That's a lot, what do we have to do?" Sandy was anxious about the idea.

"Not so many, we go over tonight have an orgy, leave in the morning." Bobby advised.

"Yeah I only wanna suck though," Sandy explained.

"Sure, that'd be ok, everyone can fuck me" The crack whore chuckled.

Sandy and Bobby joined six other boys near a park, all were around his age, one even looked younger than himself. A big white passenger van pulled up and they all piled in.

They drove 20 minutes out of the city to a large house. The Van came to a stop at the back and the boy's were ushered inside. It was the largest house Sandy had ever seen. The Garage was large enough to be a house on it's own. The main part of the mansion was a 2 story L shaped structure, which peaked with a 3rd story in the center block. Once inside Sandy found the opulence that one might expect in such a house. Entering at the service doorway the boys were led through the kitchen and down a hall to the back stairs.

Once in the basement they passed by an exercise / game room. There were two change rooms one male and one female. The boys used both to shower. Sandy enjoyed the hot water on his body, he wished he could have stayed longer under the cleansing spray but the other boys were waiting. Once dried off the boys were assembled in the hallway, naked.

A twenty ish man went down the line attaching collars to each boy's neck while making notations in a little book. Arriving at Bobby he said,

"Black for you right?"

"Oh yeah" the skinny boy replied.

"What about you?" The man asked Sandy.

"He'll take Green" Bobby answered for him.

The man put a green nylon dog collar around Sandy's neck, the fit was just loose enough to be comfortable. The man scribbled in his little book.

"What's your name?" He asked without looking up.


"What's the collars all about?" Sandy asked after the man had stroke away.

"The colour tells them what you'll do" Bobby explained, " Green means just blowjobs".

"What does black mean?"

"Anything goes" Bobby advised.

The entertainers were led into a large party room. Sandy figured it must take up a large part of the basement. There was a bar along one wall, an open dance floor in the middle with couches positioned on the perimeter. In each corner of the room there were raised platforms, perhaps a meter off the floor with padded surfaces. Pillows of various shapes and colours were strewn about.

Sandy approached the bar where the other boys were standing. He was a bit taken aback to find drugs laid out. The young man was taking note of what each boy took. Bobby as expected was taking cocaine up his nose.

"What do you want?" The young man asked Sandy.

"Oh, no I'm good"

"Really? Nothing?" He confirmed.

Sandy shook his head and stepped back, turning to join the others who had thrown themselves onto the furniture. Music began and strobe lights came on. It was like being in a club. It wasn't long before men started to arrive. Most appeared to Sandy to be in their late 30s and into their 40s although some were older. He counted 18 in total, all naked like the boys. Some danced with them others sat on the couches admiring the young bodies with their hands.

Sandy himself was subjected to many hands on his body, exploring him. An older guy spoke to him with a British accent,

"Oh you've been a bad boy haven't you" the sixty-ish man said, as he gripped Sandy's ass firmly.

Sandy turned to face him.

"Oh bother, green collar" The man lamented, "don't suppose you'd fancy a spanking you naughty boy"

Sandy shook his head. The man patted his butt cheek and moved on. Sandy went to the bar where a clothed bar tender server him a beer. `just one tonight' he told himself. The only other clothed man in the place was the 20 ish man in charge of the boys.

Sandy saw that the old guy had found someone to spank, it seemed playful enough the boy mock crying `oh please, please I'll be a good boy'. Other teens were getting a good fucking, while some serviced men orally. He saw Bobby, he was getting double holed, one in his ass another in his mouth. Sandy ended up servicing five men that night before the music stopped.

All the men had left, Sandy noticed. The boys were sleeping in the couches and on the platforms. He'd found a beanbag chair to recline in. Sandy noticed a man around his late 30's walking around to each boy. He was turning the boys onto their bellies and then putting blankets over them. The man noticed that Sandy was watching him.

"Hey you, still awake?" an obvious think to say.

"What are you doing?" Sandy asked.

"I put them on their fronts in case they vomit, I don't need anyone choking to death in the night" The man reported as he covered the last boy.

"Has that happened?" Sandy enquired.

"Not to me thank god". The man said as he moved toward Sandy. He was an attractive man, over 6 foot tall and muscular. He had the powerful arms that turned Sandy on. He put an arm under Sandy's back and then scooped up his legs and lifted him like baby.

"What are you doing?"

"It's ok, you can sleep in my bed. I'm the host, I get to claim a bed warmer," The man reported as carried Sandy from the room.

"I have a green collar," Sandy blurted.

"I know what that means, don't worry" and with that Sandy ended up in the Master bedroom.

He woke with a start, he heard two loud bangs and bolted from the bedroom. There was Corey lying in the hallway, two bullet holes in his head. Sandy rushed to his friend. The dead boy opened his eyes and said, "Why did you leave me behind Jason?"

Sandy sat upright in bed, sweaty and breathing rapidly. His mind raced, where was he, where was Corey? Sandy started to relax, `it was a dream' he thought. But how much of it was? Certainly Corey was, but was the party a dream? How did he end up in this bed, alone? Sandy got up and wandered downstairs. The party was no dream, he was here in the mansion. He found a bathroom and pissed. Now fully awake, he wondered where everyone else was. Making his way into the kitchen he found a pitcher of orange juice on the counter and server himself a large glass. The house was massive but he resisted calling out to anyone. He walked into a large room, living room wouldn't be an apt description but that's all he could think to call it.

"There you are" a familiar voice said from a chair, putting down his newspaper, the host continued. "You missed brunch and your ride, the other boys are gone".

Sandy walked towards the man. Looking out the window he could see that it must be late afternoon from where the sun was.

"What is it about naked boys just out of bed, that make them such a turn on" The man said. Sandy then realized that indeed he was naked, he had been for quite some time but only now regarded it as unusual.

"Bet your hungry, come I'll make you something".

Sandy just couldn't eat another pancake. He liked them but he was bursting. It was the first big meal he'd had in a while and surely the first time he'd eaten pancakes in the nude.

"Vic would it be ok if I had a shower?" he asked his host.

"Go up to my bedroom, there's a big tub, soak in it as long as you like"

Sandy did just that. He found immense pleasure at submerging his body in hot water. All he needed now was a little rubber ducky to play with. Vic came in to see if he'd drowned or something. Sandy though perhaps the man was going to join him but instead motioned the boy out. After the man dried him off he took him to his bed. Sandy had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen next. Vic took quite a long time just exploring Sandy's skin with his hands, after a while he found it very relaxing. Soon Sandy felt warm lips on his member. After arousing the boy Vic presented his own tool for servicing which Sandy expertly did. After the fluid exchange Sandy asked,

"Where are my clothes?"

"Downstairs in the change room, but I'd like it if you didn't wear any. Stay the night, there's no point in leaving this late" Vic asked.

Indeed it was getting late and Sandy had no particular place to be so he opted to remain. Two days later he was still there. Vic seemed to enjoy just having him walk about nude his member swinging as he went. Sandy heard Vic talking on the phone,

"Yeah he's still here... don't know how long he'll want to stay, he's so sweet. ... yeah I'm going to talk to him tonight about it... we'll see where it goes."

Sandy withdrew he didn't want to be caught listening.

Vic found him watching TV after he finished his phone call.

"Hey Sandy, come on I want to show you something." Sandy followed him downstairs, a bit nervous but the man had been nice to him so far. They came to the entrance of the party room but turned to a door in the opposite direction. Vic unlocked it and walked in. Sandy followed and then froze a few steps in. Vic had continued to the end of the room and turned to see his young friend clearly upset at what he saw.

"Sandy, it's ok. Nothing is going to happen to you" Vic consoled.

"See where I'm standing Sandy? See where the door is? Nothing stopping you from leaving this room when ever you want to" Vic continued.

Sandy wanted to leave, he wanted to run but he was immobilized by fear. He was in a dungeon, there was a cage, a table and chains hanging from the ceiling. Behind Vic was a tool rack of whips and restraints, as well as massive anal toys.

"This is just a play room Sandy, nothing happens here against anyone's will. It takes along time for someone to learn to play in this room. Boys that just visit don't learn much, but a boy who might live here would learn a lot. I could be very, very patient with a boy who wants to learn Sandy" Vic said slowly and softly.

Vic walked around the room, Sandy turned to face him as he did. Now standing at the doorway Vic spoke as if he was talking to a young child.

"Now you can stay here and look around as long as you like. I'm going up stairs now" and with that he left.

Sandy waited a couple of minutes and then cautiously left the room, checking to see if Vic was hiding behind a door, or corner. He found his clothes in the change room and dressed. After taking a few minutes to gather himself he found Vic in the living room.

"Ah I see" Vic said on seeing him, "you want to go now".

Sand nodded.

"Ok," Vic said and walked toward him. Sandy was literally shaking with fear. Vic got down on his knees and held the boy's hands in his own. He looked silly doing so, Sandy thought. Speaking calmly and slowly he said,

"I'm no threat to you, you're going to leave now. You can come back for the parties anytime and if you want to stay here again, you just ask me, ok"

"Ok" Sandy whispered.

Sandy sat by the front door for what seemed like hours. Vic approached,

"Ok you've got 200 hundred for the party, 100 from me plus your tips" he said handing the boy an envelope. Your ride will be here in a minute, I hope I'll see you again Sandy," he said gently touching the boy's cheek. He opened the door and the boy walked out seeing the white van pull up. Sandy got in and the 20 ish man drove him away.

To be continued.